My Sexy Professor #3

By A. Williams

The next week Karter was off to testify in court. He loved teaching but cherished time away from the ridged schedule. He thought the only thing he would really miss was Levi. God... he had it so bad for that sweet boy. He had begun to dream of him, sex filled dreams, steamy and very hot! His teenage wet dreams returned as he lusted for him. Karter was having a very hard time holding back. He didn't know how much longer is mind would overcome his body's needs.

Levi went into class on Monday to find a substitute teacher and he went into chaos mode. What the fuck!!! Where was Karter, what did I do? I pushed too hard, I pushed my man away, I went too far with our game. He's gone, why, why was I so forward? I could see he was holding back. Levi sat and held his face in his hands and silently let his tears roll.

When the class ended, Levi went to the school office and asks about the Professor. He was much relieved to find out he was only away for court and would be retuning next week. He decided then and there to up the stakes of the game. He had to get bold if he was ever to be with Karter, he had to devise a plan.

The week was very busy for Karter, back and forth in two different courts on different cases. It was very challenging and stimulating but Karter missed his class... well he missed Levi. He missed seeing him all day. Missed the "tit-for-tat" games they played. Midweek when he returned home to his empty Penthouse, Karter went to the bar and made his Gin and Tonic. He sat with his drink at his desk and wrote Levi a note:

                My Dear Sweet Boy Levi,

                        I miss you.

                    I miss seeing you.

                I miss playing our game.

                I miss hearing your voice.

  Call me and leave a message so I can hear your sweet voice. 252-456-7791, Karter

He read the note over, downing his drink. Fuck... it conveyed what he felt but it seemed almost juvenile. He didn't know if he'd have the courage to leave it for Levi.

Levi's week seemed to be filled with monotony. Even though he didn't have a true relationship with Karter, he had come to depend on him being there, at least in class. There he could be close to him, look at him and hear his deep sexy voice. He had devised a plan of attack to finally get Karter, he was not too sure but God, he hoped it would work.

Karter left for court early on Thursday. His mind was full of doubts but he stopped by school to leave his note for Levi. He walked into the class and Levi sucked in his breath. He looked fantastic... his heart was pounding as he watched Karter whisper to the substitute teacher and hand him an envelope. He glanced up and winked at Levi before he left the room.

When to class ended and Levi was at the door, the Teacher called him back, "Mr. Cox I have something for you." Levi turned and the Teacher said, "Professor Lewis asked me to give you this, I hope it's not bad news." He handed Levi an envelope and he hurried off to his next class. At days end Levi hurried to his car and once inside he ripped open the envelope and read the note. Levi's smile was so wide it hurt his cheeks! "YES... YES fucking Yes." Levi screamed. He would definitely have a GREAT out come when he executed his plan.

When Levi got home he made himself a Gin and Tonic and sat to think about what he wanted to say in the message he left for Karter. He was so damn nervous. It had to be sweet, simple like Karter's note, to the point. He dialed the number with shaky hands, he heard Karter's deep voice, "This is Karter Lewis, sorry to miss your call, you know what to do... speak. BEEP." "Hey Professor this is Levi... I miss you too. I have been out of sorts without you around, thanks for the sweet note. I long for you naughty Professor can't wait to see you... soon I hope. Bye." Levi hung up the phone pleased with his response.

Karter's day had been long and grueling, he was very glad to be home. He saw the light blinking on his answering machine and hit play. Levi's voice sounded out and Karter's heart jumped. He cock was hard instantly... he had it bad but he loved it. His message was sweet and enticing, I do miss him thought Karter.

Friday rolled around and Karter headed back to court, but Levi had other ideas. Levi went to Karter's building, he walked in to talk with Jim at the front desk. "Hey Jim, how are you man?" Levi asked. "Fine as frog hair Mr. Cox." He replied. "Look Jim I want to do something real special for Mr. Lewis but I need access to his place. Can you help me out?" Levi asked.

Jim sat staring at Levi, "What the hell man... seriously I could lose my job. I can't let you up there by yourself." Jim said in a huff. "Okay then come with me and see what I'm doing." Levi suggested. "I'm working... I can't leave my post" Jim said. "How about lunch time then, you can sit and eat and watch me? Please Jim, I want to do something special for a really sweet guy. Give a break here please." Levi begged. Jim buckled, "Okay, Okay be back at 12:00 Mr. Cox, not a minute later."

With that Levi went home to gather his supplies and run-out for a few purchases. As the day went along, Levi excitement grew. He managed to make it back to Jim's desk with a few minutes to spare loaded down with goodies. At noon they both went up to Karter's place, "Mr. Cox really man you can't breathe a word of this to anybody...shit man. What if this pisses Karter off!??" Jim said as the elevator rose. "Jim I can absolutely guarantee you that will not happen. He's gonna love it!" Levi said with certainty.

Jim and Levi entered Karter's suite. Jim ate and watched Levi, as he scurried around getting things prepared. "Mr. Cox, I have only seen a few close friends of Karter's come around and not that often. You seem different somehow. Might I ask... are you gay?" Jim said. Levi stopped and was unsure of how to respond, he didn't want to out Karter if Jim didn't know.

"Why would you ask that?" Levi questioned. Jim laughed, "Well all the flowers, all the candles and homemade food? I see a man making for a romantic night with another man... it's pretty obvious." Levi was surprised by Jim's observation but it was very clear. "Yes Jim I am and so is Karter. I hope this will not change what you think of him, he is a wonderful teacher and a very fine person." Levi told Jim about his crush on the hot Professor and all that had played out between them.

"Wow that explains a lot, I always wondered why a good looking guy, with a great job like Karter never had loads of hot women traipsing in and out of here all day and night." Jim said.

"Look man I have to get back to work, but you can stay... I hope all things go well Mr. Cox. Have loads of fun or should I say loads of cum???" Jim laughed. "Thanks so much Jim, I'll do my best and with luck, you won't see either of us this weekend." Levi chuckled. After Jim left Levi got to work on Karter's bedroom. More candles, rose petals on the bed and scented bath salts ready to use by the large jetted tub.

It was getting late so Levi took a shower and made sure he was clean, inside and out. He dressed in his white suit, black dress shirt with black tie and shined black shoes. One final check in the mirror and a splash of cologne, all set thought Levi. He positioned a chair within view of the elevator doors. He wanted Karter to see him as soon as he walked in. He lite all the candles and started the stereo softly with smooth jazz. After he fixed himself a drink, he lowered the lights and sat to wait.

Karter finished Friday up a little early and was glad to be headed home. It seemed to him the week had been long and tense. All he wanted now was a drink and a nice hot long soak in the tub. As he past Jim on the way up he said, "Hey Jim, busy this afternoon?" "Mr. Lewis, afternoon Sir. As a matter of fact, today has turned out to be a very interesting one indeed Sir." Jim said smiling wide. "Have a great weekend, need to go up for a drink and bath. Talk to your later friend." Karter replied. As the doors closed, Jim called out "Have great pleasure this weekend Sir!"

That was odd, thought Karter, he'd never seen Jim look so happy and what was that about pleasure? The doors opened and Karter saw Levi sitting about 10 feet away from him. "Welcome home my naughty Professor" Levi said with a sexy smile......

Part #4 soon


A. Williams

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