Season 1, Episode 7: "Inducted" (Excerpt from Prison Politics: The Well Deluxe Edition)

Synopsis: Inducted (Excerpt from Prison Politics Unrated) - The tale of how secondary character, Tiny Zeke was introduced into the prison and how Aarif "Big Reef" Jenkins was introduced into the lifestyle

The lights went out on time as they always did. Ezekiel's body couldn't stop itself from trembling. He was so afraid that Aarif would be able to feel his mild shiver from the bottom bunk. Aarif also kept asking these questions about his Ezekiel's home life, which only led him to believe that Aarif was onto him. This made him even more fearful.

"How'd you get your tattoo?" Aarif asked.

"I was actually drunk when me and my boys went out and got 'em a couple of months ago," Ezekiel said, which was actually the truth.

"Other Bloods?" Aarif asked.


"Cool... who?"

"Uh... huh?" Ezekiel asked as if he didn't understand the question.

"What other Bloods went with you when you got that tattoo?"


"Matter of fact, what other Bloods are in your crew, man?"

"Uh... there's... Tee and um... Zae... and uh... Dre," Ezekiel listed the first 3 names off the top of his head.

"Oh ok, cool," Aarif said.

Aarif seemed to let it go, but Ezekiel knew that another question meant to pry into his background was just around the corner.

"You know I'm from the southwest suburbs, right?" Aarif asked.

Shit! Ezekiel thought.

"And I don't recognize you. I ain't ever heard of nobody named Tee and nobody named Zae either."

"But- you heard of Dre though, right?"

"Yeah, I have. He's over in cellblock C and been there for 'bout seven years now."

Goddamnit! Ezekiel had been exposed.

Aarif hopped up from his bottom bunk and stood up against Ezekiel's bed, towering over Ezekiel's body.

"You ain't a Blood, nigga," Aarif said.

"I'm sorry," Ezekiel immediately apologized.

"What the fuck? Nigga, do you know how stupid you are for lying about some shit like that?"

"I know, I'm sorry."

"Did Tongis and Osama Bin Laden didn't tell you the 10 commandments?" Aarif asked.

"The what?"

"The rules nigga! They didn't tell you the rules of the cellblock?"

"Oh..." Ezekiel thought back at when Tongis and Melee were going back and forth as they listed the rules of The Well. "Yeah."

"Did you not hear them say, 'no lying.' Nigga, that shit was to protect your ass. If you go around lying to these niggas they will punk and pump yo' ass all day long. The last nigga in here that lied to a Blood, got a train ran on him in the showers. 17 niggas hit. Nigga, are you stupid?"

"I'm sorry," Ezekiel apologized once more. "Please just don't tell anybody. I'll do anything- please just don't tell anybody- I don't want that to be me. I'll do anything for you man, please."

"Shut up, man. I got you. I'll cover for your ass, but you better get your fuckin' story straight. The Well is filled with Chicago Bloods, and they will out yo' ass in a second if they find out you playin' foul."

"I know."

"Fuck was you thinkin'?"

"I wasn't. It- It all happened so fast. I didn't even realize it until after it was too late to take it back."

"You better be lucky that you in here with me, instead of in a cell with a nigga like Jermaine or Chambers. They would tear yo' ass and yo' mouth up."

Ezekiel's spine shook. He gulped. "And... you? What do you do?"

"I don't do shit. I ain't ever been wit' no dude."



"How long you been locked up?"

"Four years," Aarif answered. "I shot a gang mediator in the streets."



The space got quiet between the two of them.

"Look, I don't ever want it coming out that I lied. Is there anything I can do that can ensure that? I... I can give you some of the coins I got from the guards," Ezekiel offered to pay in the currency that the guards inflicted on The Well.

"Coins? Nigga, don't nobody actually use that shit. In The Well, there's only one form of currency- sex," Aarif said. He actually used the line that he'd heard Jermaine say a million times to newcomers. He realized how that sounded, and was about to clarify that he had no intensions of imposing that rule on Ezekiel- but...

"Ok," Ezekiel agreed.


"I'll have sex with you- if that's what you want."

"What you mean?"

"I mean what I said. I'd rather have one dude do it than to have 17. So what do you want me to do?"

Aarif was past tempted. Ezekiel was an attractive guy, but in the dark- his sex didn't have to matter. Ezekiel could be anything Aarif wanted him to be. Yeah, Aarif was tempted.

Slowly, Aarif began to move his hand, his fingers extending and going into Ezekiel's mouth. Taking the hint and going along with the foreplay, Ezekiel began to suck at Aarif's digits. His tongue stroke seemed decent- cool enough. Aarif still wasn't completely sure though.

"You think you can suck a 9?" he asked.

"Suck a what?"

"9 inches, nigga."

"Uh... I'll try," he said, with the two fingers still in his mouth.

"Get down off the bed, and get on yo' knees."

Ezekiel followed orders, and climb down off of the top bunk. Immediately he dropped to his knees and awaited for Aarif to pull out. Aarif unbuttoned and unzipped, but he was still thinking about reneging. This would be his first time being with a man in any sense. A lot of the other Bloods made it look easier, or said things like, head is just head and doesn't make you gay. Aarif had even watched some of The Bloods fuck their hoes and stood guard of the showers while some rapes took place. But actually going through with it for himself was a completely different question.

"Open your mouth," Aarif told him.

Ezekiel followed command, tilting his head back and even closing his eyes while his jaw unlocked and mouth opened.

Not having Ezekiel's eyes on him made the task even easier to do. Aarif pulled his dick out from underneath his underwear and let it practically fall right into Ezekiel's mouth. A little shocked at first, Ezekiel eventually took to the thick and salty meat package in his mouth.

"Suck," Aarif said.

Not knowing exactly how, Ezekiel began to try. He encircled the dick with his tongue as he held the base of it in his hand.

"I said, suck it. Move that head up and down. Slob on that shit like a bitch."

Ezekiel continued. This time, he used head and neck movements to further enhance his oral ability. The tip of Aarif's dick passed over Ezekiel's breathing passages, forcing him to become short on breath. His lips tightened and a suction sound was made each time the dick slid in.

Allowing Ezekiel to go to work, Aarif took off the t-shirt he was wearing.

"Yeah... that's right, you don't want nobody to know you was lyin', right?" Aarif said, adding verbal to the experience.

"Un-unh," Ezekiel let his throat groan since his mouth couldn't actually word it.

"Keep suckin' that dick then, bitch."

Ezekiel wasn't the best dick sucker, and wasn't anything compared to the chickenheads that Aarif was accustomed to before he got into The Well. However, Aarif's rod began to get stiffer and stiffer. His own words turned him on more than Ezekiel's skill. Oddly enough, he began to get more turned on by degrading Ezekiel than the actual pleasure Ezekiel was trying to provide.

"The niggas turn liars into hoes in The Well. I might make you my ho, nigga. Would you like that?" Aarif asked.


"Yeah you do, bitch. You want my dick running through every hole in yo' body, don't you?"

Ezekiel didn't respond to that, which made Aarif pause. Aarif looked down at the guy's face and could see his eyes closed so pleasantly as he suckled at the head Aarif's now fully hardened dick. While Aarif looked, he noticed a steady movement in Ezekiel's right arm. Knowing that this could potentially be some kind of threat, Aarif pulled himself back and backed away. His dick extracted from Ezekiel's mouth.

Ezekiel wondered why he stopped. He didn't taste cum, so he knew that Aarif hadn't nutted.

Aarif initially thought that maybe Ezekiel was looking for a weapon that he could use while Aarif was in this vulnerable state. But after backing away, Aarif could see exactly what Ezekiel was doing. Ezekiel was on his knees, with his pants dropped just below his thighs as he was fist pumping his dick.

"What the fuck?" Aarif said.

Ezekiel didn't respond to that either. His hand dropped and his erect dick stood straight ahead.

"You like this?" he asked, confused. "You sucked a dick before?"

Ezekiel nodded.

Aarif took a step closer to him, now that he knew Ezekiel wasn't planning a surprise attack.

"Been fucked before too," Ezekiel added.

"Word?" Aarif said. He never would have pegged him. The dude didn't seem so hard, but he certainly didn't expect him to be so "soft" either. Aarif thought over what he had just found out. "So you gettin' fucked tonight?"

"If you want to."

"Iight, lay yo' ass down on yo' back," Aarif issued another demand, and of course, Ezekiel followed suit.

He lied down on the cold prison floor, with is dick pointed to the sky. He stroked as he waited to see what Aarif had to offer. Meanwhile, Aarif was dropping his pants and his underwear to the floor. In seconds, he was butt-assed and stood over the head of the younger male watching the boy stroke. Aarif lowered his body, and his knees pinned to the floor at both sides of Ezekiel's head. Aarif bent over and allowed his rock hard dick to dart straight into Ezekiel's mouth. Aarif braced his hands on the sides of Ezekiel's body, and his high muscle ass was tooted up like he was the one about to get fucked. The two were in a somewhat 69 position, only Aarif had no intentions of sucking Ezekiel's dick. His ass flexed and thrashed wildly, drilling the back of Ezekiel's throat.

"Awwww yes... you lettin' me fuck yo' face nigga. You feel that shit all the way in the back of yo' neck, don't you?"

Ezekiel's throat groaned again. Aarif continued to throw his hips into it. And while he was braced over Ezekiel's face, he saw Ezekiel's hands. One of his hands stroked his dick, and the other was actually fiddling with his ass. He prepped his hole for the insert that he was sure would be coming soon.

Aarif's hips rose and dropped, his ball sack repeatedly punched Ezekiel in the nose.

"Grrrrrr..." Aarif growled. "Yeah, finger-fuck that hole nigga. Get that shit ready for me."

Ezekiel's digits worked harder in preparation.

Aarif pulled Ezekiel's pants past his thighs and all the way down to his ankles. Then he pulled Ezekiel's legs back and planted his hands back on the floor and in between Ezekiel's legs to spread them.

"Yes, nigga, lemme see you finger fuck that pussyhole, Zeke."

Aarif could hear the boy gagging on his dick, but he was so turned on that he didn't give a fuck. Watching a grown man finger fuck his ass hole was like watching a sweet pussy virgin do it. To Aarif, Ezekiel might as well been a woman.

Aarif grabbed Ezekiel's hand and pulled away. "Ayo, watch out," he said. In a fast, quick and non-thinking motion, Aarif dipped his head down, stuck his tongue out and licked Ezekiel's raw asshole. His tongue tickled it for a good 5 seconds before he came back up. The whole time his face was in Ezekiel's ass, Ezekiel moaned from pleasure.

"Ohhh... you liked that shit, didn't you? You like getting that pussy ate?"

"Mmmhmm," Ezekiel continued writhing underneath the muscled man on top of him.

Aarif put his head back down and let his tongue linger for even longer. It lapped repeatedly over Ezekiel's asshole like a starving cat drinking catnip. It whipped and wiggled and flapped. His tongue began to pierce the rim of his ass.Ezekiel submitted. He let his asshole be licked over, and even went as far as encouraging Aarif by rubbing his bald head.

"You like that shit, Zeke?" Aarif asked.


"Good, my nigga." Aarif took his index and middle finger and swiped it down Ezekiel's taint. He used his saliva as a lubricant to ease the path of his two fingers into Ezekiel.

"Ohhh," Ezekiel moaned. He'd nearly yelled if it weren't for that phat dick occupying 70% of his mouth.

"Shut up nigga, you know you like that shit." Aarif finished pulling the boys pants all the way off of his ankles, then he went back down, and began to lick hungrily at Ezekiel's ass again, his fingers still lodged inside. Making it even easier for Aarif to get inside, Ezekiel spread his legs as wide as possible, offering up access to his boy hole. Aarif took advantage. He spit and licked and spit and licked. Then he rolled.

Aarif rolled over to his side, and pulled Ezekiel over with him. Soon enough, they were in the reverse position. Aarif was lying on his back. Ezekiel was atop of him, his ass hovering above Aarif's nose. Aarif lightly slapped his ass a couple of times.

"Move down, it's time to give me some pussy."

Once again obeying, Ezekiel crawled down Aarif's body to the spot right below Aarif's waist. Ezekiel's wet ass, and Aarif's wet dick seemed to be the perfect pair. Ezekiel's ass parted and gave way to the dick that skid inside.

"Awww fuck," Aarif said, allowing his dick to take Ezekiel's temperature. The asshole was prime, wet and hot as fuck. Ezekiel even moaned at Aarif's 9 inch appendage stroking his insides. "Yes, ride this dick baby. Let me deep in that fuckin' pussyhole."

"I'm tryin' daddy."

"Try harder, bitch." Aarif placed his hands at Ezekiel's hips and coached him in how to move his body. "Awww shit... nigga you wet as a motherfucka'. Fuck that dick like you my lady, nigga."

"Uggh, shit," Ezekiel moaned.

"Yeah... nigga, fuck with Big Reef and I'll have that ass pregnant by the end of the night. Take that dick."

Ezekiel threw his ass back and against Aarif's thighs. The wet fuck sound could be heard from both men. Ezekiel's tight wet ass glided up and down the shaft of Aarif's dick.

"Yo, you feel how wet that shit is?" Aarif said.

"Yeah... daddy," Ezekiel said, stroking his own dick with his hands.

"Can I make that shit wetter?"

"Yeah daddy, make that shit wet, my nigga."

"I can squirt this shit in that pussy?"

"Yessss nigga, squirt that shit in this pussy."

"Alright nigga... you gon' raise my babies, right?"

"Fuck yeah nigga, I'mma have yo ' kids, nigga, fuck me... oooh."

Ezekiel's moans became more audible. He was a little worried that one of the other Bloods might've heard him.

"Yo-yo, here it comes. Work that fuckin' ass. Get all that nutt up out of that dick."

Ezekiel busted first. His ass clenched on the head of Aarif's dick. His nutt shot so far out of his dick, that he could swear he saw it squirt past the cell bars. He tried to keep his mouth closed so any audible yells that were about to come out became muffled moans.

Aarif continued to drill away, his mission to "impregnate" Ezekiel hadn't been fulfilled yet. He held Ezekiel at the top of his waist and right under his back. Keeping him the position, Aarif began his attack. He threw his dick into Ezekiel's ass at brute force, like he was literally trying to fuck his brains out.

"Yo, here it come nigga." Aarif's voice pitch rose at the end of that sentence, and his balls strained. His ass tightened, his thighs flexed, and he was O facing. It took everything in him to not let out a growl that would wake everyone up from their sleep. He began ejaculation, pouring a river of genetic coding directly into Ezekiel's ass. "Shiiiiiiiiit, bitch," he said under his breath as they both waited for his dick to finish dispensing. "ooooh shit..."

Aarif's muscles expanded and contracted with his heavy breaths. He actually looked down at his chest and could see the liquid forming from the sweat leaking from his pores. This was truly a work out.

Being gentle, and helping Ezekiel ease of his dick, Aarif grabbed Ezekiel by the sides of his waist to help him lift off. The fat head of Aarif's dick tugged at Ezekiel's ass, and he actually had to take a deep breath before he could let his asshole unlock and let Aarif's dick escape.

"Fuck," Ezekiel said finally letting go of Aarif's dick in that vice grip.

Aarif's dick flopped out. Along with it, came a load of his nutt. It dripped out of Ezekiel's ass and onto Aarif's lower abdomen. Now separated from their lustful activity, the two of them stood up and put their clothes back on. Ezekiel put his pants back on, never having taken off his shirt. And Aarif put his pants back on too, but left his shirt off. Before hopping back onto their beds, they looked at each other for a second.

"So you not gon' tell nobody, right?" Ezekiel asked.

"Nah, nigga. I gotchu."

The morning came. And as soon as the lights turned on, Jermaine escaped his cell and walked over to Aarif and Ezekiel's. Neither of them had awakened yet.

"Big Reef," Jermaine's stern voice said, waking him up.

"Huh?" Aarif said, his eyes adjusting to the light. Ezekiel had awaken at Jermaine's voice too.

"I need to talk to you, my nigga. Come hea'," Jermaine demanded.

"Iight," Aarif hopped up from the bed. He left the cell with Jermaine, all the while still wiping crud out of his eyes. "What you wanna talk about?"

"That boy, the one you roomin' wit'."

"What about him?" Aarif asked.

"Nobody knows that nigga. I asked Khalil, Roland, Sean, Kelly- none of them have seen or heard of that nigga."

"I have."

"You have?"

"Yeah, we were talking about it last night. I actually do know him," Aarif lied.

"For real?"

"Yeah man... uh... his name is ...Zeke... uh...Tiny Zeke. He's from the Southwest suburbs like me."

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