Season 1, Episode 3: It's Hot in Here! excerpt from Laws & Repercussions

Synopsis: Laws and Repercussions was an erotic series that Mr. Maleficent wrote for a friend that he was interested in. The story chronicled the two men in a parallel universe that will have allowed the two to be together. Jesse, a Puerto Rican lawyer and Metim, a writer with moderate success are joined together to work on clearing Metim from an attempted murder case. Freshman lawyer, Jesse, receives a new client in the middle of a snowstorm. But when the climate control on the building's heating system is broken, clothes come off and our characters have a mutual meeting of the minds.

The whole sky was a foggy mess, typical for a winter day in New York. Snow had fallen the day before, and much of New York was still feeling the aftermath; especially Manhattan, especially Bernstein and Bernheim (a law office that had just recently moved to a new building). The blizzard had shut down much of the city, but not Bernstein and Bernheim. Criminals don't stop breaking the law because of the blizzard, so those that enforce it, don't stop enforcing; or at least they shouldn't.

Jesse (one of the most prestigious of Bernstein and Bernheim's associates, and a sexy Puerto Rican) came in from the cold only hours before to meet with a client that wasn't even his. Due to the weather, the clients actual lawyer was unable to make it in as was most of the business associates. In fact, Jesse was alone in this huge building with Metim. As the weather was freezing outside, the inside of the building was on fire. The thermostat was broken, which caused the temperature to rise so it would counteract the winds from the outside.

Hours passed, and the two worked hard planning defensive

moves for the trial. Though it was freezing outside, the temperature inside was offsetting, by shooting into the high 90's. And as it got colder outside, it got hotter inside. And in the time, an attraction developed. Jesse, who'd already been mesmerized by Metim, was actually getting to know him. The more he found out, the more he liked. Metim was an author. He'd written 2 unpopular novel's in the past, but was edging for a huge comeback with a new publishing company. Both novels surrounded romance and suspense. Without even reading a book, Jesse'd become a fan. He certainly could understand why Metim wanted and needed this case to end quickly. But there was one question Jesse was dying to ask...

"So what's it about?"

"Huh?" Metim asked back.

"The book? What's it about?"

"Oh... um, it's just about some college friends that reunite after a close buddy's death."

"Hmm... I guess I could see the suspense, but where's the romance?"

"Uh... it's a little complicated."

"I have a big brain, I'm sure I can withstand."

Metim laughed. "Ok, um, all of the friends come back and

actually realize that they've all had an intimate relationship with the one friend that passed away."

"Oh, it sounds interesting."

"It is. I'm sorry, but um, it's hot."

"I know, I apologize again about the heat once again. I really hope they fix that thermostat soon."

"I apologize too, but I'm gonna have to take off some of my clothes. It's too hot to keep this sweater on."

"Um... sure, I don't see a problem with that."

"Thanks." Metim pulled the sweater up and off of him, his undershirt damp. Not soaked, but there was certainly enough moisture for Jesse to see his nipples through the wife beater. The vision traveled right to his dick, causing mild solidification. His breaths became more shallow, and he too, was now burning up and sweating profusely. He tried to keep his concentration on his work. Oh boy, did he TRY.

A few minutes passed and Metim stood up andstarted unbuckling his belt.

"What are you doing?" Jesse asked speedily.

"Taking off my pants. I got shorts on underneath."

"Oh," Jesse relinquished and let Metim continue. The shorts underneath were medium length basketball shorts that sunk below the knee. Jesse's eyes completely fixed on Metim at this point. The way the blue basketball shorts rode underneath his waistline, was justly sexy. And when Metim turned, and bent over to pull the pants off of his ankles was heavenly. A muscular and firm ass, he had. Jesse immediately thought of what it must be like to have a guy of Metim's stature and build inbetween his legs and sexing him. He didn't even realize he was staring so hard until he noticed the sharp reminder of his dick against his slacks. Jesse's dick rock solid this time. He again tried to think away again.

"I don't know how you do it."

"How I do what?" Jesse asked.

"You're still in your suit. I'm still hot, this shit's got me ready to strip all the way down."

Jesse laughed. Awkwardly, but he laughed.

"I'm serious, you might see dick and balls in a second."

Jesse's mind took a filth ridden vacation for a second. Flashing images of Metim's naked body with a core focus on his dick ran through Jesse's head. "Now that you mention it, I am a little hot." Jesse took his jacket and tie off, and then unbuttoned the first three buttons of his shirt.

Metim chuckled.

"What was that for?" Jesse said.

"You struck me as the uptight type, and it looks like I was right."

"I'm not uptight, not at all."

"You're sweating more than me man, look at your armpits," Metim laughed again.

Jesse looked, and he was soaked. He couldn't help but crack a smile to himself. He continued unbuttoning his shirt, and then stood up to finish. He pulled the shirt tail out of his slacks and unbuttoned the last two buttons at the bottom of the shirt. Then, anxious to get the shirt off, he pulled his arms out. But suddenly there was the presence hovering over him. Over him, around him, on him. Yeah, there was a palm resting on Jesse's backside, and it wasn't his own. He used the strength of his neck and twisted it around to look back. Metim sat in his chair calmly. The hand still placed on Jesse's ass, but Metim showed no feeling or remorse. Like doing this didn't

feel wrong at all. Even Jesse would normally punch anyone that cupped his ass like this, but didn't take such action with Metim. He just enjoyed as the huge right hand sunk around his ass cheek and squeezed.

Like feeling the one cheek just wasn't enough, Metim stood and stepped into Jesse, placing his left hand on the other ass cheek and still squeezing. Heat still generated between the two of them, and Jesse's back felt the ripples of Metim's chest. Jesse wanted him closer; he had to have him closer. He pulled the arms off of his ass and wrapped them around his chest. With the new closeness between them, Jesse couldn't but feel the nudge right above his ass by a solid figure. The figure both thick and long.

Metim reached for Jesse's belt and unbuckled; Jesse waited, boldly ready for the journey Metim was going to take him on. The top button on Jesse's pants unbuttoned, then it unzipped and the pants fell to the floor. The taller man, leant down from the back and kissed Jesse on the cheek.

He even lingered there for a while, rubbing their faces together.

"You smell so good," he said in a low voice. Jesse damn

near swooned. The voice went straight to his head and fed the barrage of mental images he was already getting. Neither of them could wait. Jesse turned himself around, his neck tilted back somewhat, so he could adjust to Metim's height and they kissed; the first kiss. This was the kiss that officially set things off between them. Entwined in the sexual reverence of each other, Metim backed Jesse up against the conference table. Once there, his right hand scooped underneath Jesse's legs and pulled them up, forcing the blazing Rican to sit on the table.

Jesse multitasked from here. He moved down each measure of Metim's exposed body, kissing and tonguing. And whilst doing that, he kicked off his loafers and wriggled out of his slacks. A variety of moans escaped from the two of them, as they raced to sheer nudity. Both dicks are solid rocks. Still towering over Jesse, Metim kisses him while stroking both of their dicks.

"Mmmmm," Jesse moans.

"Yeah... feels good don't it?"

"Oh yeah..."

After another long lasting entanglement between lips, the two broke apart at Metim's will. Jesse fought breaking it, but Metim had a better plan in mind. His hand relaxed on Jesse's face before actually pushing it down gently, forcing the boy to lay down on the table. The hands guided the youth's mouth to the solid pole that was dripping pre-cum due to the state of sexual energy in the room.

"Yes, baby, suck that dick."

Jaw relaxed, and lips perched, Jesse did as he was told. His lips just kept kissing the very dick that was running in and out of his oral entrance. His tongue even began to get in on the action, circling the head of the full dick that was inside.

Metim used the time to prep the boys anal insert. While, Jesse wetted up Metim's dick, Metim decided to return the favor by wetting up Jesse's ass. Propping his left leg onto the conference table gave him better access to Jesse's throat, but also allowed him to get leverage, in able to pull Jesse's legs up by his head and sink to the gooey wet wet center. Metim lapped over the smooth entrance once and wrapping his teeth around for a simple bite.

With a second lap over, came the collapse. Both of them on top of the table now in 69. Metim on top of Jesse. The dick's shoved into Jesse's throat and Jess eats it like the fudge-pop that it is. Metim's balls hovering all over Jesse's nose so each breath he takes inhales the very essence of this nigga occupying his throat.

Metim lifts Jesse's legs up to get deeper into his ass, while avoiding the collision with Jesse's dick and balls. He tongues around the fiery Latin tunnel. He can hear the moans of Jesse beneath him.

"This shit feel good?" he asks.

A muffled, "yes" escapes from Jesse's mouth.

He delivers a smack to the bottom of Jesse's ass, gathering a yelp from the trapped Rican.

"I said, does this shit feel good?"

"Yeah," Jesse yelled, considerably louder than the first time.

"Good, keep sucking that dick baby, don't stop."

The both of them lock into each others parts. Jesse's every thought is this mans penis. Slurping on it, sucking on it, and trying not to choke each time it tests his gag reflexes. And Metim's so focused on lodging his tongue into Jesse so far, that his full lips pucker up to kiss the hole while the tongue explores deep. After minutes, he comes to the conclusion that the boys wet enough to slide into. Metim climbs off of Jess, but Jesse won't let go of the dick. His mouth just spent close to 10 minutes focused on the dick that invaded him, and he wasn't ready to let it go.

This was completely fine by Metim, cuz he wasn't completely finished prepping. He leaned down and went for his coat pocket and grabbed a KY jelly bottle. This KY wasn't the liquid base, but the gel base. The kind similar to Vaseline. He popped the top on it and put the lips of Jesse's trembling manhole on the outside of the opening in the bottom and squirted. The gel went in, packing into Jesse's ass as he kept sucking on the dick. After squirting enough, to his standards, he closed the lid on the top and put it away.

With dick fully polished, Metim finally withdrew from Jesse's trapdoor lips. With Jess still laying on the table, Metim flipped the sexy Rican around to go into his lower region. Jesse's spit served as an extra lubricant for the already dripping hole, so it was no surprise that the ass just blossomed once the thick dick entered. Jesse still felt the pain of being opened by the cylinder, but the glide made it easier. Jesse struggled for something to grab hold of. He couldn't hold the table edges, and there was nothing else near him; just this nigga that floated over him with this sinister grin.

"Sssss..... ahhhhhhh."

"Shut up, you know you like how this shit feels," Metim responded. Metim's dick sloshed around inside, all thanks to the extra KY goo he forced inside.

Jess still looked for a place to hold, something to sink his nails into while his ass was being split open. With nowhere else to go, he had to hold onto Metim. Both hands went up to Metim's face. The thumb on his right hand extended out and across Metim's lips, trying to go inside. With defenses down, Metim allowed the admission. Jesse's thumb now lodged into Metim's mouth as his dick once did Jesse. Metim wrapped his hand around Jesse's body pulling him up from the table, so now the two of them were face to face; chest to chest. And because of the height difference, Metim's legs had to bend down to stay in Jesse's hole. But that wasn't a problem for long.

In swift motion, Metim lifted Jesse up and hugged him tight, lifting and lowering the boy on his rod. The gel inside Jesse's ass had been mixed up all the way around Metim's dick, so it was feeling extra good now. Every time he lowered the boy, his dick had this wet tight sensation. It felt like fucking a virgin ass that oozed goo out to make the shit even more thrilling. And as good as it felt to Metim, it felt even better to Jesse. Completely over the pain now, Jesse was just prepared to be the punching bag for this dick to wear out.

With Jesse's thumb still in his mouth, Metim continued the lift; fucking the shit out of ole boy. Jesse moaned over and over again with the dick sliding to and from his ass. Metim cupped the back of Jesse's head and slammed Jesse's body on top of the conference table. The impact caused little pain for Jesse, because of the fact that Metim protected his the back of his head. But behold, Metim wasn't sliding out of that ass yet, or anytime soon for that matter. He climbed on top of the table thrusting the solid dick into Jesse's ass. He started hittin it so hard that when his dick withdrew, due to the friction, the KY gel started oozing out. He kept penetrating, beating the boys insides like a Rock and Roll drummer on stage. Jesse could feel it. Every time the dick hit a wall, he felt it, and loved it. It sent tingles up his spine and drips of precum to his dick.

"Oh, baby, shit!" Jesse shouted.


"You are fucking this shit!" Jesse's legs wrapped around him, inviting the Metim's balls to slap harder against the tender anal opening. "Ayyyyyyyyy," he said in a Mexican accent that he doesn't even speak with.

"Don't worry baby, I got you."

Sweat poured but it didn't matter. Adrenaline was still high as the boys were nearing the peak of this experience. Metim's body whipped around in a rounded motion; inserting, apply pressure against the outer right wall, and withdrawing while applying pressure to the outer left wall. Hound dogs fucking each other silly, is what they were.

"Ayyyyyyyyyyyy, papi, I can't hold it!" Jesse exclaimed.

"Alright, you ready?"

"Yeah pa!"

"Iigh, come on. Let's do this shit!"

Jesse's hand reached for his dick to stroke, his prostate couldn't take anymore, and he had to release the sack. This was fine by Metim. He started beating harder against the poor Ricans ass, as the sphincter tried to close in. The way it squeezed tight for Rican to shoot his nutt, made Metim go crazy. Scratch the shit that was posted before about Jesse's ass feeling like a virgin, the way the sphincter hugged Metim's dick made him feel like a virgin. A virgin Metim was deflowering and about to spill the seed into.

Jesse shot first, the cum escaping up his naval, Not even a millisecond later, Metim began expulsing. The body temp'd fluid invaded Jesse's hole, as his fluid continued shooting up his chest. A puddle of cum lay in his belly button, with streams up and down his chest. But a whole pool of cum lay within his ass. Ejaculation complete, but Metim still lay collapsed on the boy as if he wanted to make sure every drip drop went into him.

"You are so fucking sexy, boy," Metim said.

Jesse took a deep breath, "ahhh."

Metim's hips still wiggled, fighting it's way into the battered hole, and dipping out; almost as if he were seeking another erection. The two of them could have laid in that position for the rest of the day, if it weren't for the heat. After a good five minutes, the both pulled apart from each other, aiming to get back to work.

"So... we can win the case right?" Metim asked.

"Of course we can."

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