Season 1, Episode 5: "Daddy's Home" (Excerpt from "ThugHarmony Vol. 3- Reloaded")

Synopsis: Our two lovebirds, Juelz and Jerome, are still going strong in their loving relationship after the twists and turns that they've left in the past. Juelz takes the opportunity to show his thug just how much he means to him after a long day at work.

"Hey sexy," I said, shutting the door behind me.

Juelz stood up from the computer turning around to face him.

"Now why aren't you naked?" I asked, staring up and down. My gray eyes lingered at his face, until I finally commented, "Damn, you're so sexy."

"It's so amazing how you can say that every day, and each time, it feels like the first. But you don't look so bad, yourself."

"Oh, I don't?" I threw a smile at him as I stepped closer.

"Nah, you don't..." he smiled just as hard, sliding one step backward into the hallway.

"Well, I think that we're two very sexy, very compatible niggas..." I hopped over to him, scooping him up and pushing him against the wall. Looking at him in the eyes, I temporarily lost track of my sentence.

"And?" he asked, bumping me forward conversationally.

"We ought to be fucking."

"I-" he rolled his eyes, attempting to play hard to get. "I guess I could let you fuck me."

His lips pressed up against mine, and his arm wrapped around my head. A series of grunts showered between us. My tongue curled up inside of my mouth, as his targeted it. His tongue massaged the tip of mine, and he sighed, drawing this gentle exhale of his minty fresh breath into my mouth. The kiss closed with the joining of his lips and them pulling away from my face, with me still desiring more.

I opened my eyes, "Baby."


"If I don't come out of these jeans soon, the circulation to my dick is gonna get cut off."

He smiled. "Well, come out of them."

The power from my chest, pressed against his, kept him pinned against the wall. And newly freed hands reached down to my jeans to unbutton and unzip.

His arms continued their hold on around my neck as I pulled at my jeans and boxers, freeing my dick from confinement. Juelz kissed the top of my head multiple times while I wiggled my way out of those pants. Once I'd stepped out of them, the kissing continued.

Once taken to the bed, we collapsed on top of it; me on top of him as our kissing session continued. I pressed his legs up with the mass of my body, eager to just pull his sweat pants down and sink in. I pulled at his pants until they came off and he did the same with my t-shirt.

I have a very sensitive body, which makes sex that much more exciting. Juelz already broke it down for me. He says that when you find one part of my body, and exploit it, I'm wide open. I must agree. Already a verbal person, my heightened senses of touch forced my voice to go to places I can't remember them ever going before he entered my life. He has the system that I generally submit to. The first spot on my body is right under my chin. So while I'm on top of him, he scrunched up his body underneath me. His hand placed swiftly around my neck almost in a choking fashion to lift my head up and over him. This action gave him access to that spot., giving me access to that spot. His lips blew over my Adam's apple, and his tongue cruised down his neck.

"Sssssssss.... Ahhhhhhhh," I whispered, cooing in agreement.

The second spot is the left nipple. The right nipple is a good pit stop, but doesn't deliver the same charge to me as the left does, and Juelz knows this. His hands sculpted my back, and found themselves at my ass. He nudged me up, just a little bit, to give him a better chance at getting to that nipple. His tongue circled that tanned knob in the center of my left chest plate.

"Damn baby."

He sucked with his lips perched and latched.


His hands kept working over my body, keeping me on edge and unaware of which pleasure zone would get stimulated next. His tongue whipped around that nipple one more time before I clenched. His teeth closed in on the nipple and my jaw clenched together. My whole body tensed up.

"Oh shit," my voice trembling. After giving it the pinch it needed, his tongue swept back over the nipple. I exhaled, in relief at his jaws release. But notice how I never told him to stop. On to the next one...

As I am a ticklish human being, the third pleasure zone is naturally the abdomen. While under me, Juelz ran his fingers lightly up and down my stomach. The massage continued to keep me on the edge. The fourth pleasure zone is one of the most important ones; the tip of my dick. The trick Juelz uses is to let it sit in his mouth. The mouth salivates, and my dick starts dripping. And when he runs those fingers across my stomach, he's got my nerves working. Goose bumps sprout up all over my arms and legs. Once he actually starts sucking on the dick, I'm already prepped and geared up, when he's not even half way done.

"Ayyyyy...." I moaned, listening to the sounds of him underneath slurping up and down the shaft of that dick, pulling it to a full erection. I'm talking about a complete hardness, an extremity of its full length. But still, I was in no rush to flip him over and put it on him, oh no... I knew what was coming next, and I couldn't wait until he got to the golden ticket. I'm already energized and horny past my wildest imagination, but by stimulating the fifth zone, he and I both knew that I would go anywhere he needed me to go.

He slid all the way through my legs and off the bed. I didn't move a muscle. I stayed locked in my position on the bed. My hands braced the North side of the mattress. My back's arched, knees braced, and legs were spread at about a 90 degree angle. So impatient, I turned back just to see what was taking so long when I caught a glimpse at myself in the mirror. My ass shined from the sweat he generated enduring the first 4 pleasure zone proceedings, and there's this innocent look on my face as I'm emotionally open like some feminine assed bottom bitch. I was too ready.

The 5th and final major pleasure zone of my body is my ass. Juelz's hands pulled my ass cheeks apart. Before he even got in, my head sunk to the bed and I grabbed a firm hold of the comforter. His tongue went for it. Immediately when his taste buds touched me, I exhaled a weak sigh. Flicking his tongue on me drew similar sounds and actions from him. When he worked the bottom of his tongue from the top of my ass to the top of my ball sack, I shivered. Going in the reverse direction, caused me to weep in pleasure. He pulled his ass apart once again, whizzing his tongue through my sphincter. I'd just about lost it vocally. I yelped loudly. His tongue flipped around me. My ass began shaking, like at any moment my legs would give out.

As if he could see the inevitable, his hands reached under my legs to hold them up.


He spent the next few minutes kissing it, tonguing, French-kissing; especially liking when I flexed my sphincter on his tongue.

"Oh, baby..."

I started moving, rotating it. Unable to keep up, Juelz just sat with his tongue extended, letting me guide my ass back to him. That's exactly what I did, finding the right angle to get at his tongue that would give me the maximum pleasure. Then I worked my waist and pelvis resembling the way that I usually fuck him when we're in missionary position.

I was going so fast that I was driving myself crazy.

"Ahhhh...ooooh.... Oh shit... aaaaaah Fuck baby! Fuck!"

Calming things back down, Juelz's tongue moved up from my ass to my sweaty back. His hands dropped their hold on my thighs, and followed his tongue up my body. They were placed at the sides of my waist. Most tops would get nervous in this position, having another man placed so closely behind you, and honestly, I was getting nervous here too. Juelz has been somewhat cocky as of late, pushing the limits. But I will admit, my baby knows what the fuck he's doing. And he figures that I'd let him keep going as long as he stimulated those spots.

His left hand reached around to my left nipple and pinched...


His right hand cupped the tip of my dick...

"Oh....." he shivered.

There were three other zones that needed to be stimulated. It was physically impossible for him to stimulate them because both of his hands were busy. He moved up closer to me on the bed, but my legs propped me forward and away from him. Juelz's hands were still in their target areas, and I was still weakly whimpering. But this was an unspoken battle. I didn't wanna break the trance by telling him to back the fuck off, and honestly this shit was feeling too good for me to fuck up my nutt. Juelz moved forward again, and I tried to go up even more, but there was no more room on the bed. Moving slowly toward me, his dick began grazing my ass.

That's it! I snapped out of the daze he'd put me in, "Yo, stop it." I came up from the on-all-fours position. Strategically, his right hand came off of my dick and stroked my stomach, forcing me to curl back up into that ball, fighting to stop his hand from tickling my abdomen. This nigga was playing with fire now, I pulled his hand off of my stomach and whipped it away from him, his left hand, still on my nipple.

"Juelz stop!"

"Baby, I know what I'm doing. I'm not gonna go in, just trust me."

I did what he told me. His left hand stayed on that nipple the entire time, but his right reached back to pull his 8 inch down the crack of my ass. The curve of his dick seemed a perfect fit. His dick stroked across my ass, and his right hand eased back up to abdomen, stroking across. I was enjoying this shit too much. He was too. My ass felt a gentle glob of wetness that had to be coming from his rod. Again, I'm still pissed at how this feels. Shit, I started pushing my ass back on him because when the head from his shit rubs my hole, it feels like a straight up fat ass tongue. 4 pleasure zones down.... 1 more to go. Turned all the way out, I read his mind. My body arched back up and head turned around. My eyes were completely closed. My adam's apple was too far for him to get at though, since I am taller than him. He tried to reach it, even going as far as to stick his tongue out in the attempt. He still couldn't reach it, but that's when the most amazing thing happened....

"Awwwwww...." I exhaled, chills rippling through me.

Juelz tongue extended. It stroked the back of my neck, and I liked. He stayed content with that area. Pressure points all covered.... A roar sounded throughout the room.

"Arrggggggh..... fuck Juelz!!!!!!!!!!!"

-squirt- -squirt- -squirt-

A white substance covered the comforter, and me, the man who dispersed it collapsed on top of the bed. My body convulsed from the orgasm.

"Shit!" I exhaled. I flipped onto my back looking up at the smile he had on his face. "Oh... bitch, you're gonna get punished for that. Hop on this dick!"

He quickly popped a condom on my dick, lubed it up real good and proceeded to get the beatdown of a lifetime.

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