Season 1, Episode 2: We Shouldn't Be Doing This excerpt from "Thugharmony"

Synopsis: ThugHarmony is a series of 4 volumes (so far) that Mr. Maleficent wrote while honing his writing skills from the years of 2008-2010. It's about a controversial relationship between a webmaster and a thug that met on a website called The upcoming scene is where the controversy begins. Calvin, the webmaster of has just ended his relationship with his boyfriend but somehow gets entangled with his ex's best friend.

I took my time in the bathtub, mainly because when I got done, I wanted Jerome to be either already gone or overly horny. I'm not sure which one I wanted most. I took precautions for both, just in case. I bathed listening to a Greatest Hits Joe Album that T.J. burned and put on a CD for me. Basically, it was composed of all the songs from any of his albums that were liable to put you in the mood. Again, I was hoping that maybe Jerome could hear, and things would escalate, but there was way too much hope and not enough action. I mean, you heard him, right? "If you're serious, I won't turn it down." Basically saying, make the first move because I'm not. But then again he is here, so that means something right?

After about an hour, I came out of the bathroom. All the lights were out, but the living room was still lit up with the lights from the television. I could hear the TV too, and from what I could make out, it was an old episode of The Fresh Prince. The one when Will got hypnotized to believe that he was a four-year-old. I walked into the living room, and there he was lying on the couch with his hands pressed together to form his pillow. His eyes were open and fixed on the TV.

"What happened to that Boxing match?" I asked.

"You were in there so long that it went off," he smiled and sat up. He patted the sofa cushion next to him, asking me to sit. And I did. "So... um, what are we gonna do tonight?" he asked.

"I don't-"

He kissed me. His thin lips sucked at mine and his hand swooped around my neck.

The shit had happened so fast. Don't get me wrong, because I did want it... but there was this voice in the back of my head. I put my hands on his chest and gently pushed him away.

"What?" he asked, somewhat annoyed by this rejection of him.

"We shouldn't be doing this."

"Why not?" Jerome's hand was still on my neck and he kept trying to pull my face back to his so we could resume kissing.

"Because Marcus-"

"You broke up with him," he reminded me.

"I know. But then there's also T.J-"

"I am not his nigga. Me and him are not together."


"Calvin- shhhhh," he shushed me. Slowly and he removed my hand from its position on his chest. With the space between us now vacant, his hold on my neck finally gave. His lips were back up against mine and I allowed myself to enjoy this. Those excuses I had evaporated into thin air.

Jerome was a good kisser, and he had to know that he was. His lips captivated me for 2 minutes straight. When we finally broke the kiss, I actually realized I was completely disrobed at his hands. My robe wasn't on, neither were the boxers that I had put on after my bath. I couldn't remember if I took them off or if he had.

"Wait, hold on," I told him.

"Cal, come on. Don't stop now," he pleaded.

"No, it's not that at all." I hopped up from the couch stark-naked. "I'll be right back."

Jerome bit his bottom lip.

I raced into the bedroom quickly to grab a condom off of the nightstand. I also grabbed a quick lubricant and darted back into the living room hoping that my little interruption hadn't killed the mood. Luckily, it hadn't. When I got back, Jerome was almost as naked as me. He still had on his ankle socks and his watch, but that was all. And he was gorgeous. His tan colored dick was full hard and pointing in my direction like it knew exactly what it wanted.

I grinned at the sight, unable to hide my excitement for this.

"Bring yo' ass over here," he said, grinning just as hard as I was.

I followed the orders of my new thugdaddy. After I set the lube and condom on the coffee table next to the sofa, I stepped into him and we resumed kissing. His tongue flicked and fluttered at mine. While doing this, he pulled me into him and actually lifted me off the ground. My legs wrapped around his waist and that big ass dick was literally tapping at my the door to my ass and begging to be let in. But it wasn't time for that.

Secure in Jerome's arms, he slid me underneath him and lied me onto the couch on my back- my legs still wrapped around him. He grunted a little bit at the kiss, sending that grunt right from his throat and into my mouth.

His tongue was crazy. Once he actually pulled it out of my mouth and started lowering it on my body, it vibrated in a way that made me nuts. He made a pit stop at both nipples and sucked at them, spending just the right amount of time at each nipple to keep it interesting but not waste time when he knew where this was headed and we both wanted it to go there quickly. His tongue continued to flutter down my body while I writhed.

"Ooh, Jerome."

The next stop was at my abdomen. He began darting down the ridges of my abs to the point that it began to tickle. On reflex, my hands began to reach for my belly to cover it. Jerome must've seen that coming. He grabbed both of my wrists and held them to the pillows of the couch putting me in restraint.

"Don't stop me now," he said. "I've been waiting for this for too long."

His tongue went back to work. It flicked back down my 6-pack and lingered a while at my navel. He kissed it like it was something to be nurtured, and then he moved on. I heard him take a gasp and hoped for a surprise. I didn't get it though. Jerome moved my dick out of the way and swooped down to lift my legs up to go right for my ass, completely ignoring my dick. Yeah... he's one of those kinds of tops.

The same magic he worked on my mouth, he extended to my ass. His tongue flickered and fluttered with such a passion that I was stricken with a permanent O-face for the entire time that he was down there. I wanted to bring myself to yell, but my voice had been stolen. Nothing would come out and the only thing you could hear was the sound of Jerome's slippery, slobbery tongue smacking and slurping at my ass. There'd be this smacking sound of his lips, followed by his tongue lapping from the bottom to the top, and end with a vacuum suction and a gentle groan. My eyes actually began to water and eventually a tear actually dripped down my face.

"Damn," I said, pushing my hips further down to him and surrendering to the power that his tongue held over me.

Jerome kept licking, but no more than 30 seconds longer. Suddenly the game changed. Jerome released his grip on my wrist and actually slapped his hand on my neck. He didn't do it hard, but his fingers wrapped around it and he gradually pulled me up to sit up straight. Face to face, our lips met again. His tongue pierced the threshold of my mouth again and I could actually smell my cologne on his lips and taste my ass on his tongue. I was so fucking far past being be turned on that I just wanted him in me. If his tongue was like this, his stroke had to be on point.

I hadn't been paying attention to what, where and when Jerome was doing what he was doing. I just knew that I loved this and didn't care anymore. As I was kissing him, apparently he lubed up his finger and began to insert it. His fat and thick thumb pushed into me and made me gasp. I pulled my body back from him, and his thumb was still in me. His hand fought me to keep digging in.

"Why you runnin'? If you can't take my finger, how the hell you gon' take this dick, huh?" Jerome taunted me.

His other hand wrapped around my back and actually pulled me closer to him.

"Huh, Calvin?" he said, his face grinning as he enjoyed seeing me weak and desperate because of him.

"Just fuck me."


"Just fuck me already."

"Iite-" Jerome moved his arm and allowed me to lay down as best I could on the couch. My dick was rock hard and hole was red hot. I was too ready for this.

Jerome placed that condom around his dick and poured a huge glob of lube on his dick. He spread it around so it covered his whole dick before he actually pushed it in me. His hand built a fist around his manhood, and he actually put two fingers right underneath my ball sack and between my ass cheeks to pull them apart. He took a look at my asshole and seemed to melt.

"Fuck..." he said.

His fist full of dick began pistoling right at my entryway. I parted to make way for him. His head slipped in first. The sensitivity of the tip of his dick being grabbed and held by me made Jerome moan more.

"Ooooh..." he said, sounding a bit like a growl.

"Ah, shit nigga," I responded to his dick prodding me and his abdomen moving closer to me.

He put a couple of easy strokes on me, get me used to the feel of thick appendage plugging my anal cavity.

"Can I fuck you, baby?" he asked.

"Yes," I said. I stroked my dick, which was so hard that I thought the head might pop off like a rocket. Instead of doing that, it just leaked precum which had begun to stream down my shaft.

Jerome was granted permission to "fuck" me, and that's what he did. His body leaned down to the point that our chests were touching each other. His left arm wrapped around my neck and his right hand pulled my leg up so he could fall all the way in, and he fell hard. The dick thrust into me so quickly that my body suddenly tensed up and I got goose bumps.

"ahh, shit," I kept my voice refrained to a whisper so I wouldn't end up making Jerome deaf.

He was atop of me, my body locked beneath him in a position that left me wide open for his taking. Ever the opportunist, he took. His dick searched me like a coalminer, digging and deeper and deeper in search of a golden spot. Jerome enjoyed the mission.

"How the fuck have I never hit this shit?" he asked, his lower body battering mine viciously.

My hands stroked the sides of his body, which seemed to set him off even more.

"Fuck nigga," he said.

My mouth still forged like steel in that "O," with no voice escaping. I was wide opened and my ass devoured Jerome's dick as he gave it. The weight of desire filled me. My quivering asshole begged Jerome to feed it, to pound it, to bang it as his will. Jerome's hand began to clutch me. Gripping me tightly, he began to go harder. The pounding became violent to the point that I couldn't be silent anymore.

"Fuck, daddy."

"Hell yeah nigga, I'm up in this ass."

"Fuck me, nigga," I cried, literally. Another tear fell from my eye. The dick was so good that it made dried my eyes out. Jerome plowed and plowed and plowed.

"Cal, I'm bout to bust, nigga. I can't hold this shit much longer," Jerome warned me as he moved back from hovering on top of me to allow me to stroke and bust before he completed. It didn't take much of a stroke for me. My nerves were extra sensitive. I'd merely touched my dick before I started leaking.

Jerome felt my sphincter closing in on the head of his dick and took saw that opportunity as a challenge to break down the wall that closing in on him. He thrust harder and harder at my anal constriction.

"Aww shit, nigga! Ah shit," I said.

"Yeah, that's right Cal. Give me that pussy, nigga."

I spurt from my dick and he did as well. He held my legs down and he thrust into me over and over until he spilled all that he could.

"Sssss," I hissed.

"Fuck nigga," he said.

Both of us came, and now I was stuck with that burning feeling that your ass has once it's been truly violated. When you're caught in the horny feeling of it, it's enticing. Once the horniness has passed, the pain began to kick in. Jerome was about to just pull out, but I stopped him from doing that and made sure that he extracted himself gently.

When his dick plopped out my ass, I could see the large bubble of Jerome's kids that filled the bottom of the condom. It was a nice sight to see. When Jerome came, he came a lot. And that was a bit nice to know. Now that he'd vacated my body, I took the time to sooth my throbbing ass's pain. I used my middle finger to rub and gently pet it.

Jerome bit his lips at the sight. Seeing my stomach drenched in my cum as I rubbed a bruised boipussy made him want to get started all over again.

"Yo, you might wanna stop that," he said, jokingly as he pulled the condom off of his dick.

"Why?" I played right along with him.

"Cuz I ain't got a condom on anymore, so if you keep playing with me, you might fuck around and get pregnant," he laughed.

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