Season 1, Episode 6: "The Very First Time" (Excerpt from Majik Tricks Vol. 1: A Pinch of Majik)

Synopsis: Majik Tricks is another series that Mr. Maleficent used to hone his writing skill, and is actually the official series written (due to other series' that were lost in a computer crash). The series has 4 volumes (Vol.1, Vol. 2, Vol. 2.5 and Vol. 3) that were all written from 2006-2008. It chronicles the life of James: a grandson of Bill London, a R&B legend. James attempts to follow in his grandfather's footsteps, but his path is somewhat detoured by a hungry music producer named Majik Washington. The upcoming scene happens just after the two have written a song together for female singer on the same label they've both been signed to. While the two of them celebrate their success, things are plaguing the corners of James' mind. First, he's wondering about Majik's sexuality, as he's walked in on Majik and a male artist having sex and secondly, he's wondering about the new emotions that he's began to develop for Majik.

"You are old enough to drink right?" he asked.

"Yes, I'm 21."

"Iight," he gave me a beer.

"So um, what do you think you can add to the music industry?" I asked.

"Shit, you. You, Brittany and Tauvius. I gotta knack for talent. And my production skills of course."

"Oh...IIght then." I smiled.

"What?" he looked at me peculiarly.

"Nothing." The corners of my mouth stretched even further to the top of my head exposing teeth.

"Naw, what is it?" he smiled too.

"It's nothing...but speaking of, where is your boyfriend? Why isn't he celebrating with us?"

"Cool it with that shit, nigga. It ain't like that at all."

"Well where is he?" I asked.

"I don't know. I guess he got business."

"Oh I see. So if y'all aren't 'boyfriends' then what's the term you use?"

"We just cool people," he explained.

"So what you do to him, is what you do to all your cool people?"

"Naw its diff- Shit I ain't gotta explain this to you."

"You're right, No you don't," I backed off.

The room fell quiet shortly after. When I looked up at him I saw that he was staring at me. I looked away from him. But out the corner of my eye I saw him lifting his shirt and scratching his stomach. He had a well defined 6 pack with a little bit of abdomen hair going down the center. His jeans were sagged and his boxers were noticeably hanging below his love handles and his pubic hair showing. It's amazing how much detail I can go into when I only glanced at him trying not to make it obvious that I was a little bit uncomfortable.

"So what you plan on doing tonight? I asked.

"I don't really know. What you wanna do?" He looked at me with those eyes. The look obviously suggesting a sexual activity between the both of us. I ignored it. "I'll probably go home. I'm feeling a little tired." "You sure?" Majik asked crossing his hands over his exposed abdomen. "Yea." "Well I guess I'd better hop out too then." We both stood up and headed for the door. I got a flash of that dream again. I realized he was presenting himself to me and I was rejecting him when I really didn't want to. He said something to me. "You did great, yo." "Thanks." I turned around and made the first move. I kissed him. And he took no time before he wrapped his arms around me. I drew back from him and looked at him in those eyes of his.

"I've never done it before," I said.

"It's OK baby. I'll teach you." he kissed me. "If you decide to change your mind, you can."

"OK," I said.

"You wanna change your mind?"


"Alright," He pushed my legs up behind his body so they wrapped around him and then he carried me to the sofa and set me down. He took off his shirt. I was mesmerized, caught in a trance and unable to move once his shirt came off. I eventually snapped out of it when he flexed his left chest plate. "You sure you don't wanna change your mind?" he asked. "Yes, I'm sure."

"Come on out them pants then." We shared a grin with each other. I slipped my pants down and he did the same with his. I could see he was semi hard and hanging below the hem line of his boxers. I still wasn't backing off. I stood up and he pulled me closer to him.and kissed me again. The freak in me was beginning to be unleashed, I couldn't wait until I saw his dick in full length. I couldn't settle for seeing the head poked out through the boxers. So while he hugged me, I pulled them down and grabbed it underhandedly. My thumb wrapped around the top, with my other 4 fingers wrapped underneath.

"Oh, i see. You just gon grab it like that?" he asked. I smiled at him. He pulled down my boxer-Briefs just below my ass and felt. "Somehow I knew this shit was gon be phat and smooth as hell," he said as he sunk his nails in. His dick started to stiffen as he continued feeling. "Oh shit. Nigga do you shave yo ass?" he asked.


"So all this shit is natural?"

"I guess, I ain't do anything to it."

He pulled a bottle of KY jelly out of 1 of the drawers next to the sofa and lubed me up. He then placed a condom and lubed himself. He directed me to lay down as he climbed between my legs on the sofa and put them on his shoulders.


"Yeah baby?" he asked.

"Go slow. Please."

"Alright baby. Just breathe."

Then he began poking at my ass. My eyes closed and I clenched, as he kept guiding his thick pole to my hole. I raised 1 hand and put it on his chest plate. The second hand I put on his legs.

"Just relax baby, just relax." He started rubbing on my hips trying to sooth me. He prodded around, gently entering until he could get my asshole to snap around his dick. I tensed, causing him to wait for a moment. He waited until he felt me loosen up, then he pushed about another inch in. I clenched once again. His lips lowered on top of mine. I admit, it felt good to have my mouth dominated by another male. Especially since Majik actually knew how to kiss. While his lips were layered on top of mine he snuck more of his dick in. By this time my hands had moved up to his neck and shoulders. He was about halfway in and thats when he began penetrating. With only that first half of it. He still felt as though he was killing me.

Every minute he went deeper. "Baby, you gon let me get all the way in there?" he asked.

"Yes," I whimpered.

Caressing my legs, Majik stroked his digits up against my skin. Little did I know, this was an attempt at distraction. Soon, I'd feel a violent thrust of Majik's hips, and his thick dick's full length swimming inside of me.

"Awww fuck," I said, when I felt it.

"You alright?" he asked, at least he was considerate enough.

"Ssss... yeah."

Goosebumps suddenly spread accross my body like an outbreak. Majik worked me into such a frenzy. I was feeling a mix of pleasure in pain, and when I looked up at him hovering above me, there was also a feeling of confusion. How could all of this... becoming rom him?

Majik's dick kept darting through me, drilling a gaping space in my digestive system. Majik's humping hips were rhythmic in movement, and the sound of his pelvis slapping against my ass made a beat that we could record to if we wanted. Lost in a bliss, I was unaware the my moans were filling the studio.

"Yeah, that's right baby," Majik coached. "Moan for this dick."

His ass pumped more wildly, as he took the moans to mean, "go harder and faster." Rising and falling steadily, Majik's wand seemed to pulsate. I could feel it straining, a sharp throb of the dickhead deep within my ass.


"Yeah baby. Let me up in this virgin ass nigga."

This was a sexual dream- an utter fantasy. I was enthralled by his masculine presence and the measures that he went to.

Majik repositioned himself, laying all the way on me. His cheeks rubbing against my chin so my moans filtered directly from my mouth and into his ear. I convulsed underneath him, which led him to step up his sexual game too. Both of us neared closer and closer to that moment. My dick stroked by his mildly hairy torso, and his stroked by my wet and clammy asshole.

"Awww fuck, baby."

I whimpered in response.

"You gon' bust that dick nigga?" he asked, his voice carrying a sense of urgency.

"Yeah," I whined.

"Go ahead J, bust that dick while I'm inside yo' ass."

My dick began to strain and sphincter closed.

"Ooh, fuck yeah nigga," Majik said, approving at my ass tightening around his throbbing rod. "Come on, baby, bust that nut."

I strained again, nearly at that point, but just not there yet.

His skin continued to blend in with mine, grinding his weight into me. I hadn't realized it, but my legs spread open wider, willing to accept him as deep as he was willing to go.

My dick strained again, this time over the edge. I started spurting from my dick which lied between us. Majik felt the sudden moisture between us, and the clench of his dick tightly in my grasp.

"SSSS.... oh, fuck. Go ahead and bust that shit, nigga." His thrusts became faster, as if he'd intentionally planned to break down the anal wall each time my sphincter closed. "Fuck! Open that shit up, nigga!"

"Ahhhh..." I moaned.

Majik hissed again before he began to unload. His cum deposited over and over again as he gritted his teeth and moaned loudly.

His chest collapsed with his breath, and he licked his lips right before kissing me on mine.

This story is a copyright by Mr. Maleficent of the Maleficent Journal and an act of complete fiction. Please always remember to wrap it up.

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