The plane landed safely and Roy arrived back at his home shortly after 3 pm. He had gotten a few e-mail from Steve telling him how much he enjoy the spending time with him and Lloyd down in Miami. It was over 3 months later that another e-mail came through and it was Lloyd hoping for together for some more action real soon. Roy had to reply back that he was now living on the West coast of Canada and he was now in a relationship.

As for Steve really got into accepting his new lifestyle and also had meant someone a month ago while on a business trip to Atlanta. Lloyd for a while kept working for the football club doing many promotion and marketing before he went on a month journey on his new Harley   Davidson Motor cycle.

It was the middle of July as Lloyd was traveling through the mountains of New York states when he stop off at a very lovely Motel not to far from Lake Placid. He decided to go over to the truck stop that was like a mile from where he was staying.

He had just park the bike when another biker pull up right beside him. Lloyd then started to get a little hard on when the man that got off the bike was just in his late 20's. Chase work for the city of Erie Pa, in park management for just over 3 years before they made him an assistant Manager. He was just Lloyd type short blonde curly hair a nicely trim bushy beard and had a nice hairy chest that show off his hard sweaty erected nipple when he pull the zipper from his leather jacket down. 

They both smile at each other before they shook hands and went into the truck stop for a late lunch. The waitress told them to take the last both before she took their drink and food order. Chase and Lloyd a lot in common they were both non drinkers and enjoy living the free lifestyle. It was a good 30 minutes later that Lloyd told him who he was and what he did for a living. It was kind of weird that Chase was not into sports at all and during his younger days he was into sports fishing and hunting with his Father and 3 Uncles. 

Lloyd once again started to get another sooner on when Chase told him about the hunting stories before he got the nerve up to ask him over to the Motel. " Was wondering Chase if you have a place to stay tonight ? " Chase then smile and told him no and would love to join him for some friendship.

Chase was the first one to get back on the road as Lloyd was inside paying the dinner tab off for the two of them. He then got behind Lloyd and as he follow back to where the Motel was.They are now sitting on the small patio outside their rooms enjoying the mountain view and the great chat about everything.

It was now getting dark out before Chase told Lloyd that he is Bi curious a bit which made Lloyd very excited before as he explain to Chase that he has been with a few men over the last few years. " I take it you are still a Virgin in someway's dude ?" Chase grin and told him that he has been with girls but never with a man. 

The rain started to pour down real hard as they went back inside as Lloyd then order Chase to stand over in the corner wall. He took his time and walk up to him and started to kiss him deeply on the lips as his cock started to get real hard. They both undress one another and climb onto the bed as Lloyd was laying on his back totally erected in his powder blue sports briefs.

Chase was real nervous before he went down on Lloyd and started to lick his crotch area has his 8 inch cock grew. 

" OMG Chase it is nice dude "

" You like it Lloyd , I sure do Chase "

" My God your dick taste great for being the first "

" I knew you like it "

Lloyd huge loads of his pre cum was pouring out like a river as for Chase was totally all excited deep throating his huge cock and slurping up all of the pre cum. It was like 10 minutes later that Chase finally got his very first taste of man's juice when Lloyd shot of a huge load of cum that hit the back of his throat. He quickly got up and went over to the night table and took a huge swig of Mountain Dew to wash down the rest of the cum.

" That was very nice Lloyd "

" Same here Chase, very nice "

Lloyd then got up and grab a towel to wipe off the reminding cum that was left all over his hairy nuts and shaft. It was very early morning that Chase work up very horny as was hoping for Lloyd to be the first man ever to fuck him. He took a pillow and place it underneath his hairy butt as Lloyd began slowly waking up. 

" Holy shit Chase what is this all about dude ? "

" I would love for you to make a man out of men "

" Sorry Chase not this way my friend "

The alarm clock was showing 6 am as they both got ready to head on over to the truck stop to grab some breakfast before the tow of them went on with their Journey. They came each other a man's hug before they got back on their bikes. Lloyd then drove all the way to Albany ,New York and decided to check out the local sex store. He was really impress  when Bobby the shop clerk show him a few things that he would like for his sexual encounters. His tab was just over 40 bucks for the 2 bottle of poppers, massage oil and Under Armour jock strap that he read about in a Gay Bear magazine. 

It was now onto the fourth week when Lloyd had pull into Jacksonville, Florida where he ran into Chase once again over at the HO JO's.

" OMG what are you doing here Chase "

" The same as you Lloyd lol "

Chase explain to him that his Boss give him a couple extra weeks off I then decided to head on down to the Florida Key's. 

" Do you have a room Chase ? "

" I sure do room 17 Lloyd "

" I better check in to see if they are still rooms left "

Chase then went into the restaurant for some lunch before Lloyd came back in telling him that there was no rooms left. 

" You can stay with me Lloyd, Cool but only on one condition "

" What that might be ? "

" What you to do that you never done up in Lake Placid  "

" You do ya "

" It so fucking hot now how about we grab a swim first "

" Sure that's sound like a great ideal "

 Chase was the first one ready for the swim with his new swimsuit that he just bought over at the Big K-store. He was sitting  quietly on the steps as Lloyd walk over to the pool with a beach towel wrap around his waist. He took off his towel and began to stand right in front of Chase with a little semi on showing through his light blue speedo. They both swim and dunk each other for well over a good hour before the dry off and went back inside.

They where both all wore out  after the swim and took a huge nap for the rest of the afternoon. It was close to 6 pm now that they both got dress and got back on their bikes to head over to Outback Steakhouse for dinner. They each order a 10 ounce top sirloin along with a loaded bake potato's and coleslaw. 

It was real dark outside now as they left the steakhouse to go back over to Ho Jo's for some fun now. It took a good hour before Lloyd felt horny and ready to fuck Chase Virgin hole, He rub them both all down with this special messaged oil that makes their body tingles for sexual pleasures. He took his time and open the bottle of poppers and took a ref before he pass the bottle to Chase "

" What are they for Lloyd "

" It is to make you relax the body "

Chase then took a huge snort and lay their in some kind of sexual trance as Lloyd began to pull his legs over his hairy shoulders and chest . They both moan with great excitement  has Lloyd huge 8 inch got started to penetrate Chase very tight hole. It took a good minute or two until they were both comfortable with each other as the fuck got way more intense.

Lloyd was moaning with great pleasure as he was fucking the shit out of his ass during in which their bodies are completely cover with sweat and a sweet sexual aroma. Chase hold on very tightly with his arms wrap around Lloyd neck when he was now on his tippy toes at the side of the bed as his cock was sliding in and out of Chase ass.

" Fuck Im close Chase '

" Give it to me Lloyd "

" OMFG dude here it comes "

" Give me your load Lloyd "

Lloyd quickly withdrew his dick as he shot off all over Chase chest and nipples as some of the cum evan hit his beard and face. It was a few minutes later that they both got up and went into the bathroom to grab a cold shower. Now it was Chase turn to shoot off his load this time it went  all down Lloyd trim bristle moustache mouth and throat.

" That was fucking hot Lloyd "

" Yea I here you "

Once again it was early morning as the two of them got back on their Harley's to head on down the road. Lloyd got back in Miami around 1 pm as for Chase he never got down to the key's until next day. It was a few months later that Chase got fuck once again and which this time was by his a former NHL referee name Don.




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