Roy Adams is going onto his 15 years plus as for Farmers Life Insurance company . He had just had his 60th birthday and still looks like a man in his late 40's. He stands just over 5'10 and weigh around 150 pounds with a rugby player look to died for. It was a few month's back that he got divorce from wife number 4 who was cheating on him with his best friend.

Steve had just got award from Mr Adams from getting a great lump settlement for the Company which was will over a few million dollars and he decided to take Steve out for a dinner at Wolfgang Pucks restaurant in Las Vegas. It was well into their 5 drinks each when Mr Adams decide to let go a bit and told Steve that he was Bi curious and would like a man to go down on his. With know surprise at all Steve told him that he had some fantasy about making out with his Boss in the office after everyone left to go home.

Mr Adams began to wave at their waiter so he can pay for the drinks and dinner. It was a 20 later that they were both back up in Mr Adams room as Steve has Mr Adams pin against the wall and started to unzipped his zipper and goo down on his dick.

The blow job only lasted a few minutes until Mr Adams shot off a load of his just all down the back of Steve throat before he got up from his knees.

" Holy shit that was hot Steve "

" I feel the same Mr Adams "

" I don't know what can top this dude "

" How about you bend me over and fuck my ass ? "

They both began to undress one another before they climb onto the bed together for their first man to man fuck. Steve held his arms tightly against the bed backboard has Mr. Adams slowly put his average  size 6 plus cock into Steve very tight Virgin hole. 

It was took a few minutes for Steve to relax as Mr. Adams began to pound the shit out of Steve ass good and hard with long deep strokes as his balls where slapping against Steve sweaty ass hole.

" I love your ass Steve "

" Fuck me Mr. Adams . Fuck me Sir "

The fuck got more intense as the moans became much louder as both of their body's started to sweat like pig's. 

" Fuck I am close Steve "

" Give it to me, Give it to me "

" Fuck your hot, Fuck you ass feels good "

" OMG it's coming , OMG it's coming "

Mr Adams began to scream from the top of his lungs as he hit a massive orgasm as the cum flew out of him all the way up inside up Steve sore juicy hole. It was 30 minutes later that Steve got out from the shower with Mr. Adams and got dress to head back up to his room for the rest of the night.

The next morning they meant one another for breakfast before they went on with their own business for the next couple of day's. Mr Adams had a special meeting in his office once they got back home and made sure that know one knew what went down the night in Las Vegas.His last saying was to him " What Happens in Vegas, Stay's in Vegas "

The End




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