It was around the end of July when Roy Adams decided to try a new things in his lifestyle and has handed in his notice to the Human Resources Manager. Bill took his decision very hard and spent nearly  hour trying talky Roy into changing his mind. Roy then got a massive payout package that was well over 60,000 dollars. He put the money into the stock market and made you profit of it has he triple it in just 2 weeks from a very good old friend name Stock Broker Steve Hull.

Mr Hull was one of the best Brokers in the business for someone who just turn 50 years old.He was born in Great Britain where he play Ruby for well over 10 years for one of the country top clubs. He lived a party life and settle down with someone for a short period of time. 

Roy always had some sexual fantasy when in comes to Mr. Hull as he jerks off in the shower about him wearing his rugby uniform a few times a week. Steve Hull had that rough Rugby player look as he stood just under 5'11 with short buzz hair and a very nice frame structure along with his tight bubble butt ass look.

Roy was a huge Miami Dolphins fan and invited Steve to join him down in Florida for the weekend of NFL foot ball. He has great contacts in Miami that got him great 50 yard line seats for this Sunday game against the New York Jets.

Their plane arrive just after 1 pm when Roy and Steve hop into a taxi to head down to the Marriott hotel. Steve thought it was kind of strange that Roy only made reservation for one room for the weekend. The desk Manger gave Roy a huge discount because they only had king size bed left for this weekend because of Garth Brooks 3 show he was putting on over at the Arena.

It took a couple of hours and a few drinks to calm Steve down a bit for him to get over the room situation. As for Roy he accepted and was very happy that his dreams of getting it on with Steve might just happen to turn on in his best interest. Roy really took his time taking off his jeans so he get try to express Steve as he slip into his new pair of shorts from the Under Armour company that he bought online.

Roy began to notice Steve glancing at his underwear that he was wearing after his 3rd class of Jack Daniels whiskey. " What the hell you are looking at Steve, Sorry Roy I was just day dreaming a bit " The time was just after 2 pm when they lay down on the bed together for a little nap before dinner time. Steve slightly awoke to find Roy was sleeping  with a hard on showing off from his bright red spandex bikini briefs that he likes wearing.

He slowly began moving over and started to lick Roy crotch and semi hard dick as the pre cum started to flow out. " OMG dude keep going "  as Roy slowly waken up from his nap. The blow job lasted a good 10 minutes until he shot of a huge load of pure white cum all over Steve beard and mouth. 

" Fuck I love your sweat load of your juice Roy "

" Holy shit, I never new you are into sucking cock Steve "

" I have suck off a few Rugby coaches over the years Roy "

" I am sure they loved it, Especially  the way that you can suck a cock Steve "

" How about you return me a favour now ? "

Steve was standing tightly against the wall as Roy pull his cock through his Duluth Company brown heat active sports briefs. He then placed a pillow on the floor and got down onto his knees and began licking and sucking Steve huge underwear crotch. It only took a short time that Steve hit orgasm as his cum shot all over  Roy greyish goatee mouth and lips.

" OMFG Steve that was fucking great dude "

" I knew you would like it Roy "

" I have jerk off many of times thinking about me sucking your cock "

They both took turns and grab a shower before they got dress to head on down to TGIF restaurant for some more drinks and dinner that night. It was a few hours when they both spotted a former Dolphin player back in the 70 's starring over at the table at them both.

" It that who I think it is Steve "

" I don't know to much about NFL football "

" Holy shit that is him "

Lloyd Zeller was the best running back in the league and also won a few championship for the Dolphins and made several TV adds and shows back in the 80's. He stood around 5'11 and still have the same looks with short trim hair and a moustache to kill for. Roy then began to signal him over to see if he would like to have a drinks with them. It was a few minutes later that Lloyd got his nerve up and went over to Roy and Steve table was and began to introduce himself to them both.

" Holy shit Mr. Zeller, would you like to joins us ? "

" I sure well as he shook all of their hands "

" Jesus, I have been a fan of yours for well over 2 decades "

" Thanks, Roy and you Steve  "

" Sorry Lloyd I came from London and play rugby for many  years Sir "

" Holy shit, I respect you guys great dearly Steve "

" I love watching a punch of men running around with tight shorts and pounding the shit out of one another "

Steve had just put in another orders of drinks for the table whenLloyd him no thanks since he quit drinking years ago. The next few hours where all about jock and business talk before they invited Lloyd back up to their room hoping  for some kind of 3 some. Lloyd was little nervous a bit as he follow them back over to the Marriott Hotel and got on the elevator with them. 

I door open on the 10 floor as he follow them down the hallway has he started to get a little hard on now. Roy was so nervous that Steve had to help him slide the card into the door to get it open. Lloyd notice what was going down before he told Roy to relax a bit and take a deep breath. 

The three of them started to play cards when Steve let it slip out that he was interested and playing strip poker with the tow of them. Lloyd hesitated and say fuck you guys why not that might be interesting and fun. Steve and Roy lost the first 3 hands and are now sitting there showing off their hairy chest. Then it was Lloyd turn who lost the next 5 hands and had to strip down to his tight white Jockey pouch briefs that show off his huge basket very well.

" Okay Roy and Steve "

" What do we play for now guys? "

" How about you make a decision Lloyd "

" I have always had a dream of two guys going down on me "

" OMFG holy shit Lloyd "

" Are yourself and Steve into it "

" My god you're not kidding I hope "

" Nope Im not "

" Deal the cards Steve "

Steve has high pair then it was Roy turn to show that he has 3 of a kind with Kings as for Lloyd he smile a slap down a flush suits in diamonds. They all laugh before they all walk over to the kingsize bed. Lloyd pull off his underwear before the guys both took turns working him all over from top to bottom. 

Alarm clock was showing just pass 9 pm as Lloyd roll over onto his belly as Steve help Roy pull his hairy legs apart before they both took turns eating out Lloyd hairy sweating hole. Lloyd started to moan with great please as his ass juice fill up Roy greyish mouth as Steve had cock was sliding in and out of Lloyd trim bristle moustache. Steve shot a huge load of cum all over Lloyd lips and mouth at the same time Lloyd ass shot of a load of ass juice that s Roy deeply enjoy as he slurp it all up.

" Holy shit Steve that was a nice load you just gave me dude "

" Thank you Lloyd , I really enjoy feeling your bristle tingle my shaft and nuts "

" How do you feel Roy "

" It was my fist time ever getting ass juice explosion shot in my mouth Lloyd "

Lloyd then got up from the bed first has his cock is still hard a bit before Roy and Steve walk over to the beer fridge to grab another beer. Roy started look down and found a can of pepsi for Lloyd to drink as he was bend over to pull up his underwear. 

Roy and Steve then notice that Lloyd still has a small hard on showing off in his briefs before the order him back over to the bed to finished him off. He took his last swig of pepsi and began to layback down on the bed before Roy pull his massive 8 inch plus curve cock through the pisser hole. 

" Okay guy's let see what a good cocksucker feels like "

" How about you finished him Roy, I need to take a shower "

Roy was hard as a rock once again as his blue greyish eyes roll back and started to deep throat Lloyd cock. Lloyd was moaning fairly loudly with great sexual pleasure has Roy goatee mouth was slurping up all of the pre cum that he sipping out. The blow job became more intense as Steve join in once again sucking and licking Lloyd nuts at the same time as Roy mouth was working up and down on Lloyd 8 inch shaft. 

" Holy shit guy's, I am getting close "

" Give it to him Lloyd , Give it to him dude "

" Fuck Lloyd I want your load "

" Fuck I want it dude Sir "

" Here it fucking comes guy's

" Holy shit "

Roy then began to open his mouth so wide as Lloyd started to erupt 2 huge loads of white cum at once that hit both Roy and Steve mouths, lips and face as it started to splatter them both.

" Jesus fucking that was hot guy's "

" It sure was Lloyd "

Roy got up to grab a towel for himself and Steve so the can wipe off the huge amounts of cum that was covering their faces. Steve quickly  took a swig from the beer can before he pass the can of  beer so Roy  can wash down the rest of Lloyd juice. By now Lloyd was totally exhausted from the blow job and began to order Roy to wipe off the rest of the cum with the towel he brought over to the bed. 

Lloyd then got up to grab a shower before he heads on home for the evening as for Loyd and Steve they are sitting at the table totally amazed from all that went down that night. They really enjoy watching Lloyd get dress and where both deeply amazed as Lloyd started  to pull his underwear pass his huge set of balls and cock.

They all did a group hug at the door before Roy open it for Lloyd.  Roy andSteve where both standing in the hallway still in their underwear as they watch Lloyd get onto the elevator for home.

The End  




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