Most Beautiful Man in the World #5

By : A. Williams

Charles moved slowly out of Gabriel's arms and stood at the end of the bed as Luther Vandross sung about having sex in the back ground. "Why are you leaving me Darling?" Charles laughed "I would never leave you Babe... your turn for intense pleasure like you so sweetly gave me ... I need you to cum over and over Babe." Gabriel smiled "Yes I need that monster in my ass... make me cum Darling... over and over ...Please."

Charles pushed his legs back over his head and saw his sweet hole for the first time. He moaned out loud, seeing his man pussy, twitching and ready for his cock. His hole had huge red lips ready for sucking, slurping and biting, Charles loved eating ass and Gabriel's was ready for the taking. "God babe your ass is so perfect and ALL mine... babe give me some time to taste you and eat you."

Charles dove in licking, slurping and pulling those lips in his mouth. "Yes Darling ... feels so good... more...more." Gabriel screamed grabbing his legs higher for better access. He inserted his long tongue deep inside and moaned enjoying the musky taste that was all Gabriel. Over and over his wet tongue went in deep getting his Babe ready for his manhood. Charles rose up with a spit covered face and said "Babe I need my cock in you, are you ready?" Gabriel could only moan softly "Take me... please Darling get inside me and make me cum."

Charles grabbed the lube and got ready to enter the most prefect ass he had ever seen. He placed the head of his cock at Gabriel's hole and leaned forward for a kiss. They moaned on contact and began to swirl tongues as Charles slowly pushed inside. When he broke thru, he felt his lover tense and he stopped completely. Charles moved to his ear and whispered "Babe, I am too big? Do we need to try again later?"

Gabriel was indeed in pain but knew it would soon turn to pure ecstasy. "Darling please hold still for a few moments but DO NOT stop." He said panting. Charles began to lick his ear and whispered "Take all the time you need Babe, tell me when you are ready." He continued to lick, suck on his ear and moved down to lick, suck his neck. "You taste and smell so good Babe, I love you so much." "Uumm... that feels wonderful Darling, your hairy body feels wonderful too." Gabriel said rubbing Charles's back and locking his legs around him. "I love you too, so much...please push now, slowly my Teddy Bear.

Charles complied going ever so slow, damn he is tight he thought. "Yes Darling... yes come in me... you are so damn big but you feel amazing." Gabriel said as his nails dug into Charles's back and his legs tightened around his waist. I took five minutes to get all the way inside to his balls and Charles held there. Both men panted and groaned for very different reasons. Gabriel had never felt so full and thought he might split open... Charles had never been in an ass so tight and thought he might cum at the drop of a hat.

They kissed deeply, lovingly and both held still. Charles pulled away from the kiss "I love you Gabriel, tell me if I hurt you... I never want to make you have pain, I only want to make you feel good as I make love to you. Promise me you will tell me Babe." Gabriel could not hold back his silent tears of deep love for this truly caring man of his. No one had ever been a more caring lover or more tender. He was the gentlest partner Gabriel had ever had. "I promise Charles, God I love you so my heart soars... please make love to me." Gabriel said sincerely.

Charles pulled out slowly... back in slowly... It was heavenly, so hot, so wet and so tight. Gabriel could feel every vein in Charles's monster and it was rubbing all the right places "Yes Darling... Oooo yes so wonderful, no pain" Charles could only grunt as the sensations in his cock were so intense, it took all his focus not to shoot. In slow...out slow... in slow... out slow. "Faster now Darling... damn my ass is all tingly." Charles picked up the pace, he knew Gabriel was about to have an anal orgasm and he loved those, they were waves and waves of contractions on his cock. "Charles...OOOO.....aaahhhh..... Gabriel's body froze and his ass muscles contracted over and over again and again..... Charles continued to push in and pull out ... riding those glorious waves of pleasure. "Darling...God...OOOO...ssssssoooogood...don't ssstttooopppp..." Gabriel screamed. His nails were digging deep but Charles kept at it. In out out out.

Gabriel's anal orgasm ended but Charles could feel his love button swelling and knew he was about to cum hard. He went faster, harder and Gabriel started to push into his thrust. They were both sweating now... both moaning constantly. "Yes darling... Oooo... yyeeesss... ccccuuuummiiiinnngggg." Gabriel shot 2 no 4 no 6 long streams of cum all over his face, chest and Charles's chest. Charles kept pounding away "Babe cum again for me... so hot babe... you are sexy as hell covered in cum." He rolled Gabriel on his side and went even harder and faster. "God Darling... God you are going to make me pass out. Feeeelllss so ggooddd. Ddoo nnoott ssttoopp!" Gabriel yelled. Charles screamed "Babe ssoo ccllooosse, ccuuummm wwwwith mmmeeeeeeeee...nooowww." Charles filled his ass with hot cum, so much it started running out of Gabriel's ass and on his pubs and on his balls. Gabriel screamed "YYYEEESSS........" As he shot again and again.

Both men totally collapsed, in a heap of cum and sweat. Gasping for breath and grabbing each other tightly. Charles's back was bleeding and Gabriel's ass was pounding in pain but they were both smiling. Charles was the first to speak "Babe... damn ... that was fantastic love making... I love you will all my heart and soul." He moved to Gabriel's side and his softening cock popped out of his cum filled ass. Gabriel kissed his sweet lips and said "Darling... what have you done to me? I want to go again now... damn that was the best lovemaking I have ever had in my life!"

Charles kissed him back and laughed saying "Let's go get your toothbrush and some clothes... Babe move in here with me now... I love you and never want to be away from you again." Gabriel kissed him back "There is NO other place I want to be, ever Darling. Let's sleep first... I do not think I can walk right now lover."......

THE END.......


A. Williams

[email protected]


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