Most Beautiful Man in the World #2

By : A. Williams

Charles walked to his house deep in thought about Gabriel. He was stunned that he had accepted his invitation, really. Gabriel was so beautiful he could have ANY man, why me he thought? Charles knew he could be a charmer at times, his gentlemanly behavior had helped him get dates before. It only helped him in his pursuit of Gabriel that they had so much in common. He did not care, whatever had made this pulling connection between them, he was happy about it, he walked into his house and collapsed on the couch only wanting to see him again and to be near him. He could still smell him, still feel his heat next to him and still feel his lips on his soft sweet cheek.

Back at Gabriel's house, he was touching is cheek with his hand feeling the tingling there. What a man he had met, so confident in everything he did, his walk and talk. He was also very handsome, NO... gorgeous and single, that was nothing less than winning the lottery! Such a real gentleman, walking him home, helping with the door, unlocking it for him, making sure he was in safe and sound. He did not try anything out of the way, only a single sweet kiss on his cheek...damn he was prefect.

They both tossed and turned all night thinking of each other, wanting to be together... to talk... to walk, to touch, even if they were only holding hands. They were so close, just down the street but it seemed worlds away to both of them. They ached for each other somehow feeling incomplete without the other. The next morning , Friday, they woke still sleepy and thinking of tomorrow night when they would be together again. They both went to work and tried to get through the day as quickly as possible, sort of in a trance from lack of sleep. Finally quitting time came and they both rushed home to prepare for the weekend.

Charles was home first and changed out of his suit into some causal clothes for shopping. A black silk t-shirt that showed off his muscled up arms and a pair of old ripped and tattered jeans that showed his large package as well as his ass. A few accessories completed his look and he left for his favorite market. He needed lots of Gin, all the things for dinner and needed to stop buy the drug store... just to be prepared.

He surprised himself by singing out loud to the song on the car radio. He hadn't felt this happy in weeks... no months... all because of Gabriel. God he hoped all things went well on this date with him. He had to be on his very best behavior and try and keep his hands to himself. Anything not scare to him off. He to remember the rules of courting a man... not just jumping his beautiful bones and fucking his brains out. He wanted more with Gabriel. He wanted a lot more.

Gabriel left work and decided to go straight to the market, he needed gin... badly. Work today had been a grueling experience plus he needed to prepare for the weekend. He pulled up to the store in his Cadillac, jamming to the radio and thinking of Charles. That's all it took for him to sing along to the radio for the first time in years. He was feeling so elated and happy about this date with Charles, he parked and killed the engine. He stepped out of the car in his new silk suit and looking like a 1000 bucks.

In the store, both men were unaware the other was there as well. Charles was heading to the register when he spotted Gabriel in produce, he could not resist the need to get near him, smell him... he looked just like the produce he stood groping... good enough to eat! Slowly he snuck up behind the object of his growing desire parking his cart to the side. He walked up very close behind him as Gabriel tested a Kiwi's ripeness. Charles slowly wrapped his hand over Gabriel's whispering in his ear "Feels good to me Gabriel... nice and soft... full of sweet juice... Don't you agree?" Gabriel laughed instantly as hard as rock at the suggestive words whispered into his ear "Yes Charles feels real good to me too... I think I should take two large ones. Two very large ones... indeed." he backed up tight to Charles chest feeling the large erection poking his ass and held a moan.

"All good things come in pairs and as you know some come with more hair on them than others." Charles pushed his hips hard in to his ass smiling as he caressed the kiwi in their hands. God he smelled so good, felt so hot. A nice and round ass. Gabriel could not stifle his moan any longer "Oooh, I really like the hairy ones, the extra heavy and large ones... they always hold the most and the sweetest juice."

Just then Charles squeezed Gabriel's hand hard... so hard the Kiwi burst, not that they noticed... "How you would love to taste it Gabriel?" Charles said breathless with desire. Gabriel began to shiver as Charles ran his other hand from the base of his ass onto his ass, up the side of his waist and around his stomach. He raised their combined hands to his mouth and they both opened them reviling the fruit.

Gabriel did not hesitate, he licked the fruit, sucked the juice from Charles's fingers making the man moan. He swung around planting a wet, sloppy tongue kiss on Charles that curled his toes. They wrapped each other tightly in each other's arms and continued to kiss deeply, tongues battling, lips being bitten, both trying to moan softly.

They rubbed that Kiwi into each other's clothes, on each other's faces and in each other's hair. Breaking the kiss for lack air they pulled back, looked at each other before bursting out into laughter. They were both a disheveled, fruit covered sticky mess and neither cared in the least. Still clutching each other, Charles spun them around while they continued to laugh. Charles sat him down and they calmed down but remained in each other's arms. "You know what we need?" Charles asked. "A case of Kiwi's?" Gabriel countered. "Exactly!"

They looked around. The place was so busy no one had even bother to glance there way. "I should finish my shopping Charles... It was extremely nice to meet you here." He moved closer to Charles's ear. "Extremely nice I'd say. Toe curling good... I like a man that doesn't mind showing who he's with. See you 6:30pm sharp tomorrow night." He kissed Charles' ear, then his lips, released him from his arms and was around the corner before he could say a word. Charles thought as he raised his hand to his lips... yes it was good... very good indeed...

Part 3 coming soon ......thanks for reading and posting............A.


A. Williams

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