Most Beautiful Man in the World #1

By : A. Williams

    I was standing in the lobby of the Waldorf Hotel in Atlanta Georgia waiting to attend the annual meeting of "Gay Men of the South" when he strolled in. My mouth dropped open... my heart rate went through the roof... my breathing became labored and my long, thick cock was at full attention. He was absolutely the most beautiful man in the world. He was in an all-black suit, tie, shirt, belt and shoes... all black, the only thing white was the Lilly on his lapel and his wonderful smile. He stood 6 foot tall well-built and broad, must be 200lbs maybe more, long wavy blonde hair and the biggest brightest deep blue eyes I had ever seen.

    They called over the speaker system for the meeting to a start. I regained my composure. It's a formal dinner affair, I was dressed in my black tux and walked in with confidence. I found my seat and God help me Mr. Beautiful was straight across the table from me. Damn, he was so stunning... I was going to have a hard time listening and focusing on the speakers tonight. I felt a poke in my shoulder and came awake from my reveries of Mr. Beautiful to the waitress wanting my drink order. "Whole bottle of gin and full bottle of Tonic." I replied never breaking eye contact with him. As she worked her way around the table the stare continued and when she asked for his order he repeated mine exactly, smiling wide as my cock grew again.

    This man across the table, thought Gabriel, the one in the tux that is staring at me, the one I am flirting with, is very gorgeous, drop dead gorgeous. He has to have a partner... or a lot of lovers, those dreamy brown eyes, those thick lips and that body... yes he must be taken already. I cannot stop staring at him, my cock is rock hard, my heart is racing... I know I am blushing but somehow... I don't care. My name is Gabriel, 38 years old, single and I'm falling for him. Mr. Gorgeous, the man across the table that I know only one thing about, he loves Gin.

    I am Charles Foster, 40 years old, 6 foot 2, 250lbs on a fine tuned body, medium length brown hair, brown eyes and falling for Mr. Beautiful across the table. The stare never stopped as the waitress returned with our orders and we both poured triples. We drank and both sighed heavily, I could only hope he was having the same problem down below that I was. We did not hear the speakers or clap when each one was finished. We both drank smiling at each other and ate dinner staring at each other. When everyone stood for the close of the meeting, we did too, rock hard and proud of it, both grinning as we clapped. I lost him in the shuffle of all the men trying to get to the door.

    I missed the whole meeting thought Gabriel, did not hear a single thing really, just the sound of my racing heart sounding like the roar of the ocean in my ears as I continued to stare at and have naughty thoughts about Mr. Gorgeous, God he was Stunning... I have to get to know him when this meeting is over. I was happy when we all stood to give our final round of applause because I could see he was rock hard and not embarrasses in the least. I knew he was having the same naughty thoughts about me that I was about him. I lost track of him as the crowd made their way to the exits.

    Once outside I moved to the side to light a cigarette. Suddenly someone flicked a lighter "Allow me." Mr. Beautiful said as he lite one for himself as well. I said "Hello Gabriel, thank you." He smiled as he blew out a puff of smoke resting against the hotel wall "How did you know my name?" I laughed moving in front of him letting out my own smoke. "Your dress, your lily in your lapel, your long hair, your big blue eyes and your beautiful looks." He flashed that white smile "I am not the only beautiful man standing here, Mr. Gorgeous what is your name?" I moved a little closer "Charles... you can call me C." I placed my hand on the wall next to his head and he smiled still smoking. I flicked mine onto the sidewalk and ground it with the toe of my shoe as I asked "Do you live here in Atlanta Gabriel?"

    He flicked his smoke onto the sidewalk and answered "Yes Charles I do, how about you?" he asked as he ground it out. "Yes a few blocks from here. I walked here tonight as a matter of fact." I answered. "Really, what street Charles?" "Madison Avenue, number 2455." I told him leaning closer to his face. "Damn Charles I live at 2450, just five houses down." Gabriel said moving and starting to walk away, looking back he said "You coming, walk me home Charles." I caught up quickly and Gabriel grabbed my hand in his and held it tightly as we walked home. We talked the whole way, I found out he was 38 years old, had been single for 3 years and that we had a lot in common.

    We had the same taste in books, movies, music and of course Gin... we both loved to cook, write and go for walks...both loved the beach, sailing and fishing. I was so involved in our conversation, I was surprised we were suddenly at his door. "Thank you Charles for walking me home, I thoroughly enjoyed our talk and getting to know you." He said still holding my hand as we stood facing each other. I wanted so badly to kiss him but held back, taking his other hand instead. "Gabriel, it was my pleasure dear man. It's nice to know you live so close by, how about we get together on Saturday night for dinner and a movie at my place, I will do the cooking if you will help with the dishes?" I asked smiling, hoping and praying the answer would be yes.

    "I would love to Charles but let me bring dessert, what's on the menu?" YES my mind screamed, I quickly thought of one of my special dishes "How does Seafood Alfredo and pasta sound?" He moved closer "Heavenly and scrumptious, I will bring a fresh fruit plate, something lite after a heavy meal sounds good." "Perfect dear man, say 6:30 pm sharp." I said moving closer. "You can count on it, not a second later." He said. I released his hands and placed mine on his waist "I can hardly wait Gabriel, now give me your key so I can open your door and make sure you get in all safe and sound." He laughed and dug in his pocket and produced the key, handing it to me. I moved us closer to the door, him in front of me and me standing tight against his back my face next to his, God he smelled so manly and so sweet. His body was on fire, I could feel his heat through my clothes.

    I slowly unlocked the door "There you go dear man." I whispered in his ear as I pushed the door open and turned him around, face to face... chest to chest I placed a soft kiss on his cheek and backed away handing him back his keys. He raised his hand to his face and placed it over the kiss and smiled. "Will see you Saturday 6:30 sharp Gabriel, don't forget dessert." I said backing away down the sidewalk, I waved goodbye and turned and walked toward my house walking on air. Soon I would have the most beautiful man in my house, on my couch and maybe more........

Part #2 soon............thanks for reading and posting.....A.


A. Williams

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