Most Beautiful Man in the World #4

By : A. Williams

FROM PART #3 "Gabe, you have to know you are already ingrained in my heart and my soul. Gabriel... I LOVE YOU."

Gabriel burst out crying and Charles freaked out "O my god Gabe, I am so sorry... please don't cry, I never meant to upset you." He held Gabriel close... "Sssshhhh, sweet man... sshhh I love you Gabe." He cried harder and Charles was at a loss as to what to do, so he stopped talking and just held Gabriel tight and let him cry. Ten minutes and a roll of toilet paper later Gabriel said "You must think I am a fool?"

Laughing Charles said "Sweet man I would never think that of you, never. I am so sorry Babe, are you okay" He looked into Charles loving eyes and smiled "Never better Charles, I have longed to hear those three sweet words from your lips... my crazy tears were of pure joy! Charles I love you too... so very much." Charles held Gabriel's beautiful face in his strong hands "Say that again Babe... look in my eyes and say that again." Both men stared at the other "I love you Charles... I love you my Darling, my one and only soulmate!"

Charles moved him up on the bed and wrapped Gabriel in his body. He placed wet sloppy kisses on his face and his neck, anywhere there was skin exposed. "Babe we need to get naked ...I have to see you and kiss you all over... Please Gabe it is time. Claim me as yours for all time with no way out like you said... I don't want a way out Babe never... ever, may I undress you Babe?" The lights were still on, the music still playing as Charles waited for an answer. Gabriel placed a small kiss on Charles lips and said "Darling, I am all yours!"

Charles needed no further prodding, he rolled Gabriel on his back and straddled his lower thighs. He raised his tank-top up and off his torso reviling a hairless chest... sandy colored hairy pits... well-defined arms, 6 pack abs and pecs... very hard large nipples in dark pink. Charles groaned loudly and stood, leaned over and unbuckled his belt and jeans as Gabriel worked off his shoes and socks with his feet. His white jeans were off next and Charles was breathing hard now. His long thick cock was on the rise looking at those toned hard thighs and his large calves with that lovely sandy colored hair lightly covering them.

Gabriel was left in his tight boxers that hid nothing, his long fat cock and big balls were yearning to be set free. Smiling deviously Charles slowly lowered his boxers and his thick sandy blonde bush was exposed... then that hard leaking 9 inch long cock... deep pink heavily veined fat ... OOO, those heavy large hairless balls were last. Charles looked Gabriel over his blonde curly hair a mess but so sexy he thought. Those bright blue eyes, that bright smile and those full lips. That beautiful face and that beautiful body, he groaned out loud. "Babe you are so truly stunning. God I love you, I hope you like my body half as much as I do yours." Charles began to undress.

He unbuttoned his dress shirt, exposing his brown curly hairy chest and hard hairy abs. Gabriel groaned as he saw his large nipples, brown - pink areolas and those veiny biceps. He kicked of his shoes, unsnapped and unzipped his jeans and let them fall in a pile around his ankles, exposing his naked privates. Gabriel moaned loudly and gasps at his size. Standing tall and proud his 11 inch by 8 inch around cut cock was perfectly sized for his kiwi size balls, hanging low touching large hairy well defined thighs. He stepped out of his jeans, smiling and ready to love his Babe.

"Darling, my massively hung Teddy Bear... come to me now... hot damn, make love to me before I scream!!!" As Charles climbed on the bed Gabriel could not control himself, he attacked his mouth with his own, shoved in his tongue down his throat, he grabbed his arms and even though 50 pounds lighter, flipped Charles on his back. Charles loved the rough play and allowed Gabriel to take charge so he could be manhandled. He moved to his neck, sucked, licked and bit hard. "Fuck babe!" Charles yelled. Gabriel laughed "I am marking you as mine Teddy Bear, only mine." He continued licking, sucking downward, Gabriel purred rubbing his face in his hairy chest "Uuummmm so soft Darling... Oooo....I do love your hairy self." He sucked his large nipples moaning with pleasure as his hands rubbed his hairy chest and abs like he was kneading dough. "Babe that feels so good, please don't stop." Pleaded Charles.

Gabriel had no plans to stop for hours, he continued his journey through the forest of hair to that massive ass busting weapon that he was wielding. He found the large mushroom head leaking, Gabriel licked the sweet juice and slowly lowered his mouth down the huge shaft stopping when his lips hit Charles's big balls. "Oooohhh yes swallow my damn cock down... ssssssooooo hot, so good babe." Charles screamed bucking his hips up.

Gabriel milked his cock with his throat muscles then started bobbing up and down, spit dripping and both men moaning "YYEESS... Babe suck me... yes.. yes.." Charles's head was rolling side to side as he grabbed Gabriel's head and got hands full of soft blonde waves of hair. "OOoo babe that feels amazing... faster... faster." Gabriel moaned and the vibrations were more than Charles could take. "SSHHHIITTT... Damn BBAABBEEEEE...cccccumiiiinnnnnggggggg." His balls ached as he shot hard over and over in Gabriel's yearning mouth. He swallowed his luscious large load thinking it even tasted like kiwis with salt added.

Gabriel crawled up to Charles who was smiling like an idiot with his eyes closed struggling for breath. "Teddy Bear you tasted like kiwis. Here taste." Gabriel laughed slipping his cum tasting tongue deep in his mouth. "Uumm, so sweet, I bet you taste better, Babe that was a superb blowjob. I love you so much Gabriel." Charles said softly, settling down from his hard climax. Gabriel lay down his head on his soft hairy pillow of a chest and sighed "I love you too my big Teddy bear. That was so satisfying for me... to pleasure you...God I love you so much much." "I love you more babe." They wrapped themselves in each other's arms and legs tightly and lay in comfortable silence.........

Part #5 soon............ Thanks for reading and posting A......


A. Williams

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