Most Beautiful Man in the World #3

By : A. Williams

Both men made their purchases and went home very happy about the chance encounter in the store but ecstatic about the developing connection between them and of course that toe curling kiss. They could still feel that monstrous kiss in all its glory and taste the sweetness of it as well... They both realized something special was brewing between them and could not wait to see where it might lead.

Their sleep was restless again, still longing for each other even more now because of the deeper joining of their desire and lust for each other. So damn close in distance but so far away from believing that what was happening between them was meant to be, they were soulmates... these brewing feelings were real. They had to believe in those feelings and allow it to happen naturally. It would flow so sweetly, flow so lovingly. They both had longed for their soulmate all their lives and now... finally... they had found each other.

Gabriel woke to thoughts of Charles spinning in his mind. He lay there smiling and content that they would see each other soon. He begrudgingly moved out of bed to get the day moving along as he made his way to the kitchen. Thoughts of coffee and sweet Charles were all that were on his mind. As the coffee brewed Gabriel remembered their meeting in the market and was instantly aroused. He would never be able to look at a kiwi again without blushing and laughing out loud.

Down the street Charles rose from bed grumbling on his way to the bathroom needing to piss like a Russian Race Horse... as his stream started he thought of Gabriel and with his arousal, his flow decreased... Shit he thought! That beautiful man was constantly on his mind. There was something so special about him, he wanted him so... so DAMN bad... but he had to be a gentleman. He shook his head to get rid of these thoughts and finished in the bathroom. In the kitchen, coffee brewing he thought of Gabriel. That stunt he pulled in the market was so unexpected but so wonderfully hot! That kiss was out of this world, the best he had ever had. Charles knew...knew he was the only one for him. Somehow he felt it in his heart and deep in his soul...they were always meant to be together.

Both got busy with the day and their preparations for ..."THE" date tonight. Both men worked happily, doing very different tasks but feeling connected none the less. Charles peeled shrimp, washed and trimmed scallops for the main course and Gabriel washed and sliced fruit for dessert, blushing at the kiwis.

Time grew near and Gabriel packed up and walked to Charles house. He knocked on Charles's door precisely at 6:30 and waited with butterflies swimming in his stomach. The door opened and there he was... stunning in every way in his tan dress shirt, loosely hanging over his shoulders and dark tight black jeans that left nothing to the imagination. Gabriel gulped and cleared his throat "Hello Charles, hope I am not early... may I come in?"

Charles was tongue tied... Gabriel never looked more enticing. He was in royal blue tank top and tight white jeans with a huge bulge. "YYeesss ... come iin please Gabriel." Charles stammered stepping aside allowing him inside. "Take a seat and I will get us something to drink. I am so happy you are here Gabriel." Charles went to the bar and mixed two very strong gin and tonics. He handed one to Gabriel on the couch and took a seat in the chair across from him. They both took long swallows trying to gain control over their desire for each other.

"Thank you for the drink and the innovation to dinner tonight. Your place is wonderful, so homey and comfortable. Love it very much." Charles smiled, pleased Gabriel felt comfortable in his home. "Would you like to hear some Jazz music before dinner Gabriel?" He laughed out loud "Would you have Foreplay... Elixir?" Charles hit a button...and the music began. "On speed dial my man... One of the best instrumental bands. Glad you like jazz Gabriel, may I refresh your drink?" Charles rose and came close to Gabriel... in his face actually. "Sweet man... can a have a kiss for a refill on your drink?" Gabriel laughed "I would feel insulted if you did not kiss me."

That's all it took ... they were into deep wet sloppy kissing... the best kind really. Soon they were lying on the couch together, tangled and making out hard and full of desire for each other. They pulled back to breathe, smiling at each other. "Where is my re-fill Charles?" Gabriel said laughing. "Coming right up Gabriel, be right back." He walked to the bar and making them fresh drinks he asked "Gabe, where do you work?" He giggled "No one has ever called me Gabe before... I like it. I work for Lamberts Drawing... I am the senior architect in the design room. Been there for about 10 years now." Charles smiled walking back to him, handing him his drink and sitting on the couch next to him. "Wow... Gabe, impressive. I work at the public defender's office, senior defense attorney. Been there about 8 years now." "Impressive yourself Mr. Lawyer man." Gabriel laughed, drinking his gin and tonic.

Things got still and they were comfortable with not talking. They listened to the jazz music and drank but still held a gaze in each other's eyes. Charles spoke first standing and holding out his hand "Gabe me cook our dinner. Bring your drink." Gabriel laughed and took his hand "Lead the way Lawyer Man." They walked to the kitchen so comfortable hand in hand like they had done this so many times before.

"Gabe can you grab the tub with the seafood out of the fridge and the salad, please." He went to work along with Charles, they worked together like a well oiled machine. Charles started the skillet for the seafood as Gabriel dug in the fridge and retrieved all his ingredients. Garlic, fresh parmesan cheese, cream and the seafood. Placing them on the counter and smiling at Charles "Anything I forgot?" he asked as he drank. "Sweet man, you can help me in the kitchen with every meal...great job." In went the scallops to pan sear in butter, next the shrimp. Charles asked "Gabe could I get another drink?"

Gabriel went to the bar as the stereo flipped to another CD, Luther Vandross. "I love his classic love songs. So relaxing and great for making out!" Gabriel said. Charles laughed as he placed minced garlic in the skillet. "I could put dinner on hold if you like sweet man." Back in the kitchen with the drinks "Yum...something is smelling very good. No, keep cooking." He handed a drink to Charles as he whisk the cream with the garlic, he added the cheese and fresh ground black pepper and allowed the sauce to simmer. "Thanks for the drink Gabe... won't be long now till supper will be done." He said as a nice slow loving song came on trough the speakers.

"HERE AND NOW" Luther Vandross played out and Charles approached Gabriel "Dance with me sweet man?" he held out his hand and quickly Gabriel grabbed it. There were suddenly tightly pulled together and swaying perfectly ... lost in the music and each other. He smells wonderful thought Charles....he is so romantic thought Gabriel. He fits so well in my arms thought Charles... he is so light on his feet thought Gabriel. He is so beautiful Charles thought... he is so affectionate thought Gabriel. He is the one thought Charles... he is the one thought Gabriel.

The song ended and Charles placed a sweet soft kiss on his lips "Wonderful first dance Gabe, thank you so." He giggled "My pleasure Mr. Lawyer, you are very smooth on your feet." Charles returned to the task at hand, supper. He added the seafood to the sauce, put the bread in the oven and the pasta in the pot. Gabriel set the salad on the table and handed Charles his drink "Smells so scrumptious, thanks so much C. for the invite." "Gabe could you get the wine from the fridge and open it to breath, please."

"Of course chief, anything else?" Gabriel joshed. "No sweet man that's all." He laughed. Charles drained the pasta, plated it along with the sauce and seafood on top and placed it on the table. Pulled the bread out and placed it there too. "Gabriel allow me to help you sit... come to me." Gabriel walked over and Charles pulled his chair out for him... smiling he sat as Charles pushed the chair to the table. What a gentleman thought Gabriel, he makes me feel so special...I love it. He is Mr. Perfect...Damn. "May I pour you wine?" "Yes I would love some C." Gabriel said holding his glass.

Charles filled his glass then his own and sat down in his own seat next to Gabriel. "Let's wonderful fulfilling beginnings...." Gabriel was so happy with his words he knew in his heart what was happening here and now was meant to be and his shield came down and he felt Charles's love for him. He let the content and joyful feelings wash over him and he clicked his glass "Yes C. to new deep beginning's." They drank to the toast, locked in a wonderful stare understanding each other completely.

Charles stood and held his hand for his, Gabriel took his hand and stood. He led him to the bedroom and helped Charles to sit on the end of the bed. Kneeling between his legs he said "Gabriel I have tried so hard to hold back from making love to you but I need you so much sweet man. I desire you with every fiber of my body and I can hold back no longer... Please Gabe allow me to undress you and give you intense pleasure."

Gabriel smiled and placed both of his hands on the sides of his handsome face. "You are so sweet and gentle, but you must know before we go any further... Charles I am falling for you and if...IF... we make love I will fall all the way... and be in deep love with you forever and claim you as mine for all time, with no way out."

Charles face lite up hearing his words...he knew he was already in love with Gabriel...he was his soulmate and they would have to be together now. No way to avoid it, they would never be happy apart and they both knew that. He pulled his hands from the side of his face and put them to his lips, kissing his fingers as Gabriel moaned. "Gabe, you have to know you are already ingrained in my heart and my soul. Gabriel... I LOVE YOU."

Both men froze as those 3 little words rang out in the bedroom, bouncing off the walls.........

Part 4 soon........Thanks for reading and posting.......A.....


A. Williams

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