Author's Note 1: Thank you to everyone who read this, my first series. I will start more soon, probably a few shorter stories before I make another long series. Author's Note 2: I've made some 3D images based on this story and put them on my y-gallery account at (a yaoi site). The account name is 'leudast'. 6 (Final) By the time the paddling was over, the pulsing erection Luke used to fuck the other sub had gone flaccid, but the desire to get off was swelling inside him. He knew not to touch himself, but he desperately wanted to. Luke walked them past the private room they'd used and into the locker room. "We're going upstairs," he explained. "The Grandmaster wants to personally welcome you to the club. Normally, no one is allowed to walk through the mansion naked, but since it's so late he wants me to take you up without clothes. He's expecting us in about five minutes." "Yes, sir," was all Luke could think to say. While Luke remained naked, Master Zach grabbed a pair of baggy gym shorts out of his locker and pulled them on. He then led them upstairs, through the plush sitting room, across the foyer, and up the main stairs. They continued down a hallway until they reached the door at the end. Master Zach knocked. A voice inside told them to enter and they did. The door gave way to a luxurious, candlelit bedroom with a desk, vanity, wardrobe, and bed. It also contained a large 'x' made of 2x4's. On the 'x' was Jacob. His completely naked body was dripping with sweat and his muscles gleamed in the candlelight. His massive cock was fully erect and dripping pre-cum. On his knees in front of him was the young man Luke knew as Raven. He was teasing the head of Jacob's cock when they walked in. "This is Grandmaster Patrick," Zach said Patrick stood. "We've met," the Grandmaster said. He pushed Jacob's cock down with a finger then let it spring back up. "Have you ever been milked before?" he asked. "No, sir," Luke replied. Being milked was the last thing he wanted right now. Seeing Jacob spread-eagle on the restraint had him hard in an instant. "I've had Jacob here for about an hour," Patrick said. "It will be several more before he leaves." The Grandmaster walked over and took Luke's hand. He then lead him to the large bed. Luke sat down, and Patrick put a condom on. "Lie back." Luke did as he was told and lay down on his back. Patrick positioned himself between his legs and pulled his knees up to expose his ass. The without a further word he started fucking. After a moment, Patrick pulled his face in close and the two shared a long, intimate kiss. The surprising tenderness of having regular, non-bondage sex had Luke's head spinning and his cock throbbing. Patrick finished fairly quickly. After he dropped his condom in the trashcan, he immediately grabbed another one. He rolled it onto Luke's cock, and his touch had Luke quivering. Patrick then lay face down on the bed with his ass in the air. Luke didn't wait for a verbal invitation. He took his place behind the Grandmaster and stared humping him like an animal in the wild. The hours of bondage and teased sex made him hump harder than he ever had, and his orgasm felt like an explosion. Four Months Later Luke took one last glance at his new sub, Alejandro: a young, short, well-built ball of Latino muscle. He looked at Luke from his place on Patrick's big 'x' restraint as Luke closed the door leaving him at the Grandmaster's mercy. Luke knew he was in for a long night of milking. He even felt bad for him, because he knew that Alejandro was an especially sexually charged young man, and that being edged for hours would be exceptionally torturous for him, but this was the Grandmaster's prerogative. Luke had brought his new sub, the first he'd been allowed since he joined A, to the same, private room Zach brought him to on his first night. He went down there, cleaned the place up, then stuffed his gear in his locker and walked into the shower. Zach and another master walked in a little while later. They took two adjoining shower heads and started rinsing their night of debauchery down the drain. Luke walked up behind Zach and ran his hands across his traps and down his sides while kissing his shoulder. There was something beautiful and liberating about being able to walk up to a man in a shower and touch him. Zach turned. Luke put his hands on Zach's hips, then drew him in and kissed him on the lips. After their deep, sensual kiss, Zach asked, "Didn't you get enough from your new sub?" "The Grandmaster called for him before I got to finish." The other master walked around Luke and ran his hands down Luke's back to his ass. He slipped his finger inside as Luke and Zach shared another kiss. "Come on," Zach said. They all walked out of the shower and into the locker room. Luke lay down on one of the benches while Zach put on a condom. Luke let out a soft moan as he felt Zach's familiar cock enter him. The other master positioned himself in front and took Luke's mouth. Luke gave his best blowjob, something he'd become quite good at, and had the other man coming in minutes. As the master pulled back, cum dribbling down his sated cock, Zach pulled out. "How much time do you have?" Zach asked. "All night," Luke replied. "Let's go," Zach said. As the other master finished his shower, Luke and Zach found a private room. Luke was a master himself now, and he went through a lot of pain to earn that position. But as Zach strapped him down, and he prepared himself for a night of ecstatic torment, he knew he would always be Zach's sub.



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