Luke knocked on the unfamiliar door in an apartment complex in a part of town he'd never been to. A young, slim Asian man opened the door.

"Are you Luke," he immediately said.

"Yeah," Luke said with a nervous smile.

"I'm Jake," he said standing aside so Luke could come in.

As soon as he was inside, Jake closed the door and immediately began tugging at Luke's belt. Once it was undone, he yanked Luke's pants and underwear down to his ankles and got down on his knees. Jake took Luke's cock into his mouth like a starving man eating a hot dog, and sucked it with a ferocity that had Luke looking for something to hold on to. He put his hand on the door to steady himself as Jake continued to consume him. Luke stood there for a few minutes enjoying the blowjob of his life.

Then Jake stood and began undressing. Luke followed suit. Once they were naked, Jake led them to the bedroom. A tube of lube and several condoms were already sitting on the nightstand. Luke walked in, his rock hard cock bobbing slightly as he walked. He tore open one of the condoms and by the time he'd put it on Jake was already in a doggie-style position, his smooth, shaven ass pointed at Luke expectantly. Luke wasted no time lubing up and plunging in.

"Hard," Jake commanded.

Luke eagerly obeyed and fucked as hard and as fast as he could. As Luke plunged into him, Jake reached down and started rubbing his own cock. Luke had plenty of experience as a top, but something about Jake had him on the edge of orgasm in a few minutes. He struggled not to cum, yet. He even tried slowing down, but Jake pushed back against him as a clear signal that he wanted it hard. Luke moved in and out of him as fast as he could and came within a minute, shooting a massive load into the reservoir of the condom.

He took a moment to recover from his powerful orgasm, wiping sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand. Jake lay flat on the bed looking at him. Luke was fully aware that he'd only lasted five or six minutes.

"Sorry," Luke said. "I usually have more stamina than that."

"We have all night," Jake said. He put his hands behind his head, his cock laying stiff on his belly.

Luke eagerly sat on the bed, bent over, and took Jake into his mouth. Jake wasn't very big, but this gave Luke the opportunity to suck him with the same ferocity that he'd received at the door. Soon Jake was squirming with pleasure. Luke used his right hand to hold the base of Jake's penis. His left hand explored his nut sack: rubbing it deeply and rolling each nut in his fingers one at a time. His fingers then wandered down toward Jake's ass. Jake lifted one of his legs as an invitation and Luke's fingers entered without hesitation. Being blown and fingered had Jake panting and moaning.

"I'm coming," Jake almost whispered.

Luke kept working and soon his mouth was filled with cum which he swallowed.

Their brief but intense encounter being over, Luke pulled his clothes on and left. Once home, Luke changed into his sleeping clothes and plopped down in front of his computer. The website he'd used to hook up with Jake was still on the screen, along with Jake's profile. He was everything he'd promised to be, and this encounter was exactly what Luke needed after the disappointment that A turned out to be.

He hadn't received another e-mail. It had been two full weeks. At this point Luke didn't much care what the reason was. Whether it was because he wandered off in the garden or that man he'd been paired with just couldn't be bothered, he didn't care. However, that was just as far as A was concerned. He still had a desire to be part of the bondage scene that, now that he'd tasted the real thing, was burning more intensely than ever.

Luke looked back to the screen to see that his mailbox on the site had a new message in it. He clicked it and it brought up some text along with a photo of the man who sent it. He immediately recognized the young man he'd seen, and sucked, in the garden at the A mansion. His pale, perfect body was on display in all its glory. The username was 'Raven'.

'What's up, stud?' was the message. 'Haven't seen you around.'

'Haven't been invited,' Luke replied. Then, over the course of the next few minutes, Luke expressed his every feeling about his time at A, the central of which was his disappointment with his apathetic master. 'I really wanted to get into the lifestyle,' Luke concluded. 'I took a lot of brutal punishment. I've proved that I can do this.'

'I'll take care of it,' Raven said. They then said goodnight to each other, and Luke showered and went to bed.

On Monday, Luke sat at his desk. Having flown through the day's work before lunch, he found himself daydreaming about Jake. It was the best and most satisfying sex he'd had in a long time. He also thought about the young man from A, whom he only knew as Raven, and how he promised to 'take care' of things. Luke wasn't sure how he felt about going back to A, if he was even invited. As his mind recalled his recent sex life, his cock grew hard underneath his desk. Feeling like an adolescent in high school, he tried to take his mind off sex, but he couldn't. He adjusted himself so it wouldn't show, then slipped into the bathroom. He locked himself in the farthest stall, dropped his pants and underwear, and sat down. He used his saliva to lube himself up, which he hadn't done since he was a teenager, and began jerking off. It wasn't long before he was rock hard. The bathroom at the office was very clean, but it was still a bathroom, so Luke imagined being back at A: jerking off in the garden, his painful ordeal in Jacob's office, being fucked by that relentless machine. He grabbed a wad of the one-ply toilet paper and covered the tip of his cock. As he came, he carefully directed the stream of cum into the toilet paper. After recovering, he relieved himself, composed himself in the mirror, and carried on with his workday.

When Friday rolled around, Luke found himself pulling through the gates of the A mansion still in his work clothes. All of his e-mails had gone through Raven, so he had no idea what master he had been reassigned to. An anticipation swelled in his chest.

After he'd parked his car, he walked into the foyer to see Jacob and two older men talking. The two older men were just leaving as Luke walked up.

"Well," Jacob said with a charming smile that didn't reflect the sadist within, "I'm glad you gave us another chance."

"Me, too," Luke replied. Then, feeling like he had to explain himself, he added, "I just didn't know what to do when that guy stopped e-mailing me. I didn't even know his name."

"Well, that won't happen again." Jacob looked at his watch. "You're ten minutes early, and it so happens that Master Zachary, your new master, will be ten minutes late. You know what that means?"

"That I get to spend twenty minutes with you?" Luke guessed. Even his brutal CBT sounded better than nothing.

Jacob chuckled the way dads did in 1950's sitcoms. "It means I'm going to give you a little tour of the place," he explained. "Since you already came on our back lawn, we'll start with the basement."

Jacob led them out of the foyer and into an elegant sitting room with supple leather armchairs and shelves lined with old books.

"I'm going to give you the tour as though you are brand new here since I'm fairly certain that you weren't told any of our rules," he began. "We have two types of areas in the mansion: places where you can be naked and have sex, and places where you cannot. Anyplace like this room," he gestured around him, "is a place where you are to be clothed and no sex is allowed. The basement is completely free for whatever you want to do. The garden is usually a no sex zone except during special events. It's all common sense, really, so just use your good judgment."

He then led them through another door which led to the basement stairs. They stepped directly into a locker room with a tiled floor and walls. A shower could be heard nearby.

"This is our locker room," he said. "As you can see, we have more than enough lockers for everyone."

He walked them to one of the lockers. On a piece of masking tape, 'Luke' was written.

"You can put all your clothes in here," Jacob said. He then looked at Luke silently.

Luke obligingly unbuttoned his top button, only to be interrupted.

"No, no," Jacob said holding up a contradictory finger. "I didn't tell you to get undressed. Here's the first rule of being a good sub: You do exactly as you're told; no more, no less. If your master tells you to get undressed, you immediately take off all your clothes. So don't strip down to your underwear and then wait for confirmation that he wants you to go all the way. You immediately do exactly as you're told. So when I told you that you can put your clothes in here, I only meant you were allowed to do that. If I wanted you to actually put them in, that's what I would have said. Does that make sense."

"Yes, sir," Luke replied.

"It's more difficult to do than it might seem, since in most cases people are not very direct. For example if someone wanted you to open a window, they would ask if you could open the window, because that's considered polite. But when you're with your master, if he asks if you could open a window, he's literally asking if you have the ability to do that. If he wants you to actually do it, he'll say 'open the window.' Everything is very direct and literal."

"I understand, sir," Luke said. Jacob's lecture was actually quite exciting for him. This is exactly the type of environment he was looking for: where everyone takes the lifestyle very seriously.

"Good. Now, put your clothes in the locker."

Luke smiled, said, "Yes, sir", and started stripping. As Jacob had explained, he didn't hesitate when he got to the underwear, and didn't miss a beat until all of his clothes were in the locker and he was standing completely bare. Luke didn't try to hide the fact that his cock was beginning to stiffen.

Jacob looked down at his genitals and said, "Different masters will have different expectations as far as grooming goes. Master Zach typically likes his men shaved, but you need to wait until he tells you that to do it."

"Yes, sir."

"Ok," Jacob said clasping his hands together, "let's get to the good part."

Jacob led them through an open doorway and into a short hallway with three doors on either side. He stopped in front of one of the doors which was open. Inside, there was a strong, wooden chair with no seat. There were many leather restraints and it was bolted to the floor.

"These are our private rooms," Jacob explained. "When your master wants some alone time with you he'll take you in one of these. They are outfitted in different ways. There are also other rooms upstairs that have less of a dark, dungeon feel."

They then walked through another door at the end of the hallway. It led to an large, open room. Lining the walls were every type of restraint and device Luke had ever seen in a bondage film. There was a cross, a sawhorse, a flat table, a sling, and others. A young, Asian man was strapped into the sling with three men around him. While one fucked him, the other two twisted his nipples and fondled his genitals. Seeing this, Luke became fully erect. Like before, he made no attempt to hide it, since, he figured, if there was any place to get hard by seeing bondage, this was it. Jacob led him to a nearby corner of the room that was lined with shelves. On the shelves was a variety of dildos, whips, gags, and other toys as well as lube and several boxes of condoms.

"As you probably know, it's safe sex only here, and we insist that you always use the condoms that we provide. Using cheap condoms is grounds for losing your membership."

Jacob grabbed one of the 'extra-large' condoms.

"I think we have enough time to test one out," he said.

He put his hand on Luke's back and led him to the flat table.

"Bend over."

Luke bent over the table, and soon Jacob's massive cock was pushing its way in. Jacob pumped him slowly, probably knowing that he could torture a man just with the size of his cock. He started moving faster and faster until he suddenly pulled out. It didn't seem like he came, but just as Luke was going to turn his head to see what the interruption was about, a deep, strong voice said, "Stay that way."

A moment later, a new cock started working him. It wasn't Jacob's size, but still big, and it moved in and out of him with fervor. Luke's whole body shifted back and forth with the vigorous thrust, and that unique pain you get from having a tight hole was welling up.

"I'm Zach," the man said not missing a beat as he tore into Luke's hole. "Call me Master."



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