Ever since his first encounter with Jacob, Luke had been going to the gym every day after work and sticking to a strict diet. Even when he'd spent the day dealing with his ass hole boss, and all he wanted to do was swing by a fast food place and grab a burger, he forced himself to eat healthy. His hard work and dedication was finally starting to show and he was eager to shed his clothes at the A mansion.

Luke arrived as ordered on Saturday at 3 pm. Like before, the man, whose name he still didn't know, was waiting for him, and, like before, he left his clothes in the foyer. Unfortunately, like before, the man hardly looked at him. The man motioned for Luke to follow and he did, thinking that if he'd painted his cock neon orange, the man would not have noticed. The man led him through a different door. This one emptied into the garden outside. The paving stones that formed a path into the garden were rough, but not wanting to fall a step behind, Luke soldiered on in his bare feet. The garden was something out of the Victorian Era, with well-manicured grass, stone railings, statues, a fountain, and a maze of perfectly rectangular hedges. The man led him into the maze until they were in a grassy square surrounded by the high hedge with two entrances.

"Sit here," the man said pointing to a stone bench, "and jack off until you come. I'll be back in ten minutes and you will be finished by then."

Without waiting for a reply, then man turned and left toward the mansion. Luke took his seat and wondered if it would be possible to get off that quickly. Usually when he jacked off, which he did almost every day, he sat in front of his computer watching porn, and he took his time with it; even holding his orgasm for a better scene that was coming up. Now he was faced with masturbating with no lube and no porn. He dove right in, grabbing his cock and working it. A cool breeze blew over his body, which he found invigorating. He looked at his surroundings as he worked his stiffening cock. There was not much to see except the hedge which was rustling softly in the persistent breeze.

He turned his attention back to his cock which was already hard. To help himself get off, he thought of the previous encounters at the mansion. Although the present reality of them was painful, stressful, humiliating, and emotionally and physically exhausting, the memory of them was quite erotic. As those thoughts ran through his head, he began jerking harder and faster. His bicep began to ache, but he kept working. Just as another gust of wind tickled the head of his cock, he came, shooting several streams of semen onto his torso.

He sat panting; recovering from his unusually powerful orgasm and enjoying the rush of bliss that came with it. When he looked down, he saw that he'd shot high onto his chest, something he rarely did. Just then, he heard footsteps and someone appeared in his private square of garden. It was a young man wearing dark clothes and eyeliner. He had a slightly Goth look to him that wasn't overdone. He was also wearing a black collar, though Luke couldn't tell if this was because he was a sub at A, or if he wore it as part of his regular dress. Completely naked and with come dripping from his hand, Luke gave him a polite smile as if they were passing on the street. The young man gave him a sly half-smile and continued through to the other side of the square. Luke waited a moment to make sure he'd left, then he let a glob of come fall from his hand and onto the lawn. He scooped some more off of his stomach and let that fall as well. Seeing his semen sink through the blades of grass made him wonder what would happen if that man saw him dirtying their perfect lawn.

Much more than ten minutes passed as Luke sat there with come drying in his pubes. Realizing that he was looking more and more ridiculous my the moment, he eventually stood. He looked through the break in the hedge he'd entered through. While trying to keep up with the man, his cock bouncing in the breeze as he trotted along, he hadn't kept track of how they went through the maze. Now he was staring down an unfamiliar green corridor. He looked behind him at the other entrance to the square he was in and thought about the good looking young man that walked through. Given the options of trying to find the man who'd hardly recognized he was around and the beautiful young man, he chose the latter.

As he walked through the hedges, trying to rub off the come that had now crusted on his skin, he heard the sound of falling water hitting a hard surface. He walked toward it and found a small, open-air shower set against a high stone wall. The rightmost of the two shower heads was cascading water over the young man. He skin was pale and beamed in the afternoon sun. Luke watched the water pour down his muscular back and over his round ass. Then, realizing that he himself was in desperate need of a shower, he took a deep breath and approached. When the young man saw him approaching, they exchanged a nod.

The water was freezing cold, but Luke forced himself to stay under it, not wanting to look weak. He looked sideways at the young man. His body was incredible: well-toned, yet delicate. Luke wondered if he was one of the prostitutes working at the mansion and if it would be inappropriate to ask. Luke began cleaning himself off and raking the dried cum from his pubes with his fingers. As soon as he was done, he shut off the water. An anxiety grew in him as he imagined the man coming back into the garden to find the bench empty and his sub gone. As he was about to walk away, though, as hand gently brushed his arm. Luke looked over at the young man who stepped over and kissed him. The stood, their naked, wet bodies pressing together, kissing each other deeply. Then the young man broke the kiss, put his hands on the tops of Luke's shoulders and pressed down. Luke obeyed the unspoken command and got on his knees. The young man's cock, which was now in front of Luke's face, wasn't especially long, but it was thick and substantial looking. The young man stepped forward and Luke eagerly accepted his cock into his mouth and began sucking. The young man's cock was rock hard in an instant. He wrapped his fingers around the back of Luke's head and pressed the tip to back of Luke's throat. Even as Luke's jaw began to ache, he continued dutifully sucking as the young man shoved his cock in as far as it would go over and over again. After a few minutes, the young man pulled Luke's head in hard, the head of his cock going so far in that Luke was almost gagging on it. Then a stream of cum shot into Luke's throat. Luke tried his best to swallow it as he'd assumed the young man wanted, but most of it escaped his mouth and trickled down his chin and onto his chest.

As soon as he was done coming, the young man rinsed his cock off under his shower which was still running, then he strode off without a word. Luke stood and rinsed the cum of his face and chest. Then he turned off the shower and turned to go back to the bench he was sitting on. When he turned, though, the man from the previous weekend was standing there waiting for him. He said nothing, nor did he seem angry. He only motioned for Luke to follow. He led them back to the same room they were in last time, with the same machine, the same dildo, and the same sawhorse-like restraint. As before, Luke obediently let the man strap him down and the machine was turned on at the same speed as before. The man then left.

The large dildo still hurt of course, but after about ten minutes he got used to it. After about twenty, he was a little bored. The potential eroticism of being left at the mercy of this machine was lost on him. He thought of sucking the young man, then imagined the young man fucking him instead of the fake, rubber cock that was actually inside him. As he thought of this, and the taste of his cum, he started getting hard. His cock throbbed wanting attention: a firm hand or a warm mouth to satisfy it. Just as Luke had gotten to this point, as if he knew just how to ruin the moment, the man came back in and turned off the machine. He then starting fucking him. Luke's erection was gone in an instant.

Once the man finished, Luke was released. He retrieved his clothes from the foyer floor and drove home.



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