When the purple, rubber sack of the dildo met the man's real balls, Luke stepped back to survey his work. He had a middle aged man tied up to the bed in his guest bedroom face up but with the legs tied back as to expose the ass. He didn't know this one's name, just a random sub he connected with on the internet, and the paunchy, hairy man wasn't the type he'd rather be dominating. Luke looked at the dildo still inside the man. It was ten inches long and the thickest he had, yet it slid up the man's ass like it was nothing. This had been a particularly unsatisfying encounter for Luke, so he decided to end it by jerking the man off and sending him home.

Luke showered and set his dildo to soak in watered-down bleach in the sink, then sat at his computer. He casually browsed some of the gay bondage sites looking over photos and videos of the bondage he wished he could get into, with hot, young subs and well equipped dungeons. Eventually, the disappointment of his recent session melted away and his dick began to push impatiently against his pajama pants. He stood, draped a sheet over the seat of his computer chair, and dropped his pants and underwear. As he kicked his clothing off to the side, he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. He was not fat, nor was he fit. His cock was neither small nor large. He was a very average person with no visible abs or bulging biceps like the men on his computer screen. With his cock still stiff and eager, he finished the masturbatory setup he'd been using since he first started jerking off as a teenager by getting a wad of toilet paper and a tub of Vaseline. He sat and clicked the play button on a waiting video. The sub was tied down to a padded sawhorse naked except for the leather cuffs that bound his ankles and wrists. Meanwhile the dom, huge cock swinging as he walked, strode around the sub tagging him with a cattle prod. Luke took a glob of Vaseline and spread it around the head of his cock, then he grabbed the base of it with his left hand and turned it sideways. He then started cranking his right hand around the head of his dick like he was unscrewing a bottle cap. This was his preferred method of masturbation; one he'd learned on the internet when he was a teenager. He kept cranking as pre-cum leaked into his hand, and when the dom starting putting the cattle prod to his subs balls, Luke blew his load over his thigh.

Luke took a deep breath, sank back into his chair, and let the rush of the orgasm wash over him as he held his hand palm up so the cum wouldn't run out onto his computer desk. As the rush wore off, he used the toilet paper to clean up and in a couple of minutes he was back at his computer staring at the national parks rotating wallpaper on his screen. With the satisfaction of jerking off all but gone, his thoughts drifted back to the series of increasingly disappointing bondage sessions he'd been having. He lived in the suburbs of a Midwestern city. There weren't a lot of out, gay, bondage loving men in the area. He opened the webpage of the bdsm hook-up site he belonged to. After signing in to his account, he looked over the photos of the doms he had to compete with on the site. Most of them were ripped, young men posing in leather; men that Luke just couldn't compete with.

Luke pulled his eyes away from his competitors' pecks and dropped his bookmarks list. He moused down to the last entry and clicked on it. It took him to the home page of a gay bdsm club which was simply called 'A'. He had been visiting this site about once a month for three years, but was always too intimidated to try to join. Their membership requirements for doms were very strict. You had to be in good shape, have a lot of experience, follow a strict code of conduct which wasn't fully spelled out on the site, and go through a "rigorous training period." It also said that one must be able to dedicate a "significant amount of time", and be "fully committed." Vague yet foreboding, this list of requirements always kept him from applying. Down the hall, his washing machine hummed and churned as it washed away the sweat, cum, and disappointment of his last encounter out of his sheets. He took a deep breath and started an e-mail. It read:

Dear A,

I am a twenty-eight year old dom. I've been with about eight different subs for about twelve total sessions. I'm know I'm not as fit or good-looking as your other doms. The fact of the matter is, though, I have been toying around at being a dom for a long time. I've been with half-committed subs with a couple of toys I got at the local porn store. But in my heart, I've longed to be a dom since I was a teenager. Every night I fantasize about having the real thing. I hope you will consider me for admission.


The e-mail was a lot more personal and expressive than he'd intended, but, figuring he had nothing to lose, he sent it along with a required shirtless photo.

Two days later he received a reply that simply stated an address, date, and time.

Luke pulled through an iron gate and continued up to a large mansion, which he recognized as the building from the homepage of A. His heart thumped in his chest as he parked along the driveway next to several other cars. This was something he'd wanted for a long time, yet he was so nervous his stomach started to ache. The men inside this building were as professional as one could be, and he was a self-taught want-to-be. A sign on the door beckoned visitors to come in, so Luke pushed open the heavy door and entered closing the door behind him. He entered into a foyer that if he didn't know what this place was would have seemed perfectly ordinary for a house of this size. Knowing what it was, though, Luke was a little disappointed and confused.

"Hello," said a thin older man in a smart suit.

"Hi. My name is Luke."

"I recognize you from your picture," the man interrupted. "It's not often someone has the guts to apply to our organization." He smiled politely and continued, "follow me."

The man led him down a short hallway and through a door on the other side of which was a small office just large enough to contain a desk, chairs, and two tall filing cabinets. The man sat behind the desk and Luke on the other side.

"Well," the man began, "my name is Jacob. I'm the administrative head of A. We have a grandmaster who is the leader of the group, four masters below him, and fifteen apprentices. They make up our team of doms. We also employ eight subs, one of which is the leader, so we service clients on both sides of the spectrum. We're basically a brothel and hotel and our services aren't cheap." He took a pensive breath. "I'll be honest with you, we're are actually short on doms and most people are too intimidated to apply. That, and the fact that you're obviously young and good looking, is why I granted you this interview. However, we'll expect you to work out to get up to our standards and we are very selective here. Also I should tell you that at the end of the day this is the type of thing that people either can or can't do."

"I understand," was all Luke could think to say.

Jacob stood and walked around the desk while motioning for Luke to stand. He obeyed and Jacob grabbed his arm and led him to the center of the small room. With no explanation, Jacob grabbed his hand and raised it up to the ceiling where there was a pair of handcuffs secured to a metal hook. By the time Luke could ask himself if he should let it happen, both of his hands were secured to the ceiling. As soon as Jacob had finished securing the cuffs, he began unfastening Luke's belt. Then with one motion he pulled Luke's pants and underwear down to his ankles. Jacob then stepped back and leaned against the desk. As Luke felt the open air on his genitals, Jacob looked him up and down.

"Not many people let me do that without so much as an explanation," Jacob mused. "have you ever subbed?"

Luke shook his head.

"I didn't hear that answer."

"No, ... sir."

"Well we have a rule here. You can only be a dom if you've been broken in as a sub." Jacob been pacing around him as he continued. "You see, being a sub is the only way you can be a good dom; at least to the level that we expect. Only after you've been properly trained and approved by a master can you then become a dom. Do you think you can do that?"

"Yes, sir," Luke immediately answered. He wasn't going to be intimidated, even though there was an anxiety building up inside him.

Jacob smiled and walked to the filing cabinet. He retrieved a rolled up cloth, then he pulled a chair in front of Luke and sat down so that his face was right in front of Luke's crotch. He then pulled the other chair beside him to use as a table and unrolled the cloth on it.

"This is my genital torture kit," he explained. Luke could make out probes, clamps, small weights, a coil of thin rope, and a painful looking pair of pliers. These weren't the cute toys that you could find at the local sex shop, these could do some serious damage. "Are you sure you can handle being a sub here?" Jacob asked.

This question was much more difficult to answer while staring at this torture kit, but he summoned his courage and replied, "Yes, sir."

Jacob produced what looked like a large, rubber Popsicle stick and put it into Luke mouth to bite down on. Then he immediately picked up the pliers. As Jacob roughly grabbed and isolated on of his testicles, Luke kept thinking to himself that there was no way someone would use a pair of real pliers for this. Then he felt the cold metal and pain shot through his body. Over and over the tool squeezed and released, squeezed and released each time clamping down farther and farther, and just when he thought his testicle was about to pop it was released and Jacob started on the other one. Jacob said nothing as he went back and forth for what seemed like hours.

Finally, Jacob returned the pliers to its sleeve in his torture kit. By that time, Luke had sweat, mixed with a few tears, dripping from his face. Within the recess from the pain, he looked up at his bonds. With his genitals being subjected to such pain, he hadn't noticed how much the un-padded cuffs were hurting his wrists. He looked passed them to examine the hook that secured the cuffs to the ceiling. It was a solid circle of metal that left no possibility of escape.

Jacob grabbed his penis. Luke looked down just in time to see a long metal probe with a ball tip enter his urethra. It hurt a lot more than he ever thought it would. The men in the porn he watched made it seem so easy. As the pain pulsed throughout his body, his only thought was 'no more', but the probe kept going in and out and Jacob showed no sign that he would get bored with this any time soon. Once he was satisfied, Jacob took to smacking Luke's dick with a small leather strap. It didn't take long for his dick to get red and tender, and for the pain to achieve an unbearable level.

With no announcement, Jacob released the cuffs. Luke almost fell, and Jacob led him forward and bent him over the desk. Something pressed against his ass and started sliding in. Being a staunch top and dom, Luke hadn't been fucked in a long time. But with his genitals throbbing from the abuse he'd just received, he decided to relax and let it happen. Even as he realized that whatever was being pushed into his ass was very large, he still accepted it as a welcome distraction from his aching balls.

Slowly, as he began to collect himself, he looked back to see that Jacob was actually fucking him. With the size of what was penetrating him, Luke assumed it was a dildo, or some object that was lying around the office. But seeing Jacob thrusting behind him, he realized the Jacob must be massive.

In a few more moments, Jacob finished. He let out a deep satisfied sigh, dropped a used condom into the trashcan next to his desk, then pulled up Luke's pants and roughly set him down into one of the chairs. He then resumed his place behind the desk and they were now facing each other as they were at the beginning. Jacob dabbed his face with a folded handkerchief and he was back to normal. Luke however had soaked his shirt in sweat. Jacob slid a card over to Luke. It had a time and date on it.

"Be back here at this time," he said. "You can go now."

Without answering, Luke stood, buckled his pants and belt, put the card in his pocket, and walked out the door.

Luke was sitting on the floor of his shower letting the water pour down on him. He'd positioned himself so the majority of the hot water fell into his crotch in a vain attempt to soothe the throbbing pain. His head was swirling with questions he didn't have the answers to. He asked himself why he just stood there and took all that punishment without saying a word, whether or not he enjoyed the encounter, and, most importantly, whether or not he'd be going back. Masturbating to CBT fantasies on the internet was much different than the real thing, especially since in his fantasies he was the torturer, not the tortured. As he sat there thinking, the pain began to ebb and the erotic nature of the encounter began to overtake him. He began imagining how big Jacob must have been and reliving the abrupt sexuality of being chained to the ceiling, his pants being pulled down without a word. He squeezed some shampoo onto his hand and began rubbing his stiffening cock. It took him only a couple minutes to cum.



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