Master Zach fucked Luke hard and fast for a long time. He seemed to have an infinite amount of stamina. If this was normal sex, Luke would have asked for a break, but he knew he couldn't. Instead he steeled his mind by reminding himself of what he'd already been through in this mansion. Master Zach kept going and going, long after the other group in the dungeon had finished and gone.

Finally he pulled out and came. Master Zach pulled his condom off and began walking over to the shelves where there was a small trash can. Luke straightened up and began to rub the faint, red line across his belly left by being pushed into the corner of the table.

"I didn't tell you to move," Zach said casually as he threw away the used condom.

Luke immediately bent back over resuming his previous position. Without a further word, Zach left the room. A moment later, a tall black man came in. Crawling in behind him on all fours was a mousy, very young white man in full leather gear. His master was pulling him along with a leash. The master dragged him up behind Luke and said, "Eat." Without hesitation, the young man started eating Luke out with fervor. His tongue plunged in as deep as it could. Rimming was one of the few things that Luke didn't actually like, but the man's zeal, and the fact that he had no choice in the matter, brought an excitement to it. Still, he was glad when the master suddenly yanked the young man away. Soon after Zach came back in.

"Follow me," he commanded.

Luke immediately obeyed and trotted along after his master. Now that he was allowed to stand upright, he could finally see Master Zach. He was a tall man and built like a truck. His hair was shaved short. He was wearing black leather straps that formed an 'X' over his torso and leather cuffs on his wrists and ankles. He was not, however, wearing bottoms leaving his large, especially girthy cock to be admired.

Zach took him to one of the private rooms he'd passed on his tour with Jacob. He closed the door once Luke was inside. The room had a bare cement floor and back wall; the rest of the walls being cinderblock. The ceiling was covered with those white ceiling tiles you see in offices. A single floor lamp in the corner next to the door was enough to illuminate this small room. The centerpiece of the room was a sling-style restraint that hung from the ceiling. Nearby was a table on which Zach had already arranged some items. Luke saw a ball gag, lube, condoms, and a small assortment of dildos. Before he could see what other toys were waiting for him, Luke pointed into the web of straps hanging from the ceiling.

"Just sit here and lean back," he explained.

Luke looked over the incomprehensible tangle, then did as he was told. As Zach suggested, he fell into it quite naturally. His master wasted no time fastening the cuffs and straps, and he soon found himself completely immobilized. There seemed to be a restraint on every part of his body. His legs were spread apart and above him giving easy access to his ass. The ball gag was then placed in his mouth, and Luke knew that, without being able to move or utter a safe word, he was at the mercy of his new master.

In the sling, Luke's torso was slightly bent forward with his head supported, so he could clearly see everything Zach was doing. His master picked up a large, rubbery dildo that sagged in his hand, and Luke braced himself for more anal punishment that we wasn't sure he could take. As Luke tried to relax his anus to reduce the pain, Zach grabbed his sack, isolating one of his testicles. Then he brought the heavy, rubber rod down on it. He didn't do it very hard, but the surprise pain made Luke buck. His restraints were too tight to allow any movement, though. Zach brought the dildo down again and again. The more he hit, the more pain there was, and soon Luke was vainly trying to squirm in the sling.

Zach switched back and forth between Luke's testicles. He did so in no pattern that Luke could get used to. Once he was finally satisfied, he slid the large dildo into Luke's ass without warning. The surprise of it made Luke tighten up, making it all the more painful, as it didn't stop or slow down until it was all the way in. Zach left the dildo in his ass and walked around the sling to Luke's head. He used the back of his fingers to wipe away the tears that fell from Luke's eyes.

"You, ok?" Master Zach asked in a surprisingly gentle voice.

Luke drew a deep breath through his nostrils to steady himself and nodded. The pain had been a little much for him. Zach bent down and kissed him on the forehead. Then he walked back to around to his genitals and for the next twenty minutes introduced Luke to everything CBT had to offer.

Luke stumbled into the shower walking the way people do when they've just gotten off of a horse. Zach had given him a break and he eagerly embraced the hot water that poured over him. He stood there soaking in the heat, letting it sooth his pains. When he was more relaxed, he looked around. The shower room was one large, open space with twenty shower heads, so he was glad to be the only one there. He had no idea what time it was. There were no windows or clocks down in this basement. Somehow, though, he knew it was late.

He stood there thinking about everything he'd been through, his potential future at the club; he even thought about work. Then he realized that he'd probably been in the shower for at least twenty minutes. He'd been showering as if he were at home: enjoying the hot water and being lost in thought. He shut off the water and walked back into the locker room. He wasn't sure what to do with himself, though. Zach had simply told him to take a break. There were no instructions for what to do afterward. Besides that, if the lecture Jacob gave him was true, then it was probably proper to wait until Zach told him the break was over.

Since it'd been such a long time, though, he left the locker room. The small, private room they'd been in was empty, so he walked on into the large dungeon room. Luke was standing near the sawhorse with another master. Strapped to the sawhorse was an older man who was as thin as a rail. The other master, a statuesque black man, was pulling a condom off of his large cock. As Luke walked up to them, he lay the soggy condom over the man's back.

Luke nodded to his master as he approached.

"Is this him?" the other master asked.

"Yup," Zach answered. "That's my new toy."

The other master looked him up and down.

"He's not much, is he?"

"He'll do," Zach said giving Luke a little smile. "Anyone who can survive what I just put him through deserves a medal."

The other master slapped his sub on the ass.

"You want some?" he said to Luke.

Luke turned to his own master.

"Is that alright, sir?"

"Since you're on break," Zach replied. "Get a condom."

By the time Luke got a condom and came back, he was already hard. The idea of being on top, of receiving the pleasure, after what he'd gone through was exciting. He rolled the condom on, lubed up, and pushed his way in. The man's ass offered little resistance, which Luke took as a sign that he could pump as hard as he wanted. He grabbed the man's hips and fucked him hard. He could feel pre-cum dripping into the condom's reservoir and a warmth growing inside himself.

"Break's over," Zach suddenly said from behind him.

Luke's hips stopped, then he reluctantly slipped his cock out of the man's ass. His dick was rock hard and throbbed a couple times. Zach grabbed his arm and led him into the center of the room. Then he bound his hands to a hook in the ceiling.

"You should have seen that one coming," the other master said as he started untying his sub.

Master Zach took a frat boy style wooden paddle from the corner and started smacking Luke's ass with it. The other master, and even his sub, gave a smirking glance as they exited.



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