Love Will Find You #2

    When I woke up Saturday all I could think of was Brian. I called his cell, "Hey Bry it's Ridge, I was hoping we could go for a bike ride this morning .. What do you think?" "Good morning to you Ridge , I would love that , how soon can you be here?" Ridge thought, " Ten minutes, can you be ready buy then?" Brian answered' Yes sir anything for my man, see you then."

    Ridge dressed to go in a blue tank and silk white shorts, he loaded his bike in the back of his car and was off. He arrived in short order. He rang the bell and Brian opened the door. Ridge was stunned, Brain was in a see thur black tee shirt and the smallest shorts Ridge had ever seen.. He was gorgeous and Ridges mouth stared to water. Brian was pleased with what Ridge was wearing, it showed all is manhood. "Shall we go?" Brain asked smiling.

    "Yes, I know a lovely spot to begin our ride, let me help you Bry." Ridge grabbed his bike and got in the back and helped Brian into the car, my heart is racing and my legs are shaking .. What is this man doing to me? I don't know but I love it, Ridge thought.

    At the same time Brian was trembling as he saw all the black hair on Ridges body. His legs, his arms and what he could see of his chest. Brian was trying in vain to calm himself. God .. What a beautiful man he is .. I hope I can hold back.

    They arrived and took out their bikes to begin their ride. Ridge let Brian go first with him soon after. Ridge could see his big amazing ass pumping up and down, those strong legs flexing over and over, no hair, smooth all over and all Ridge wanted to do was lick him all over.

    They rode on all over the country side it was magical for both of them. Being together away from everyone and everything they laughed and traded places as who would lead. At last, after two hours Brian was up front and Ridge was again looking at that lovely ass of his. He could hold back any longer, his cock had been hard all day and filially it released on its own .. Over and over his cum shoot forward dousing his body with cum. He stopped and put his bike down, Ridge wonder what to say to Brian.

    Brian stopped and waked back to Ridge. He saw the large wet spot in his white shorts and asked," "Ridge, did I make you do that? That's so sexy, I really hope it is because of me. I have hard time today trying to hold my load, you are so beautiful ."

    Ridge walked up to Brain and pulled him into his arms. "I don't know what you do to me but I love it." He pulled Brian into his arms and pushed this lips onto his softly, slowly and Brian returned the kiss, the sparks started. Brian slid his tongue between Ridges lips as he opened up they swirled tongues around and around tasting each other for the first time and they both wanted more.

    Brian spoke "Ridge , see what you do to me?" He had shoot his load as they kissed. Ridge laughed, "I need to get you home so you will be safe from me. Remember I am trying to be a gentleman."

    They rode their bikes back to Ridges car and packed up to leave. Ridge asked, "Brian will you go to me to dinner later tonight, I want us to be alone together, maybe I'll have a surprise for you?"

    All Brian could say, "Yes .. Yes and Yes what time?" Ridge answered, "I'll pick you up at five ok? "Perfect." said Brian. Again Ridge walked him to the door of his house but this time he laid a great big sloppy kiss on him, which Brian loved. "See you later stud." Brian said. "Be ready Bry ... be ready."

Part 3 soon


A. Williams

[email protected]


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