Love Will Find You #3

    Ridge drove home remembering the kisses he had with Brian... What that glorious man does to me. He tasted so sweet, almost like honey. Large, soft smooth lips, moist and scrumptious. Big large thick strong tongue perfect for sucking on. Ridge thought, I have never felt this way about anyone ever, the wanting, the desirer, the longing. He was so lost in his thoughts he drove right past his house.

<<<<< Brians P.O.V >>>>

    He stood just inside the door, hand to his lips, remembering every detail of their kisses. God, what this man does to me... Those eyes before he kissed me, so deep blue, full of passion and fire. So soft his lips, juicy and tender at first. His wonderful tongue so wet and hot as fire invading my mouth with such longing. All my nerve endings were sparking off all at the same time and my release was intense and wonderful. What a beautiful, sexy man Ridge is.

    Ridge chuckled to himself when he realized he pasted his house. He needed to get focused... he had lots to do. He was alone for the weekend and intended to make dinner for Brian at his parents place. He got home, unloaded his bike, showered, shaved, dressed and headed to the market. He wasn't a five star chief but he could get around in a kitchen. He wanted to make one of his specialties for Brian. He bought all the ingredients for his famous Chicken Alfredo, a nice salad and his homemade Chocolate Lava Cake. He returned home and got to work making every thing perfect for Brian.

<<<<< Brians P.O.V. >>>>

    I can't understand why I am so damn nervous, Brian thought. I know the attraction is there for both of us. But I want Ridge to feel more than that, I want his heart, I want his soul, I want his love... I am already falling for Ridge. I guess maybe it's because I'm a virgin... I just don't have that experience. I have dated plenty of guys but none I wanted to be my first. I believe I could give all of me to Ridge. I could give my biggest gift to him, I have never ever felt this way about anyone. It's too soon, far too quick. We have only been on two dates. I have to calm down and stop the thinking ahead. Just go slow and let things develop on there own. Just enjoy our time together. Lord Help Me.

<<<<< Ridges P.O.V. >>>>

    What the hell... I'm dropping things, I'm screwing up the food. I so damn nervous I can't focus. I just want things to be perfect for Brian... shit, shit. Wine, I need wine and a break. Ridge sat down with his glass and took a big swig. What's wrong ? he asked his self. I'm nervous as hell that's what's wrong... Why??? I'm having feelings I have never had before. God what this man does to me! It's so good and bad at the same time. What the hell, Oh no... Oh no... It can't be love it's too soon. He pulled another sip from his glass. Ridge sat and thought... He believed in love at first sight and he knew that's what he had with Brian. He knew it in his bones, in his heart, in his soul and in his mind. Lord Help Me.

    Ridge got to Brian's house right on time and rang the bell. His Mama opened the door. "Hello Ridge, so good to see you." "Good evening Ma'am," He gave her a fresh bunch of Daisies. "Why, thank you son, come in please." Brian's Mama said. "Brian, Ridge is here for you," she called out.

    Ridge had to suck in his breath to keep from moaning as Brian came down the stairs. He was dressed to the nine's. Silk white dress shirt, black leather vest, tight black dress slacks and dress black boots. He looked good enough to eat thought Ridge. "Down Tiger, down," Brian's Mom whispered to Ridge and chuckled.

    As Brian approached them, Ridge could smell him and he did let out a small moan. " You look gorgeous tonight Brian." Ridge said full of longing. Brian blushed deeply, "Thank you. So do you Ridge, shall we go?" Brian said. Ridge didn't answer, he stood frozen starring into those amazing green eyes and that glorious face. It took Brian's Mom to elbowed Ridge to bring him out of his trance.

    "Sorry, yes let's go, Thank you Miss Beth, Ma'am would it be ok with you Ma'am if Brian stayed over tonight, only with your permission would we do this?" Ridge asked. Brian's Mama laughed loudly, "You better asked my boy first, don't you think?" "Yes Ma'am, Brian will you stay with me tonight?" He was all shades of red, "I would love to Ridge, Mamma, ok?" "Oh .. .. Yes my son, be good and have fun with your sweet boyfriend. I love you Brian." The boys walked out hand in hand to Ridges car.

    "I didn't mean to put you on the spot but when I saw you I wanted you with me tonight. I hope I haven't upset you Brian." Brian could only smile as Ridge opened his door and helped him in. "No Ridge, you have made me so happy, all I want is to spend time with you and get to know you." Brian replied.

    They made their way back to Ridges house and Ridge helped Brian out of the car and inside. "Make yourself at home, shall we have wine Bry?" Ridge asked. "Yes, yes please" They sat as Ridged poured the wine and handed one to Brian. "A toast to us Bry, May we be full of hope for things to come!" They clicked glasses and drank. Ridge pulled Brian closer to him and they culled together and sipped the wine.

    Brian put his glass down and turned to Ridge, he came closer and closer and put his lips softly onto Ridges. The two kissed softly and sweetly for several minutes, pulling each other closer and tighter together. Ridge broke the kiss and said, "Lets finish cooking dinner together. What do you say Bry?" They stood and went into the kitchen.

    Brian asked " Is this your parents place?" "Yeah, they asked me to stay while I finish school, I'm the only kid and they spoil me every chance they get. You are at home too?" Ridge asked. "Sure am, it's only my Mama and me. My dad died when I was young." Ridge stopped cooking and took Brian in his arms holding him closely. "I'm so very sorry Bry, I had no idea." he kissed him softly, "I hope I didn't bring up bad memories , I'm sorry," he kissed Brian again. Brian felt something different from Ridge. True caring and sorrow for him and it made his heart melt. He knew that second he was so in love with this beautiful handsome caring stud of a man... No doubt about it he was hooked.

Part 4 coming soon


A. Williams

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