Love Will Find You #4

    As they stood together, holding each other closely. arms around one another, face to face, all Ridge wanted was more of Brian's soft sweet lips. He looked into those wonderful emerald eyes, upon those full deep pink lips and slowly leaned into Brian. He slowly, seductively, licked over his lips before placing his own over Brian's. Ridge heard a deep moan as he slipped his tongue into Brian's hot, wet mouth.

    God, he tasted so sweet thought Ridge as he pulled him tighter into his body. The kiss got stronger, hotter as they began to breath heavier and faster. Brian lowered his hands from Ridges back until he cupped his firm ass. He squeezed and pulled Ridge into his throbbing erection. It was Ridges turn to moan as he began to grind himself into Brian.

    They stood in the kitchen, dinner uncooked and getting cold but to them the whole world had melted away. They were each others world, only THEY existed at this moment. The heat, the passion and yes, the LOVE.


    Oh.. My.. God.. What an amazing kisser, thought Brian. His taste is ALL man and so damn erotic. His ass is so firm and full in my hands. I can fell his long, thick cock rubbing mine, I need to stop but Lord help me, I don't want to...


    He feels so damn good in my arms, Ridge thought as they continued to kiss and grind each other. His hair is so soft and silky in my hands. His lips luscious on mine. My.. O.. My.. that hard long cock grinding into mine. If I don't stop I'm gona cum...

    Ridge reluctantly pulled back from Brian and with a big smile said, "I think we should get dinner and try and calm ourselves down. What'a say Bry?" Brian laughed and smiled back as they released one another.

    "I could sure use another glass of wine" "Me too. Please Bry?", Ridge asked as he returned to prepare dinner.

    Brian snuck up behind Ridge at the stove and kissed his neck softly, "What cha cookin' us for dinner Stud?" Brian asked while still placing kisses on Ridges neck. Ridge moaned, "If you don't stop that, we may never eat." Brian laughed and gave Ridge his wine, "Ok , ok I'll behave." Brian chuckled.

    Ridge spoke up, " One of my special meals, just for you Bry, I really hope you like it. All homemade from scratch even the pasta."

    Ridge said as he set the table. "Come lets have our salad and more wine, please." Ridge pulled out a chair and help Brian in, as always the Gentleman. He poured more wine, brought the salads and bread to the table.

    They talked and laughed together as they ate, they both felt they had know each other for years. They were so at ease and comfortable around each other. Ridge put out the Chicken Alfredo and Brian was in heaven. "MY.. O My.. Ridge, you are amazing, your food is amazing, I hit the Jack Pot. A beautiful Gentleman that can cook and is the greatest kisser I have ever encountered. What other surprises do you have for me?" Brian asked as he continued to stuff his face.

    "Maybe you'll want to hang around and see." Ridge said sheepishly, with his big smile full of dimples. Brian stood up and slowly walked around the table. He pulled Ridge up from his seat roughly and grabbed him tightly to his body and whispered in his ear, "You can't keep me away, I will never leave you, you are all I want, forever and a day, please Ridge, I already need you." He kissed Ridge with all is heart, all his soul, all his love.

    Ridge stopped the kiss, he felt all the love coming from Brian, he knew in his heart that Brian meant every word he just said. "Bry have you had boyfriends and relationships in the past?" Brian came clean to Ridge, "I am a virgin Ridge. I have dated a lot but I have never meet the one I wanted to have my gift, my virginity until now. I am 100% sure I want it to be you Ridge."

    Ridge stood there speechless, looking at this glorious man that he so desired but now it was different. He had never had a virgin and he had to put the brakes on. He remembered his first time so long ago. It was so sweet and special, he fell in love with that man. He was still in love with him to a small degree. We all feel that way about our first.

    Ridge said while rubbing Brian's face, "I want you to stay and sleep with me so I can hold you. No sex.. No sex.. Not yet. Please Bry let me hold you, smell you , fell you against me but that's all ok?"

    Brain said lead the way, They got into bed in only their tight boxers and Ridge pulled Brian into his hairy chest, "I am so happy you are with me Bry ,you feel so good, you smell so good, I am I happy man."

    " Ridge you feel so good, please hold me tighter, don't let me go." "Never Bry, never, you sweet man I want you with me too, forever and a day."

Part #5 coming soon


A. Williams


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