Love Will Find You #1

    My Father has told me many times, "Son, when you look too hard and search too long for The Love Of Your Life, you just might miss them altogether. That special person is out there for all of us and it will happen, we just have to let it happen on it's own. In it's own way , in it's own time but stay ready and open for it when it does come." This is my story of how my love and I finally found each other.

    My name is Ridge Martin, I am 21years old, stand 6' 3", as a large frame guy with medium built muscle definition, I weigh around 230 - 240 pounds. I have dark black shoulder length loosely curled hair and always seem to have a five o'clock shadow. I have deep blue eyes and a permanent tan... I've been told I'm kinda handsome but I believe I'm pretty average.

    I'm a open and honest guy, have lots of friends, a very loving Mother and Father. I have known I was gay since I was fourteen and I told my parents when I was sixteen. They have been my greatest fans all my life and my being gay did not change a thing! I am one hugely blessed man.

    I had two boyfriends in High School, one sexual relationship, one not. I thought I was in love at the time but looking back, I think it was mostly my lust filled hormones and the inexperience of youth.

    After High School I enrolled and now attend a large technical collage in Greenville, North Carolina. I've been here for one year now working toward my degree in Electronics. The classes are condensed, meaning a very intense fasted pace program for two years. Several of my classmates have already dropped out our flunked out, but I'm hanging in there and doing well.

    I ran into, I mean physically.. ran into Brian Monday morning. I was running late for class, arms loaded with books, jogging and not looking where I was headed. When we ran right smack dab into each other, books went flying, bodies when flying, I ended up right on top of him, face to face, nose to nose! God I was so embarrassed, I pushed myself off him, reached to help him up and when our hands touched I lost my breath. As he stood up, I was face to face with the most gorgeous man I had ever seen.

    I stammered and stuttered as I apologized over and over while we picked up our books. The whole time Brain was laughing and telling me it's okay, he's fine, it was an accident. As we stood regrouping, I extended my hand and introduced myself, "I'm Ridge.. the biggest klutz in the world right now." We shook and when our hands meet I felt sparks up and down my arm as goose bumps broke out on my skin. I could see in his face he felt it too. "My names Brain, nice to meet you Ridge. I think were both late for class, hope to see you later." He walked away and I stood there in a daze watching him go, wondering what had just happened!

    I gained my senses and went to class but had a hard time getting focused all day. That night I lay in my bed all I could think about was Brain. Why had I not seen him before? He was drop dead gorgeous! I know I would have remembered him. I had to find out about him ASAP!

    Let me descript him for ya'll. He is 6 foot, medium build, weighs about 180 - 190 pounds, nicely ripped and toned. He has sandy blonde wavy and very thick long hair, well past his shoulders. He has the most amazing emerald green eyes and an angelic look with full deep pink lips and a smile that could light up New York City in the middle of a "black out".

    I returned to school the next day and started asking around about him. I had no luck at all, I was beginning to think I had dreamed the whole thing up until three weeks ran by and he walked into the Electronics' Library. My breath caught and my heart rate increased, finally .. here's my chance. I gained my confidence and made my way to his table. I slowly sat in a chair across from him, as he looked up, I flashed my best smile and said "Hey there Brain, remember me .. The biggest klutz?" He started to laugh, what a deep hearty laugh, ya'll know the kind that's contagious. "Hey Ridge, how could I forget. I had the biggest bruise on my ass for two weeks after our run in." I laughed as well, "I'm so sorry Brain, I've been looking for you to make amends. How come I haven't seen you around?"

    He explained, "I take Computer Programming classes. They are held in the next wing, I'm doing some cross reference checks in here today. You taking Electronics?" "Yep .. One year down, one to go. Look, Brain I wanted to make amends like I said. Please come and let me take you out to dinner tonight? I would really like to get to know you." I responded. I waited on baited breath .. My God he was gorgeous! Finally "You know I would love that, thanks for asking. Here let me give you my cell number, call me later with details." He handed me his number, "Sure thing, I'll let you get back to work." With that I rose and went back to work myself.

    After classes I headed home a happy man looking forward to this night. I needed to find out if Brian played on my side of the team. Somehow I had not picked up any thing on my gaydar yet. All I could do was hope for the best.

<<<<< Brians P. O. V. >>>>>>>>>

    I watched Ridge walk away, my heart was racing, my palms were sweaty and my jeans were pulled tight! What a beautiful hot classy stud he was ... so confident in himself and such a turn on for me. I had been dreaming about him since our "run-in" but no one seemed to know him, I now knew why. I remembered the feelings I had as we shuck hands, those sparks .. those goose bumps and that tingling in my crotch. I am such a silly virgin, I don't know if he's gay. I need to get my self under control and hope for the best.

    I was on cloud nine the whole time I returned home after class. I had never been this happy, my Mother saw it as soon as I walked in the house. "My, My something very good happened to you today Son. Sit .. spill the beans .. I want every single detail."

    I love my mama with all my heart. My Dad died when I was ten years old from a head on collision. At first we struggled but being a fighter, she turned it all around. We are doing great now, I love her so much. We sat and drank coffee as I told her about Ridge. How we meet and how I had dreamed about him, how he had asked me out for dinner, she had a huge grin on her face the whole time. "Do you think he's gay Brain?" I pondered, "Mama .. I really don't know but I want to find out. I have never felt this way about a guy before." My phone went off, "It must be Ridge, Hello." I answered. "Hey Brain It's Ridge, where do you live?" I gave him my address as my hands shook and my voice quivered. "I'll pick you up at 6:30 for burgers and milkshakes, how's that?" he asked. "Great, see you then." Mama snickered as I ran upstairs to get ready.

    In the shower, I couldn't believe how nervous I was. I washed all my parts three times, hands shaking and knees quivering. I felt like this was my very first date! I had to keep reminding myself that this JUST a get together and not a date, I don't know if he's gay .. I don't know if he's gay. I dressed casual, green dress shirt, dark tight blue jeans, brown dress boots and brown leather jacket. I splashed on some of my best cologne and headed downstairs to wait.

    "Wow .. Don't we look mighty fine tonight!!" Mama said in a sexy voice. "Don't tease me, please Mama I already nervous." I pleaded. Just then the door bell rang and mama went to answer it. In passing she said "You smell good too." and winked at me with a huge smile on her face. I couldn't help but smile back. She opened the door and both of us sucked in our breath, there stood Ridge in all his beautiful glory holding a bouquet of white roses. He was dressed in a royal blue silk skirt that made his eyes pop. Tight dark blue jeans that left no doubt that he was packing! Black dress boots and a black leather half coat. God he was beautiful.

    "Good evening Madam," He said and gave my mother a half bow. As he rose he continued, "Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Ridge Martin. I attend college with Brian. I am her this evening to pick him up for our dinner date. These are for you Madam, a beautiful lady should have beautiful flowers." He shot my Mother one of his killer smiles full of perfect white teeth and deep dimples. She was putty in his hands, "Hey Brain, you look great tonight I hope your hungry." I have to admit, he was definitely a charmer and a gentleman. "Ridge," I said as I found my voice, " let me introduce my Mother, Beth Dallas. Mama this is Ridge." They shook hands, "My are you the old time gentleman, very refreshing .. very refreshing indeed." Mama said. "We are headed out , see you later." I said as I kissed her cheek. Ridge kissed her hand, "Nice to meet you Miss Beth, I'll have him home at a decent hour, good night."

    Ridge hooked his arm into mine and lead me to his BMW. He opened my door and helped me in, closed the door and returned to the drivers side. He got in and starting the car he looked at me and said, "Thanks again for going out with me tonight Brain, you look and smell great." He place his arm on the back of my seat and twisted around to back up .. My.. My.. I could smell his manly musk, light cologne and felt his soft silky black hair brush my face and I gulped and swallowed hard to keep from moaning. "We are headed to one of my favorite old diners. The have old timey milkshake makers with homemade ice-cream and the best bacon cheese burgers in the state. Like I said , I hope your hungry." "Thanks for asking me out Ridge, I can use a break. School has been tough the past couple of weeks. Six people flunked last weeks test and left on Monday. A great burger is just what I'm in the mood for." I said.

    We pulled up to the old dinner, Ridge told me to stay put. He came around and opened the door for me and escorted me to the front door, opening it and placing his hand on the small of my back to lead me inside. His touch sent shivers up and down my spine, my knees started to buckle as Ridge grabbed me to his body and lead me to a table. "Here please sit, you ok Bry?" he ask softly and sweetly, his voice full of concern. He helped me with my jacket and removed his coat, still waiting for my answer. I could smell him on me, I could still feel the warmth of his body, I took a deep breath .. What was this man doing to me? If only Brain could have know that at the same time Ridge was feeling the same things and asking himself the same question.

    I found my voice , smiling and laughing I replied "I'm ok, maybe hungrier than I thought!" The young waitress approached the table "Hey Ridge, welcome back. The usual Sweetheart?" "Yes please Dixie but make it two this time." She smiled at me and winked. "Dixie this is Brian Dallas my date tonight. Brain this is Dixie Stevens, a great friend and the best damn waitress in town." With that said Ridge smacked her on the behind. She faked hollered, "Stop messin' around stud we all know you won't follow thru with the flirting!" she replied laughing and heading to place the orders. Ridge was grinning ear to ear. I looked at his beautiful face and smile and melted. "Ridge, I have to ask you something." I said "Shoot Bry." "Are we on a date - date? You told my mama and now Dixie that." I held my breath.

    Ridge took a deep breath, got a serious look on his face and turned to me and looked into my eyes. "Brain I know we just meet but you are all I have thought about since we had our run - in on Monday a few weeks ago. I feel things when I'm with you, I'm happy when I'm thinking of you, all I want is to be around you and get to know everything about you. Yes, I want this right here with you, right now to be our first of many- many more date-dates! How do YOU feel about this Brian?" I slowly reached for Ridges' hands and held them in mine. "I have never wanted anything more in my life Ridge!" We just held hands and stared into each others eyes like love sick kids until our food came.

    Ridge was right about the diner, the food was fantastic. Ridge paid the bill and told me next time maybe it would be my treat. He help me stand and helped with my jacket and like before, he escorted me outside and into the car. Once inside Ridge said "Bry I am a true gentleman, in all ways. I need to know how you feel and what you think about that." "Really Ridge I have never been treated like this before. It .. It .. Makes me feel so amazingly special, yes those are the perfect words and I like it very very much. I want you to be you as we get to know each other so I can know the true Ridge the real Ridge ok?" "As you request Bry .. As you request." He replied smiling and giving me a wink.

    We went to see a movie and as always Ridge helped me with everything, we held hands and rubbed legs together through the film. We arrived back at my house around 11:30, Ridge walked me to the door. We stood face to face arms around each others waist as we said our good nights to each other. "Brian I had a great time and I'll call you soon." He gave me a nice long hug, stepped back and took my hand to his lips. "Good night Bry." As he drove away, I could still feel his warm soft lips on my hand. I raised it to my lips and whispered, "Good night Ridge, Good night my Prince." I knew I was already falling hard, very hard for Ridge Martin.

<<<<< Ridges P.O.V. >>>>>

    I drove home thinking about my date with Brain. Things are working out, I just have to remember to take it slow. We have to get to know each other before I can up my game. I wanted so bad to kiss those luscious lips of his, he made me so tingly all over all night long .. God he is one gorgeous hunk of a man. I hope I can make it at least five, maybe six dates before I jump his bones. I got home and did my nightly duties before I headed to bed.    

    I lay there in the nude staring at the ceiling thinking about Brian. His soft long sweet smelling hair, sort of smelled like fresh cut grass. His soft but strong hands as the held mine and rubbed mine, so sweet. His hard tight body up against mine, so hot, so manly. His smell .. Oh God his cologne, his softer man musk scent. My cock began to grow and I reached down slowly stroking my self. I thought about Brian's luscious soft wet pink lips and fantasized they were around my cock, I moaned out as I stroked. I could feel his sweet tongue on the head of my cock slowly swirling around, lapping at my precum. I could feel him licking my shaft up and down to my balls. My stroking got a little faster, my moaning a little louder. I could feel his mouth take my cock all the way down his throat and tighten his muscles to milk my cock of my cum .. I moaned out "Bry I'm cumming," my whole body locked as I shot over and over. I lay there coming down from the best orgasm of my life, cum everywhere, the head board, my hair, my eyes, my chest and wondered how great it will be when it happens for real.

Part #2 coming soon


A. Williams

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