Love Will Find You #5

By A. Williams

     Ridge woke up early, still dark and was in deep thought about what Brian said. Being a virgin and all, he moved out of the bed as not to wake Brian and went to the kitchen to make coffee. When done, he returned to his bedroom with two mugs and a large thermos. He sat in his desk chair only in his boxers, he sat with one foot under his ass and the other slung over the arm of the chair. He watched Brian in his sleep as he drank.

    He was angelic, high cheek bones, those deep pink lips, that long thick hair spreading over his smooth back. He had a golden glow around him as the sun came up, beginning to light the room. Ridge looked in longing and desire at Brian, he wanted him in the worst way but he HAD to go slow. So painfully slow.

    Brian woke and slowly came to life realizing he was alone in the bed and longed for Ridge. He opened his eyes and saw him looking at him, watching him sleep. His eyes roamed over his hairy body and a smile came to his face. "Good morning Handsome." Brian said. He leaned up, "I was dreaming of you Ridge, hoping you were real and here you are. No dream Thank God."

    "Do you want some coffee Love?" Brian was surprised to be called "Love" but he liked it very much. "Yes please." He answered. Ridge handed to him a cup and bent down kissing him softly, "Good morning to you too Love."

They sat and looked at each other with longing. Ridge spoke first, "Let me cook us some breakfast before we talk, ok Bry?" "Yes of course, Thank you, I'll be down in a few minutes." Ridge got his robe and headed to the kitchen. Brian got up and got dressed and hurried downstairs.

    He walked up behind Ridge and wrapped his arms around his chest as he placed kisses up and down his neck, he whispered in his ear, "You taste amazing. I want to taste all of you, every inch of you." Brain said breathlessly. Ridge pushed back against him, wanting more of him. "Please Bry" he moaned. "Don't do this to me. God I want you but we need to talk." "I hate the "BUT" part, it always sucks...." Brian said frustrated. Ridge set the table with scrambled eggs and toast. They ate in silence, glancing at each other often.

    Ridge took a deep breath and started talking, "Brian it is getting harder for me not to act on my desire. I can tell you are getting frustrated too. I feel things for you I've never felt for another man, closeness, tenderness and such deep strong wanting but I'm actually a little afraid. I don't want to mess this up, what we have, what has just started between us." Ridge sighed, took Brian's hand and kissed it gently and placed it upon his cheek. "I don't want to hurt you by moving too fast but please know I want to make love to you more than I have ever wanted anything in my life." Brian let out a deep soft moan and begged, "Please Ridge take me, I'm all yours please love me."

    Ridge stood and swooped Brian up in his arms. He could feel him shivering as he carried him to the bedroom. He placed him softly on his feet and kissed him deeply, looking deep into his wonderful emerald eyes he asked, "Are you sure Love?" "Yes Ridge... O please, I have never been so sure of anything."

    Ridge steeped back and slowly unbuttoned Brian's shirt and let it fell from his shoulders. He slowly caressed his firm chest with trembling hands and as he grazed over his erect nipples, Brian moaned in pleasure. Ridge unsnapped and lowered the zipper of his slacks felling the heat and firmness that lay beneath, slowly he lowered to his knees.

    His eyes locked with Brian's while he pulled the slacks to the floor. He ran his hands up his hairless smooth legs to the waistband of his tight boxers. He felt him shudder under his touch as he gently set his manhood free. Ridge helped him step out of slacks and boxers and sat back on his heels to admire his flawless body.

    My God he was gorgeous, Ridges mouth watered as his eyes feasted on his nakedness. His chest was smooth and toned with hard eraser size nipples. His abs cut and defined with a light trail of hair leading to his trimmed bush. His cock was magnificent, deep pink like his lips, long maybe nine inches with a big mushroom head slick with precum. Heavy full hairless balls completed his perfect package.

    He looked up at Brian with a huge smile and breathlessly said, "Bry, you are the most stunning gorgeous man I have ever laid eyes on." He moved forward and loving nuzzled his face into his pubs and inhaled his sweet scent deeply. He moaned out loud as his musk filled nose and made him crazy with desire. He slipped out his tongue for his first taste of his prize. Delicately he licked off the drops of precum from his large pulsing head savoring the special taste that was ALL Brian and knew he had to have his load.

    Ridge slowly licked from the bottom of Brian's shaft to the tip and engulfed his cock all the way to his bush. Brian grabbed handfuls of ridges soft curly black hair and let out a deep throatily roar. Ridge began to bob up and down, slurping, sucking and worshiping his cock with the best blowjob he could give.

    Brian had never felt anything more amazing. His legs were shaking, his heart was racing and his whole body was tingling. He gripped harder on Ridges head and held on for fear of falling over. He felt the building in his balls, felt his cock swell and harden, "Ridge... I'm gona cum... Ohhh Jezus... sooooooooooo good!" His body locked and muscles tensed as shoot after shoot filled Ridges mouth. Brian melted down on his knees in front of Ridge panting and heaving for breath.

    When Brian opened his eyes Ridge was smiling full of dimples, blue eyes bright and shinning. "How was that Love?" he snickered. "Mind blowing, fucking mind blowing!" Brian replied with a chuckle. He leaned forward and gave Ridge a deep kiss, with foreheads together eyes locked on each other's, "You are one fine amazing man Ridge Martin." Ridge stood and pick up Brian in his arms holding him tight. He carried him to the bed and gently laid him down placing the sheet over him. "Let me go get some fresh coffee while you recover." Ridge said with a smirk. "Thank you stud that would be wonderful."

    When Ridge returned from the kitchen Brian was asleep. He smiled to himself, stripped and crawled into bed spooning up to Brian's back. Finally skin to skin, he pressed his cock in his ass crack and held still, content. He wrapped his arms around him and pulled him close. Even in sleep Brian let out a small moan of thanks. Soon they were both dozing.

    Ridge woke with soft sweet smelling hair in his face and movement against his cock. He whispered in Brian's ear, "Ready for round two Love?" Brian rolled over so they were face to face and kissed Ridge softly. "Babe I want you to make love to me, please come inside me. Make us one, take my gift I can only give once, for you babe, my man." Ridge swallowed the lump in his throat trying hard not to tear up. He truly knew then he was so deeply in love with Brian and he was happy for the first time.

    He climbed out of bed and stood at the foot in all his glory to allow Brian to see him. Brian sucked in his breath and moaned at the sight of this beautiful man in front of him. He was a muscle man but not too much on a large frame. Wide shoulders, thick arms and nice pecks with dollar size dark nipples standing firm with big swollen tips. His abs were an eight pack well defined leading to a smaller waist but the black soft hair coving his torso was what Brian loved the most. It took his breath away. He looked further down allowing himself to see what he craved. His cock stood proud and hard, heavily veined all of eleven inches of thick man meat. God he wanted it so, they locked eyes, "Do you like what see Love?"

    "Yes," Brian whispered, "Very, very much." He raised his arms for Ridge to come to him, needing him and wanting him to touch him all over. Ridge lay on top of him and they kissed passionately. They rolled around switching places, hands all over each other, mouths and tongues dueling for dominance. Cocks hard and drooling precum. Finally with Ridge on top he raised up looked deep into Brian's eyes, "It's time Love" he said softly full of love.

    Ridge planted soft kisses from Brian's head, to ears, to neck, to chest, to cock, to balls and then he pushed up his legs and dove in to eat hiss man pussy. Ridge was in heaven. OH my god, the smell of man musk from Brian's ass drove him crazy, the taste so sweet and earthy. He wanted to crawl inside him. He licked, nibbled and shoved his tongue in to ass over and over. Brian was pushing back, God it felt so good, he had never thought getting rimmed would be this hot. He screamed out "Ridge... babe please I need your cock, God please come inside me. I am so ready... OOOOO please babe I need you now."

    Ridge reluctantly moved away from that sweet ass and grabbed the lube. He kissed Brian hard, "Love I have to get you ready to take me, ok?" He lubed up Brian's crack and ever so slowly he entered one finger inside. Brian hissed from the burn but when Ridge found his prostrate Brian was floating on the most pleasure he had ever felt. Ridge added more lube and a second finger and Brian was now pushing back and wanting more. He saw the look on his face and remembered his first time. Ridge added more lube and three fingers, "Please babe, please make love to me." Brian said. He was ready.

    He kissed Brian softly and then whispered in his ear, "I won't hurt you and I'll go slow Love. If you want me to stop please tell me." Ridge pressed his cock to Brian's hole and pushed. His cockhead pushed through the ring and Brian tensed. Ridge held still, waiting for Bry to give a signal to go. Slowly he relaxed and Ridge pushed gently until he was all in. He waited letting Brian get use to him inside, God he was so tight and hot, he needed to wait too. The whole time Ridge was kissing Brian, running his hands over him. Telling him how great he felt, how hot he is and how much this meant to him. To be given this gift of love.

    Brian moaned, "I'm ready babe, make love to me." Ridge began to pull out and back in slowly. With every stroke Ridge was rubbing all the right places. Brian began to fuck back, moaning and groaning, "Harder... babe harder... faster... fuck me... yes uhhh... yes... OOOO... yes...fuckkk meeeeeeeeeeeeeee." Ridge could hold back no longer, he was a wild man, slamming as hard as he could into Brian's hot sweet ass. "Yessssssssssssss give it to me babe.... Yes... OOOO Jezus babe I'm gona cummmmm..... Yesssssssssssssss fuck YESSSSS." Ridge felt the spasms in Brian's ass and that sent he over the edge. One more deep plunge and he came hard and long, so much so that his balls hurt. He collapsed on top of Brian smearing his cum between them. He had never had that intense of an orgasm before, damn what this man does to me, Lord help me.

    Brian lay there thinking what the hell was that... just the best damn sex ever. I never knew my ass could make me feel so good. What's in there that makes it so fucking good..... maybe it's my stud that make it so wonderful. All I know is I want more, more, more! Lord help me I'm hooked.


A. Williams


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