"Who the fuck?! Boyfriend?! Jamie what the hell?!"

"Well mom, you did name me Jamie Lynn, what did you expect?!"

"No! You don't have a fucking boyfriend! You're not gay! Aaron, Eric, or who ever the fuck you are leave! You almost brunt down my house trying to turn my son! Leave you, you... asshole!"

"Josh. You don't have t--"

"No. Jamie it's fine. Your moms right. I did almost brun down your house. I apologize to you, and your mother. Mrs. Ashely, I apologize for disrespecting you in your home, and your son. If I can have my clothes, I will leave."

"Mom. What the fuck?!"

Josh grabs his clothes from my mother and puts on his pants. My mother follows the shirtless hotie to the door and watches him walk down the street as smoke follows. My mother raises the bottle of liquor to her mouth and guzzles the reay of the bottle tossing it into the bushes outside. Ashley. Ashley. Why musy she do this. Always explode and destroy and not think and react. Ugh! I begun to put my clothes on and she turns and watches me.

"How dare you. How dare you even think about bringing him here, to do that?" She angrily ask.

"Do what mother?" I respond closing the windows.

"To...to...to...to fuck! I mean, I'm still here! Do you not have respect for me?!"

"Apparently not mom."

"Do you fucking talk to me that way! I am your god damn mother. How could you. How could you? In my house? You dirty slut."

"Don't you dare! You haven't been a damn mother since dad died let alone intersected in my fucking life. You didn't even make an effort to accept me when I told dad! You knew it was gonna happen, ho did you not see this coming? You're such a fucking joke. I can't believe I still believe in you. Believe in your change, believed in you! You make me so angry!"


"Ashley, no. Goodbye."

I walk out of the door, head hung low and highly unaccepted. My mother begin to follow. She stops in the doorway and attempts to calls my name until I stop her by waving my middle finger. I walk down the same street Josh had lead himself down. I soonstop at a bus tterminal where this sexy boy about my age sat in the corner advoiding the upcoming rain.

"So you excaped? How'd she take the news?"

"Excuse me? Who are you?"

"It's me, babe." Josh replied with happiness and joy in his eyes.

Josh and I embraced in a hug. He begin to let me go but I squeeze harder. I only have four days left, and I want to spend it with him. I suggest that we head to his house, being that his parents are out of town for the next two weeks. We enter his house, soaked and horny as shit. The whole bus ride to his house, he would not keep his hands and mouth to himself. He would caresse my inner thigh while kissing my neck. Slowly kissing down my neck to my collar bone nibbling on my collar bone leaving me a hickie. We exit the bus and entered his house landing on his couch picking up where we left off. He pills the wet shirt off of me kissing my body like it's candy. Licking my nipples, squezing and pulling on them. He slides his hands down my chest, pulling at my belt, until my pants came off. Again, we were naked, horny as hell. And nothing was going to stop us this time. Except, we left the front door open..

To Be Continued....


Rainbow Fortune Teller


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