My utter passion to become his sex slave the more he touched and kissed my body. Chills ran up my spine and throughout my whole body causeing me to arch me back. "Thats it babe. Arch it fot me." He said kissing me slowly. He finally reached his destination he paused and looked up at me. He cupped his hands around my balls and begin to massage them. He spit on them, pulling and playing with them turning me on more and more. I felt the warm moist mouth of my ininmate lover. He swallowed me, inch by inch, untill he had all 7.5 inches of me in his throat. He begain to swallow mydick, making his throat ccontract while he bobbed up and down slowly slobing on my dick. He started to pick up the pace, sucking me more intensely, paying extreme attention to the head of my pick. Pulling it out of his mouth and tracing k t with the tip of his tounge to the back of his throat. He swallowed my dick the more I moaned. I soon found myself with a hand full of his hair, pushing him down futher and futher on my dick until he couldn't breathe. He pushed back allowing himself to take in air and went back down, shoving his nose into my pubes and rubbing it intakiking my sent of rain and raging hormones. He pulled off of my dick and kissed me hard, thumming my hole. I arched my back and he pulled me closer. He stuck his face in my ass, searching for my hole with his hot and wet tounge. He soon found it and begin to slightly lick it, spiting and rubbing it down. Teasing me, forcing me to moan loudly. He fliped me over onto my stomach and smacked my ass, as he went back in, licking and sucking my asshole. He finally stuck his tounge in my hole, lubing it up for his fingers. "Are you ready? I'm gonna finger you babe" he warning me about the pain. He slowly pushed one finger in, until he couldn't anymore. The pain was unbelievable. I couldn't handel it. "Just relax. Arch you back and relax. You're doing fine." He said slowly pulling his finger halfway out then reinserting it. He slowly started to finger my ass, until I was ready for two. He slid another finger and and I begain to moan loadly. He continued to figer me and then swallowed my cock, bobbing up and down on it. He sucked my until I blew my massive load into his mouth. He held it in his mouth, bobbing up and down on my dick like the cockhungary monster he was. He pulled his fingers outta my ass, and let go of my cock, spiting my cum on his dick. Stroking my cum on his dick he used the other half to lube up my ass. "This is gonna be the best thing you've ever experienced" he told me pushing his head into my ass. As he slowly slid all eight inches in I arched my back, and throwing my head to the side as he kissed my neck I could see a figure peering through the doorway. But none of that mattered when he started to speed up, thrusting harder and harder, going deeper and deeper. He was fucking me hard, and deep making me moan uncontrollably. I could feel a deep stering in my balls as I drew close to cumming. "Yeah...yeah...keep fucking me, even when I cum. Don't stop, ahh. Yes. Fuck me!" He continued to pound my precious virgin hole until I shot my sweet man juices all over his chest and in his hair. He just ribbed his hands in it and acooped it in his mouth and swallowed it.

"Ah yeah. Eat that bottom bitches cum you filthy slut. Yeah. Fuck him good bitch."

Josh just keep fucking me as if he hadn't heard the voice from the door. Sean, Joshuas' bestfriend walked in strocking his massive 8 inch dick, giving Josh a pat on the back as he walked towards us. "You're gonna fucking take this dick bitch." Josh pulls out and crawls on top of me, grinding our dicks together sending the most sensual sting throughout my body allwhile Sean shoves his massive 8 inch cock in my ass, pounding harder and deeper than Josh had before, making me squirt all over again. Sean fucks me until he shoot his delicious man juice up my ass. I can feel it, rope after luscious rope feeling my ass up until I started to leak. Josh catches the leaking cum from my ass in his mouth, and swamps a cummy kiss with me until Sean joins in. A fucking threeway. God, how I dreamed of this day. "Dude, that was fucking epic. Thanks for leaving the door open Josh, or I wouldn'thave stopped by." Sean told Josh as I got off the couch walking towards the back.

"No probs. Bro. Anytime, any bitch." Josh said laughing as I stubmled to keep my balance. Josh and Sean carry me to the shower and we indulge in a touchy threeway shower, which consisted of Josh sucking both Sean and I's cock. Swallowing every last drop of soap, and cum. After our shower, we laid cuddled up watching television.

"So Josh, you and Jamie Lynn a thing now?" Sean asked.

"Yes. Yes we are." I said before Josh could answer. "There's no way we aren't a thing after him and his bisexual bestfriend tag teamed the last virgin on earth. So yes, yes we are a thing."

Josh laughed. "This will be a great story to tell the kids how we meet."

We all shared a laugh and a couple of Joshs' dads beers. Summer called and told Sean she was coming to get him. He met her outside to avoid the confrontation that would be once she found out that Josh and I are supposedly something. Well, Sean explained to her what happened, leaving the part where he fucked me out of course, and brought her inside and lead her upstairs for the noises fuck you'll ever hear. And I thought I was loud. Josh and I were slightly turned on by the noise upstairs and begin to make out, when a patterned knock sent Josh intoba frenzie.

To Be Continued.....


Rainbow Fortune Teller


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