Sunday. It was a Sunday when we got the call. The call that would change my life forever. See I've been dealing with cancer since my 12th birthday, and if I do say so, I've been doing just fine. But that Sunday, just fine didn't matter anymore, because they told my mother I had three weeks.

My mom has been taking the cancer a lot harder than before my dad past. He died when I turned 16. She'd (my mother) had turned to alchol to comfot her because that all she knew. But anyway, they called and she woke me up in the middle of the night and told me the news. As I lay there sobbing I couldn't help but to think of how I was going to tell my friend.

I attend school the next morning and go straight to class, advoding all conflict, but yet still couldn't advoid it.

"JAMIE LYNN EDWARDS! How could you not tell me! I had to hear it from your MOTHER?! How rude of you!"

"Oh god, ladies and gentlemen, the queen herself, Summer." Summer was my best friend and the head on the cheer team. No need for details cause she everything you think; blonde, blue eyes, perky tits, great ass, and a total fucking genius.

"Well Summer, I'm dying, three weeks, go me!"

"Way to be enthused. But Jamie we can't let you die a virgin, you know that right? I mean I could take it if you want." she whispers quietly.

"Ew, summer no. Nice try though."

"I don't understand. You're hot as shit and nobody is gawking over you. Like what the fuck?" Well, I wouldn't say hot as fuck but, I am okay looking. 5'11", green eyes, depending on the day, washboard abs, shaggy brown hair and two tattoos, not to mention the shortage of shaggy brown hair, you know, cancer.

"What ever Summer."

The day continues as normal, Summer being Summer, and me being me. The bell rings and Summer and I walks towars her cherry red bug.

"Hey, wait up. You droped this."

"Oh, thanks. I didn't even notice."

"You write?"

"Yes. I'm sorry, do I know you?" I ask politely.

"I'm sorry, my name is Eric. You must be Jamie. I've heard a lot about you. You wrote the music for my brothers student produced musical, correct?"

"That I did. I didn't know Josh had a brother as hot as you. Oh my god! I'm sorry I didn't mean to--You know I've got to go."

"Ha, See ya later?"

"Umm, yeah." I saw as I walk towards Summer's bug. I get in and he still standing there. "Oh my god, Summer that's Joshs' brother. And he just talked to me. Is this real? Cause like I've had a crush on him for years now and oh my god!"

"Yeah, I wouldn't think to hard into it bud. " she said starting the car and pulling out of the school parking lot. "You know, I don't think he's that cute actually. I mean most soccer players are like amazing looking and hes just average."

"Average. Summer you don't even like soccer players."

"I know, that's why I'm dating the head of the football team." she said smiling and putting the car in park. "Get out. Bye."

"You know you can be a real bitch, you know that Summer?" "Bye."

She drives off after checking her teeth in the mirror. I enter the house upon the fire alarm going off. Again, she's passed out drunk, on the couch, with the stove on. Does she want to die. "Mom." No answer. "MOM!" Still no answer. "Mom, get up, sp take a shower. You smell disgusting." I turn the stove off, and carry mu mother up the stairs and into the shower. I run her bathwater and let her ease herself in. As she steps in, there's a knock kn the door. Who could that be now. I walk back down the stairs and answer the door. To my surprise it was Josh and Sean. Sean is Summer's boyfriend the head of the football team. Strapping, jocking, and manly was he. But Josh, Josh was different. He was 5'11" with the bluest of blues for eyes. And the most slimly toned body. And the perfect round ass. I let them in.

"Summer told me that she left her Michael Korbs here." I direct Sean to the back room where Summer occasionally stays as Josh and I sit in the living room. "So, um, do you play as good as you write Jamie?"

"Maybe better."

"I was wondering if you'll teach me piano. I can play guitar, sax, ans drums, but absolutely not the piano. "

"Mos def." I say smiling and walking towards him and the piano.I taught him the basics. The C, and octive ans that. Be he knew that, you know, he plays, guitar. As Sean enters the room, he catches us at the piano with my hands on top of his, showing him how you pluck and play.

"Umm, I found the bag. I'm gonna go now. Um Josh ya' coming?"

"Nawh. Learning piano and maybe something eles."

"Yeah. Okay. See ya. Stay safe." He said winking.

"Where were we?" I asked

"Anywhere you want. I'm here, and might I add your pretty damn hot. Why'd I wait so long to talk to you?"

"I don't know." I awkwardly say taking my hands from him. "Do you want something to eat. You jnow, you just came from soccer pratice, you'd like to eat wouldn't you. I'm gonna make Mac-N-Cheese." I exit the room to the kitchen and put apot of water on. I go digging in the fridge and find the cheese. I grab the noodles from the cabinet above the stove. I suddenly feel the touch of a hand, wrapping around my waist and a nose nussle my ear. Josh whispers into my ear "I want you, and I want you now." He turns me around and stares into my eyes as he leans in for a kiss. Our lips touch, ans I feel the electricity shoot through our bodies making ne drop the noodles. He kisses me harder and then we slips his tounge into my mouth. We begin a french kiss. He then picks me up and sits me onthe counter next to the stove. We indulge in a deeper more passionate kiss, caressing each other turing up the stove. The heat gets hot a heavy, kissing my neck, and nibbling on my ear. He removes my shirt and I remove his. Sweating he runs his hands through my hair and kisses my ear, down to my neck, down to my nipples. He picks me up and moves me to the couch. He begins to fidget with my belt, not missing a spot. Licking and kissing and bitting my chest and stomach until he gets me out of my shorts. He removes his shorts to reveal his 8 inch dick buldging out of his addadias compressions. "You're gorgeous Jamie." He says kissing me from head to happy trail. He starts caressing my 7.5 inch dick through my Nike compressions feeling the precum drip through. Just as he was montiong to take them off the fire alarm goes off again. Smoke fills the kitchen and living room. I the heat of the moment, we forgot the mac-n-cheese is on.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON! Why is there smoke in the house open a window!" As we scramble to open windows he forgot about clothes. The smoke cleaes and reveals my mother standing there with a bottle in one hand and Joshs' clothes in the other. "Who's are these?"


"Who is that, and why are you both naked?! Jamie what is going on here?!"

"Mom, calm down."

"Jamie! What is going on! Jamie answer me. Jamie I want answers NOW!"

"Hi, I'm Josh, Jamies' boyfriend, we wanted to tell you, but I have been really busy lately."



Rainbow Fortune Teller


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