Josh motions for me to answer the phone.

"Hi honey, it's your mom, please come home we need to talk. It's very important. " I instantly hang up the phone, and grab Josh by the hand and lead his god like body up the stairs and to the shower. I push him into the shower pulling the curtain close, turning the hot water on and dropping to my knees in front of him. I grab his dick and swallow it whole, all the way til my nose is in his public hair. He pushes my hea down as he pulls out and pushes back in with so much force. He begins to fuck my face as I begin to moan widely. He pushes me off his dick and pulls me up to his face and kisses me hard. Our swirling tongues catch each other in out mouths and wrestle until he pulls my head back. "Babe, talk to her. Please. For me." He says nibbling at my neck starting to kiss his was to my ass.

"Josh, I don't know if I can say barley being able to mutter those quad due to the fact he has his tongue all in my ass. "You're gonna talk too her!" He says as he pulls out and slams his dick into me, commencing in the roughest shower sex I'll ever have in my life. After we finished we dried and headed to my house which was pitch black.

We enter the house, and speak to my mother upon out situation. Turns out the doctors only gave her another month and a half to live, and too hat everything in her will goes to me, and Josh. As bad as it hurt her that I was gay, she accepted it in her last hours of life. We gave her a decent funeral and planed to start out lives in the home that caused so much pain, but so much love in my life. This time it was my life. And I swear it will be different.


Rainbow Fortune Teller


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