Josh tosses me off of him as the patterned knock continued. He hushes me and stuffs me in a closet tossing my clothing along. He tells me stay quiet before planting a kiss on my forehead. as he shuts the door to the closet I begin to get dressed. I thought since I came out to my mother with Josh, I wouldn't be back in the closet but yet I've been proven wrong. I can hear Josh scrambling to clean up the living room and dash . Ip the stairs. The loud sex Sean and Summer were having discontinued, and turned into chaos. The pattern knock happened for the third time sending Josh flying down the stairs with Sean and Summer behind him. Sean answers the door as Josh pretended to be asleep on the couch while Summer walked from the kitchen with two glasses of something. I couldn't really tell who they were welcoming into the home but it was definitely a man. A hunky man. His voice was smooth, like melted chocolate. He reminded me of a raido personail. Shuffling j n the closet trying to slide into my sweater I heard someone walk towards the door and slightly twist the handle. I stopped all movement and froze. Then the door handle was ket loose and they all shifted towards the kitchen. The door immediately opened afterwards with Josh grabbing and pointing towards the door. "Go out and ring the doorbell. " he said shoving me towards the door. I walked out confused, and stood then accessing the situation. After a few minutes I rang the doorbell hopefull that I would get an answer. Eric answers the door. Eric. Seans' brother, Eric. Eric answered the door. Why was Eric answering the door, and why was I shoved in the closet if it was just Eric.

"Hey, Eric.. um is Josh around?"

"Uh yeah, why?" He asked looking confused.

"He told me to come by. He's got aomething to give to me.: I told him making the lie up on the spot.

"Oh. Cool. Come on in." He said agreeingly. "He's in the kitchen." I walked into the kitchen and stood in the doorway waiting for someone to say something. Then Eric walks over and puts his arms around Eric and kisses his check. Why did that just happen. What the hell! I couldn't hold myself.

"Josh, what's going on here?" I asked as gingerly as I could.

"Jamie you met Eric before. Eric my EX-boyfriend." He emphasized the ex.."He came to check upon his brother, making sure he was behaving. No beers, unprotected sex and jazz. But he was just leaving."

"Josh, don't like to me. Please don't. " I begged.

"Okay, Eric really is my ex-boyfriend but sometimes he comes for the occasional hookup and I couldn't let him know that you were here. I ws scared that you would not stay cause you thought I was still with him. Oh, and he's also here to check on his brother too." He said sincerely as possible.

I looked in his eyes, getting lost in his gorgeous eyes. He truns toward Eric and tells him that him and I are together and that there will be no more hookups. "Well, maybe just this once."I say to Josh. "Maybe your last one, could be the threesome you've always wanted. A soccer player, a track runner and a drama nerd." I saw walking towards Eric. I stare into his big hazel eyes and move in for a kiss. Unlike his brother, Eric never really had to try hard to get the boys. He had this look he'd give them, where his eyes were hazel, until he smiled and they turned a light green. We broke from the kiss and he looked at me. We kissed even harder, introducing our tounges to each other. They quickly swirled around each others mouth exploring everything. He then pulled back and started tobkiss my chin and then my neck and started to fondle my chest. Summer and Sean had gotten up and left, feeling uncomfortable watching his brother in action. Josh walked over and joined the kissing of my neck and caressing of my body. They stripped my sweater off searching for my nipples. They both indulging themselves upon them sucking and squeezing and teasing them. Josh stopped kissing and striped himself and Eric to their underwear and picked me up and carried me to the couch. Stripping off our underwear we choke up on each others cock in a circle. Josh on Me, Me on Eric and Eric on Josh. I never realized how big Eric was until I had him completely down my throat. He was huge. Like eight and a half inches. Bobbing up and down swallowing cock stroke after stroke we all came together. Eric was egar to fuck, so I surrendered my ass to him, allowing him to fuck me there. He used Joshs' cum as lube in my ass. He spat it out and fingered it inside of me until I was ready for his cock. He laid flat on his back and I sat on top, letting his dick slide all in. Taking all his dick, ridding it hard and slow making him moan and squirm under me. Half way through the fuck, Josh comes anf lifts us and lowers Eric onto his dick. We fuck until we can't fuck no more. I was the first to shoot my load followed by Eric jnside of me then Josh. Eric cleanrd himself up and left Josh and I laying there in thebliving room.

"Until next time guys. Goodbye." He said shuting the door.

"Until next time? Whatever." Josh said kissing me again. "Let's shower babe." He said pulling me upwards. We begin to walk to the shower and my phone rings. I look at the phone and read whos calling. "Josh, it's my mom....."

To Be Continued........


Rainbow Fortune Teller


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