Matt got home and Jess was waiting for him in the lounge room.

'Hey how was school?' she asked

'Okay, I was thinking of changing my classes though, everyone seems pretty smart and I feel weird being one of the few in woodwork and music.' He said walking to his room

'Where are you going?' she asked following

'I have to clean my room, Callum's coming around, I hope you don't mind' he said picking up some clean clothes on the end of his bed and putting them away.

Jess had taken a seat on his bed and was smiling brightly, she watched as he rushed around the room putting things away that to her didn't even look out of place.

'You like him don't you?' she finally said smiling

'Jess.' He said turning and giving her a pained look

'Alright, Alright I'll butt out but I can tell he has the hots for you too' she said getting up.

'How do you know?' he asked stopping her, she grinned

'Remember when you came out from your shower and asked if he wanted a drink, I had to clear my throat three times to bring back his attention.' She said giggling as she left leaving a massive smile on her brother's face.

'Hey Jess!' Callum said grinning at her and kissing her on the cheek as she opened the door for him.

'Whoa what has you in such a good mood?' she asked a little taken in surprise.

'Nothing really, your brother in?' he asked looking around

'Yeh in his room, he's in clean freak mode, so watch out where you place your bag?' She said grinning as she pointed down the hall.

'Thanks' Callum said following her directions.

Boy I'm nervous he thought as he turned the handle and walked in only to spot a sight that made his heat start thumping a thousand times a minute as a hot flush consumed his body. Quietly he closed the door and placed his bag down against it so it would make a noise if the door was opened, and slowly made his way over to the computer Matt was sitting in front of; he watched the porn movie play out a little bit and smiled at Matt's choice. It was a homemade movie of two guys fucking slowly and sensuously, he knelt down and grabbed the back of the chair pulling it to his right he spun a freaked out and surprised Matt around to find him on his knee's now face to face with his cock.

Callum's mouth was watering just at the site. Matt's cock was approximately 7 inches long, cut and with a width of about 3 inches.

Before Matt could even move a muscle Callum had his hand wrapped around Matt's base.

Matt had freaked, his father and sister knew he was gay but for them to catch him looking at gay porn was another thing, but as his eyes focussed on Callum kneeling at his feet his mouth slightly open and his eyes wide in lust as they focussed on his cock. He went to stand but before he could even move Callum had his hand wrapped around the base of his cock and he was moaning in appreciation as the heat transfer made his cock twitch and his blood boil. He watched and moaned as his hand went up and down repeatedly until he stopped again at the base.

He nearly came from the thought of it all as Callum's head lowered itself onto his cock.

'Wait!' he said pushing Callum back

Callum freaked maybe this wasn't what Matt wanted, maybe he didn't like him after all, he scrambled to his feet and backed up till he accidently ran into Matt's bed and sat.

Matt saw the hurt look in Callum's eyes and suddenly regretted his decision, as much as he wanted Callum to suck him off right then and there he wanted a relationship not just a fuck buddy.

Callum watched as Matt pushed himself back into his pants and stood to zip himself up, he stood and moved to the door while he was looking down at his zip. He tried to hold the tears back as he grabbed his bag and slammed open the door and ran down the hall, but it was obvious he was extremely upset to Matt's mum as he ran passed her out the door as she was coming in.

Matt looked up to explain to Callum his reasoning but found his door about to slam shut, suddenly extremely worried he ran after Callum but he didn't catch up to him as his car went flying down the street.

'What was that about?' his mother asked as he came inside. Matt was too upset to respond and just continued into his room and ignored his sister pounding on his door a few seconds later.

He crawled onto his bed and rolled into a ball, he felt like nothing could fix what he had just done, and over whelmed he felt hot tears start to fall onto his pillow and soak in.

Callum could barely see where he was driving and after 5 minutes of constant correction he had to pull himself over as he finally broke down. He had put himself out there for Matt, thinking that that would be what he wanted, not to mention that was what he had wanted. And he had been rejected.

Finally he pulled himself together and threw on some hard, loud music and screamed along with the lyrics until he reached the gym. Inside a class was already under way, his fencing class didn't start for another 2 hours so he headed into the gym in the back and started lifting weights and running while his music continued to blast in his ears stopping him from thinking about anything.

It wasn't until his teacher came looking for him that he remembered why he was here and went to his lesson. But he didn't have the patience to complete the new forms or follow the rules making his coach very surprised at his aggressiveness as he was usually not aggressive enough, finally understanding something was wrong he sent him home early.

For Matt the hours passed slowly, he constantly left messages on Callum's mobile but none of his calls or texts were returned. Finally extremely annoyed at himself for what he had done he decided a face to face confrontation would be best and ignoring his father yelling at him that he couldn't leave the house this late at night he bundled into his car.

Callum had gotten back at 8, his father surprised at how early he was followed him downstairs asking what was wrong until he found a closed door in his face. Worried he went back upstairs and called his coach listening to his explanation about Callum lifting weights for 2 hours before nearly breaking down during practise. Worried he wished his wife was still alive he knew she would be able to work out what was wrong.

Callum tried to sit and watch TV but still upset he felt himself breaking apart again so he grabbed his IPOD and slammed into his second room where he kept all his exercising equipment and started running on the treadmill until he felt his legs get sore in exhaustion and still he kept running.

Jack was surprised by the late night visitor when the bell rang at nine thirty that night as he was heading up to bed.

'Matt?' he said surprised when he saw him at the door.

'Mr Taal, I'm sorry for the late intrusion but could I speak to Callum please.' He asked.

Jack frowned 'Maybe you can see what's wrong, he's been in a really bad mood all night and hasn't come out of his rooms'

Matt understood exactly what was wrong 'really? I'll see what's wrong sir' he said slipping past and walking down the hall till he got to the stairs that led down to Callum's room.

'Can you let yourself out Matt, I'm heading off to bed, I've got a meeting at 7 tomorrow morning.'

Jack said closing the door and heading up the stairs.

'Of course Sir' he said still heading down.

He came to the end of the hallway and found both doors open but heard a pounding from the left and looked in, he stared in awe at the room nearly twice the size of Callum's other bedroom but this one had fitness equipment at one end, half of the other end looked like it had been converted into a bank of computers and next to that was a photo studio. His jaw was hanging until he spotted Callum running on the treadmill, he saw the sweaty body only in a pair of school sports shorts but he noticed the head was hanging and his legs barely keeping up with the speed of the treadmill.

Without thinking he quickly walked over and turned off the treadmill, Callum looked up and he saw the red eyes and annoyed expression, he was expecting him to yell but instead his legs started to wobble. As he nearly fell Matt grabbed him under the arms and practically had to drag him off the treadmill and into his other room and lay him down on his couch.

'Go away' he heard Callum whisper.

'No, you never let me explain why I said stop' Matt said coming back from his bathroom with a wet cloth and whipping the sweat from Callum's head, he was too weak to object as he lifted his head and poured a little fresh water into his mouth.

'What were you doing? Trying to kill yourself?' He asked angrily as he started blaming this all on himself. He was really worried , Callum looked totally out of it and his body temperature was really high. Remembering when his sister had a temperature his mother had put her in a cold shower he decided to do the same here.

Callum opened his eyes again to see Matt gone, and suddenly he felt the tears start to come again so he closed them until he felt a wet cloth on his face wiping them away, he looked up to see Matt again, concern clearly shown in his eyes.

Matt had returned to find Callum crying, it nearly broke his heart to see it and he finally realised that's what he had done to Callum this afternoon.

'I'm sorry for pushing you away, it wasn't meant to be like this, I was going to say that I wanted a relationship first before we took it any further but you ran out the door and wouldn't stop.' He explained turning slightly resting his hip against the couch, it wasn't until he felt Callum's hand wiping a tear away that he finally looked at him and noticed the slightly hopeful smile.

'You don't hate me? You weren't acting Gay just so you could be my friend?' Callum whispered making Matt laugh.

'Hate you, I could never hate you Callum, from the moment I saw you I couldn't take my eyes off you, but as much as I wanted you to suck me off today I couldn't let you without worrying that it would turn into a purely sexual relationship when as much as I want that it's not all I want us to be.' He said running a hand down Callum's cheek and smiling at the smile that was widening under his touch.

'You were irresistible Matt, I'm sorry I just couldn't help myself when I saw you like that' Callum explained getting a little bit of energy to pull himself up into a sitting position.

Matt smiling grabbed his hands and pulled him up to his feet where he stood wobbling and nearly falling back down until Matt had one arm over his shoulder.

'Where are we going?' Callum asked

'I'm putting you in the shower, you're so hot from exercising that you might over heat unless we cool your body down slowly.' He said as they reached the bathroom door.

'I can do it' Callum said taking his arm from Matt and nearly falling on his face.

'No you can't, besides I'm used to bathing someone I had to help my sister most of last year.' He said sitting Callum on the toilet and turning on the shower.

Once they were under the warm water in just their boxers Callum looked to be reviving some and was able to mostly hold himself up if he didn't move around too much but seeing Matt on his knees in front of him washing his legs started him stirring making Matt grin as he moved up and started on his chest. Matt had seen a flannel but had decided to use his hands to repay Callum for making him so upset.

Callum's muscles were still sore but he had no doubt that he could dry himself but when he tried to Matt swatted his hands away and started rubbing his towel all over his body until only his boxers were wet.

'Wait here I'll get you some dry boxers.' Matt said leaving and searching Callum's wardrobe until he found the boxers section and pulled two pairs out. They were dried dressed and laying back on Callum's bed talking neither daring to touch the other as they both said their piece.

'What do you want out of life?' Matt asked Cal

Cal smiled and rolled onto his side, Matt followed and they faced each other, he watched as a dreamy look came into Cal's eyes.

'To be accepted as myself, to not have to hide' he said smiling past Matt.

'Yeh that's what I wanted for a long time too but once I told my family and they accepted me I found that was all I needed, now I want a good job maybe in the business industry, Dad wants me to become a lawyer or doctor but I was thinking more along the lines of politics.' He said smiling.

Cal looked down to him in surprise 'Politics? Why?'

'I want people to see that being gay isn't something bad that it's just as normal as being straight, imagine the numbers that would finally have the courage to come out when I announce to the people that I a senator is Gay, maybe one day we'll have a Gay prime minister and people will look back and say, it was because of him.' Cal smiled down at him as he lay back

'You are so confidant with yourself, how did you get passed all the fear?' he asked.

'By telling my sister, she helped a lot and it finally convinced me to tell my parents that boosted my confidence to tell my friends and they accepted me as well.' He explained.

'I wish I had that much confidence, I can't even tell my father for what he might think of me.' He explained.

'You'll get there in time, just take it slow' Matt said gripping him on the arm.

Cal reached down and lay his head on Matt's chest while hugging him.

'I'm glad you came tonight, I was so upset that you had rejected me, I was going to make my father send me to a different school'

'But you love Barrenjoey! I would never have let you leave even if I didn't return your feelings.' He said running his fingers threw Cal's hair.

'I don't think I could have stand to be around you and not with you' he said looking up into Matt's face

'We would have worked through it like we did tonight, I'm sorry I pushed you back, I guess I just don't want to go too fast in this, this is my first relationship' Matt said looking deep into Cal's eyes and seeing the same feelings returned.

'I know and I fully understand, I could wait for you for 100 years if that was what it took.' Cal said grinning and laying his head back onto Matt's chest. Matt laughed lightly and pulled him closer into a tighter hug. They fell asleep that way.



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