'The Skate parks just off Kevin and Central road, behind the old church' Callum noticed Matt's blank look.

'I live just near there, why don't we go grab your board and then stop off at mine on the way there?' He suggested glad when he saw an appreciative nod from Matt.

'Well come on then' he said slipping on his thongs and running off.

Smiling Matt followed. It had been tough keeping himself under control swimming with Callum every time his arm knocked him or Callum showed him a correction to his stroke the heat that came from him almost made him as hard as he had ever been before but he had been so involved in keeping it hidden that he never noticed Callum seemed to be having the same problem.

'Whoa dude sick car' Callum said as they reached the school car park, Matts car was and old Ford GT XB but looked like it had just come off the ship.

'Dad promised me a car if I moved with the family, he didn't like my choice but when I saw her I just knew I had to have her.' Matt said smiling and running a hand down her side.

'She's gorgeous, I wish I had one, my father always insists the new models are best, but they're so visible' He said before suddenly blushing.

Matt frowned but kept quiet. He watched Callum move off to a newer model SUV and assumed that was what he was talking about.

Callum was kicking himself, his father had bought him the car as a back to school present but Callum hated the attention it would have brought so had left It at home, not that he hadn't wanted to drive it, it was still gorgeous but he would wait for the weekend.

Callum followed Matt in his SUV and was surprised when they arrived in a very nice house in Whale Beach that would have at least cost over a Mill.

'Impressive' Callum said joining Matt at the door just before it swung open to a gorgeous stunning Dark brown haired young woman about their age.

'Matt your home!' she said throwing her arms around his neck

'Jess get off, we have a visitor' Matt said laughing

Callum was surprised, Matt had never said he had a twin sister, his eyes immediately picking out the similar characteristics, he was wondering why she hadn't been at school today when he noticed the limp she was walking with and looked down to notice two prosthetic legs.

'Nice to meet you Jess, I'm Callum' he said stepping forward a smile on his face before Matt could introduce them.

'Hi' she said hesitantly with a surprised but worried smile.

'Callum and I are meeting his friends down at the skate park, we just came back to pick up my board' Matt said taking her arm and leading her inside with Callum following and closing the door

'And I think I need a shower too, this salt is already making me sweat, do you mind waiting Callum?' Matt asked putting his sister in the lounge room

'Na its fine, as long as you don't mind I do the same when I get to my place.' He said joining Jess on the lounge expecting at least a short wait.

Matt seemed surprised about him sitting in the lounge room but looked at his sisters shy smile at Callum and instead of offering him to wait in his room walked off to the bathroom frowning.

Callum turned to jess 'So why weren't you in school today?' he asked intrigued

She giggled quietly 'Umm didn't you notice?' she asked pointing to her legs

Callum shrugged 'Sure but what has that got to do with not being in school?' he questioned

She frowned at him 'I'm still not able to walk up and down a lot of stairs so mum is home tutoring me until I'm able' she explained

'Oh okay that makes sense I guess' he said now noticing the history text for year 10 on the table, he frowned at it.

'I thought you and Matt were twins?' He questioned

Jess noticed him eyeing the year ten text 'We are but when the accident happened I missed out on a lot of school and so I had to drop back a year.' She explained watching the acceptance on his face.

She was surprised, most people usually avoided looking at her legs and asking questions, she found his interest refreshing

'I hope you don't mind me asking but you don't seem grossed out by it?' she asked

Callum smiled and just shrugged again 'Why would I be? I don't see anything wrong about it?'

Jess was still staring at him with her mouth agape when Matt still in a towel came out of the bathroom heading for his room.

'You two okay, Callum do you want a drink?' he asked Jess was snapped out of her surprise and turned to her brother, Callum had already turned and seeing Matt in just a towel suddenly made him extremely uncomfortable he grabbed a pillow and hugged it to his lap as he declined the drink and watched Matt's arse move away only hidden in the towel. He jumped when a throat clearing came from Jess, she was grinning at him from eye to eye and Callum went bright red.

'Well, I never expected my brother to be so bold on his first day of school!' she said suddenly giggling. Callum went all confused; maybe she wasn't talking about what he had thought.

Frowning he asked her what she was talking about? Now it was Jess's turn to be confused but she was interrupted by the door opening and her mother coming in.

'Whose beast of a car is that in my driveway?' She asked carrying in the groceries

Her eyes widened when she saw Callum.

'Mum this is Callum, a friend Matt met at school today' Jess said trying to get to her feet, she wobbled a bit and nearly fell over; Callum caught her before she head planted into the coffee table and allowed her to straighten up.

'Thanks' she said smiling at him

'I apologise for the car madam, I will go move it now' He said letting go of Jess and stepping outside the door.

Jess smiled to her mother, who frowned back at her.

'What's going on?' she asked

Grinning 'I'll explain later' Jess said shuffling off to her room still grinning.

Callum had moved his car to the road and was walking past what he assumed was Matt's mum's car, it was open at the boot and he saw about 6 bags of groceries. Smiling he grabbed them, shut the door and jogged up to the house.

Matts mum was just heading back out to get them when he came in, her eyebrows raised in surprise as he asked where he should put them down. As he was placing them in the kitchen, Matt came in.

'Mummmm, Callum's a guest not your shopping slave' he said grinning at Callum

'Hey I didn't even ask he just brought them in' she said already starting to sort through the bags.

Matt frowned at Callum before turning back to his mum. 'Callum and I are going to the skate park, I'll be home later' he said pulling Callum by the arm out the door.

'Do you mind if we use your car, dads still a little weird about using the car around the town because there is so much more traffic.'

'Yeh sure, I just have to stop off at home'

Matt was quiet in the car and Callum was wondering what he was thinking, he wondered if he had done something wrong in helping his mother with the groceries?

Matt was on a similar thought pattern, Callum had surprised him with the easy acceptance of his sister's prosthetics and then helping his mother with the groceries? He had thought people living in such proximity to the city would have been less into what he had assumed were country values, maybe he had been wrong?

The one thing he loved about living here was the proximity of everything it was no longer a 1 hr drive to school but only 10 minutes and it took even less time to get to Callum's.

'Holy Crap!' Matt said when they reached Palm Beach, he and his father had gone for a drive out here when he had gotten his car 3 days ago and they had been stunned by the grandeur of it all, he had expected everyone in these houses to have kids who went to private schools.

'This is your house, it's huge!' He said as they pulled into the driveway of a three story house that looked out over the ocean.

'Yeah' Callum said suddenly remembering why he never brought friends home.

Matt noticed the 4 car garage had a Ford 'Tungsten' GT parked at the end but he felt Callum's awkwardness and so didn't say anything.

They went inside and downstairs, the right side of the house was made of triple thick glass as he went down and he stared in amazement at the worms and spiders butted up against the glass but buried under the soil. They reached a lounge room/Kitchen before walking down the hall way to meet a laundry before following the hallway right and ending in what he assumed was 2 bedrooms the one to his left was shut but the door to his left was open and he found himself in a freakishly neat bedroom with a king bed, wardrobe and large flat screen digital TV.

'Neat room' he said meaning it both ways cool and tidy.

'Thanks, make yourself at home, I'm just going to take a shower.' Callum said walking to his wardrobe selecting a pair of faded jeans and a white polo shirt before walking into his bathroom.

Matt sat on the couch looking around the room, he had never seen another guy's room as neat as his was, even his sister's wasn't but this room bordered close to it. He got up and walked around and looked at the map on the wall, he read the key Callum had created and stared in amazement at the white dots being places where Callum had been, Japan, England, France, and a lot of places in America, he looked at the black dots as places he wanted to go such as, New Zealand, Canada, Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal, and Africa he frowned, he knew those places to be adventure tourism as he himself wanted to go there. He turned to the other wall and found racks of Boogie boards, surfboards and another rack containing swords then another containing what he decided was some type of martial arts weaponry.

Meanwhile Callum was in the shower he knew Matt was waiting in his room for him but he couldn't help himself, Matt had had him almost rock hard all afternoon, he had told himself he wasn't going to jack off but as he had started to wash himself the urge had become too much as he had started to get hard once again. Soaping his hands he ran one finger from just under his hood right down to between his ball sack, he shuddered containing a moan, using one hand he massaged his balls gently while the other wrapped itself around his cock lightly, slowly be pulled up to the head swirling a finger around it and over his slit. He moaned as he repeated the process, he went to increase his pace so he didn't take too long but smiled suddenly when he heard the TV start up in his room, now he could take all the time he wanted.

Slowly he massaged his cock back and forth but just as suddenly his eyes flew wide open in fright as he heard a manly grunt come from his bedroom and he realised Matt must have been checking out the DVD player. He knew that grunt, he had watched that video the night before to release some steam about going back to school, he freaked, no-one knew about his secret but that video was all about it.

He jumped out of the shower and barely grabbed the towel off the rack before sprinting out the door and into his bedroom. He saw Matt standing in front of the couch a look of surprise implanted on his face and these two guys on the screen were going at it hard and fast. Of everything that could have possibly been in the DVD player this he had not been expecting.

Matt stared as a soap covered Callum came out of the bathroom barely a towel wrapped around him and came flying at the controller in Matt's hand. Before he could reach it though Matt hand pressed the stop button and he paused right in front of Matt eyes wide in terror and breathing heavily.

Matt stared at Callum, his chest heaving his towel slightly open at the front his 8inch cock slightly deflated.

Callum's freaked out look had disappeared and one of pleading had taken its place.

'Please don't tell anyone, not even my father knows, it would kill him if he found out' Callum pleaded. He stared in horror as a smile burst forth on Matt's face, he thought all his troubles so far had been nothing compared to what Matt was about to wreck on his life.

But the smile hadn't been what he had thought it was, to Matt it was a smile of wonder and joy he watched Callum cringe back as he stepped forward, he grabbed hold of Callum's shoulders to hold him steady and let his lips touch Callum's in a bold and terrifying move.

Callum stood frozen to his place as his surprise was coursing through his body he stared at Matt in surprise as Matt pulled back. Matt looked at him a slight smile on his face but the more Callum didn't move the more uncertain Matt became and the smile dropped from his face.

'I'm sorry I should go!' he said spinning and starting to move away already cursing himself for being so stupid.

He was half way to the door when Callum snapped out of it. He had dropped his towel to the floor in surprise but he didn't even bother to pick it up now as he took two bounding leaps over to Matt and grabbed him by the arm, he turned matt around who looked like he was about the break down in tears.

Callum smiled and leaned in and returned the kiss Matt had just given him. Matt was surprised at first but in seconds he was kissing Callum back just as tenderly.

What felt like minutes flew by but in reality was just a few second before they pulled back reluctantly.

'Do you know how much I've wanted to do that since I saw you in English this morning.' Matt said still clutching Callum's forearms.

Callum's smile widened 'Just as much as I've wanted since I saw you on the beach this afternoon.' He said leaning in for another hard and fast kiss that turned both their legs to jelly.

Callum moaned into Matt's mouth as he felt his warm hands reach his back and firmly but slowly move their way down. Matt broke the kiss and started kissing down Callum's neck, He had never felt so bold or freaked out in his life, but he just knew he had to have Callum, all of him.



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