Matt's POV

Matt on the other hand was wondering if he had caused the freaked out look on Callum's face as he knew he had been staring at Callum the moment he had seen him come down onto the beach. He'd seen Callum early this morning in his English class, but Callum had been messing around with his friends at the front of the class and hadn't noticed Matt staring at him.

Matt hadn't seen someone so attractive in his short life, Callum stood just under 6 feet tall with sun bleached blonde hair that retained some of its natural light brown. His face was chiselled like from a dream his own blue eyes showing a hint of icy grey. Today he had worn a neatly ironed white shirt that was lightly hugging his chest showing off his abs, one side was tucked into his black business pants and Matt had though it very attractive, he had been quiet disappointed when the teacher had given Callum a grilling and told him to tuck it in properly.

Now here he was walking up the beach feeling very self conscious about this attractive and stunning guy teaching him to swim like a baby. He noticed Callum's eyes following the girls on the beach and sighed as his hopes that this gorgeous man would ever be attracted to him plummeted.

Callum's POV

Callum heard the sigh and decided that he was more under control of himself now and that he could at least start up a conversation. He dropped back next to Matt.

'So where exactly are you from?' he asked

'Over in Western Australia, if you imagine the state and pointed right to the middle of it you will find a mining town called Parangurr. My father used to run the mine out there, we moved here because this is where he grew up, he thought it would be good for me and my sister.' Callum shivered, not from the cold but from the sex appeal of Matt's voice, it was a fairly deep tenor that swamped Cal in what felt like a bucket of hot water, but he kept control of himself and changed the subject as they reached the pool.

'So there defiantly isn't any ocean out there but I'm guessing you have been in a pool a few times' He asked placing his towel on the concrete seat and slipped his thongs off.

'Yeh dad bought us a pool when I was 15 but it was always getting clogged with dust so we hardly ever used it.' Matt was watching Callum closely and attempted a small smile as Callum laughed.

'Man that would have sucked, I can't think about living without the ocean or at least a pool.'

'Yeh it got kind of frustrating, we gave up in the end'

'Do you mind if I give you some advice?' Callum asked watching Matt take off his Sport shoes.


'If you own a pair of thongs dig them out and start using them, not many people wear sports shoes unless it's at school or work, every other time it's just thongs, but defiantly don't go with the sandal, no-one wears those these days, oh and if sport is the last period and it looks like it's going to be sunny, bring your thongs as you know you're going to end up at the beach.' Matt nodded along as he finished taking his shoes off.

'Makes sense' He said joining Callum at the pool.

Callum smiled 'Now how well can you swim, you say your dad was from here did he ever teach you?'

He noticed Matt blush and thought it looked so sexy he was dying to jump into the water to cool his body down.

'He tried but I wasn't any good!' Matt said his blush deepening

'Okay, we will start at the stairs then.' Callum jogged over to the stairs but paused.

'Piece of advice that most people get wrong, The water is usually colder here in the rock pool as its in the shade so wading in like you would in the ocean is out of the question, the best thing to do is to plunge under straight away, but in your case I recon you should run down the steps and dunk yourself when your feet hit the floor' Callum didn't wait for a reply he just leapt down the stairs hitting the floor and collapsed dropping his body completely into the water.

Matt watched the whole thing, as Callum's head and chest broke back out the water he watched in fascination as the water ran down his abs. Callum shook the water out of his eyes and looked up at Matt, but Matt was already half way down the steps, he watched as a surprised look came over Matts face at how cold the water was as his head went under.

He laughed as Matt came spluttering up stuttering that it was freezing.

'Now would you have gotten in if you knew it was this cold?' Callum asked laughing again as Matt shook his head quickly.

'Why are there uneven rocks under my feet?' Matt stuttered as one foot fell into a hole.

'This is the rock Pools, under your feet is just the rock that was here before the walls went up, it was cheaper for the government, all the beach pools in the area are the same, next time you come down bring some goggles and you can see, it's great.' Callum explained.

'God its cold' Matt said heading back to the stairs

'Hey where are you going, I've got to teach you how to swim yet.' Callum said laughing as he pulled Matt over to the side of the pool.

'Alright let's see what stage you're up too?' he said pointing to the other end of the pool 'Swim over to the other end' He asked

Matt looked at the far end, it had to be about 25 meters the same length as his other pool; he had only ever made it that far with his father by his side.

'I don't think I'll make it' He said looking to Callum

Callum shrugged 'That's fine the pools deepest point is up to your neck, you'll be fine, just stop when you can't go any further.' Matt looked a little worried and Callum went to offer him if he wanted him to swim next to him but Matt seemed to get his courage and took a breath, Callum watched as he pushed off the wall and started swimming freestyle, Callum was impressed when Matt made it half way before he started slowing.

Matt was starting to sink, he could feel himself get lower and lower in the water the further away from Callum he got and it became harder and harder to get a large breath every time he turned his head, finally frustrated and thinking that he had hardly gone anywhere he stopped and stood up, the water was just above his chin and he freaked out a little bit.

Callum noticed Matt slowing and figured he would be stopping soon so taking a dive he pushed himself off the wall and swam fast underwater up to Matt.

But Matt didn't realise that was what Callum was doing and when he turned to see if Callum would help him into shallower water and didn't see him, he really started getting worried and breathing heavily. He attempted to get to the edge of the pool but the uneven rock felt like it was getting lower.

He screamed as the water exploded right next to him, covering his eyes and accidently sucking in mouth full's of water he started chocking.

'Oh, sorry man, I didn't think I would have scared you that much.' Callum said, worried he grabbed hold of Matt under his arm and swum with him over to the side where Matt continued to cough with Callum thumping him on the back. Callum felt retched, he had never meant to frighten Matt.

'I'm so sorry man I never meant for you to get a mouthful of water.' Callum finally said when Matt had stopped coughing Callum didn't notice that he had kept his hand on Matt's back and was slowly rubbing up and down, but Matt certainly did and despite the red raw feeling in the back of his throat Callum's hand was warm against his back and was removing the goose bumps he felt.

He noticed the worried look in Callum's eyes and smiled at him. 'It's okay' he said

'Well, you didn't do too bad swimming, you defiantly under rate yourself for a country boy. I tell you what I'll talk to Mr Gavin and get him to excuse us from last class sport and we can come down here and practise your swimming?' Callum asked before suddenly realising that he was still stroking Matts back and going bright red and dropping his hand into the water. He hoped to God that Matt hadn't noticed.

'You would do that, teach me to swim?' Matt asked confused a little

'Yeh sure'

'But aren't you like that coolest guy in school or something? Wouldn't that ruin your image if you're seen with a country bumpkin like me?' Matt asked amazed.

Callum laughed 'Dude the girls have been salivating over you all day.'

Matt rolled his eyes 'Yeh I noticed, they are defiantly more aggressive then the girls in my old town'

Callum burst out laughing 'I wish I had grown up in a mining town then, the last year has been so frustrating with them brushing past me every 5 minutes but now with them infatuated with you I had a fantastic day.' Callum watched the sadness rise in Matt's eyes.

'Hey are you okay?' He asked putting a hand on Matts shoulder.

'Yeh, Yeh I'm fine' Matt said turning to look out at the ocean.

Callum was worried again, Matt looked really sad; he was worried he had hurt his feelings in some way.

'Well' he said turning to look at the beach 'we might as well start on getting you to know the ocean' Taking his mind off Matt he started explaining how this particular beach worked, its rips, sandbanks, wave heights and drift points and where they were likely to find someone if they got stuck in a rip. He was enjoying Matt's company and how Matt actually seemed interested in everything and lost track of time, before they knew it Mr Gavin was coming down the pool side as Callum had just gotten Matt to swim his first lap of the pool.

'How are we going?' Mr Gavin asked

'Matt's not too bad Gavin, if you could let me teach him a few more tricks over the next few weeks, he'll be like everyone else.' Callum said pulling himself up next to where the teacher was dangling his legs in the pool.

'I think we can arrange that, what do you think Matt?' Mr Gavin asked

'I think I would like that sir' Matt said hanging onto the side of the pool.

'Well class is over, Callum your friends are up in my office writing lines for throwing dead fish at the girls, Juan asked me to tell you that he would meet you at the vert ramp later this afternoon.' Gavin said standing and moving off

Callum grinned down at Matt his eyes watched Matts abs and back as water streamed off him as he jumped out of the water, he wrenched his eyes away just before Matt turned and tried to hide his blushing by speaking 'The boys and I are going skating this afternoon, you up for it?' he asked

Matt grinned, 'That's one thing I've been looking for since I've been here, out back there is very little to do and a lot of wide open space that you can build ramps on'

Callum smiled 'Well maybe there are a few moves you can teach us' he said jumping up and moving over to his towel.



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