Callum Taal's POV

I hated High School, and yet I loved it. My father had been a real sports freak in High School and was always trying to get me into the same football/cricket craze he went through, but it just didn't work for me. I just didn't work well in a team even though I loved sport.

I loved my Dad, he was the only parent I had. But with his obsession he soon found ways that I could get that jock like image and body without team sports. Every day of the week he made me take a different sport until I found the ones I loved, Karate, Swimming and Diving. Then amazing even myself I took up Fencing.

And so tournaments took up all my Saturday's and most of my Sunday's. My friends who were mostly football/Soccer players didn't mind as they had training and games. As I started weight training in my home gym last year, I really started to beef up in muscle, and before I knew it my scrawny body became a muscled dream 6 pack, I loved every moment of it and thanked my father for it.

The only problem I ever had with it was that I never made any really close friendships. Sure I had my school friends and my sport friends but never along the way did I make a bunch of friends I could just hang out with.

My Dad was always pleased with my athletic ability now but there was one thing that made my father frown. I never brought a girl home. He would always ask and sometimes I would make up a story about a date here and there for his benefit, but to be honest they were never true.

School was a drag because of my friends, they were great but the constant image I had to portray wasn't really me, the one as the hot jock that took the Mickey out of those smart arse nerds or those screaming and scaredy cat girls. I hated being mean to them and often when I noticed my friends get that certain spark in their eyes I would pull back saying I had practise or needed food or some teacher wanted to see me to grill my ass.

When in fact I would end up in the back of the library where even the nerds stayed away and would read those ancient classical books of love and loss. It was during these quiet times that I would daydream about moving away to the city where my secret would be accepted as normal.

My Secret, I always referred to it as that sometimes if I was courageous enough I would admit it in my head 'My Homosexuality'.

I never found anyone in my area particularly attractive, oh for sure I saw some stunners that physically I thought attractive, but never one that really got me boiling under the skin, that was until he arrived.

It was the first day of year 10 and I was unhappy to be back, the summer had been fantastic with days spent at the beach, hours spent training in the sun and party's galore. I had even had the courage to sneak to the city for the day and checkout my secret world by going window shopping to gaze at all the expensively made suits and the not ashamed gay men serving at the counters. Every minute I was there I wished to be out amongst them, the trip home was torture to my soul as I put myself back undercover.

The first day back looked promising, I hadn't yet received a brush past by a girl who flashed her eyelashes at me or one of the more slutty ones grabbing my arm and giddily talking about how they would have liked to have seen more of me these holidays. And so I took note of why, and I heard them all talking of a new gorgeous guy that was starting this year. Smiling and hoping they had finally gotten over me I practically danced into the gym change rooms that afternoon.

'You're looking mighty happy for a guy who has a whole year of school ahead of him.' my closest mate Juan said laughing as we stripped off side by side like everyone else was doing.

I, Callum had gotten over trying to hide my dick from every other boy in my class years ago, they all knew I was about 8 inches erect which was slightly larger than everyone else our age, and they knew that because at some stage throughout the year we all got boners from exercise, seeing a girl bouncing around or a guy for me or recounting a dream we had had the other night to others. It didn't bother me one bit about them being nude either as I was not attracted to them in any way.

'Tell me about it, Samantha hasn't spoken to me once today or even battered her eyelashes, god she's such a slut, when I find myself someone I'm going to..........' I paused as my friends all spoke over me.

'Show her what a real gentleman is like' They all said laughing.

I hadn't been expecting that but happily blushed and laughed along with them as I grabbed my towel and ran out of the hall, out of the school gates and down onto the local beach.

Most of the late afternoon sport classes were held at the beach as most the time the teachers couldn't be bothered trying to bring everyone under control plus we could stay there after school finished.

'Alright class, I want you all to start by doing lunges up to the dunes and back twice, then jog between the flags a couple of times before 20 push ups then the afternoon is yours.' Mr Gavin said yelling at us. With the prospects of the afternoon off no-one complained.

'Mr Taal can I talk to you a moment.' I had been messing around with Juan and Rob throwing sand down each other's pants, and just assumed that I was going to get in trouble for it so shrugging my shoulders I headed over for my punishment.

'What's up Gavin' I said, I never noticed the guy sitting behind him.

'As you've undoubtedly heard we have a new student this year, unfortunately he comes from the country and doesn't have much experience in the water, I figured since you're the only lifeguard in the grade that you wouldn't mind teaching him.' I was unhappy about having my free afternoon taken away.

'Sure Gavin' I muttered.

'Matt?' Mr Gavin said turning to the boy I hadn't noticed sitting on the sand a few feet away.

'Yes sir' he said standing.

I gaped, Matt was stunning.

He had a breathtakingly gorgeous body, perfectly defined abs under skin naturally tanned to brown perfection. My eyes wandered up his hairless chest to his face, and immediately knew why the girls had been going crazy. His face was the image of a god, a square jaw but softened around the edges his hair was dark brown, curly and long enough at the front to fall in his eyes. It was his eyes that attracted me the most. They were a crystal green like the sparkling shallow ocean was reflecting off them. I snapped out of his adoring gaze when Mr Gavin spoke up.

'Matt this is Callum, he's going to take you up to the rock pool at the end of the beach and show you a few things you'll need to know.' He explained, Gavin noticing the class wasn't doing as he had told them to, walked off to yell at them.

Meanwhile I was struggling to keep myself from blushing as I noticed certain areas of my body taking a particular effect to Matt.

'Okay let's go' I said striding off up the beach. I didn't notice the worried look Matt had on his face or that he too kept to himself.

I was worried Matt had noticed the look I had been giving him and the effects Matt had on me so I strode off in a hurry slightly ahead of him so that he couldn't see the large lump in the front of my pants. I tried to hide it by doing what I usually did when I was at the beach with friends, I pretended that I was looking at all the girls lying around sunbathing and hoped that Matt took my erection as formed from their looks. I sighed........... How was I going to survive this year?



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