To Callum's dismay he heard the garage upstairs open up, which meant only one thing. His father was home. Reluctantly he pulled back from Matt watching his eyes as he did so, the depth he felt behind them nearly caught his breath.

'My father will be down any minute, he always checks in when he gets home. I'd better get rinsed off' Callum grabbed his towel and dashed off to his bathroom.

Matt couldn't help watching him but figured it wouldn't be kind to him if he left the frozen picture of two guys having rough sex on Callum's TV for his father to see. Picking up his jacket he quickly threw it on and changed the channel to Foxtel. He had been on the couch watching Bounty Hunters for 5 minutes when this very muscular man with closely cropped blonde hair, blue eyes and wearing a suit walked in.

'Hi!' he said a little surprised at Matt being there 'Where's Callum?' he asked

'In his bathroom, said he needed a shower before we headed out.' Matt said standing up and holding out his hand to Callum's father.

'I'm Matt, I just moved here from Western Australia, Callum has offered to show me around.'

Callum's father shook his hand 'Call me Jack, Western Australia huh?'

'Yes, My father was Running a few of the Mines out there but he grew up here and decided to move us back.' Matt explained just as Callum walked out.

'Hey Dad, what's up?' he asked as he threw his towel in the wash basket and pulled his socks and shoes from the cupboard.

'I came down to ask why you didn't take the new Ford to school today; you know that's why I bought it for you.' Jack asked frowning at his son.

'It's too visible Dad, if I drove that to school, I'd be copping it all day' Callum tried to explain.

'What are you talking about, if I'd had that car at high school I'd have had all the girls all over me' his father said still frowning.

'Exactly dad I don't want.....' Matt could see Callum floundering.

'someone to use you for the money, trust me, I've had that it's not a real relationship and it really hurts when you find out about it later.' Matt said catching Callum who smiled at him in gratitude.

'I want to keep it for weekend driving until I've met someone who doesn't care about how rich I am. And then I'll start driving her around in it.' Callum said smiling at his dad who gave both of them a funny look before shrugging his shoulders.

'Fine, but I don't want it to go to waste make sure you use it, it was nice to meet you Matt, it's very rare for Callum to bring friends around. Make sure your home for dinner at 7 Callum.' Jack said leaving them.

Callum finished slipping on his shoes and jumped up and grabbed his board.

'Let's go the guys are going to be waiting for us.' He said grabbing his board and heading for the door.

Matt frowning a little followed waving a goodbye to Jack as they jumped in the car.

They had been driving a few minutes when Callum started noticing Matt's silence as he was pointing out things around town.

'What's the matter?' He asked having some idea.

'I'm sorry?' he said frowning out the window as the houses passed.

Callum worried pulled over the car and waited. A little freaked about where this was going.

'I shouldn't have acted like that.' He continued finally turning to Callum his eyes glossy.

Callum frowned at him, 'Acted like what? Exactly like I wanted you to? I was thinking of that exact moment all afternoon, when it happened it stunned me that's all.'

Matt looked at him 'Then you're not angry at me?' he questioned worried.

Callum laughed 'Anything but.'

'Then why haven't you said anything.' Matt asked.

Now it was Callum's turn to look worried but a blush was what was most prominent. 'I've....... I've never acted on my feeling like that before, in fact that was my first kiss, I've never done anything before, I'm scared to go any faster' Callum was really worried, he felt like he had more than just a physical attraction to Matt but was very worried his feelings weren't reciprocated.

Matt laughed 'Cal the most I've ever done is kiss a girl of all people, I was scared people would find out about me back in my home town so hid it from everyone but my family, that was the first kiss that actually meant something, I'm not ready to go all the way yet either.' Matt said smiling at Callum.

A massive grin burst from Callum's face and without thinking about who could see them he lent in and gave Matt a hot wet kiss before he pulled himself away. And grinning at Matt pulled back onto the road.

Callum was running late by the time he arrived home for dinner, they had left the skate park on time but he had pulled over before Matt's for a kiss goodbye in which they had lost track of time.

'Your late!' his father said yelling from the kitchen where he was serving dinner

'Sorry dad, I guess we lost track of time then I had to drop Matt home.' He said still grinning as he sat at the dinner table and took a sip from the iced water his father was placing in front of him.

'You seem happy, was it a good day?' his father asked as they started eating.

Jack noted the massive smile that burst out from his sons face before he could control it.

'Yeh it was cool, classes were fine and it was good seeing some people I didn't see over the holidays' he said.

'That Matt guy seems nice, it's good to see you with some more friends.' Jack said to his son watching him.

'I have heaps of friends Dad, I just don't invite them around very often, we got over sleepovers when we were 10.' Callum said munching on some more salad but with a dazed look about him.

'I was just saying that he was nice, looks like a good friend in the making, why don't you invite him over for dinner one night.' Callum frowned, his father never paid this much attention to any of his other friends before, he wondered what the reason was? He knew he couldn't have found out about them, maybe his father was just generally interested.

'Sure why not, but it might be a bit weird for a while maybe in a few weeks.'

'That's fine' his father said turning back to him dinner.

As the week passed Callum and Matt didn't really get to see each other except in class as they both had extracurricular activities or they were with friends but every once and a while they could sneak a kiss in the car or behind a tree.

The next week Callum was excited to see Matt's car in the parking lot, running late he dashed off to Legal studies followed by Business and Economics before recess where he looked for Matt but couldn't find him. Upset that he never found him his midday classes consisted of Biology and Chemistry but still no Matt, it wasn't until lunch that he got to see him dashing off to the car park, he quickly said a see you later to his mates and ran after him.

'Matt!' he shouted as he met up to him at the car park

Matt waited for him by his car

'Where are you going?' Callum asked frowning at him

'It's Tuesday both mum and dad have to work on Tuesdays and Thursdays and so I have to return at recess and lunch to help Jess with anything she needs, I'll be back for English and Math.' He said finally getting into the car.

Callum grinned and nodded looking forward to talking to him later.

Unfortunately Matt was running late to English and Callum didn't get to sit next to him but he had managed to get the guys to save him a seat at the front and he was happy to see Matt get along well with those closest to him.

Finally class finished for the day and he raced out to the car lot hoping to see Matt, he was in luck.

'Hey Callum' Matt said waiting for him by leaning up against the car.

Callum's grin was plastered on his face 'Hey, what you doing the next few hours?' he asked

'I have to stay with my sister until 5 when my parents get home' Matt said his grin falling

'Oh okay, I have fencing this afternoon at 6 and just wanted to know if you wanted to do something beforehand'

Matt frowned 'you're going fencing but don't people hire people to fix fences in this area?'

Callum smiled 'It's also a sport with swords, did you see the swords in my room yesterday?' he asked suppressing a giggle.

'Oh Yeh Right, I've heard of that fencing it's just a surprise for me that you do it?' Matt said trying to hide his blush.

Callum smiled 'Yeh I'm not really into team sports but dad wanted me to do something with my free time so I fence, do karate, Swim and Dive.'

Matt looked impressed 'well maybe you can pop over for a while, I'm sure Jess won't mind' he said grinning again.

'Sure why not, I'll just duck home and grab my stuff and meet you at yours.' Callum said jumping in his car and waving a goodbye.



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