For about four months now, Joe has been taking his German Shepherd dog for an early morning walk around his neighborhood. The earliest that he usually heads out is about 6:30 and the latest is about 7:15. He usually takes the same route around the neighborhood, and it's only the time element that usually varies.

Joe is a young, blond haired, well built, married man, just turned 22 years old, was a former wrestler in high school, and now works as a truck driver for a delivery firm.

Realizing that sitting behind the wheel of a truck is not the greatest way to stay in good physical shape, Joe does visit his local gym at least 3 or 4 times a week for a good work-out. It's working, he still looks like a very young strong and muscled wrestler.

Lately Joe has noticed some rather peculiar circumstances at one house along his mornings walks.

A very nice and very neatly kept older Victorian Style house over on Miller Street was creating some curiosity for him. Well, not exactly the house, but rather some of the activity that he "thinks" is going on at that house.

About a month ago, Joe noticed a person watching him from the front window. No problem! He figured anybody has the right to look out of their front window. He attempted to not be noticed. He did not want anybody to know that he could see them.

On the following day, the same thing happened, and once again Joe did not feel like there was any reason to even be aware of it. Their house, they can look out if they want to.

Knowing that he was probably being watched as he walked by, Joe did attempt to keep from looking at that house when he was close by. That did work, he assumed since it had been a few days since he had last noticed anybody looking out of that house.

Then things changed.

When he first saw that person, he could see only the upper part of his torso, as if he was sitting in a chair. Joe could tell that it was a man, but could not see him well enough to know really what he looked like or what age he might be. The one very obvious thing that he could tell, and it would be pretty hard to miss, ---the man was a black man.

Now, on this day, that person was standing up, but not close to the window. The person was visible, but obviously was back in the room some.

Joe did not make any indication that he had seen that person. He casually continued his walk, although if his dog, Troup, wanted to stop and smell something in that area, Joe did not rush him as much as he might have before this mysterious person had come to his attention. In-fact, for Troup to decide right then to stop for a moment, was a convenience to Joe since it did give him the opportunity to just stand there and of course casually look around.

As the days continued, the mysterious man would always seem to be there, regardless of what time Joe and Troup walked by. Joe could only imagine that, that gentlemen did not have a very strict time schedule that he had to live by. He was always there and looking out at Joe, regardless of how early or how late he happened to be.

In curiosity, Joe was starting to find this a rather interesting situation, and Joe started to wonder just how flexible this man's schedule was, so he changed his route and showed up in front of that hose much earlier than usual.

Seeing the man watching him, very early, Joe then changed his route the next day so that he would be going past the house quite late. The man was there, and the man was watching.

It was now obvious to Joe, that regardless of what time he and Troup walked by, that man was there and was watching.

Once again Joe thought, well so be it! It's his house. He can do as he pleases!

A week or so went by and Joe daily expected to see his unknown admirer, and he was not disappointed. The man was there each day, standing back away from the window, but none the less watching.

Troup did seem to give Joe more opportunities to stop in front of that house than he did originally, in-fact Troup stopped and sniffed the ground right in front of that house every day now. Joe wondered if Troup could tell that he was not in such of a hurry once they got onto that street.

Suddenly after quite a number of days all being the same, Joe noticed that one small item had now changed. His admirer apparently had not had sufficient time to get fully dressed. On this particular morning he was wearing only his white briefs, and the contrast between the white cotton and the man's dark skin was very obvious.

Joe thought, "Oh! If he knows that I have been able to see him, then he has to know I can see him today, too!"

Joe made no actions that indicated he even knew the man was there. During this entire time of first seeing him close to the window, clear up to this day, Joe had never given any indication that he was aware of the man.

The following day, the same attire, or lack of, if you prefer that reference, the following day, the same and this did continue for six days.

Joe noticed, but never reacted. He simply let Troup spend whatever time he needed out by the sidewalk, and then they would move on.

Up until the first day of seeing the man with nothing on except the white briefs, Joe had not really thought too much about what he was aware of, and he did not mention it to his wife, Sharon, since it was really no big deal. But now that things had changed slightly, we has glad that he had not mentioned it to her, since he was not too sure of just what was going on, and he was glad he did not have to try and explain anything to anybody.

Joe really did feel now, that he actually was of a much more of a specific interest to the man in the house, than just a person that walked his dog down the street every morning.

Until the white briefs showed up, Joe had actually thought that maybe, just maybe this man was always there and watching out his front window, although he did wonder just why he had moved back into the center of the room somewhat.

On the sixth day, Joe at first thought that his admirer was not in the room. He did not see him.

As Joe realized that the man was actually in there, Joe was concerned that he could have been too obvious when looking toward the house.

The man was there, but the reason Joe did not see him was,----no white briefs! Just and only, dark mahogany skin! The very bright white briefs had been a main stay for almost a week now, and now all of a sudden, they were nowhere in sight!

Joe could only hope that he had not been obvious in looking toward the house, and more so, was hoping that when he realized that the man was actually standing there, that his facial expression did not change too dramatically. Joe did not know for sure if the gentlemen inside did, or did not know that Joe could see him.

Joe thought, "Well, maybe he does think that the reflection on the glass keeps me from being able to see him, and maybe that is the reason why he moved back from sitting too close!"

The following morning, Joe was rather anxious to take his walk down Miller Street. This situation was becoming intriguing to him. He had the mystery in his mind about if this man did, or did not know he could be seen.

As Joe approached the front of the house, Troup again, as was now becoming very normal, stopped and wanted to spend quite an amount of time sniffing along the edge of the yard.

Attempting to be very nonchalant about it, Joe did, more so now than on any other day, look at the house to see if the man was there.

Joe looked up. Yes! He was there, and somewhat closer to the window than before, and showing only the mahogany skin. No briefs!

Joe tried to act as if he could not see anything, be he was getting way too sure that the man knew, just plain simply knew, that Joe could see him.

As Joe and Troup were out front, the man stood as if a statue. He did not move at all. He stood solid, which was a term that Joe had already put in conjunction with the man. Solid!

Joe had noticed, although he was actually trying not to, he had noticed that the man looked very, very, solid. Joe knew that since there were no briefs, that there should have been, or actually had been a dick for him to see, but in his embarrassed manner of realizing some other man was now displaying himself to him, he had not even looked at it. Joe had never been in a situation like this before, where it was now obvious that some other guy was wanting Joe to see him, and the,--- all of him!

In his wrestling days he certainly did have his opportunities to be completely naked and bare in front of a lot of guys, and them, naked and bare in front of him, but he had never experienced a time when a man was almost putting a sign around his neck that read, "I'm naked-look at me!"

In one way, Joe was kind of shook that something this weird was happening to him, but then at the same time, he was kind of glad that some guy apparently thought well enough of him, that he wanted to display his complete body in front of him.

Joe called to Troup and moved on. His experience was confusing to him. He did not know how he was actually supposed to react.

Was he to be mad? Mad that some guy would stand there all naked, and want him, or expect him to look at him?

The following day, quite rather the same experience, except--the man was now closer to the front window. Once again, standing as if a statue, but none-the-less, standing there showing everything!

One more day, one more step closer to the window.

One more day, one more step closer to the window.

One more day, one more step closer to the window.

Five days total, and the man was almost within touching distance of the window.

As Joe saw him so close to the front of the room, and now actually in a very obvious view, he turned and looked to see if there were any others on the street that could possibly see the naked man too. Joe did not see anybody, and then he realized that if there had been, the man in the window would have already seen them.

Joe looked at the man, and looked directly at his eyes.

The man was looking back directly into Joe's eyes too.

Joe was somewhat, kind of, in a state of shock and he simple stood there and looked at the man. There was some glare reflection coming back from the glass, but in was now very, very obvious that the man inside knew Joe could see him, and all of him.

Suddenly Joe turned, called for Troup to follow, and he headed down the street.

The following morning, Joe actually fought with himself about if he should even go down Miller Street, or if he needed to change his morning route. He knew he should avoid that street so that he was no longer confronted with the weird, way too weird of a situation that had now been going on for a long time now.

His curiosity of wanting to see what could now happen, won.

Joe and Troup started down Miller Street.

They approached the front of their mystery house.

Much to Joe's surprise, the man was not in view in the window, and for the very first morning for a long time, Troup did not seem to have a strong interest in sniffing the grass as he had been doing for quite some time.

Joe, although shocked that he did not have the naked man to see, continued on down Miller Street.

Suddenly, and to him very suddenly he heard some lowly yell out,

"Joe, hey Joe, come over here!"

Joe stopped, and looked around.

"Hey Joe, come over here, in front of the blue Buick." The unseen person again said.

Joe turned and realized that beside his rather mysterious house, in a very vine covered, trellis type of a carport, was a blue Buick.

Joe turned, looked up and down the street. He turned toward the car and paused. He felt like he should run, and he also was way too curious to even want to think about leaving this place without finding out just what in the hell was going on.

"I've got Troup with me! For God's sake, nobody in their right mind would do anything to me with me having my 90 pound German Shepherd with me!"

He started so very slowly toward the car.

"Yea, thanks Joe." The voice said.

"God, he knows my name! What in the hell is going on here? Who in the hell is it that knows my name?" He thought to himself.

He continued to approach the car.

"Joe, I'm over here in front of the car, behind some of the vines.

You're OK, everything's OK. Just come on around the front of the car.

Joe cautiously continued his walk toward the front of the car, and then went past the front of the car, and could see where the man was at.

And could also see that he was outside, completely naked and showing ever square inch of his black skin that he had.

Joe froze. He did not know what to do. Troup stood beside him, and was actually wagging his tail some! Joe did not know if to stand there, or if to turn and run as fast as he could.

"Joe, it's Coach Wilson from over at East Side High."

Joe kind of leaned forward and said, "What!? What did you say?"

"Joe, everything is OK. I'm Coach Wilson from over at East Side High. You know who I am. You are OK? Joe, I want to talk to you! Can we talk?"

As Joe kind of tried to say, "OK, Yea I guess", he noticed that Troup was eating something from on the ground. It looked like a piece of bread and butter.

Joe looked at Troup, was quite shocked that his dog was more interested in that piece of bread than in what was going on, and he looked at Coach Wilson.

And yea,----when he looked at Coach Wilson, he truly did have something to look at! He had never had suck an opportunity to so completely look over a completely bare and naked, mature, and very muscular, man. Hard-on and all!

Joe was feeling very shocked and confused. Coach Wilson was, in his mind, the hottest looking wresting coach of any team he had competed against during his wrestling days. Coach Wilson was really very well built, was now in his mid forty's and stood about 6'3" or 4". Joe had always thought of him as one damn hot and good looking guy!

"Coach Wilson. Coach of the wrestling guys over at East High? You were the coach over there when I competed against the East Side High guys, weren't you?"

"Yea Joe, I was. Joe, even back then, I wanted to get my hands on your body and play with it, but of course I was a coach and you were a student, so I had to stay in line. But Joe, I admired you back then, and I have never forgotten about you! So when I first saw you walking your dog down our street, I just knew I had to see if maybe I could have another chance at you."

"Joe, I know you are married. I've been kind of keeping track of you. I know you work for City and County Delivery."

"Joe, your Senior year when you took county First Place from my wrestler, I really was happy as hell, although I could not show it. My God! Can you image the scandal it would have created if it ever got known that I was cheering for you over my own student! Joe when you won, I wanted to run out on the middle of the floor and give you a big hug and a kiss. Joe, you have had me all hot and bothered ever since the first time that I saw you when you were a Freshman."

"I've even gotten the school to switch over to using City and County Delivery whenever we need something picked up or delivered, just in the hope that you would be the driver."

"Joe when I saw you walking the dog down our street, I decided I just had to find out if maybe you might be agreeable to having sex with me.

Joe, you've been watching me for weeks now as I kept getting more and more brazen is showing my body to you, and you kept looking, so I finally decided I needed to let you know what I want. Joe, will you let me suck you off?"

"Coach, I can't do that! Coach, I'm married. I'm married to a women, I'm not gay!"

"Hey Joe, I'm married too, and I'm not really gay, but once in awhile when I can find me a really hot one, then I like to do some--like extra--type of stuff. And Joe, I have thought you are a really hot one for way too long now. Joe, please don't turn me down! I've wanted this for years, now. Joe, I want you and me to do it, man!"

"Joe, I'm married too. My wife is a nurse at City Hospital and she works from about 6:00 in the morning, and that's why I've been able to kind of play around with you, trying to find out if you might be approachable.

Joe, let me tell you something man. You are approachable, or you would have changed your walking habits away from this house weeks ago. You may not know it, but as things kept getting more and more "funny", the more you got all excited about it. And you did, didn't you?"

"Yea! God yes, I guess I do have to admit so, coach! Like this morning, I tried to tell myself that after what happened yesterday, seeing you completely naked in your front window, I tried to convince myself that I needed to go someplace else, but then I just had to come by here to see if I would see you all naked again. Man, you've got nerve standing there all naked in your window like that!"

"No. Not really Joe. I could see everything outside. I knew it was just you and your dog. Oh, and by the way Joe. Don't you think it is kind of funny that your dog got to where he wanted to spend a lot of time in front of my house? He was getting some butter treat that I was putting out there on the grass each morning, so that he would want to stop and sniff and lick. That gave me more of a chance to watch you and dream about you and me getting together. And it gave me more time to see if you would turn and run when I started showing myself to you. You never did, did you?

In-fact, here you are today, after I showed you, through my front window, the big black meat stick that you could chew on. You're back, so I guess you kind of accepted my invitation, didn't you?"

"Oh God Coach! Shit man! You have got me so damn confused right now! Man, I never thought about playing around with some guy, but shit man, then I never thought that it might be somebody like you. Yea, coach, I'm getting awfully close to saying yes to you, but it's just because it's you. If you were some other guy, I'd tell him hell no, but Coach I remember back in the high school days, and I was always anxious to wrestle your guys, because I knew you would be there. So I kind of guess, even back then I must have been kind of attracted to you even though I did not realize it."

"Yea Joe. I think you were, but you did not know it. You got me all hot and bothered at one match we had with your team because I caught you looking at me once, and I almost melted on the damn floor. Joe, I've never made it with any of the school guys, but there have been sometimes when I was sucking on some other guy and I made believe to myself that it was you! Joe, you can not imagine how many times I have imagined that I had your dick in my mouth, when, in reality, it was some other guy's dick."

"Hey coach, you know, I never thought about it, but now I kind of remember how really excited I always was when I got to be around you. Do you think I was kind of hot for you back than, and I just didn't know what I was feeling? Coach, I did not know this was your place, but do you think that since I could kind of see you in the front window, and even though I did not know it was you, I could tell it was somebody that was pretty close to being like you, and that is why I was interested? Do you think that I was unconsciously hoping, in the back of my mind, that it might be you?

Coach, do you think that is possible?"

"Coach, do you think that maybe you are the real reason that I have always kind of watched big muscular black men, when I happened to be around them? Coach do you think that maybe I have really had this deep down inside thing for you all of this time, and I just never figured it out?

Coach, yea, hell yes, I do want to have some sex with you! It sure did take me a few minutes to figure myself out, but God I'm glad we could talk!" "Coach, really within just these last few minutes, I do think I understand me, a lot better. Coach, I never thought that I wanted gay sex, but oh my God! Coach, just all of a sudden, I am hotter for having sex than I have ever been before!"

"Coach, I never realized that I wanted to have sex with another guy, but shit man, right now I am so damn excited and anxious and I am really,--- really, ready! Shit coach, I did not feel this way just a few minutes ago. Coach, I am ready! Oh coach! I am so damn horny all of a sudden! You will have to teach me, man! I've never had sex with a guy before! Oh man! Oh Coach, can I grab your dick? Oh God man! Let's do it, please! Oh Coach! Let's do it before I realize what I am doing and I try to change my mind!"


Wade Wright

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