"Joe, your dog can stay here in the back yard. It's fully enclosed and he can't get out. Come with me. I'm so excited and happy that I will finally get to do what I have dreamt of doing for years. Joe, I am sure you are going to be real glad that we got together and were with each other." Coach said to Joe as he opened the gate into the back yard, and invited the hunky young man in.

"Coach, like I said, we had better get started on this right away or I might change my mind. I'm still not sure I should be doing this! Is Troup going to be OK here in the yard for a while?"

"Yea, Joe. Troup is going to be OK out here. Come here young man.

I want to put by arms around you like I have wanted to do for years now."

Coach Wilson took Joe by the shoulders and pulled him up close and tight.

"Oh Coach! Coach I'm not going to say I don't want to do this, but man, I'm feeling real nervous right now. Coach, I never expected something like this to happen man!" Joe returned the hug. He slowly put his hands around the coach's waist and hugged.

"Oh Coach! You feel good to me. You feel so strong, man. Coach, we had better get inside or I'm still afraid that I will want to change my mind, but I've got to admit that having your arms around me, and mine around you, is really making me feel like I'm not really doing anything wrong here. Coach, hug me tight and then let's get inside so I can get undressed."

"Yea, OK Joe. We can do that, but if you have not noticed, I'm completely bare assed naked out here, and if you want, you can get naked out here too. This back yard is completely closed in and nobody can see us in here, well----unless an airplane flys over, so if you want we can go in the house, or we can stay out here."

"Oh coach. Yea, yea! Let's stay out here then if we can. I've never played outside before, well if you know what I mean, like have sex.

Oh yea! That sounds like fun!"

With that comment, Joe let loose of the coach, and the coach moved his hands down to start removing Joe's warm-up slacks. Joe looked down, watched the coach take ahold of the top snap and let out a big breath.

"Getting all nervous with me starting to take off your pants?" The coach asked.

"Yea, I guess I must be." Replied Joe. "Coach, you've got to admit that a hell of a lot of stuff is going through my mind right now. Years ago I know I could of almost begged you to do this, and hell back then I never in the greatest of imagination could I have ever thought that the day would come where you are taking my pants off of me. And also Coach, with me looking down, right now, that is really the first time I've had a good chance to really look at that mammoth cock of yours! Shit it is big!

Coach, for God's sake, Coach! You aren't expecting to do anything with that damn big thing are you? I mean, you're not wanting to put that up in my ass or anything are you? Coach, please tell me that you're not wanting to try and fuck me with that damn big thing are you? Coach, you know my ass could never get that big thing up in there! Please coach, please let me know that all you want to do is maybe suck on me! Please! Really, if you think that maybe you want to try and get that think up inside of me, I'm going to run. Coach that damn pole would rip a guy's ass all apart.

I'm serious coach, tell me if you are planning on trying to use my ass!"

"No, no Joe! No, I will not try to put that rod up in your ass.

Today, all I want to do is get a good long chance to finally put your dick in my mouth and suck some juices out of it, and if you want to lick on my pole some, then of course I'll let you do that. But if you don't want to, then that's OK too. Joe I'm not going to make you do anything that you do not want to do."

"Thanks Coach! Thanks! Seriously Coach, that rod is bigger than any guy's dick I've even seen pictures of. Is that natural? I mean, you didn't have some way to get it enlarged did you?"

"No Joe, it's all natural. I guess I just happened to be in the right line the day I was given a dick before I was born. Somebody up there must have decided that I needed a little more than the usual, so I've had this thing ever since I grew up."

"Coach, does your wife take it OK? Can you screw her OK? I mean, I don't mean to be getting real personal here about you and your wife, but shit man, can she take that thing?"

Coach looked at Joe, and with a grin on his face told Joe, "Yea man she loves it. Whenever she gets mad at me, she tells me that she would leave me, except she don't want to leave my dick behind. So she says she will put up with me, just so she don't have to let my dick go! I may piss her off once in awhile, but my dick is a lifesaver for me!"

Joe reached down and as he grinned about the coach's statement, he put his hand on it.

"Oh my God Coach! Coach, I can't close my hand around it! Coach, my God man! How big is that? Have you ever measured it, I mean, do you have anyway of knowing how big around that thing is?"

"Yea, Joe. I measured it once. I got asked by so many others how big it was, that I got tired of telling that I did not know, so one day I did measure it, when it was good and hard. On that day, when I measured it, it was just about 9 and a half inches around, and from my body out to the tip of it, it was 9 and a half inches. So I've always kind of just joked that I have a square dick, since it measures 9 and a half by 9 and a half."

"Oh my God Coach! Have you ever tried to put that thing up in a guy's ass before? I mean, man, is there any guy that could take that much rod up in his ass without tearing it all apart?"

"Yea, Joe. Yea! I've fucked a few guys before. Some that I really was not interested in, but those were the guys that had heard about it, and they really insisted that I fuck their ass just so they could say that they had taken it before. And, got to tell you, everyone of them took it, and some of them took it real fast!"

"Coach, have you ever fucked any of the wrestlers before? Have you ever done any of them?"

"Hey Joe. Let's not go there right now, OK? Maybe I have and maybe I haven't. Later, OK?"

"Oh yea Coach. Yea. I did not mean to ask anything that I should not have, I'm sorry!"

"Hey no reason to be sorry Joe. I just think maybe we can discuss that at a later time. That's all."

With that comment, the coach continued to undo Joe's warm-ups and he slightly moved them down onto his hips. He grabbed the bottom of Joe's pull over shirt, and pulled it up and off of his head. As he let loose of the shirt with his left hand, he brought it down and placed in on the shoulder blade of Joe's back. He lowered his right hand, dropped the shirt on the ground and grabbed Joe's ass cheek. He lowered his head down, and placed his lips on Joe's right nipple. The coach sucked on that tit, and then took the tip of it in his mouth and slightly bit. Joe groaned a very pleasant groan of satisfaction and pleasure. Coach moved his mouth to the left nipple and again sucked and bit. Joe again released a pleasant moan and an encouraging groan. The coach knew that he had found some of Joe's sexually sensitive spots. He pulled Joe up close and tight. He hugged Joe, and Joe hugged back.

The coach then slipped his thumbs into the top of Joe's' warm-up pants and pulled them on down to his knees.

"Well,---look at that!" The coach exclaimed! "Damn Joe, that looks hot! Damn man! Got to admit, those are a surprise to me, I figured that you would just have on some boring ole white briefs, but shit man, you know how to dress. Joe, those short are dam hot on you! Shit man, look at the basket they show! I know they are under shorts, but shit man, I think it would be a benefit to the entire neighborhood if you just wore those and no pants on top of them. Shit man, those are hot!"

Joe was wearing a longer and more form fitting pair of undershorts that definitely hugged his body tight, and with the pronounced, crotch basket insert of the shorts, it really showed off all of Joe's assets. The insert became a complete package and display all of its own, the way it was cut and designed to show off every possible part of a guy's crotch that he had available.

"Joe, do you wear this type of shorts every day?"

"Uh no!" Joe replied. "No I really don't! Today is the first time that I have worn them while out walking Troup. Coach, I guess, thinking back on it, I kind of guess that maybe without me actually realizing it, seeing you in the window like I have lately must have gotten me somewhat excited, although I did not know it. The other day, I was downtown in the mall, and all of a sudden I wanted something more exciting to wear than just the normal usual stuff, and so when I saw these, they just looked kind of exciting to me, and so I bought them. Today's the first day I've worn them, and I guess maybe that's because without knowing it, I was getting all sexy feeling with the stuff that has been going on here. Do you think I was unconsciously hopeing that something like this would happen today?"

"You know Joe, you might have. We as humans do some weird things sometimes that we never realize. Maybe the last few days of seeing me in the window has gotten you kind of excited, but you never wanted to admit it to yourself."

As the coach was finishing his statement, and his admiration of the hot looking under shorts, he pulled them on down and let Joe's cock and bag jump out of confinement.

"Yea, yea! I thought so!" Coach exclaimed. "Yea, I thought so!"

"You thought so what? What?" Joe questioned as he looked at the coach with a very quizzed look on his face.

"Joe, ever since your high school days and the wrestling matches, I had just been sure you were really nicely hung for a white guy! Yea--Joe!

You are! Look at that rod and those balls you are carrying around. Yea, yours might not be as big as mine, that I will agree, but shit man, have you ever compared your dick to some other white guy's dicks? Joe, you are well hung! Nicely, very, well hung!"

"Well coach, I've never really ever compared it, but yea there have been times when some other guys that saw it made comments about it. I never really though it was any different than others though. Is it really that much bigger than other white dick?"

"Yea Joe, it is. You know man, ever since your wrestling day I was just damn sure you were carrying more in that wrestling singlet of yours than other guys. Every time you wrestled against my boys, I had my eyes on that crotch almost all of the time. You know Joe. For years now I have been afraid that I would never get the chance to see for myself if you really were carrying more than usual. I guess your coaches never suggested to you that when you get dressed that maybe you might want to tuck that big rod down under your crotch so it doesn't show so much, uh?"

"Well no, nobody ever told me I was showing too much. God Coach!

Coach, do you think maybe my own coaches were letting me do that just so they could look at it too? Do you think that is possible?"

"Well Joe. You always showered after a wrestling match, right?"

"Yea, of course I did."

"Well just tell me how often your coach would just happen to be in the shower room when you just happened to be showering. Very often?"

"Yea Coach. Yea! Always! Coach,--Coach Bradley, by first coach and then Coach Snyder, the one I had my Senior year, were always in the shower room then. Are you saying that they were there just to see how I was hung? That is the reason they were there? Not to do the stuff they acted like they were doing, but just to see me naked?"

"Yea Joe, I think so. Joe, I don't need to be in the shower room with my guys after a match, unless---that is---unless,--- I've got some hot hung wrestler that I want to check out. Sure, then I will find a reason to be in there, but not normally. Joe my dear man! You were being checked out by your coaches and probably all of the other wrestlers too. I will tell you one thing man. I did notice that every time my guys wrestled you, well in fact every time I ever saw any guy wrestle you, you always got grabbed in the crotch area a hell of a lot more than the normal wrestler.

I kind of figured, for the entire time I knew you back then, that a lot of high school wrestlers were getting a lot of good chances to do a lot of crotch grabbing on you. A lot of high school wrestlers in this area have felt that dick and bag of balls. A lot of wrestlers in this area know just how your dick and your balls feel, I know that for sure! I know I'm one coach that always wanted to have the chance to do some grabbing down there on you too! You have probably been felt up more than any other guy in this area. Didn't you ever have the feeling that some of those guys were doing a whole lot more grabbing and feeling, down in that area, than what was probably necessary? Hell Joe, I'm sure a lot of those guys could have wrestled better if they had been concentrating on their wrestling instead of trying to feel you up. Hell, some of my own wrestlers probably lost some of their matches with you since they were probably more interested in knowing what you were hung like, and what you felt like, instead of knowing what winning felt like! I watched some of their faces pretty closely when they were wrestling you, and I saw a lot of guy's faces, that unconsciously lit up, when they grabbed your basket. They grabbed it on purpose. They didn't realize that some of us had caught on and were watching to see how often you got grabbed down there. The hell with wrestling, they were on that mat to feel you and your crotch, and damn near every one of them did!

They just didn't realize that the entire gymnasium full of people, were watching them feel you up! And of course some of them were their Moms and Dads!"

Coach Wilson then took ahold of Joe's manly equipment and uttered,

"Wow! Shit man! I've never seen a white guy with that much between his legs! Well, you were wondering just a few minutes ago of how big I was, and I can see that before too long we will be using the ole tape measure on you." And with that statement, Coach bent down, took ahold of Joe's cock and placed it in his mouth.

Joe, still not completely comfortable that they were having sex outdoor, in the backyard, again looked around to make sure that nobody could see what was happening in the coach's backyard. "Nobody can see in here, right, Coach?"

Pulling Joe's body up closer to himself so that he could take the entire white rod down his throat, the coach answered the best that he could, "No, nobody can see. Hey fuck my mouth, you white stud!"

Joe regained his attention back to the sucking that he was getting.

He watched the coach suck on his dick, and started forgetting about them being outside, and started getting "into" the sucking that was happening!

"Oh man!" Joe exclaimed with gusto. "Oh man that feels good! Oh Coach, that feels really good! Yea man, that is great. Oh Coach this is great!"

Joe grabbed the coach's head and pulled it toward himself!

"Oh Coach, I've never had a suck off before! Of Coach, I did not know they felt this good! Oh Coach, suck on it!"

The coach pulled off for a moment and replied, "I am man, and I am finally getting what I have wanted for years! Oh Joe you taste so good to me!"

The coach immediately went back on Joe's dick and grabbed Joe's ass muscles to force Joe's dick as far into his mouth as possible! Joe was getting excited and was giving the coach as much cock as he had to offer.

"Oh Coach, chew on it! Coach let me know that you have got me and my dick in your mouth! Oh Coach, suck me please!"

The coach had Joe's meat rod in his mouth, and he was using it to his complete joy, He had ahold of Joe's backside and steadied Joe's body as he forced his face on to and off of Joe's man stick meat. Faster and faster he went onto and off of Joe's cock! He was sucking him furiously, manly and wildly! Coach Wilson was finally getting the stick of meat that he had dreamt of for years now, and he was using it for all he could do!

Oh Coach! Coach, I think I'm getting read to cum man! Coach, I'm going to cum! Coach, I going to cum----------Oh Coach, Coach! I'm cumin!!

I'm cumin Coach! Oh shit man! I just shot a big wad of my cum, all of my cum in your mouth Coach! Coach, was I supposed to do that, Coach?"

As he could recompose himself, Coach continued to swallow Joe's cum, lick the sides of Joe's dick, and continue to suck with force to make sure that he had taken all of the young man juice and he then said, "Hell yes Joe! Hell yes, you were supposed to feed me your cum! Hell yes man!

That is what you were supposed to do and exactly what I wanted. Yea man, yea-----you did good! Oh Joe, I knew for years a rod like that one had to be a good rod to suck on! Oh Joe, what a fucking rod of meat you've got man! Joe, please promise me that I will be able to do you again real soon!"

"Coach, Coach, I want you to try and fuck me! Coach please, I want to see if you can fuck me! Will you Coach?"

Coach Wilson immediately bounced back off of Joe's dick, looked up at Joe and quickly asked, "What!? Joe you want what? Joe you said you want me to fuck you? You mean in your ass? Joe, is that what you asked!?"

"Yea Coach, ---yea that's what I said. Will you see if you can?


"Hell yes Joe, I sure will, but my God man,---what in the hell made you decide that we could do that? Joe I wasn't even sure that I was going to get to just suck on your cock, and now you are asking me to try and fuck your ass? Joe are you sure? Joe do you know what you are asking?"

Coach, I got raped once by a bunch of guys, and ever since then I've been real confused about what I want to do or how I feel about stuff.

It really hurt that day, but I think I want to try it again, but I was afraid to say so. Right now I just decided that I needed to tell you what I want."

"Coach, I almost turned those guys into the police that day, and then I didn't and ever since then I've wondered why I didn't. Coach, I think if I get fucked again, even by a really big, fucking big one like yours, then maybe I can forget all about that day. Will you?"

"Yea, I will Joe, but tell me what happened. What happened and when was that? What in the hell happened to you?"

Coach I was about maybe 14 years old, and it was after a baseball game over at Wood Park. We played a team from over in Collier County, and a bunch of their guys cornered me in the restroom after the game and they all fucked me. It hurt Coach, it hurt! None of them tried to use anything on my ass. They all fucked me dry and it really hurt. I found out later that when a guy gets fucked in the ass, that he uses some grease or something in his ass, and they didn't do that to me. When they came in the restroom, one of them said something like, "Hey man. We hear from your buddies that you have got one hell of a big cock and you like to play with guys!" Then all of a sudden two of them had ahold of me, they pushed me up against the wall, and the other one pulled my pants down. They all grabbed my dick and pulled on it and slapped it back and forth. Yea-coach-they made it get hard and when it did then they all said, "Yea man! He's a gay faggot! He's a faggot!"

Then they turned me around to face the wall and each one of them fucked my ass. I heard one of them tell me something about since they weren't fucking faggots they weren't going to suck on my dick, but they sure didn't have any problem fucking my cute little ass! That's when two of them would hold me and then the other one would fuck me. I was mad and after they finally left I really did want to call the cops, but then I was afraid that when people heard about what happened, then everybody would think I was a faggot, so I just never called them."

"Well what happened to those guys? Who were they? Weren't they on the team bus? How did they have this much time?"

All I know about them was that two of them were on the team, and I guess it was the third guy that was older and had a car. One of them was kind of a small guy, but his fucking dick felt big, one was a real muscular black guy, with of course a big dick, and with no grease up in my ass I'm sure it felt bigger than it really was, and then the third guy was the older one. He looked like a biker to me. He wore a lot of leather and silver stuff. I remember he had really big boots on! Funny thing was, his dick felt like the smallest of the three, that I remember!"

"No they weren't on the bus. I guess the one was old enough to drive because I heard one of them say something about "your car" and I head a car start after they left the restroom. Coach, ever since that day, I do have to admit, well now to you anyway, that I've always wondered if getting fucked in the ass could be fun, if you were not being forced into it, and maybe have some grease or something up in there to make it work better."

"Coach, I know that on that day I did not like what had happened, but as time went on, I really started wondering what it could really be like. What it could be like if done with someone that cared for me.

Someone that did not force it when I tried to tell him to stop. Coach, today is the very first time that I have ever been with a guy to have sex with him, well except for that one day and those guys, and I've always wondered if it could be fun. Coach, can we? I want to finally find out if that could have been fun if they had done it differently."

"Yea Joe we will. We'll do that if that's what you want! But Joe, who in the hell was the guy that told them you have a big dick? Who told those guys that? Do you know who that was?"

"Coach, I really don't know for sure, but Jimmy Zan used to go to our school and that year his family moved over to Collier County someplace, and I think it must have been him. I didn't see any of our guys talking to those guys. Jimmy had been in gym classes with me when the other guys were always saying that I had a big cock, mine got bigger earlier than most of the guy's, and I think he must have been the one that told those other guys. Since mine was a little bigger than those guys at that time, they all claimed that it was bigger because I was a gay. I guess that's the reason that I never allowed myself to ever play with another guy,---well until today that is, but hell man,--when I found out it was you, there was no way in hell I was going to pass up this opportunity. I know I kind of refused at first, but I was still trying to figure me out. I still don't think I should be wanting to do something like this, but I really do. I've kind of always thought those three guys kind of messed my mind up, and I've never really sorted it out yet. Maybe today will help!"

"Hell Coach, back in those high school days when our team wrestled your guys, I always went back to the locker room with wild ideas of being in bed with you. Your guys, I never dreamt about them, but you, hell yes!

Now, you, that was a different manner. Hell Coach, you could have done me when I was still a student, and nobody would have ever found out about it!

Yea man! Yea Coach! I wanted to have sex with you back then too. Coach, I've always wanted to have sex with you, but because of that messed up day I had, I always made sure I never thought about playing with a guy. You know Coach, I've always wondered if I was, for some weird reason, attracted to you since you are a big muscular black man, and I have to admit that when that black guy was the one fucking me, I think maybe I was really kind of liking it. He hurt, but looking back, I do kind of think I liked him being in me and fucking me. He was a hot looking guy. Yea, he was young, but hell so was I back then. I was wanting him to do me different, more gentle, because I guess I must have really wanted to get fucked by him, but of course I did not tell him or the other guys that. I have to admit I've wondered, over the years, just where he is now. Does that say, that maybe, I'd like to do that all over again with him?"

"Shit man--if I had only known over the last few years, or at least since I got out of school, that I could have come to you--wow--how things would have been different! Coach, are you going to try and get that big railroad car of yours up in my ass?"

"Yea Joe I sure am!" Then Coach asked. "Joe, how much time have you got available today?"

Joe replied, "I've got as much time as I need. Today is my day off, so I don't have to be home by any specific time, why?"

"OK Joe, here's the why. I don't feel comfortable doing this here at the house. Let's do remember I am a married guy. Not that I expect her, but for some funny reason she could come home totally unexpected, or maybe somebody else could come to the house for some reason. I've got someplace that I'd like for us to go to that I think would be safer."

"Oh OK! Where is the other place?" Joe asked.

"Well Joe, I guess I don't really need to remind you that what I am about to tell you must remain a complete secret, but I and four other married guys secretly rent a small apartment that we can all use when we need a hiding spot. It's downtown in an old apartment complex. I'd like for us to go there. Besides, I've got plenty of Crisco there!"

"Wow! Oh, OK! Hey--yea I like this idea. Yea I like that idea better too. Should I take Troup home and have you pick me up, or you want me to meet you there or what?"

Coach and Joe decided that it would work best if they met at the apartment building in one hour. Coach gave Joe the apartment address and made sure he knew exactly how to find the location. Joe dressed, grabbed Coach's cock and then re-grabbed it with both hands and said, "See, I knew I could get my hands around it, I just have to use both of them at the same time. Shit man! I hope to hell I know what in the hell I am asking for.

When I have to use two hands to get all the way around it, then I wonder if asking for it to be put up in my ass isn't a little crazy. Shit man,--you will be careful with my little ass won't you?"

"Yea Joe my man! I will be careful! You hit the road man, and I will see you there in one hour from now! OK?"

"Yea Coach, yea! I will be there, scared like hell I'm sure, but I will be there. Oh hey! Is there anything that I should bring?"

"No Joe, everything we will need is already there! Everything is ready! Just bring your ass. That's the one thing that we will definitely need! See you in an hour!"


Wade Wright

[email protected]


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