Coach came into the apartment and found Tim getting everything ready for the upcoming events of the evening. "Hey, looks like you've been here awhile." Coach said as he noticed all of the preparations that Tim had arranged.

"No, not too long really. I keep everything pretty handy so that I can grab it when necessary. So Coach, tell me about this new playmate of yours. You two haven't tried the fist thing yet, I assume. Right?"

"No, we sure haven't. We've only had about three sessions together so far, and Joe told me the first day we got together about how he thought he'd kind of like to see it done, and I told him that maybe you and Sammy would be willing to let us watch, and maybe give us some pointers on the whats and the hows of fisting. I'm glad we finally figured out a night when all four of us could make it. You know I've been putting you off in teaching me and letting me do it, but now that Joe and I are playing around and he has expressed an interest, well,---I kind of guess that has perked my interest too. I don't know if either one of us will be trying it tonight, but at least we will have seen a guy get fisted up in his ass, and not feel so dumb and stupid about what goes on."

"Hey Coach. You guys don't need to do it if you don't want to, but if either one of you do decide to try it for the first time tonight, you just let Sammy and I know. Got to admit, Sammy is a pretty good one to get your first fisting from. He is on the smaller side, as you have seen, and his hands are a lot easier to take up the ole ass hole than my larger hands. So if you guys want to try it, just let us know."

Just as Tim was telling Coach to ask if he got interested in doing it, Sammy showed up at the door. He came in, all excited that he was going to be doing some fisting and having an audience while he either did some fisting, or while he got some fisting done to him.

"Hey guys, I've go to admit that it really turns me on when somebody is watching while I get a fist up in my ass or put my fist up in another guy's ass. Actually I do kind of think I get more excited when it is a fist going up inside of me. I don't know why, but I must be an exhibitionist when getting fisted. I guess in my mind I know it is like really weird for another guy to put his fist up in my ass, but then I like showing others that I can do that. I think it goes back to my childhood days when everybody said I was no good at sports and stuff. I have always kind of felt that letting a guy do that to me and also letting others watch it happen, was kind of like making up for my less than happy and accomplished younger days. I'd like to get fisted in front of all of my old childhood people and ask them how many of them could do this!"

Coach and Tim agreed with Sammy that perhaps his childhood days were the reasons that he got all excited about getting it up in the ass like that. Coach added, "Yea, I've been told, and I do believe, that the reason some guys like to get paddled so much is a reflection on their childhood days. I've been told that as a child they were paddled, and now they find excitement in it as an adult. I'll tell you one thing! About six months ago I was with a guy at his house that really, and I do mean really, got all excited about getting his ass paddled as red hot as he could get someone to give it to him. I paddled him for a solid hour and I was actually afraid to paddle him anymore, even though he was still begging for it. Shit man, his ass was glowing red! Not kind of, but I do mean real red! And for him being a black man, that is not an easy task!"

Joe opened the door and came in just as the other three were finishing up the conversation about Coach's friend getting a red hot ass paddling.

"Hey Joe!" Coach said as he went toward Joe and gave him a hug and a kiss. "Joe, this is Tim, and this is Sammy!"

As Joe extended his hand out to shake hands, he expressed his pleasure in meeting both of them.

Looking around the room, Joe then said, "Well, I kind of think maybe things are going to happen in here tonight, aren't they? Being the only guy standing here with clothes on is making me feel a little weird, but I don't think it is the clothing as much as the big can of grease and all of the other stuff laid out. Shit man, this almost looks like an operating room. Just a little more weird."

Joe started to remove his clothes, and as he did Coach gave him a big hug and told him he was glad they were going to watch Tim and Sammy go to it.

"Joe, Tim has been begging me to get involved in this stuff for months now, and I've always put him off, but now that it's you and I, I'm all turned on to learning as much as I can. Tim told me that if either one of us wants to try, either doing some fisting or getting some fisting, to let him know. He did point out that since Sammy has some smaller hands, he is a good one to get a first time fist from. He told me that Sammy's smaller hands slide up and in easier than his bigger hands do. So anyway, if you decide that you want to do more than just watch, you let me know. I know right now I'm starting to get the idea that I just might ask for some action before this whole thing is over. Ever since you told me the other night that you want us to get with Tim and Sammy and watch them do each other, I've been getting more and more excited about doing it too. Now Joe, if I do decide that I want to try it, and you don't feel comfortable trying it just yet, that's OK. If you'd rather watch, I'll have Tim or Sammy do me. OK?"

"Yea Coach, yea. I got to admit that right now I'm still feeling kind of like the little neighborhood boy that is going to be peaking through the fence and watching something that I am not supposed to see.

Maybe I will relax a little more once things get going, but I got to admit that right now I'm feeling pretty stiff about thinking about having somebody put their hand up in my ass or even me putting my hand up in their ass. I want to see what happens, but I sure can't promise how involved I'll get."

"Hey that's OK, man. Nobody is going to make you do anything that you do not want."

As Joe and Coach were talking, Tim and Sammy had hit the bed, and quickly decided that Sammy would be the fister, and Tim would be the fistee.

"Tim likes to be on his back while he gets fisted." Sammy explained. "Some guys, like me for example, like to be belly down while I get fisted, and as long as it feels good to the guy getting it, it really doesn't matter. I mean after all, it's all to just feel good getting it, so use whatever position you prefer."

Sammy positioned the big beach towel up under Tim's ass and lower back and rather jokingly told the two observers to always be as neat as possible, so that when the fun is over, there is as little clean up to take care of as possible. "Hey men, when you pull your fist out of some guys'

ass, you'd rather lay there and hug him, and not have to start doing the old washing everything down before you can relax. That is the reason I use the Latex gloves. When you smear this much grease on your hand, it is a whole lot easier to just rip off the glove and throw it in the waste basket than to try and quickly wash this much grease off of your hand. Now hey, guys! Some bottoms do not want you using gloves when they are getting fisted, so always find out first if you should or not. You sure don't want to piss off some guy that you are just about to slide you hand up into.

Don't make for too much fun that way."

Sammy had gotten his hand and Tim's butt hole all greased up and then slid some fingers in and out of Tim's ass to kind of get it all excited and ready for an entry.

As he got Tim all ready, Sammy explained the whats and the why of what he was doing, and the best techniques to use to get his hand up in Tim's ass as quickly as possible.

"After all men." Sammy said. "When you've got a hunk like this on the bed, his legs up in the air, his ass all greased up and starting to get hot, you will find out that you get pretty excited yourself, and you get pretty anxious to be feeling the inside of his ass. Once you do this a few times, the rush of getting in there and feeling around will hit you."

Sammy folded his hand, pointed his fingers and slowly started to enter Tim's ass. He watched Tim's face, and he watched his ass, making sure that everything was OK both with Tim, and with Tim's ass. Tim let out a little groan.

"Hey men. That is what you want to hear. You don't want your man just laying there all stone quiet and silent. You want him to groan some, so that you know he can feel you invading his most private hole, and you also know he is feeling good about what he is feeling up in there."

"Oh shit man!" Joe exclaimed. "Coach, look! Sammy has almost all of his hand up in Tim's ass already! Tim, don't that hurt?" Joe asked.

"No not really." Tim replied. "I'm not going to be a complete fool and try to tell you that for the first few times that it does not hurt, but after you get it a few times, your ass gets used to taking it, and your mind can only think about the joy you feel of having some guy's hand up in there. Really guys, once you get used to having it some, you want it as often as you can get it! Fucking in the ass is good, but fisting in the ass is pure top quality sex!"

Coach and Joe bent over to get somewhat closer to the action, and both men gasped in surprised as Sammy pushed his hand on up in, far enough that his entire wrist disappeared up in Tim's ass.

"Oh my God!" Joe almost yelled. "Oh my God Sammy, how far up in him are you going to go? Oh God, that has got to hurt! Tim, doesn't that hurt? He has more than his whole hand up in your ass!"

"No Joe, it really feels good to me! He's gone up in me, up to his elbow before, and I'm hoping he can do that again tonight so you two can watch it. Really guys, I know it looks like it has to be really painful to me, but it's not. It's a real turn on to me just knowing that he's going up in me like that!"

With Coach and Joe sitting on the edge of the bed, the leaning on each other and watching what was happening between Sammy and Tim, was getting Joe all hot and bothered.

"Hey man!" Coach said as he noticed that Joe was supporting a major hard-on. "It looks like this is getting you kind of all turned on man! You have a raging hard-on."

Joe looked down at his own cock and said, "Yea, I guess I do, don't I? Shit man, I was so damned interested in seeing what in the hell was happening up here with these two guys, I didn't even know I had gotten hard. Yea, I guess this is make me horny, and maybe just like you! Coach, look at the boner you are showing!"

"Yea I know! The only thing is, I knew I was supporting a woody.

I felt mine go real hard right when I saw Sammy push his hand up in Tim's ass and let his wrist disappear up in there. That really got me all hot an bothered, and I knew it when it happened."

Coach reached over to Joe as he spoke and rubbed his cock. Joe returned the favor. Both men sat there stroking the other guy, and at the same time watched what was happening between Sammy and Tim's ass. As for Tim, they already knew that he was simply laying there in a complete glory taking all of the action in his ass with a complete joy!

"Yea Sammy, push man!" Tim said as he rather raised up to see how much arm was now up in his ass. "Come on man! I want to show these two guys what it looks like for a man's arm to disappear up inside of another guy. Push it up in me. I want to feel your hand up inside of my chest area. Come on man! Fist me real deep!"

"I'm trying man!" Sammy replied. "Lay still there and give me some more time. I'm working my way up in you as fast as I can. When I get to my elbow, I'll make sure you know it so you can look down and see it. I know from the last time we did this, that your seeing my arm that far up inside of you, is a real turn on to you, isn't it?"

"Yea Sammy, yea! Yea man, I like it, but I don't get it often enough. We have got to get Coach and Joe broken in so they can be fisting me too when you are not here. Hey man, I'd give up fucking all together if I could just get fisted about every day instead. I love it man! It feels so damn good to me! Put your arm up in me!"

"Oh God Coach, this is getting me all turned on! Coach, I did not expect anything like this to happen. Hey, Coach, I don't know if I can take it or not, but the way I feel right now, please play with my ass.

Coach, finger my ass. Oh Coach, this has gotten me all hot and bothered.

Shit man, I'm going to be honest,---I'd love to feel your hand up in me.

OK! Now I've said it! I'm sure I will regret it if you even start to try, but that is the way I'm feeling right now, so I decided that I had to just day it. Coach, if you play with my ass and I change my mind, you will stop won't you? I know I should not have said that, but my ass is getting real anxious to be played with, so if you will promise to stop if I ask you to, I'll let you do some shit to my ass. Play with it! It's hungry for some hand action back there."

Sammy asked Coach if he wanted to use a glove, or go bare handed, and Joe rather interrupted and told them that he really doubted that Coach was going to be going in far enough to need a glove, but Sammy told Coach that he ought to use one anyway, since he would be smearing some grease all over Joe's ass anyway.

Coach put on a glove, asked Joe if he wanted to lay on his stomach or on his back, and after Joe decided that he wanted to be on his back so that he could see, Coach started smearing some grease on Joe's ass.

"Oh God yes!" Joe exclaimed with pleasure as he felt Coaches hand hit his ass hole. "Oh yea man, put a finger in my ass. Please Coach, finger my ass!"

For about the next 15 or 20 minutes Coach played with Joe's ass hole and slowly but carefully started to open it one finger at a time.

During this same time, Sammy continued to work on Tim's ass and continued to make additional headway in getting his arm up into Tim's body interior.

"There Tim, I'm in to my elbow! Can you sit up a little and see it? See, I knew it was not a fluke the last time that we did that! You've got a lot hungrier ass hole than what you think."

"Oh God that's hot!" Coach said. "Shit man, that is fucking hot!

Joe can you see Tim's ass? Can you see how fucking far Sammy is up inside of Tim?"

"Yea I can see it, and it is making me want your hand up in me that much more. Coach, I know damn well that I can not take that much up in me, but I want to get your hand up in me if we can. Can we try? Coach, I want to know that I got your hand up in my butt tonight. Oh God I'm crazy for saying that aren't I? Oh shit man, I know I am going to be fucking sorry that I ever said that!"

"OK Coach. It kind of sounds to me like you have a man there that is ready to try and see if he can get fisted. You willing?"

"Yea, I'm willing, but I'm just not too sure of what I'm supposed to do."

"Hey all you do is keep slowly pushing on his ass hole, and watch his face so you will know if he is feeling good or if he is having some pain, and just try to put as much hand up in him as you can. Just push on that ass nice and slow!"

Coach took Sammy's instructions to heart, and slowly attempted to put his hand up inside of Joe's ass. Joe jumped a few times, but each time, he told Coach that he was sorry because he did not want Coach to quit, but for just a moment or two it had hurt. Coach turned his hand a few times and actually found the best position to be in that he knew was the most comfortable for Joe. Often Joe would let out a, "Yea man, yea, --that feels good, push!"

When Coach heard those instructions, he followed his command, and he did actually gain some success. He could feel that he was opening Joe's ass hole completely.

"Joe, you OK?' Coach asked.

"Yea man, yea! I'm OK. I can feel your hand and I know it is really spreading my ass hole, but Coach, I may be weird, but feeling that hand up in me is really turning me on. You OK? Can we keep this up a little longer? Can we see if I can really get it up in me?"

"Yea Joe. Yea we can keep it up! I'm having my fun down here too.

I never thought that the day would ever come that I would be trying to put my hand up in that hot ass of yours, so we can stay at this until we do what we want. You just tell me if you have to stop, OK?"

"Yea I will, but not yet! I like feeling your hand. It hurts the way my ass hole is getting all spread open like that, but I guess I'm a weird guy. I like feeling it hurt like that! Oh Coach, I always wondered what it would be like to have some guy do this to you after I heard that guys do get fisted, but like I told you, I thought it was all just talk.

Oh Coach, thank God you got me into having gay sex. Oh Coach this is great!"

As Sammy continued to feel the insides of Tim, and also let Tim enjoy the feel of having a man's hand, his wrist and his lower arm completely up inside of himself, he watched the progress being mad on the bed beside himself.

"Coach, I've got to tell you, you've got one hot hungry guy there.

You've almost got your whole hand up in him, don't you?"

"Yea Sammy I do. It feels like I'm almost completely in. It feels like I've just got my knuckles to go. All of my fingers are up in there."

"OK man." Sammy replied. "You almost have him fisted. All you need to do now is push one more time, and let those knuckles pop in. Joe, I am going to be honest with you and tell you that when Coach pushes on you enough to let those knuckles pop in, it is going to hurt. It will only hurt for a few seconds, but I don't want to lie to you and tell you that it won't. Coach, when you pop in, do not pull your hand back out! Push it in, and keep it in there. Joe is going to have the natural reaction of trying to pull away from you when he feels your hand go in, but you have got to keep your hand up in him. If you pull back out right away, it will hurt Joe twice as much. Stay in him and let his ass relax on your wrist.

OK? Understand? Joe, you hear what I said? I know that when his hand pops into your ass you are going to have the natural reaction of trying to get off of it. Try to relax on it. As soon as the pain goes away, you are going to have the greatest feeling up inside of you that you have ever had.

Go for it guys, just take care of each other."

Coach looked at Joe and smiled. Joe looked back at Coach and smiled but then said, "I must be crazy as hell. I know damn well from what Sammy has told me, that this is going to hurt, but Coach, I want to know I had your hand up in me tonight, and so I am willing to take the pain just to be able to say I did it! Whenever you are ready, just tell me that you are coming in. I promise to try not to pull off. Oh God Coach, I really do want to feel your hand up in there. Fist me! Put your hand up in my ass!"

"Joe, I'm coming in!" Coach suddenly said as Joe told him to put his hand up in his ass. Joe screamed in pain, and he jerked and did try to pull his ass off of Coach's hand. Coach remembered what Sammy had told him, and he forced himself to continue to push against Joe's ass, although he too felt like he needed to pull out.

Suddenly Joe relaxed. He took a deep breath and said, "Oh God man!

Oh God! I've got your hand up in me, don't I? Oh shit man, I've got your hand up in my ass! Oh Coach, I like that! Yea, it did hurt for a second, but that quit. Oh Coach, wiggle your fingers. I can feel your fingers up in my ass. Oh God Coach, this is hot man, this is hot!"

Coach looked at Joe and grinned. He then looked at Sammy and Tim and just said, "We did it! I've got my whole hand up in Joe's ass! We actually did it! I'm actually fisting him. Shit man, just a few days ago he had never been sucked off before, and now he is laying there with my fist up in his ass. My God he was ready for this. This guy was more than ready for getting active with some good gay sex. I've got me a gold mine here men! I've got a gold mine!"

Coach continued to play with Joe's ass, and the inside of Joe's ass, as did Sammy in Tim's ass, although he was in much deeper. Joe had looked over once and told Coach that he wanted to learn how to take it in all the way like Tim had done, but he knew that had to be on another night.

After about an additional 15 minutes of true actual fisting, Coach watched Sammy pull his hand out of Tim's ass, and he then followed suit on Joe's ass. Once again Joe felt the pain of having Coach's knuckles pop out of his hole, but the pain passed much more quickly this time, and all Joe could ask for was for Coach to massage his ass hole and kind of make love to it. It did not hurt, but he just felt like he wanted it to be loved and for Coach to make sure it was all still together so that it could be used like that again, and soon.

"Oh Coach," Joe said. "Never in my wildest imagination did I ever think that I'd even ask you to put your hand up in my ass tonight, let alone my actually getting it up in me, but now that I know how damn good it feels, I really do want us to try and get me fisted like Tim got fisted tonight. I want it up in me all the way to your elbow,---like Sammy did to Tim. I know I may be crazy as hell, but Coach, I'm really, really ready for that now! Just as soon as we can, I want to try that! I want your whole arm up in me, as far as it will go!"


Wade Wright

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