"Yea Coach, I'm sure you are going to be able to get to this ass just as often as you want. All of a sudden you've turned this little white guy, into one horny cock loving, ass hungry guy. Now, instead of me letting you get at my little asshole anymore, right now, I want to learn how to take as much of that big long black cock down my throat as far as I can, so let's go get in the shower and let me wash my ass juices off of it, so you can give me a little lesson of,-- take big daddy's big, black, long, stiff, thick, cock into the little white boy's tinny, little, mouth!"

After reaching over and roughly rubbing Joe's head after his last comment, the two men got up from the bed and went into the bathroom. Coach adjusted the water temperature and then reached out, took ahold of Joe's hand and said, "Come here little white boy,--as you described yourself.

This big ole black man with the big, black, long, stiff, thick, cock is going to get it washed up so that you can use your, ---as you called it,---little white boy's tinny, little, mouth on it and make it feel all good and excited. Let me tell you something! The way your ass takes this big black cock sure proves that you are no little white boy. With an ass that can take this dick as quickly and as forcefully as your ass took it, sure proves that you are one hunky white man. Don't ever refer to yourself as a little white boy again. You are my big hunky white, ass hungry man!"

Both men laughed and Joe stepped into the shower and started getting himself all good and wet. Coach handed Joe the bar of soap and said, "My back could use a good soaping if you don't mind."

Joe took the soap, and very slowly, deliberately and caressingly lathered up the coach's back, the back of his neck, and under each ear, the arm pit under each arm, down the inside and the outside of each arm, down the sides of the coach's rib cage, and then slowly and very lovingly, slid the bar of soap down between the cheeks of the coach's ass. As he did so, he knelt down onto the floor so that his face was right at the height of the Coach's ass. He very slowly rubbed the soap into the crease of his butt. He slowly and gently massaged and moved each cheek to the side as far as possible and slid the soap bar up. He rubbed the soap to create a nice and thick lather on the coach's butt. He admired the contrast in color of the white soap suds, compared to the dark and deep mahogany skin color.

Using the back of his hand, Joe removed some soap coverage from the coach's left butt cheek, and very gently and lovingly kissed it. He took some of the coach's ass skin into his mouth and sucked on it. The coach moaned a very pleasant expression. Joe then did the same to his right ass cheek, and also gave it some kind and loving feelings. Again, Coach let him know how he appreciated the acts of kindness and caring on his butt.

Joe moved his hands down the massive, strong, solid, leg muscles, and calmly reached around to the front and took ahold of the coach's stiff and raging cock. He rubbed the cock and handled the bag of balls. He squeezed and manipulated the bag and it's contents. He turned the coach around so that he was now face to cock, and with his face placed so closely, he admired the enormous large black rod, the overly large bag, and the oversized balls that were inside of it!

Joe exclaimed, "Oh my God you have big balls! I had not felt them yet! Oh Coach, no wonder you shoot so much cum! My God your balls are the size of big eggs!"

He rinsed the soap off of the coach's bag, and he placed one ball in his mouth. He tired to take the second ball and simply could not get that much into his mouth. He chewed the one ball around in his mouth for a few seconds and then let it fall out, so that he could now concentrate on the big black cock rod, that was brushing up against his face.

After kissing the tip end of it, Joe slowly started to place his mouth on the large head of the cock, ---he leaned forward, and took a deep breath as he started his first venture down and onto the cock, hanging from the massive, strong, and muscular coach, that he had dreamed of having sex with for years. Dreams that he had never imagined could possibly, ever, come true. Dreams that had, and were now, actually coming to life, and he now had his mouth down, and going onto that dream cock! And, a true cock that was actually larger in real life, than what he had managed to dream of!

As he positioned his mouth onto the massive stick of meat as far as he could, Joe thought, "Oh, how I have dreamed of getting to do this, to this very man! I never thought I'd ever get to do it. How many years I have wanted to do this, to this man, and to this dick! Oh why didn't I let him know years ago that I thought he was hot and I wanted to play with his body, and with his dick! Oh how I have wanted to see this dick. I never dreamed that I'd get to stick it in my mouth. I've been fucked by him, he has had this up in my butt, and he has shot his wad up in my ass! I've got his cum still up inside of me. Now I've got his dick sticking in my mouth!

I can not believe what is happening to me today! Oh God! Oh God, thank you for letting me have him. Oh thank you God!"

Joe continued to force as much of his mouth onto the coach's cock as he possibly could. He kept pulling the coach closer and closer to himself, hopeing that he would be able to swallow more and more of that enormous stick if he could just pull hard enough. The stick of muscle meat was just too big for Joe to be able to take more, than about one half of it into his mouth! He realized that if he was going to be able to take anymore, then he needed a larger, much larger, mouth and a deeper throat.

Joe pulled off of the cock, and immediately rested his face up against the coach's crotch.

"Oh Coach! Oh Coach!" Joe attempted to say as he attempted to regain his breath. "Oh Coach you have one beautiful cock. You have so much I can't take very much of it! Oh Coach, how can I take more of it? I want all of it! I want it down my throat! Coach, I want to eat all of your dick!"

"Hey Joe my man! Don't worry about being able to take all of it down your throat. Eat just a much of it as you can. You can take all of it up your butt man, and that is what I think is important. You can take my dick up in your ass and you like that, right? You like getting fucked in the ass with my cock don't you Joe?"

"Oh God yes!" Joe answered with excitement! "Oh God yes I do coach!"

"Good Joe! Good! I want you to be glad you can get it up in your ass and you like it up in there. That is what is important! I want you to like that, because that is what I want us to do as often as possible. Joe, will I be able to do your ass as often as we can get together? Joe, please tell me that you will let me fuck your cute little white ass a lot. Like a whole lot!"

Still kneeling on the floor, looking up at the coach, Joe told him,

"Yea Coach, yea! I'm know pretty damn well right now that you will be able to get to my ass just about as often as you want it! I've wondered for years now just what it could really feel like, to get a good fucking up in the ass by some guy that cares about me and about my ass, and Coach, you sure as the hell have shown me, it can be, and it is, great! I just wish I could swallow all of your dick too though!"

"Oh yea, Coach, my ass feels good! Taking something that damn big up in your ass really shouldn't feel that good,---should it? I mean, our asses are not really supposed to be getting stuff stuck up in them, well---OK,---so maybe a little dick, but shit man! One the size of yours?

Yea,----the one that I just took up my ass? Hell man! I still can't believe that I took all of that up in my butt! Shit man! I am damn glad I did not chicken out and tell you that I couldn't try it, and I will admit that when I laid down and realized that you were aiming that thing at my ass hole, I was really damned scared! Coach, I was! I really was! Coach, I wondered right then if I was really out of my mind for agreeing to do this. I was really wondering if maybe you were just using me and going after my ass since you could not get anybody else to let you fuck them.

Coach, I guess I was a hell of a lot more hungry to get a guy to fuck me than I realized, or I really don't think I would have agreed to it, and especially after I saw how damn big it was! Coach, I've never even seen some gay porno film where I had actually seen where a guy gets something like that rammed up in his ass. You know Coach, if you had been some weird guy that never gets any ass and you were really setting me up, I could have been left with a torn up ass hole. You know, now that I have been fucked, and now that I do know doing it was not dangerous, I'm really feeling kind of real stupid for agreeing to do that without really knowing for sure that I would not get torn up! I guess I really was a hell of a lot more hungry and ready to get fucked by some guy than I realized, wasn't I?"

"Hey Joe! You know damn well I would never do anything to you that is dangerous! You're my man! I'd never do anything to you that would be bad. Joe you have heard of guys that get fisted, haven't you? Shit man!

Getting some guy's fist rammed up in your ass, sure is a hell of a lot more than getting my dick up in an ass, so I can assure you that my dick is not going to tear any guy's ass open."

"Coach, yea, I've heard of that, but do guy's really do that? I always thought that was just make believe or funny talking. Coach, do guys really do that? Do they really take some other guy's hand up in their ass?"

"Sure they do Joe. A lot of guys do that."

"Have you ever done that Coach?"

"No, I personally have not. Now Tim, one of the other guys that uses this apartment, is really into it, but I've never done it with him.

I've thought about it a few times, but have just never done it."

"So is he the one that gets a fist put up in his ass or is he the one that puts his hand up in some other guy?"

"He does both, Joe. He is a fisting top and a bottom. I've talked to him about it quite a few times, but I've just never done it with him.

He wants me to take his fist, and then after I do that a few times, become his fister and fist his ass. Like I said, I've never done it before, but he keeps asking me to, and I figure some day, I'll probably decided to try it, if he asks when I'm in the right mood."

"Coach, I always thought that was just funny talk. Would you think I am kind of weird if I was honest and told you that I'd like to watch some guy do that to another guy? Is that being too weird?"

"No Joe, that's not being too weird. Tim is a great guy. If you ever saw him on the street or somewhere else, there is no way in thunder that you would ever imagine that he gets excited about getting his fist up in some guy's ass, or getting some guy's fist up in his ass. There's different stuff for different guys. That does not make you weird to do that stuff!"

"This Tim, guy. Does he do that very often? Does he do that here?"

"Yea he uses the apartment a lot for it, but how often I'm not sure. The only times that I am aware of, are the times that I just happened to be here when he and some other guy is here, and they are doing it. How often he goes to some other place and plays that way, I have no idea. Are you maybe wanting to be here sometime to watch?"

"You don't think I'm being too weird if I told you that, yea, I'd like to watch that happen some time? I always thought that was just weird talking, and until now, I really never knew that it actually happens, and yea--Coach,--yea, I'd like to see it done."

"OK Joe, I'll talk to Tim and see what we can get set up. I now he has at least one buddy that likes to do it with an audience, and have people watch him get it in the ass, so I'll see if maybe he, and his Sammy, can set something up for us. I mean, it's OK if I'm here with you to watch, right?"

"Yea, yea, Coach! Yea, of course I want you there too. I wouldn't have the guts to watch it if you weren't here with me. Yea, I'd need you here. Coach, I really don't understand, how does some guy get started getting some other guy's fist up in his ass? Doesn't that hurt like hell?

I mean, yea I know you haven't done it, but since you've been around Tim and his guys, have you ever seen some guy get it for the first time?"

"No, I've never seen some guy take a fist for his first time, but I know some of the guys that Tim has had here when I was here were not very experienced guys. They knew what was happening, but I could tell that they had not done it too often. They were pretty jittery about it, but they wanted to do it. Nobody ever told Tim that he could not go through with it. I know a few of them have really had to take their time, though. It took them time to get their asses open, so that Tim could slide his hand up in there."

"Well when he does, I mean put his hand up in their ass, does he make a fist? Does he push a folded fist up in their ass? Shit man, that sounds like it would really hurt!"

"No Joe. You don't make a fist. It's just called fisting. You kind of fold your hand up as narrow as possible and then push it in. Of course, since I've never had it done to me, well,---yet, anyway, I've been told that once you are up inside, then you can make a fist. Maybe that is why they call it fisting. I know I have watched Tim on a couple of guys, and his arm action, once he is up in them, he acts like he is ramming or fisting their ass as if he does have his hand fisted up. I'll tell you one thing, ---of the guys that I have seen get it,-they sure do like it. I've never seen one of them that ever acted like he was wishing that he had not done it!"

"Coach,--a minute ago you kind of said something like you had not done it---yet. Does that mean that you are going to? Are you wanting to do it?"

"Joe, my man! I will be very honest with you right now and tell you that until this conversation, I was never real excited about getting it done to my ass, but Joe, if you are interested in it, and you think that maybe it is something that you might like to learn more about, and maybe try, then so am I! I've never had the chance to kind of buddy up with somebody that I really like, and to learn some new stuff along with him, but Joe, if you are willing to learn how to fist and get fisted, then I'd like for us to do it as a team. Man! Just the thought right now, of maybe getting to stick my hand up in your butt, or even more exciting, the idea of you sticking your hand up in my ass is really, and I do mean really, getting me all excited! Joe, this is something that I had never even thought about as a possibility, but shit man,---what an excitement!

Hey--earlier this morning while in the back yard, I was just praying that I'd get to suck on your dick. Now I've gotten to fuck you, you sucked on me, and now we are talking about learning how to get fisted together.

Joe--I hope you are not kidding. This is really getting me all turned on!"

"No Coach! I'm not kidding. Yea--I have to admit that earlier this morning I was kind of real stand-offish once I kind of found out what was happening. I still had bad memories of when I got raped. But I kind of slowly started to admit to myself that this is what I have secretly been praying for, to have happen, some way, and once it got started, I really got all excited about it. You know, as I think back about it, I've known for weeks now that something kind of different was happening at your house whenever I walked by. And though I didn't realize it at the time, now I know I was really praying inside that it was something like this. I know now that whatever was happening, I was hopeing that it was something sexual, and with a hot guy. When I started seeing your body through the front window, I guess I was getting more and more excited about wanting to see what would happen next. Coach, I bought those sexy briefs in hopes that I'd get a chance to kind of show off in front of some guy, didn't I?

I did that without really knowing what I was doing or why, didn't I? I guess I was really hopeing something kind of like this was happening. And since it is happening, thank God it is with you! I guess maybe one of the reasons that I have never let something like this happen before, was because I was afraid it would be with the wrong guy. You know, I still remember those three guys that raped me, and I guess I was afraid it would be another bad day like that one. Now that it's you and me, it's not bad, and anyway, I've always wished that I could just walk up to the front of you and grab ahold of your crotch! You don't know how many times I've looked at you and your crotch, while at one of the wrestling matches. I just wanted to find myself alone with you in a dark hallway somewhere. I wanted to feel you up so badly! I wanted to see what your crotch felt like. I just knew you had a big dick! I wanted to see what it felt like!

When one of your guys, from your team, was on the mat, I'd sit there and stare at your crotch and just imagine what was inside of those shorts that you wore. I knew I couldn't, even if we did happen to be in some dark place, but I sure did want to feel you! I wanted to know what a really big dick felt like! I didn't know it was this damn big though!"

"Now I'm finally letting my wishes come out. I'm finally admitting to myself of what I have been wanting to do for a long time. I admit it now, yea,--- I have been wanting to do you, or have you do me for a long time. I just couldn't admit it to even myself! Yea Coach, I want to learn how to fist you! Yea-I want to put my hand up in your ass! I want to feel the inside of you! I want to see what it feels like to feel your insides.

And I want you to feel my hand up in there."

"For some guy, that until this morning, had never even been sucked on before, I sure am starting to admit what crazy things I'd like to do, ain't I? All of a sudden I have now been fucked up the ass with what is probably the biggest cock in the state, I've had my ass completely filled with your warm cum, I tried to get all of your dick down in my throat, and now I'm letting you know that I want to learn how to fist your ass and get fisted back by you! Oh Coach! I've been wanting something like this to happen to me for a long, long time! I've had dreams about you and I doing something like this, but I didn't even know you played with guys. I've been wanting to do this for years, but I just could not face it and admit it. Now I am really, really ready!"


Wade Wright

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