Joe found the apartment and Coach was already there, waiting for him.

"Hey come on in man!" Coach said to Joe as he saw him approach the front door and opened it for him. Since the coach was already fully naked and supporting a raging hard-on, he stood behind the door as he opened it and greeted Joe in.

"Oh shit man!" Joe exclaimed as he took a good long look at the coach's naked structure, and his extra long and thick dick. "Shit man!

It's only been about an hour since I last saw you completely naked and looking so good, but to see you like that again is a big hard-on, turn-on for me again. Coach, you are so damn hot looking! God man! You are hot!"

"Well thanks Joe, but so are you! I've admired that body of yours since I first saw you on the wrestling mat your Freshman year in high school. You don't know how many times I had to either get to my coach's office or get home, so that I could jerk off just making believe that you were in the room with me. Joe, I've shot more cum, when just thinking about how I'd love to play with you someday, than all of the cum I've shot when actually with other guys, and trying to act like they were the dream of my life! And when you asked me if I would try to fuck your ass, shit man, it's a wonder I did not just fucking pass out! Get those clothes off!

Let me at you!"

Joe started removing his shirt and warm-up pants when Coach told him to leave the tight, form fitting, underwear on for a few minutes.

"Joe, those shorts look so damn hot on you, I want to play with you some before you take them off. I want to feel you up. I want to chew and lick on you. I want to feel your ass and chew on your crotch. I am so damn glad you found these in the store the other day and had them on today.

I've seen this type of underwear in ads before, and I thought they looked hot on the models, but shit man, on you, and here in person, they are hotter than hell!"

And with that statement, Coach immediately knelt down on his knees and started licking the tight, form fitting, shorts that Joe had on. He turned Joe around and rammed his face up into Joe's ass as far as he could push it! As he bit the fabric and some of Joe's ass skin, Joe moaned a very pleasant moan of approval. He pushed his ass back toward the coach's mouth. He lowly said, "Bite me, bite my butt! Bite my butt, please!" And he then let out another very inviting moan.

Coach chewed and bit on Joe's butt, He bit the left cheek first, then leaned over and lovingly bit the right cheek. He then turned Joe back around so that he could get to the very pronounced crotch. As he looked at it, he told Joe, "Oh man! The way these shorts are made so that your whole basket stands out so far, and of course with the amount of meat that you have stuck in there, God man, there is no way a guy's crotch can look any hotter."

The coach then immediately dropped his jaw open as far as possible and forcefully rammed it onto Joe's, shorts covered, crotch as far as he could. He pushed his face in toward Joe's mid-section so forcefully and strongly that Joe had to reach back and grab the edge of a chair to stabilize himself and not fall over backwards. As soon as he steadied himself, he roughly threw his body forward as if to attempt to put his entire body into the coach's mouth. He grabbed the coach's head and pulled it toward himself. "Eat me Coach, eat me Coach! Eat my dick!" Joe, forcefully instructed.

As Coach chewed on all parts of the large protruding and exciting crotch that was right in front of his face, he slipped his fingers into the top waist band of the shorts and started to pull them down. As he slowly pulled on them, the waist band slowly snagged on Joe's raging, strong, hard-on and came to a stop. Coach tugged harder and pulled the waist band down past the big white cock. It flipped out from behind the fabric. The bag of balls fell forcefully toward the floor. The coach exclaimed, "Oh shit man! Shit man I can not get over just how big of a cock you have got for a white guy. Joe, I know some white guys have big dicks, but I sure know I have never been with one of them, or played with one of them, until today. God that is beautiful!"

And with that statement of excitement, the coach immediately threw, actually threw, his head onto Joe's straight rod. He pulled Joe up to him as close as he could, and he immediately took all of Joe's cock down his throat. He pushed Joe back so that his rod would almost come completely out of his mouth, and then he would pull him forward again so that all of the cock would ram itself back down to the depths of his throat. The coach continued this pushing him out, and then pulling him back in for twenty or thirty thrusts. He took Joe's dick as completely as he possibly could each time, and each time attempted to take more dick, that was not even there!

The coach then suddenly told Joe, "Come on Joe, let's get in the bedroom. I need to get started on you!"

Coach helped Joe step out of his shorts and get his shoes off and they then went into the bedroom, ---with the coach's hand firmly gripping Joe's ass.

"Lay down Joe. It's time we see just how much of my dick you can take!"

Joe looked at the coach and said, "Coach, I know I am the one that asked for this, but shit man, I've got to admit that when I look at that damn big dick, it gets me scared to hell, all over again. You will take it easy on me and if I can't take it, you'll stop. Right?"

"Yea Joe. You are safe. Man, I've put this dick up smaller butts than yours before and they wanted me back in there again later, so yea, you are OK. I'll listen to you, and if you really can't take it, then we will stop. Lay there, I'm going to finger some Crisco up into your ass, so relax man, right now it is just my fingers."

Joe put some Crisco on his fingers and slowly rubbed some Crisco on Joe's butt, smoothed it around and then slowly put one finger up in Joe's ass. As he slowly and gently rubbed his hand around Joe's ass he then put a second finger up inside. With more gentle pressure, in and around Joe's asshole, Coach then proceeded to put another finger in. Again, more gentle caring with his ass,---Coach again placed an additional finger up inside and gently smoothed the Crisco all around.

"I've got four fingers up in there right now Joe. How is your ass feeling?"

"Coach, it's feeling good. You've got four fingers up in me, is that what you said?"

"Yea, that's right man! I've got four fingers playing around up in there. And that's feeling pretty good. Right? Four fingers is not causing any problem back there uh?"

"No,--- it's feeling pretty good Coach! You sure you've got four up in me. I really didn't think I could take four fingers quit that easily. They really are feeling good."

"Good man! Good!" Coach replied. "OK Joe, I'm going to take my fingers out and start using my dick. And,---- hey man, with the way you were enjoying my fingers, I'm sure you are going to be quite OK with my dick."

Coach took his fingers out of Joe's ass and repositioned himself so that he could get his long rod in position to start it's tunnel entry.

"Lay still and just relax man. I'm about ready to fuck your cute, little, white ass with my big, long, black, cock. We are finally going to do it, and once you get it up in you, you are going to beg me to keep it up in there!"

Joe kind of laughed and then told Coach. "Yea man. Yea! Right now I just got to see if I can get it up in me or not. Coach, take it slow back there man. I think you are a lot more convinced that I can take that damn big thing much more than I am. Coach, I want it, but we've got to go slow, please!"

"We will Joe. We will!"

Coach got the tip of his mammoth rod positioned right at the opening of Joe's ass. He very slowly started to lower himself down and into Joe's ass.

"Oh shit man!" Joe almost screamed. "OOOOh- wait a minute Coach!

Wait a minute!"

The tip of the coach's rod had entered Joe's ass.

"Oh shit man! Oh shit, I thought I was ready for that! Shit man!

Is the end of that damn thing bigger than all four fingers you had up in me a few minutes ago? My God Coach! Shit man! That damn thing is so big!

Coach! Shit, I'm not sure I am going to be able to take that up in my butt! Coach, that just might be too much for me!"

"No Joe, it's not too much for you. Your ass was just clamped shut since you mentally knew I was gong to start putting my cock up in there, and you just need to relax it some. I'll just lay here for a minute or two and let your asshole get used to it before we do anything else."

Coach kept his dick from going in any farther. He quit pushing on it and he grabbed Joe by the chest and gave him a hug. The two men, now acting as a one person, with one man in the ass end of the other, laid there for a few minutes until the coach heard Joe lowly say, "Coach, it quit hurting now. Have you still got your cock up in me?"

"Yea Joe, yea. It's still in there. See I told you that all we needed to do was give your little cute asshole a minute to relax on it.

Feels pretty good now doesn't it?"

"Well yea, it feels better, but Coach, if it hurt that much when you just put the end of it in, what is it going to feel like if you push it up in me farther? Coach, is it going to hurt again?"

"No Joe. Believe it or not, it's not going to hurt. It's just that first little getting the tip of it in you and getting your asshole to open up far enough for it. That's the only time it will hurt. From now on, it will just feel kind of like you have a real ass full, but Joe, it will feel good! OK?"

"OK Coach. If you say so. All I can do is trust you. At least right now it sure don't hurt me any like it did that day those three guys raped me in the restroom. I know your dick is a hell of a lot bigger than any of theirs were, and it doesn't hurt like they did, so I guess I'm still game for seeing how much of you I can take!"

"Joe, the reason it doesn't hurt like it did that day is, we have some grease up in you so that it's not pulling on the insides of your ass.

My dick is slipping around in there. And Joe, it will feel better the farther up in you I push it."

Coach firmly grabbed ahold of Joe's chest and slowly restarted his decent into Joe's ass chamber. He slowly pushed down, and very carefully listened for any negative comments or rejections from Joe. He heard none.

He pushed further! He heard nothing that indicated that Joe was not accepting his cock with pleasure.

The coach did hear, "Oh Coach! Oh coach----oh man, this is starting to feel good! Yea, Coach, this is feeling a whole lot different than it did that day I got raped. Shit, I wish those guys would have used some grease on me that day. It might have felt good when all three of them fucked me if they had greased me up some. Shit man, I wish they had used some grease on me. I've always wondered what this could feel like, and Coach, today it is feeling good. Coach, how much of your dick have you got up in me right now?"

The coach moved his body slightly so he could look down toward his dick and replied, "Well,----Joe. From what I can see, it kind of looks like I've got about half of it up in you right now. I've only got probably about four inches of it up in there so far. You still wanting more?"

"Yea, yea, but Coach take it slow. I'm still not sure how much of that thing I can take up in me. I want it, I really do, but shit man, it is so damn big!"

The coach rubbed the back of Joe's heard and told him, "I'll go nice and slow. I'll take care of your little butt in a good way. I want the whole dick up in there, so I will go nice and slow so that it just keeps getting hungrier and hungrier! You little white ass is feeling so good around it, it just needs to go in as deep as it can!"

Coach slowly pushed his body against Joe's and allowed more and more of his enormous dick to slide on up into Joe's ass. As he continued to invade the depths of Joe's innards, he rubbed Joe's head and kissed the back of his neck and shoulders. Each time he gave Joe a small loving kiss, he could hear Joe moan with a very pleasant accepting moan. This encouraged Coach to continue not only his deep ass travel, but the other loving movements of rubbing and kissing also. The coach was finally loving the feel and the penetration into the young man that he had dreamt of playing with, and fucking, for so long.

"Oh Joe! Oh Joe I can't believe I finally have my dick up inside of you. You don't know how long I have just made believe that I was doing this. You have no idea how many guy's asses I was fucking when, in my mind, I was in your ass. Joe I have wanted this little ass of yours for way to long!"

As the coach made that statement, he delivered into Joe's ass the entire length of his dick. He pushed strongly and solidly to reach the very bottom of Joe's ass chamber and as he did, Joe let out a slight moan and with a low volume, a deep grunt and an "Huhhh", but no indication that he was not enjoying it, nor that he wanted it to stop!

Coach asked, "You OK man? You OK?"

Joe reassured his fucker that he was OK and then added the question, "Are you all the way in Coach? Have I taken that whole thing?

Is that whole, big, fat, cock up in me now, Coach?"

"Yea Joe! Yea man, you have all of me up inside of you now.

You've got it all! See, I told you that you could take the whole thing!

Feels good up in there doesn't it? Like it man? Tell me you like having my cock up in your ass! Let me know you like having me up in there!"

"Oh yes Coach! Yes I do like it! Yes, yes, I do! It feels good up in me. Oh Coach I never thought getting a dick up in your ass could feel good like this. Oh, after that raping I went through that day, I never thought I'd ever want some guy's dick up in me but oh Coach, I am so glad now that I actually got the nerve up today to let you know that I wanted to see if I could or not! Oh Coach, yes your dick does feel good to me. Move it around up in there so I can feel it up inside of me! Push on my ass.

Push on me!"

With that input, Coach started really enjoying the tight little ass, that he had his enormous, oversized, cock stuck up in. He started his much looked forward fucking of Joe's ass. His movement started in earnest and with vigor. He took advantage of Joe's request to get fucked, and now he was actually getting the fist real opportunity to enjoy this sweet white ass.

As he humped and bumped Joe's ass, the coach asked, "Joe, how you doing, guy? You enjoying having my big long railroad car, as you referred to it, up in your ass? You like having the ole coach up in your butt?

Wishing now that you had told me when you were just in high school that you wanted me to fuck your butt? Wishing you had been getting this for the last four or five years? I sure as hell know I wish I had been getting it!

Push your ass up in the air. Let me push down in there as far as I can go!"

"Fuck me Coach. Fuck my ass!" Joe had completely lost his fear of getting the big rod shoved up in his ass. He was completely enjoying all of it up in him as far as he could get it. "Fuck me Coach, fuck me hard please! Please, fuck me, fuccccck me!"

"You asked for it man! Remember you asked for it! Here I go! I'm going to fuck your tight little ass as hard as I've ever fucked any guy's ass before!"

Suddenly the entire bed started shaking! Coach was ramming Joe's ass with more force than he had ever used on any guy before. Finally getting to Joe's butt and getting in it all of the way was very, very exciting to the coach.

"Hang on Joe, this bull is fucking you for all you are worth. Grab ahold of that bed. Hang on!"

The coach fucked and fucked his Joe as hard as he possibly could.

Joe never made any attempt to get him to stop. After totally exhausting himself and draining sweat from all parts of his body, Coach finally collapsed on top of Joe and pushed his cock in as far as he could push it!"

"Joe, I'm going to fill your ass! Joe, I'm cumin! Joe---get ready to get an ass full of cum. Joe---I'm cummmmmin! I'm cummmmmmin man!!

Ohhhhhh--man! Oh man, you just got a butt full of black man cum! I just fucked the hell out of you and then I loaded you and your ass full! Joe, you have got one hot ass man! Shit man, I am going to need that ass often.

Joe you have one sweet ass!"

"Oh shit man! Oh shit!" Joe loudly exclaimed as he felt his ass getting filled with cum. "Oh shit man! Oh shit Coach I can feel that in me. Man your cum is warm. Oh Coach I feel like I am going to shoot it out of my ass it feels so full! Oh Coach, I've got my ass full of you and your cum! Oh Coach I like that!"

"Lay still man!" Coach told Joe. Coach rolled off of Joe and for a few minutes just laid there and regrouped. He caught his breath and finally said, "I love your butt and I love fucking it like that. For God sakes Joe, I thought you would tell me to stop or to at least slow down, once I got to really fucking you good and hard, but shit man! I guess you must really like getting it good and rough back there, don't you? You just let me fuck the hell out of you and you never said anything, so I just kept going. Shit man, I was really trying to get you to tell me to stop, but hell man, you love to get your ass fucked! I fucked you rougher than any guy I've ever fucked before. And, Joe, I thought I had fucked some guys pretty rough before, but man, never like that! I am exhausted! I'm fucking exhausted!"

Coach laid there and took deep breaths.

Joe raised his hand and placed it on the coach's chest, and said,

"Shit man! Damn, I think I just got fucked! Coach, did I just get fucked?"

Laughing, Coach replied. "Hell yes man! Hell yes--you did get fucked! You got fucked and fucked and fucked! Man, I will need a week to recover before I can fuck you like that again!"

And laughing also, Joe said. "Oh OK! Just wanted to be sure that is what getting fucked is! Just wanted to be sure I had not just imagined it! Shit man, that made my ass feel so damn good. OK Coach, now I know for sure that it can be fun getting fucked in the ass. You convinced me now that it can be fun. You know, I may need that done to me again sometime."

"Sometime?" Coach quickly, and laughingly asked. "Sometime? You had better want it soon and often. Real soon and real often! Joe, if you and I can get together real often, then I'm done with picking up other guys that I have no interest in. Man, if you will let me fuck you every other day or so, you and I can become steady fuck buddies! Yea-hey-I like that idea! Every other day or so, or even---every day is better!" Coach laughed.

"You and me as steady fuck buddies! Joe, tell me we can do that, Please!

Oh Joe, let me know that I can get at you soon and often,-----please! I really need that ass of yours!"


Wade Wright

[email protected]


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