After refusing professional medical help several times, Duke tended to my wounds himself. Feeling the brush of those familiar, masculine hands made my body tingle and I felt warm inside. I closed my eyes at his touch and pretended that it was him brushing my face romantically as if he was about to kiss me.

'I'm so sorry this happened to you,' he whispered, 'how did this happen anyway?'

I sighed. It was because of you, I thought. Because I thought having countless sex would ease the pain of being heartbroken by the true love of my life. But it didn't. Every time I was with another man, all I could think of was you.

'Don't worry,' was what I said.

'I should get you off this couch,' said Duke.

I went to get up myself but Duke stopped me; he put his arms underneath me and picked me up with ease in a newlywed position. Newlyweds. I couldn't think about it. He carried me into his room and laid me down on his bed, bloody French Maid outfit and all.

'I'll go get you some clothes,' he said.

I watched the magnificent sculpted back of Duke disappear into his wardrobe before I let my guard down and sighed, the pain of thinking about him with someone else worse than the physical pain I was in now. He soon reappeared with a baggy jumper of his I used to always wear when I stayed over.

'I thought you'd like it,' he said with a slight smile.

One by one, he rolled the fishnet stockings off my legs and then deftly pulled the maid skirt off me; even though Duke had seen me completely naked, I still felt nervous with him seeing me in a pair of lacey womens underwear and a French Maid top. He pulled the top off over my head and put the jumper on me, the scent of him still emanating from the fabric.

'You should get some rest,' he declared after tossing the slutty outfit in the bin, 'I'll check up on you in the morning.' He smiled at me and turned to leave the room. His hand grasped the doorknob and he froze momentarily. He looked over his shoulder at me and gave me a look of sorrow.

With tears forming in my eyes, I stared at him and asked him to stay. I wanted to feel the warmth of him next to me for one last time.

He lowered his head, his eyes boring into the ground. He slowly shook his head, turned the doorknob and quietly left the bedroom before the click of the door shouting sounded throughout the room.

I didn't sleep that much that night. Despite the physical pain which had simmered down, all I could think of was Duke on the other side of that door, wanting him to come sit with me, lay with me. I couldn't take it anymore.

Staying as quiet as possible, I got out of the warmth of Duke's bed and walked into the lounge room where I saw him sleeping on the sofa, his familiar light snoring bringing a smile to my bruised face. He was so beautiful, so handsome, so amazing.

I lifted the blanket up and got into the space in front of him and pulled the blanket over us. The warmth of him behind me was more than enough to put me to sleep.

Duke's movements behind me woke me up the next morning. He had his arm wrapped around me and I felt him suddenly jerk it back but then it was as if he relaxed and he put it around me once again.

'This is a surprise,' he whispered.

'I missed you,' was all I could say.

'I missed you too,' he mumbled.

I was surprised to see that Duke was receptive to me coming onto him now; in fact, he tightened his grip around me and pulled me closer to him. I never wanted to move from this spot. This was all I needed.

'I guess we're overdue for a chat,' he said after what seemed to be an hour of cuddling.

'Long overdue,' I replied.

Without moving to get a better look at his face, he began telling me his side of the story.

'I was heartbroken. I know I said I was going to come back but I couldn't just yet. And then I met Maria; we hit it off and she's a good girl. I started to date her to get my parents off my back as they weren't too happy with me chasing a 19 year old male, not to say that they wouldn't like you, just... it's confusing. And then one night, it just happened. I'm 26 and I'm not getting any younger. By now, I expected to be married with one on the way but that hasn't happened yet. So, I did it. And she said yes. But honestly, all I was thinking about when it happened was you. I was too scared to see you after this because I knew you knew. I'm so sorry, Quinn, I should have told you everything that was going on. I'm so sorry.'

'Do you still have feelings for me?' I bluntly asked.

'I love you,' he whispered, 'I probably always will.'

It was the first time I had ever heard him say those three words to me. It sent shivers up and down my spine.

'Why do you have to marry her?' I asked.

'It's complicated,' he replied.

I rolled around and looked at him in the eye.

'I love you Duke, isn't that enough?'

Duke sighed, his breath tickling me, and I felt him grab my hands.

'It's complicated,' he repeated.

I saw tears were beginning to form in his eyes; I never thought Duke would ever cry in front of me. Duke wasn't the type to show emotion. I let go of his hands, wrapped my arms around his head and hugged him to my chest.

'I love you,' I whispered once again.

Later that day, Duke and I moved from our spooning position on the couch and I went into the kitchen to cook for my man. He sat down on the stool next to the counter and watched me with amusement in his eyes.

'What?' I said with a giggle.

'I've missed this,' he said quietly, 'watching you slave yourself over the stove for me.'

'You know I'd do anything for you, Duke.'

I quickly cooked Duke some bacon and eggs because I knew he loved that for breakfast and made a bacon and egg muffin for him. After he had downed it in record time, he stood up and wrapped me in his warm embrace.

'I'm sorry to do this to you,' he mumbled.

'Do what?'

Duke quickly leaned down and pressed his lips on mine. I eagerly accepted his tongue into my mouth and ran my hands through his hair, aggressively grasping onto any part of him I could gold onto as we passionately made out. He turned me around and laid me down on his dining table, his hands riding up the baggy jumper I was wearing and groping onto my ass.

'Duke,' I breathed.

The weight of his muscular frame on top of me turned me on so much. The dining table was now scraping against the floor as our bodies moved it around aggressively. Duke was roughly squeezing on my ass as his mouth devoured mine. I was aching hard right now and would have shot right there and then.

Suddenly, he stopped. He let go of my butt and pulled himself off me.

'I'm engaged,' he whispered to himself.

I reached out and went to stroke his cheek but he carefully brushed me off. He looked at me and then disappeared into his bedroom, shutting the door emphatically behind him.

I respected the sanctity of marriage and the fidelity of relationships and so I understood why he did what he did.

But Duke was the love of my life. And I would do anything to get him back.

And the Killer Quinn always got what he wanted.




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