My phone loudly buzzing on the bedside table woke me up prematurely the next morning. I felt Yaz's arms still around me so I deftly manoeuvred out of his grasp to reach my phone. I mumbled my greeting into the mouthpiece angrily.

'Where are you? Your work's been calling here nonstop! Did you forget you had to go in?' screamed Sophia.

'Who gives a fuck?' I hung up and switched my phone off before tossing it onto the floor. I crawled back into Yaz's arms and fell asleep against his bare chest.

Yaz's body movement woke me up next; I groaned and gave up on trying to get back to sleep so I sat up in his bed and watched him get dressed. I was used to watching Duke get changed so t his was a new change for me.

'Good morning sleepyhead, who was that on the phone this morning?' he asked.

'No one,' I mumbled.

With only pants on, Yaz leaned over and quickly kissed me. I savoured the moment of our lips together before he broke apart and put a shirt on.

'I have to duck into work and take care of some things,' he said as he slapped his Rolex watch on, 'feel free to stay here.'

Yaz kissed me again before leaving his apartment in my hands. I found it complimentary that Yaz trusted me with his apartment after knowing me for a hot second. The air was cold and fresh and the warmth of Yaz's bed was too inviting so I stayed underneath the covers and eventually fell asleep yet again.

The door slamming shut woke me up next alerting me that Yaz was home. He laughed when he noticed I hadn't moved and crawled on top of me, passionately kissing me as if his life depended on it.

'Fuck me,' I whispered.

Yaz chuckled before pulling his pants down around his knees and stroking his dick a few times to get hard. He pulled my underwear down, spat on his dick and forced himself into my hole. Yaz was more loving than he was in the past and he took it slowly first and picked up to a nice speed of fucking.

'Come on, fuck me, faster, faster,' I urged him.

With his pants around his ankles, he fully mounted me on his bed, his pelvis slamming into my ass, our love-making sounds nearly echoing around the room. I was moaning loudly as Yaz fucked me into next week. He leaned down and shut me up by caressing my tongue with his, his body never slowing down.

Yaz soon announced his coming and his warm cum gushed into my anal opening, the warmth of him residing in me. He pulled out moments later and finished our sexual encounter with a passionate kiss.

'Let's go get something to eat,' Yaz whispered against my mouth before kissing me once again.

When we pulled up to a restaurant I had gone to before with Duke, I immediately felt sick. I was paranoid that Duke was going to be there with his new woman and I wasn't sure if I was ready for that. Then again, with someone as sexy as Yaz on my arm, maybe I was ready for that.

Luckily - or unluckily, as it were - for me, Duke wasn't there. Yaz and I took a table and I ordered a batch of fries as I wasn't particularly hungry for anything. For the second time in a row, Yaz refused my payment at the end of the date and paid for everything himself.

'I best get home,' I mumbled as we got back into his car.

Yaz stopped at the bottom of my driveway. I leaned over and kissed him before leaving his car and bouncing up my driveway. Yaz was definitely something; I thought that we had the best fuckbuddy no strings attached relationship, but the way he had been treating me recently made me reconsider my feelings for him.

And then there was Roman.

And then there was Duke.

Sophia wasn't home so I assumed Roman had gone out as well so I was surprised to see him lazing around on the sofa in the lounge room. He nearly gasped when he saw me walk in.

'You missed work!' he exclaimed.

'Yes, I know, it's fine,' I replied.

I sat down next to him and immediately cuddled up to him with which he happily obliged. He rested his head on top of mine and infrequently left kisses on the top of my head. I glad that he couldn't smell the amount of sex I had emanating off me.

'Where'd you go last night?' he asked.

'Just out,' I stated.

I snatched the remote off Roman and switched the TV off before I turned around and thrusted my tongue down his throat. He was taken by surprise once again before his hormones kicked in and he laid me down on my back, his mouth cleverly manoeuvring around mine. He licked the side of my face and nibbled against my neck sending me into another wave of ecstasy.

Roman soon kicked off his pants and was completely naked while I was still in my outfit from last night. He tore my shirt off and bit at my cock through the fabric, making me gush out a ton of precum.

I eagerly kicked off my pants and wriggled out of my briefs before Roman went down and took me inside his mouth. I flung my legs up in the air and wrapped them around him as he sucked and sucked and sucked like a Hoover. The slurping noises turned me on and it wasn't long before I climaxed into his mouth.

Roman looked up at me with my cum still in his mouth and smiled. He crawled on top of me and kissed me; I felt his dick near my ass and I knew he was about to fuck me. He forced himself in with ease as I was still a bit loose from Yaz in the morning and he began to fuck me, but something was off about this. He was more calm than usual. There was a rhythmic motion in which he penetrated me.

He wasn't fucking me. He was making love to me.

Roman continued to make love to me, his mouth never leaving mine until he announced that he was about to cum. He soon climaxed up my ass and mixed along with Yaz's cum that had hung around the crevaces of my ass.

We got dressed without a word and when we were fully dressed, Roman laid back on the sofa and I cuddled up to him. He wrapped a blanket around us and we soon fell asleep cuddling on the sofa.

The annoyance that was my cellphone woke me up abruptly an hour later. It was my boss.

I faked coughing and answered; I told her that I was suffering from the flu and that it was impossible to get out of bed. She took the bait and gave me the rest of the week off. I tossed my phone across the room and looked at Roman. He was so out-of-this-world handsome. A man could not be this good looking. Unless his name was Duke.

I saw that it was nighttime so I got out of Roman's grasp without waking him and showered, ready to get my slut on at Tool Shed once again. I put on a black collared shirt and a pair of jeans and left the house before Sophia could get home.

I was mildly disappointed to see that Yaz wasn't at Tool Shed nor did he leave a message or call on my phone. I stood against the bar by myself and scoped out the talent. I nearly gasped when I saw a man looking directly at me. I looked around, feeling his eyes bore into me, before I looked back at him and saw him still staring at me with a slight smile on his face.

While he wasn't my first choice, I shrugged my shoulders and walked up to him.

'Fuck me,' I whispered in his ear.

He grinned and offered his hand with which I took. Instead of taking me to the backroom, he led me out of the club and to his car. Innocent Quinn would've rejected this offer but this new Quinn eagerly jumped into his car, thinking that we'd be getting it on in the backseat, but instead he jumped into the driver's seat and sped off.

We soon stopped outside a cute, small house that had all the lights off. I looked around and noticed that the area looked familiar but I couldn't remember why. I followed the man up his driveway and into his house, a single word still not been spoken since the club.

As soon as he shut the door, he turned around and ferociously leaped on me, pushing me against the door violently. His mouth attacked mine and his hands literally ripped off the clothes from my body. There was nothing sexual about this experience; it was violence. I screamed at him to calm down but when I realised that wasn't going to work, I screamed at him to get off. That also didn't work.

He pulled me up by my hair and threw me into the wall, my back crashing into it. My body was aching already. What had I gotten myself into?

He grabbed my ankle and dragged me into his bedroom. He pulled out a pair of sexy handcuffs and handcuffed me to his bed while he tore everything off me until I was completely naked.

'I've seen you prancing that little sexy ass around, you filthy little slut,' he spat. He disappeared into what appeared to be his closet before pulling out what seemed to be a French Maid outfit.

'You wanna act like a slut? I'm going to treat you like a slut.' He swiftly kicked me in my stomach before bending down and licking the side of my face. He stretched my naked body out and forced me into a pair of white frilly female underwear before he put the French Maid skirt on me. He then rolled black fishnet stockings over my legs and put black stiletto heels on my feet.

'You like that, you fucking dirty slut?' he roared. His fist came across and it connected to the side of my face. I held onto it as it screamed in pain with my free hand while my other helplessly dangled in the cuff.

He held up the French Maid top and went to uncuff me. I knew this was my only chance to make a getaway. As soon as he uncuffed me, I made a dash towards the door but he grabbed me by the hair and angrily pulled me down onto his bed before he backhanded me across the face.

He put on the skimpy French Maid top on me before spitting on my face and backhanding me once again. He pinned my arms down and stuck his face close to mine.

'You want me to fuck you? I'll fuck you, you dirty little cum slut.'

While keeping my arms down, he reached over to his bedside table for some condoms. I tried to wrestle out of his grip but he punched me once more rendering me absolutely helpless. He pulled his pants down revealing his stiff member to which I realised he must've gotten off over this kind of sadistic shit.

He tore open the condom wrapped with his mouth and rolled it onto his dick. He soon realised it wouldn't get on with only one hand so he let go of my wrists and rolled it completely onto his dick. I thought fast and swung my fist to his face; it connected well and he screamed in pain. I got my legs free underneath him and kicked him off me. He fell back and off the bed and onto the timber floor, screaming in pain.

I got off his bed and made a dash for the door but he managed to grab my ankle and trip me over. I turned my face before I could land facefirst onto the floor and looked over at him, still seizing my ankle. With my free leg, I pulled my leg up and thrusted the heel of my shoe into his face. The shoe came flying off but so did his hand on my ankle. I threw the other shoe down at him and ran to the front door. I quickly unlocked it and made it out just in time.

I began screaming down the streets for help but it was as if no one was alive. I kept looking over my shoulder to see if he was coming but no sign of him so far. I ran up a nearby driveway and loudly knocked on the door but no one was home.

I looked around the area and and ran up the street, still checking to see if he was chasing me. I made it to an intersection and looked around and realised where I was. I was a block away from Duke's apartment complex. Without thinking, I made a dash for the love of my life to rescue me.

I looked over my shoulder and saw that no one was behind me. I slowed down to a walk, holding the side of my body with one hand and my bloodied face with the other. I leaned against a fence and started to cry, the saltwater of my tears stinging against the cuts on my face.

I saw lights coming behind me so I walked over and tried to wave the owner down but they drove straight passed me. I knew no one was going to help so I continued to go to Duke. I was only minutes away when another set of lights appeared behind me. I waved it down and the car pulled over next to me.

I gasped when I realised it was him.

'Where do you think you're going, slut?'

He got out of the car with what appeared to be a baseball bat. I bolted down the street towards Duke while the crazy man behind me seemed to be catching up to me with every footstep, the baseball bat swinging in his arm.

I saw Duke's building but didn't take the time to sigh with relief as he was nearly right behind me. I almost reached the front door before the man seized me by the hair once again and smashed my head against the glass door.

He tried to drag me by the hair but I put up a fight; I extended my leg and harshly kicked the back of his knee, making him fall back onto the ground. I grabbed the baseball bat that he had dropped and threw it as far as I could down the street so he couldn't use it against me. I disappeared into the apartment building and ran up the stairs. I looked down and saw that he wasn't about to give up and he was running up the stairs also.

I ran through the empty corridor and saw it. Duke's apartment. I knocked on the door loudly and screamed at Duke to open it. I didn't stop knocking until the door finally swung open and the love of my life appeared to me in nothing but a pair of loose sweat pants. His confused expression turned to one of comfort as he saw the state I was in.

'Quinn? Fuck! What happened?' he exclaimed.

I ran into his arms and he immediately hugged me to his chest, my head under his, and he began comforting me as tears rolled down my eyes and stung my face.

'Come inside,' he told me.

'Where are you, slut?' I heard the man's voice yell.

Duke looked around the doorway and saw him. The man saw Duke holding me and he grinned, holding his hands up to say that nothing was going on.

'What the fuck did you do to him?' Duke let go of me as he approached the man with his fists clenched beside him.

'Nothing, man,' he said, still holding his hands up, 'we were just playing. Everything's fine.'

'He's fucking bleeding you sick fuck!' Duke swung a fist and it connected to the man's jaw. He then tackled him into the wall and continued to lay him out with fists. As I was no match for the crazy man, the crazy man was no match for Duke.

I ran over and grabbed Duke by the shoulders, telling him that that was enough. Duke pushed me off and continued to pummel down at the man who was attempting to hold off Duke by bringing his arms across his face.

'Duke, that's enough!'

Duke finally stopped at that last scream and stood up next to me. He held me against his side before delivering one last kick to the man's stomach.

'Don't let me ever catch you near here or him again,' he threatened him.

Duke took me back into his apartment and angrily slammed his door shut before locking it. His anger turned into sympathy as he sat me down on his sofa and held me to his chest.

'It's okay, it's okay, I'm here for you,' he whispered.

I held back the tears and just savoured the moment I had with Duke. My Duke. Everything was okay as long as I was with him. The only man I've ever loved in my life.



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