When I arrived home, I was greeted with a lovely dinner made by Roman. After I had re-found my love with Duke, I had tried to avoid Roman even after shamelessly using him for his body knowing quite well that I had led him on and that he had genuine feelings for me. I couldn't bear to look him in the eye because I knew how horrible I was to him.

So seeing him standing next to the dinner table with candles and a smile on his face, I wanted to drop dead right there and then.

'Hello Quinn,' he greeted me.

'Roman, what's this?'

'I wanted to make a special dinner for you,' he replied simply, 'is that okay? I know you're still heartbroken over Duke, but... I guess I love you.'

Roman was so genuine in his approach towards me and it made me feel sick about myself even more. I excused myself and tried to pass him to get to my bedroom but his hand grabbed my wirst firmly and held me back.

'Why are you avoiding me?' he asked me softly.

I felt tears begin to form in my eyes as I realised why I felt so hurt; I loved Duke more than the world b ut I also loved Roman. I was such a terrible person.

'Quinn, please talk to me,' he whispered.

'I can't do this to you any more,' I stated.

I shook him off my wrist and disappeared into my room, sobbing quietly to myself as I thought about Roman and Duke, Duke and Roman.

Moments later, Roman brought in a plate of the meal he had prepared me, placed it on my bedside table and left without mumbling a single word to me. I was so torn between the two of them. I couldn't handle this.

The next day, however, I found out that I had three choices. I had ducked out in the morning before Roman awoke to a cafe and ordered myself a frappe and sat by myself at the table outside, just thinking about life and how much it had changed. I had almost an hour before Duke was to come and get me for breakfast so I took my time.

'Howdy stranger!'

I looked up and Yaz was waving at me, his muscular arm lookking heavy as he swayed it in the air. Althroughout this entire Duke ordeal and the situation with Roman, I had completely forgotten about Yaz. He quickly jogged over to me, kissed me on the cheek and invited himself to sit down across from me.

'I'm glad I saw you here, I've been meaning to speak to you for ages but you were ignoring my texts and my calls,' he said.

Like Roman, I had completely ignored Yaz's attempts to communicate with me in hopes that Duke would take me back and that was that. Even though Yaz and I had a fuckbuddy relationship, I would be lying if I said I didn't have any other feelings for him.

'How are you?' he asked me, snapping me out of my thoughts.

'Great,' I lied.

'Listen, I'm just going to come right out and say it,' he began. He ran his hand through his hair anxiously and he reached over and grabbed mine. 'I don't know how and I don't know why, but I think I've fallen for you Quinn. You're amazing and I've never met anybody quite like you.'

Oh God, I thought to myself, not again.

Yaz's thumb rubbed my hand softly and sensually and his gaze pentrated me to my core so I looked away and downed my frappe so I could leave.

'Quinn? Say something please.'

'I have to go.'

And with that, I zoomed down the street without looking back. I couldn't handle this anymore. And then my third and final suitor drove passed me and pulled over next to me walking on the sidewalk.

'Quinn?' called out Duke's soothing voice.

'Leave me alone, please,' I hollered.

Duke got out of his car and chased me down and he grabbed me by the shoulders firmly and wouldn't let me walk away.

'I was just on the way to get you... Quinn, what's the matter?' Duke turned me around and forced me to look at him. Tears rolled out of my eyes and I tried to fight my way out of his grip but to no avail.

'Was it something I said or done? Quinn, I'm sorry that I've had to put you through this,' he apologised.

I looked up at Duke's beautiful face and pictured Roman and then Yaz and then back to Duke. I was a terrible person.

'Why do you love me?' I questioned him silently.

Duke hesitated before he answered that question. 'You're the greatest person I've ever met in my life, Quinn Halliwell. You're fiesty, you're crazy, you're somewhat insane and you're beautiful, funny, intelligent and one of the nicest people. You're Quinn and I will always love you, no matter what.'

'Then why are you with her?'

'I wish I could answer that,' he said.

I collapsed into his arms and he held me so tightly to him. I sighed with relief as his familiar scent entoxicated me and his arms surrounded my body securely once again. I looked over his shoulder and saw Yaz staring at me in complete disbelief.

'Yaz,' I whispered.


'Duke, I have to go.'

I dashed towards Yaz and called out his name but he had turned around and muted me out. I finally caught up to him and grabbed his arm but he pushed my grip off quite aggressively and ignored my calls.

'Yaz, please wait,' I said.

'So you were just using me for sex, is that it? You thought you'd fuck around with my feelings whilst you were off with someone else? Thanks, Quinn, thanks a lot.'

'No, Yaz, you don't understand,' I shouted, 'I like you. Will you stop and listen to me please?'

Yaz looked at me with tears forming in his eyes and shook his head.

'I thought you were different,' he said, 'obviously not.'

Yaz dashed down the streets and disappeared minutes later. My brain was going at about 200km/h and I began to get dizzy, thinking about everything that had happened in the space of 24 hours. This wasn't happening to me. I felt my head begin to get light and my eyes soon blacked out and before I knew it, I had dramatically collapsed in the middle of the walkway.

The last thing I remembered was someone calling out my name; whether it was Duke or Yaz remains to be seen.



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