It had been 2 weeks since our break-up when I found out. Duke Erving - my Duke Erving - was engaged to some blonde bimbo after dating her for a week. My whole world had fallen beneath me... the one person I ever loved was engaged to marry someone else. After 2 weeks. Without warning.

I wasn't going to get angry; hell, I wasn't even going to cry.

I was going to get even.

Long gone are the days of the cute and innocent Quinn. Now was the time of the slutty Quinn - the Killer Quinn.

I dropped the magazine containing the article and tossed it into the bin; I stormed into Roman's room where he was still sleeping soundly. After our break-up, I had completely ignored Roman, hopefully waiting for Duke to come back to me. Now that I knew he wasn't, I was free to fuck Roman where I wnated whenever I wanted.

I immediately straddled Roman and woke him up with a flurry of kisses on his neck. He looked at me extremely confused and asked me what was going on, but I shut him up by thrusting my tongue down his throat. I ripped my shirt off and groped his pecs, squeezing them roughly.

'Quinn?' he whispered.

'Shut up and fuck me.'

Roman looked as if he was about to turn me down but luckily the horny man inside him came out and he attacked me, tearing my pants off and immediately going down on my hole, rimming me out in readiness for his dick.

He fucked me savagely for over an hour before he filled my insides with his warm, built-up cum. It was amazing.

Without a word, I got up, put my clothes back on and left his room. With a sadistic smile on my face, I thought about what Duke would think if he knew what was going on, and what was about to happen.

Later that day, when Sophia had gone out, Roman approached me and asked me what had happened this morning; I merely responded by clutching his manhood in my hand through his jeans and started to lick his face ferociously. We ended up fucking on the dining table and on the kitchen counter and even against the fridge.

I had been filled up with so much of Roman's sweet cum that I thought it was going to come out of my nostrils any time soon. His dick felt so good inside me.

'Will you tell me what's going on?' he asked as we finished fucking on the kitchen floor.

'You turn me on so much,' I said to him simply.

I didn't let him have a chance to respond as I got up and got changed into an outfit for clubbing; I was going to the sleaziest gay club I could find and I was going to have sex with as many men as possible and become their little bukkake slut if I had to.

I left without telling Roman where I was going and soon find myself at Tool Shed which was infamous for its hook-up areas at the back. I waltzed in with the most confident strides and soon spotted a man I knew I had to have. I simply walked up to him, grabbed his crotch and thrusted my tongue down his mouth to which he eagerly accepted.

'Yaz,' he said, introducing himself.


With that said, he took me to the back area where I heard several other couples fucking. He took me into the room in the far corner and immediately tore his shirt off, revealing an impressive tanned upper body. I didn't have time to marvel on it because I soon went down on his cock, taking him into my mouth vigorously, my tongue swirling around his sensitive cock head hungrily.

He announced that he was going to cum and I happily swallowed his load. I got up and shared a quick cum kiss with him.

'You better get ready,' I said as I wriggled out of my pants, 'I want you to fuck me now.'

And fuck we did. After I jacked him off a bit, he took me doggy style in the backroom and fucked my brains out. I soon ordered him to get on his back and then I rid him like a horny fucking cowboy. I rid him for nearly half an hour before he shot his load inside me to mix with Roman's cum I had in me.

As he went limp in me, I bent down, kissed him sweetly and then we both got up and got changed as if nothing happened. We exchanged numbers in case we needed a good ol' fucking again and we left, not even speaking a single word to each other as we walked out back to the dance floor.

I soon latched my claws onto another man who despite being mildly good looking, I had no intention of giving my number to. I led him into the same room Yaz and I used and he soon had me bent over and was fucking me crazily. He soon shot his load into me and to fulfill his fantasy, I squatted over his mouth so he could felch it out.

He went to kiss me but I ducked and grabbed his dick which immediately went hard again so I got down and sucked him off quickly before he came down my mouth with which I swallowed. I left him in the backroom without another word and returned to the club. Yaz was standing next to the bar and smiled when he saw me come out of the back area.

I looked down at my phone and saw that it was nearly 2 in the morning. I had enough time for one quick screw. I waltzed over to Yaz, grabbed his hand and pulled him back into the room. I sucked him until he was hard and then he held me up against the wall, his dick penetrating me, his balls slapping against my ass loudly as he rammed me into the wall. He soon shot load after load into my ass and it came gushing out of my ass minutes later.

'I like you,' he whispered to me with a grin.

'Me too,' I replied, 'I intend to keep you and your dick around'.

We left the room and the back area without speaking another word to each other again. I hopped into the taxi waiting outside and went back home where I immediately stormed into Roman's room where he was sleeping once again.

I quickly got naked and crawled into his sheets, sucking him as he slept. As soon as he got hard, Roman had woken up and rolled me over and stuck it deep inside me, fucking me so good that he shot his load into me an hour later.

After calling my new nympho ways quits for the day, I fell asleep in Roman's arms.

I woke up ready to have another hot sex session with Roman but was disappointed when I saw that he had gone to work with Sophia. My ass was in pain after all the dick I had it in yesterday but I didn't care; the thought of Duke being disgusted with me motivated me even more to ride as much stranger as I could.

With a quick dial on the phone, Yaz popped over minutes later dressed to the nine for some reason even though we both knew there was no point of him wearing clothes. Yaz was a very good looking man; his nose was a tad large but everything else about him was striking. Green eyes, nice styled brown hair, a healthy natural tan.

But who cares... I was after his dick. Which I soon had in my mouth.

After he had fucked me missionary on my bed, he soon asked me to fill him up as well. I had never topped before but only innocent Quinn would be concerned with that, so I positioned myself between his legs and soon found myself with a good fucking motion, his ass muscles constricting around my cock making me even more horny than before. I soon climaxed into him at the same as I had my mouth wrapped around his.

After we were finished, Yaz opened my bedroom window and had a quick cig while I laid on the bed staring at his beautiful behind I had just dominated.

'You're fucking amazing, Quinn,' he said before blowing out a puff, 'you're a great fuck.'

Duke used to call me amazing.

'Hurry up, I want you to fuck me again.' Yaz smiled, put out his cigarette and quickly thrusted himself in me for the second time that day, the sound of his balls slapping my ass sending me over the edge and I came all over my stomach. Seeing this motivated Yaz and he soon climaxed in me, his warm manjuice felt so amazing inside me.

We laid down breathless and naked next to each other before Yaz finally spoke.


I reached down to his dick and went to go suck it but Yaz laughed and patted me on the back.

'I meant for actual food,' he laughed.

We got changed and Yaz took me out to a local Italian restaurant like a king gentleman. I couldn't help but laugh; to the world, we looked like a happy romantic gay couple going to lunch together when really we were the ultimate fuckbuddies.

No real conversation was exchanged although I found out he owned his own landscaping business and was 22. He took me back to his place which was a very nice apartment for someone who lived by himself and we soon found ourselves naked and fucking again. He climaxed into me and then I fucked him until I climaxed in him.

'Tool Shed tonight?' he asked me.

'You know it.'

We both got ready to go out again - he kindly lent me some of his clothes - and we went back to Tool Shed. Yaz went to the bar and ordered us some drinks while I scoped out the talent. I downed my drink quickly and grabbed a tall and handsome ginger-haired man and took him into the same back room I used before and I soon had him bury his dick deep inside me, his dick being bigger than what I was used to.

I gave him props for making me scream as he fucked me and he soon came a bucketful into me. I kissed him quickly and left and found Yaz still standing next to the bar quietly sipping on his drink.

'Can't find anything you like?' I said in his ear over the music.

He simply shook his head and patted me gently on the ass. The ginger-haired man went and spoke to a friend and before I knew it, both of them were taking me back to the same room. This was my first threesome experience but it was by far t he most pleasure I've had during sex ever. The ginger-haired man penetrated me wildly while I sucked his friend off, both of them climaxing into me roughly at the same time.

They clapped each other hi-five after tag-teaming me and left as I was still putting my clothes back on.

After my hot threesome, I found that Yaz was talking to a guy so I bought myself a drink and sat down next to the bar, building my energy up for the next fuck I would encounter. Yaz found me later and soon asked if I wanted to go back to his apartment with which I agreed as I found myself quite energy-less.

'Wanna fuck before we sleep?' he asked me.

I was completely exhausted so I laid down while he face-fucked me, his load shooting to the back of my throat. He tasted absolutely delicious. That night, Yaz held me in his arms while we fell asleep.

But I'd be lying if I said I didn't imagine it was Duke holding me.



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