While I was on my way to play tennis with Ben the first time the day after I had been taken several times during wrestling practice, I learned just how much of a hold Coach Seeman had over me. I was strolling along, racket case under my arm, when a big black limousine, with smoked windows rolled up beside me, the driver's window rolled down, and a big black bullet-headed chauffeur stuck his face out of the window.

'Hey, are you Ron? Ron from the wrestling team?'

'Yeah,' I said, breaking my stride in surprise at being hailed, although it probably would have been wise just to walk on without acknowledging who I was.

'Coach Seeman told me to tell you to do it.'

'Excuse me? Do what,' I said, still confused.

'He just said you'd do it if you knew what was good for you,' the chauffeur said gruffly. 'I'm pulling over to the far end of this parking lot. Walk over there.'

He pulled away and I followed him. The car had pulled up by an unusually high curb, and when I got there and walked around to stand on the curb where the limo was between me and the busy street off a ways in the distance, the rear window of the car came down, and a voice issued from the dark depths of the rear seat.

'Lean in just here and put your hands on the roof of the car. Keep your eyes on the street over there.' I did so. The curb was high enough that my pelvis was at the level of the window. I felt my tennis shorts and jock strap being pulled to below my butt cheeks. One thin hand went around to a butt cheek and the other one went up under my tennis shirt and rested on my belly. My cock was being worked by a mouth, and rather expertly worked, I might add. There I was, trying to look nonchalantly over the roof of the car, while pedestrians passed by in the near distance, looking at me, full of curiosity about the nifty limo over here, while I was getting a very interesting and expert blow job and ball wash and nibble.

When I had come, which was efficiently swallowed, and had been licked clean, my shorts and jock were snapped back into place, I was told to back off from the limo, the back window rolled back up, and limo moved majestically across the parking lot and back into traffic.

There were other peculiar 'assignments' Coach Seeman seemed to be volunteering me for among his friends. One day not long after my limo blow job I was accosted by a woman who knew both my name and to drop Coach Seeman's name and his 'do it if you know what's good for you' admonishment to get me into her car; and a very nice car too, a big white Bentley. The woman looked nice and rich too. She was on the edge of being a matron, but money had kept her on the well-maintained side. She was in great shape and would be very attractive in candlelight. And, knowing by now that this was probably leading to sex, I certainly was ready for a change of pace.

It took us more than five minutes just to drive from the road up to her big house on a hill. As we walked up to the door, it opened and it all came together for me. Standing in the door, welcoming us in was one of the school's prize wrestlers, Samir, who we called Sam. A tall, rangy son of the Levant, Sam was a cream and coffee-colored hottie, with strong legs and a long, lean torso topped with broad shoulders and tremendous biceps and pecs. It appeared that in this world, though, he was Mrs. Rich's butler. He was wearing a tight tux shirt with big cuffs and cufflinks and a bow tie, topping a pair of silk, skin-hugging black pants that fit every contour of his body from his waist down to his calves and then flared out to hems topping a nice pair of patent-leather pumps. And it obviously was Sam who had gotten me hooked up with his mistress, although my mind was working double time to try to figure out just what form of mistress she was to him. Sam was giving us a big welcoming grin.

Mrs. Rich led me to a guest room, waved at the closet, and told me to strip and put on the items I found in the closet. She assured me that there were several of each item in there and I should be able to find everything in a size that would fit me. After I changed, she said, I should look over on the dressing table for further instructions. She told me where she wanted me to come after I'd changed and left me in the room alone. I stripped down to my briefs before checking the closet out, enjoying the uncertainty of what I'd find behind that door.

When I appeared in Mrs. Rich's bedroom nearly thirty minutes later, I was wearing a scarlet silky slip, a blonde wig, and a heavy layer of bright red lipstick. Under the slip, I was wearing a black lacy bra and what I'd call black lacy breakaway bikini panties, meaning that they tied at the sides with string and could be easily pulled off. I also was wearing a thin garter belt around my belly, which held up black, fishnet stockings. On my feet were strapped black stiletto heels, which had been a little difficult to walk down the hall in. I must say that this getup somewhat amused me, and I was game to see where this would lead.

I met my double when I entered Mrs. Rich's bedroom. Mrs. Rich herself was identically attired and was stretched out on a chaise lounge facing her gigantic bed. She looked fine in this light, but I wondered if I perhaps didn't look a little bit better. She looked me up and down and told me in no uncertain terms that she liked what she saw. Then she asked me to go over and perch at the foot of the bed, and, after I'd done that, she rang a buzzer and Samir appeared. She simply told Samir to come over and sit beside me on the bed and to make love to me, as if I was a woman, until she told him to stop. She pointed out that there was a tube of lubricant on the coverlet beside me, which he could use, but that in all other ways I was to be a woman to him and that I was to consider myself to be a woman to him, a woman who loved him and would deny him nothing.


Samir sat down on the bed beside me and gently turned my face to him. He gave me a gentle kiss, and I opened to him in the way I felt a woman in love would do. He seemed surprised at my response, at my willingness to play this game, and his kiss turned passionate. He put his right arm around me at my hip and bunched up the silk slip in his fist. His left hand went to my belly, which he caressed and then let his hand drift up to my neck and then down my cleavage and to my breasts. I covered his right fist with one of my hands and raised my other hand to his cheek. And I sighed for him as I thought a woman would sigh when he touched my breast. This seemed to send a little thrill through him, and I wondered if he was begging to forget that I wasn't really a woman. From across the room, I could see that Mrs. Rich was enjoying this immensely.

Samir had bunched up my silk slip on one side to the point that the hem had come up to his hand. He moved the other hand down to my other hip, and we broke our kiss while he pulled the silk slip up and off me. His lips went to the hollow of my neck, and he went into a lingering kiss of my pulsating artery there. His right hand was spread on my lower belly, his little finger just under the waist band of my bikini briefs. His left hand was frantically exploring my breasts above the bra, feeling me and squeezing me. He seemed to be into this exploration even though I didn't have big breasts. Of course, I didn't have little breasts either; my pecs were very well defined, and he could certainly feel my taut nipples through the flimsy material of the bra.

Thinking that this is what a woman would do, I took his hand and moved it under my bra. He flinched in pleasure at this, and I heard Mrs. Rich laugh with pleasure as well. I slowly unbuttoned his shirt and pulled the tail out of his pants. He released his hands while I pulled his shirt off his back, but then he returned them to where they had been, but now his right hand was even farther down on my lower belly. It was interesting that when I pulled his shirt away, his black bow tie and his cuffs remained.

Mrs. Rich had decked him out as a Chippendale stud. And he would have fit in that line up just fine; a magnificent chest and biceps and long tapering abs down to a flat belly. His chest was heaving slightly now, as if he was having trouble controlling both his breath and his sexual appetite. He was like a lithe tiger, trying to pace himself, prolonging the kill, even though he was already loaded to pounce. And I could tell he was already loaded by the tenting in his crotch area.

I reached behind me and undid the snaps of my bra, stripped it off and threw it to the side, and then I arched my back backwards, supporting myself on my hands, my long blonde hair streaming down my back, my 'breasts' open to him. And he responded immediately, burying his face in my chest, going after my nipples with his lips, enjoying me just as if I were a big-breasted woman. To help the illusion, I sighed and moaned and shuddered just as if he had found my sexual switch and now would not deny him anything as long as he carried through with ravishing me. And, truth be known, his work on my nipples was turning me on. He left that, bringing his lips back up to mine and devouring me. His bare chest was rubbing against my bare chest, and the electricity of this contact was surging between us.

I moved my right hand to his tented crotch and let him know I was interested in what he had and how big and thick it already was and I could feel that he had a big pair of balls to go along with the package. He moved his left hand to on top of my package as well and just held and appreciated my engorging cock, while I moved on to freeing his.

With a thrill, I discovered that the front of his pants were some sort of codpiece, which I could unsnap and pull away, leaving his pants on but exposing his cock and balls. A slit seemed to run even farther, I assumed to permit access to his asshole as well if that was what was wanted. I began stroking his cock but lost leverage when His lips went back to my nipples and then started down my sternum.

Time for the woman to take control, though. With a laugh I pulled away from him and sank down in front of him, between his legs, pushing them out, wrapping a hand around the root of his cock and slowly taking it in between my ruby-red lips, giving him a woman's suck, the most intimate of a woman's service to a man. And Samir let me service him, first leaning down over me and hefting and manipulating my 'breasts' with both his hands and then, eventually, as I was bringing him to new levels of ecstasy, arching his back backward, supporting the weight of his torso on his hands and rolling his head and panting and heaving his chest, slowly giving all control over to me and concentrating his pleasure to those ruby-red lips giving his cock and balls suck.

Mrs. Rich's view of all this were parted black-silk legs, between which kneeled a bare-torsoed figure with blonde hair cascading down its back, and a bubble butt cheeks barely covered by black lace panties, gathered up into the valley of butt cleavage, and a black garter belt holding up black mesh stockings covering strong legs and ending in black stiletto heels pointed at Mrs. Rich. Above the bowed and bobbing blonde head, arms could be seen running up a man's heaving torso, digging into his bulging chest, ending in the underside of a man's chin, working itself back and forth and emitting small animal sounds of pleasure.

But then with a shudder and a loud animal sound, the tiger came alive and moved to regain control. Samir's torso came up and his hands came down to my waist and pulled me away from him, He stood and brought me up as well. He turned both of us around and laid me down on my back on the bed. His hands went to my panties, which he pulled off me, snapping the strings. The proof I wasn't a woman was obvious. I was somewhat amused that I was as hard as he was and was both longer and thicker than he was. Samir didn't seem quite as amused, though. He went for the tube of lubricant, got a big gob, and went straight for my ass. Not to lose control, I got a gob too and worked on his cock while he was working on my ass.

Mrs. Rich's view was of a man standing between the legs of a reclining woman in black mesh stockings, He was finger fucking her, opening her up, and the woman was arching her back and moaning and voicing pleasure and in being finger fucked and opened up (just as I was doing) and stroking the man's cock, keeping him hard and interested. The only visual illusion was that Samir was lathering up my asshole rather than a cunt.

Samir pushed me back on the bed with a thrust to my sternum, obviously wanting complete control, but I slid my butt toward him, maintaining a grip on his cock. I wishboned out my legs, bringing my high-heeled feet up to dig into the edge of the bed, and it was I rolled the condom onto his cock when he'd split open the packet and who guided his cock to my hole and brought him in to me until the point where my sphincter took over and drew him up my ass.

Then, with a laugh, I just relinquished control and let him pump me. His hands came down onto my chest and worked it as if he was kneading big tits. For Mrs. Rich's benefit, I screamed and yelled in ecstasy and put on a show with those stocking covered legs, holding them up and out briefly, and then wrapping them around above Samir's bouncing butt as if I was drawing him into me as far as possible (which is what I was doing) and then just swinging them wildly in the air as if he was splitting and ravishing me (which he certainly was trying to do).

'Stop!' Mrs. Rich commanded and both Samir and I stopped in mid thrust. Samir turned and sat on the bed beside me as Mrs. Rich rose off her chaise lounge and ambled over to us.

'I can't let you finish with Ron here, Samir. I have no idea how long it will take you to recover and the two of you were so marvelous that I'm simply a fright. If I don't get some right now, I think I'm going to melt into my shoes. Be a dear, Ron. You go over and sit on the chaise for a while now.' Still panting from the exertion but mildly amused, I did as she directed. Thereupon, Mrs. Rich plopped down in the spot I'd vacated.

'Now, Samir, Baby. I want you to do exactly the same things you did to Ron. And I'm so impressed by Ron's performance that I'm going to do exactly the same things to you.

And, so, they went through the scene again, but this time, with a real woman. As far as I could tell, Samir and I had done just as well as Samir and Mrs. Rich were doing.

When Samir got to the point of finger fucking Mrs. Rich, she grabbed his hand and laughed. 'The same as with Ron, Samir. So, he took a gob of lubricant and went for her ass instead of her cunt.

At the same point where Mrs. Rich had stopped the scene between Samir and me, she stopped the scene between Samir and her. A 'Stop!' rang out, and Samir, on the edge of shooting off, responded to her command immediately. I wondered both at his control and what control Mrs. Rich must have over him to keep him in check like this.

'I can have you anytime, Samir. But today's treat is Ron. He's better looking and better built than you are, anyway, don't you think, even as presentable as you are. And he certainly has a longer and thicker cock. I think he can go where you couldn't. Please be a lamb and pick up your things and be ready to take Ron home when I call.'

A sullen Samir grabbed up his shirt and codpiece and stalked to the door and out of the room. Mrs. Rich beckoned to me and said, 'Now, once more from the beginning, shall we? You can be the man this time.' And so we did, and I must say, Mrs. Rich could have taught me a thing of two about blowing a man, and I was never so happy to be tooling around in a woman's vagina once more.

When I withdrew from Mrs. Rich and turned to leave, she produced two hundred-dollar bills and tucked them into my garter belt. With this brief act, she turned me into no more than a paid prostitute, even lower in status than Samir, who had been perfunctorily dismissed as inferior in equipment to me.

When I finished, had showered and cleaned the makeup off my face, and was dressed, Samir was waiting at the door to drive me home. He hadn't bothered to put his shirt and codpiece back on. He was coldly polite. We got in the Bentley and floated back down toward the gate. However, in the wooded area before reaching the gate, Samir stopped the car and turned it off.

'Now, it's my turn.'

'Look, Samir,' I said. 'I just did what I was told, and I didn't take any part in trying to embarrass you.'

'That doesn't matter. None of that matters. I got you up here; I engineered your visit up here because I wanted to do you myself. And I want you on my own terms, not through any little play directing by the woman up there. Even if I'd been able to finish with you up there, we'd be here. I have Coach Seeman's permission to fuck you. Now strip.'

While I was doing so, Samir opened the moon roof and pushed the button that lowered the front passenger seat until it was almost flat. He told me to get on my knees on the passenger seat, facing the windshield and then he stood on the passenger floor, facing me, his chest rising out of the moon roof.

'Now blow me. And make it slow and interesting and complete.' It only took me a couple of minutes to bring him to climax, which was understandable because of the two times Mrs. Rich had denied him climax up at the house.

'Well, that was disappointing,' he said. 'Very pleasant for as long as it last, but disappointing all the same. Okay, I'm going to play with you until I recover, and then we'll see what we see.'

He came back into the car compartment, pushed me down the flat passenger seat and hovered over me, toying with me. It didn't help matters that I had shot off twice myself before his cock had gotten hard enough to perform. Then he just stretched out on top of me, and fucked me and fucked me, taking me from the side, with one of my legs stretched up to the moon roof; and then from the back, with me kneeling on the seat and him standing over me with an arm around my belly and pulling me up to him like I was a barbell in an exercise, burying himself farther in me with each lift; and then from the front, with one of my feet wedged in the top corner of the window sill and the other dug into the corner of he moon roof for leverage, and then, at last, once more from the side, both of us scooting toward the back seat with the force of his thrusts. It may have taken him some time to recover, but recover he had, as he shot off into me twice and than up the small of my back twice more in torrents of hot, angry Arab cum.



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