Later that afternoon I got my first glimpse of my possible ticket out of this 'team punch' hell. I went to class and the professor, who was also my faculty adviser, asked me to come see her in her office after her next class. When I appeared there, she wasn't alone. A young student was sitting and chatting with her. I took to him immediately. He was perhaps the most handsome youth I'd ever seen; tall and lithe, but well muscled. It was his face that attracted me immediately, however. Dark, curly hair, with a curl running down his forehead, beautiful soft hazel eyes, big full lips, and a brilliant smile, and a cleft chin and a pretty deep tan. He just exuded sensuality without putting any effort into, or, it seemed, realizing he had it. I immediately thought of Dean Seeman and what it is he liked in his choices for team punch.

'Ron, this is Ben,' my professor said. 'He's a freshman and is in one of my introductory classes and is looking for extra study help and a graduate mentor. I thought you might be willing to take him on.'

Take him on? And maybe lather him up and serve him up to Seeman to get out of my bondage? No problem.

Ben and I talked for a while that afternoon about his studies and his other activities. He smiled a lot and seemed to take to me right off. I ascertained that his tan came from playing a lot of tennis. That luckily was my best sport as well, so we set up a friendly match at the graduate sports center the next afternoon during a time when I knew few others would be around the facility.

I was fairly walking on air as I left for the dorm that afternoon, seeing some prospect now of changing my circumstances. After dinner, Nate told me that both Coach Seeman and he had been very pleased with how I had responded that morning in the wrestling gym and that they had decided I could go back to my old dorm room with Lance.

'But first a little final night ceremony, though. Strip and lie on the bed over there.'

'It's been a tough day, Nate. Couldn't we just . . . ?'

'No, we couldn't 'just.' Don't make me reassess the decision to let you go back to your dorm room. Now, you can go ahead and take that butt plug out, too.' Nate stripped and came over and pushed my right leg up, bent at the knee, foot on mattress, and sat down behind me.

'Now I want you to masturbate yourself and I want you continue until you've jacked off, no matter what else is happening.' I took my cock in my hand and started stroking it.

'I think it's time you met Gargantua.'

'Gargantua? What's that?'

'It's this,' and Nate pulled out a long cock-shaped, dark blue dildo that had deep ribbing going around it like a barber's pole.'

Oh great, I thought. But at least it didn't look too thick.

Nate lathered up my asshole with ointment, all the time watching me masturbate and telling me to continue. And then he worked the dildo into my ass. Not too bad, I thought. And then he turned Gargantua on. It was a vibrator and it revolved and sent the ribbings up and down my ass canal. This actually felt good, and it wasn't long before I jacked off for Nate. I noticed that he was jacking himself too. And THEN he clicked something else on Gargantua and it began to expand like a balloon, filling me and working my ass walls with those ribbings. This was something else altogether. I was loving it and hating it at the same time, wanting more and trying to escape at the same time, writhing and bucking in pleasure and pain. And then Gargantua was gone and Nate was in me instead, pumping and rocking me until he came, and just laying there on top of me as dusk turned to dark.

My next team punch event defeat wasn't too taxing. I was getting steeled to these attacks on my body. The winner was one of those lean, mean Marines, without an ounce of fat on a very efficient body and a shaved haircut.

Not much to brag about in the below-the-belt category, which probably is why I'd seen him hang out with one of the bantam-weight wrestlers, a willowy, but obviously strong, young man who didn't look a day older than eighteen, although he must have been at least that age to be going to this university.

The Marine-type had me pinned in no time flat. Then he sat down in a cross-legged lotus position and had me sit down in his lap, facing him, my legs stretched out in front of me with his torso between them. He told me to arch back and support myself from behind with the heel of my hands, and then he let his hands roam across my torso and stroked both my cock and his until his was large enough to work with. He told me to dig my heels in and lift my pelvis a bit, which I did, and then he inserted his engorged, but not all that long or thick cock into my ass, leaned back on his own hands to give himself leverage, and fucked me with short jabs upward.

What he lacked in equipment, he made up for in stamina, as he pumped me for a good long time, and I must say I probably was enjoying this as much as he did. My enjoyment showed in the condition of my own pecker, and a short time later, the Marine's little bantam-weight type, probably in an act of jealousy, came over and settled between the Marine's torso and mine.

My cock was running up the cleavage of his pert little butt, and he put a hand back there to simulate a channel for me to fuck, so I dry-fucked him. I figured he and the Marine were a matched set because of his size and the size of the Marine's penis, so I didn't press the point about trying to enter the tyke myself. The Marine and his lover went into a session of kissy-face and mutual nipple nibble, and I figured they had forgotten me altogether when I felt the Marine withdraw from me and start skewering the Bantam-weighter.

I slid right on out from underneath them after I'd shoot off up the Bantam's back, and they gave no evidence of noticing I'd gone.



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