After delivering me from jail and imprisoning me again in his web, Coach Seeman delivered me to Nate's door, ravished and still in handcuffs, which had been moved so that my arms were in front of me, and with my jeans barely covering me. When Nate answered the door, he was wearing only his briefs. As the dorm counselor, he had an actual one-bedroom apartment, including separate bedroom, a kitchenette, and a bath - which made me wonder why he showered in the common bath so often. But I didn't wonder about that for very long, remembering how he had fucked me in that bathroom. The communal bathroom was obviously one of his hunting grounds. Seeman hustled me into the bedroom and handcuffed me to the brass headboard at the top of one of the single beds in the room. Then he and Nate went into the other room and talked a while.

When Nate came back in, he was alone.

'So, I hear you were planning to leave us - that you were found by the police a couple of miles from the campus.'

I didn't answer.

'Now, what am I going to do with you? You don't seem to have gotten it. Coach Seeman has selected you as the team punch and wants you where he wants you when he wants you. Now you can adjust to that the easy way or the hard way. Understand?'

I still didn't answer.

'Okay, if that's the way you want it. Coach told me not to give it to you up the ass for a couple of days, to let you recover for a few days. But I've got to assert with you who's the boss here some way. Look at me. I said, look at me, and keep your eyes on me.'

I looked up, as he stripped his briefs off and started working his meat. At first I could hardly see it, but as he pulled at it and stroked it, it started to fill out. It was a big, bulbous thing, darker than he was. And it wasn't long before he had worked it up to about six inches long and over two inches thick. Then he walked in closer to me.

'Open up. I said open your mouth.' and he lightly slapped me on the face. 'Wider,' he said, as I tried to comply with his command.

He placed one of his hands around the back of my head and said, 'Keep your mouth open wide, and your head right at this position. Nothing else, just hold it there until and unless I tell you to move it.' And then he inserted his dick in my mouth and face-fucked me until he was ready to come, upon which he pulled out of my mouth and came on my chest.'

'There,' he said, as he pulled his briefs back on and sat down beside me. 'Remember that I can and will fuck you whenever and wherever and however I want. And so will Coach, and so will anyone else on the wrestling team and in our group. And if you resist, or try to run away again, we'll make it harder on you. Understand?' He got a wet wash cloth and cleaned his cum off me, and then he took a tube of salve out of the nightstand drawer and began to rub salve over the welts on my torso.

'How long is this going to go on?' I asked. 'When will it stop?'

'It will stop when Coach has found someone else he fancies more than you. I doubt it will stop for some time, though. He says you're the best tail he's had in some time.'

Oh. I would have to think what I could do about that.

'These welts aren't too bad. They should be gone in a few days. And in a few days, we'll give you some wrestling training, and then you can help work out the wrestling team - in more ways than one. Oh, and yes, day after tomorrow, we'll start with these, helping you to open up to your new role.' He reached into the drawer and pulled out a couple of black rubber objects.

'What the hell are those?' I asked.

'Butt plugs,' he said, 'in progressively larger sizes. You've already been stretched a good bit, so we don't have to start with the smaller ones.'

'No,' I said.

'Yes. And if you resist, we'll add this,' and he took out a belt with a lock that must have been something that he could attach one of the plugs to and keep it up my ass in a way that I couldn't get to it and pull it out. 'It will only be for a couple hours a day.

'No. You can forget that.'

'Okay, you obstinate bastard. I see we're going to have to do this the hard way all the way.' He reached back into the drawer and pulled how a hefty flesh-colored rubber thing that I had little trouble identifying as a large rubber cock. He pulled my jeans off and then he lathered the dildo up well and quickly with some ointment. He moved over and sat on my left thigh to keep that leg down and grabbed my right leg with his right hand and pushed it up onto and into my torso. My arms and hands were over my head, handcuffed to the headboard. The dildo was in his left hand, and he twirled the head of it around my asshole before he began pushing it in. I cried out and asked him to stop.

In two inches, 'Are you going to cooperate on the butt plugs?'

I didn't respond.

In three inches and rotated around, 'Are you going to cooperate on the butt plugs?'

'Yes,' I whimpered.

In four inches, 'What was that? I can't hear you?'

'Yes, yes!' I yelled. 'Please stop!'

In five inches and rotated around. 'You don't want me to stop, do you?'

'Yes, yes, please stop.'

In six inches. 'Wrong answer, asshole. Tell me you love this.'

'I love this,' I managed through pants.

In six and a half inches and rotated around. 'Tell me you love this and want me to do this to you every day.'

'Oh, gawd!'

In seven and a half inches, rotated around, and a few in and out pumps.

'Oh, gawd! I love this and want you to do this to me every day!'

'Okay, since you love it so much.' In eight inches, rotate, and pump; in eight and half inches and then some deep in and out pumping. And then he just pulled the dildo out in one swift slide and threw it over by the bathroom door.

'Now, for the next two days, you'll keep the handcuffs on, but I'll put you on a chain that will allow you to get to the john and shower. I like my guys clean, so you'll be taking quite a few showers. Next week, if you are cooperating, you can start back to class. But you have to come back here to study, and you'll be wearing butt plugs while you are here - and when I'm not fucking you. Toward the end of next week, we'll give you some basic wrestling instruction and then we'll introduce you to the team. If Coach calls for you at any time, though, you'll hustle right on over to wherever he wants you. After a couple of weeks, you can go back to your dorm room - if you've been cooperating.

'Swell,' I thought.

'Oh, and one other thing; you'll be wearing a white bandana around your neck when you go out. That way anyone in our larger group can recognize you. If anyone comes over to you, no matter where you are or what you're doing, and unties that bandana, you are to go with him and let him do anything to you that he wants. Those are the ground rules. That's all you have to do.

Wonderful; I just rolled over and faced the wall and pretended that this all wasn't happening to me.



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