I stayed with Nate for the next two weeks, taking in my regular classes in the afternoon and spending most of the mornings learning the fundamentals of wrestling from Nate and Greg in a small room off the main wrestling gym while the coach's regular 'Greek Wrestling' class went on in the main wrestling gym. I thought I was getting the hang of it until I was called in for what coach termed one of his 'team punch events.' Obviously, I was the punch part, because the coach's version of Greek wrestling was completely in the nude and in this particular event the winner was permitted to do the sex act of his choice to the loser.

I was quickly pinned in my first match, with a tall, lithe guy with good moves to make up for only average strength. When he'd won, though, he let me off pretty easy. He just wanted to straddle my chest, his hands holding down my upper arms, and have me stroke his cock until it was engorged, and then he had me open my mouth and hold still and he slowly fucked my face until he came, in fairly quick order, all over my face, neck, and chest. All the time, the other wrestlers were gathered around, stroking their own cocks and, no doubt, planning what they'd do to me when it was their turn.

Coach sent me to the showers and told me to report back to him right afterwards, and not bother to dress. I was soaping up in the showers, when one of the wrestlers, a big beefy oriental guy, with no hair anywhere but for the Fu Man Chu mustache he displayed with great pride, came in and walked right up to me. He took me by the hips and turned me this way and that. He fondled my cock and balls and squeezed one of my butt cheeks. Then, with a smile, he said, 'Looking forward to my match with you, Sport.' And then he laughed and padded back through the steam and out of the shower.

When I returned to the wrestling gym, there were Coach, Gregg, and several of the other wrestlers, waiting for me, with big grins on their faces - all still naked, most with respectable hardons.

'Come over here,' Coach said, and he led me to a strange alcove off the gym, which was shaped like half a hexagon and was completely lined with mirrors - on the walls, on the ceiling, and even on the floor. A wooden bar went all the way around at about waist height. 'Like it?' Coach asked. 'This is where the wrestlers and bodybuilders can come to get a good look at how various muscles are developing. 'We have other good uses for it too. This is going to be a sensory lesson for you. I want you and Greg to stand over there in the middle of the alcove, facing each other, hands at sides. Yes, but closer. But not too close yet.' I looked into Greg's eyes. He had that 'eat you up' expression on his face. It wasn't at all unpleasant.

'First, I want you to take note of yourself and Gregg in all of the mirrors around you. Let your eyes see everything. Okay, now, as you are doing that, I want both you and Greg to reach out and gently explore each other with your hands. All the time, I want you to drink in what is happening by scanning your images in the mirror. See what various touches do both to what is being touched and to other areas of your body. There, that's good. Ah, I see that you're enjoying this.' Greg was brushing his hands around my nipples and down to my belly, and my cock was rising in reaction.

'See, not just your cock is reacting. Look at your other muscles. Your body is coming alive to Greg's touch. See your butt muscles twitching. See your knees getting soft. And as he moves his hand to your cock, see yourself leaning into him. You want him. Your body wants him. Connect the touch sensations with the visual. See what you are doing to him with your touch. See his eyes take on a dreamy look, his mouth open and his tongue moistening his lips. Yes, see how your lips come together and open to each other, how you move into each other, nipples touching nipples, pelvis against pelvis, cock against cock. See how you both start to grind a bit. He's got his hands on your butt cheeks. Feel that, let your eyes see that, feel how the visual intensifies the pleasure of his hands squeezing your butt. Yes, you can put your hands on his, as well.

'Uh, I saw you flinch. Did you see yourself flinch as Greg did whatever he did? Draw apart a bit, Greg, and let us all see what caused that flinch. As yes, do you see, Ron, Greg has your cocks encased together and he's gently stroking them together. How does being able to see that enhance how it feels? Doesn't it double the pleasure?

'Now Greg is moving down your body, kissing and sucking your nipples, tonguing down your six pack, playing with your navel, kissing and tonguing down across your belly. Watch him do this from every angle, Ron. Feel his worshipping of your beautiful body. Those are you balls, he's licking, Ron. Did you notice how you broadened your stance to give him access? Did you see that in the mirror? Do you realize that this means you want him? You want him to suck your balls and make love to your cock. There, he has the head of your cock in his mouth now. Did you see as well as feel you throw your head back at that? Did you hear your moan? Did you see you burying your hands in the hair on his head, holding him to you, loving what his mouth was doing to the head of your cock?

There, did you see as well as feel your cock disappear, reappear, and then disappear? Look at the floor mirror, right under you. That's your big cock being swallowed, disappearing in Greg's mouth. Doesn't it give you pleasure to see what you are doing to Greg and how much he wants you in him? Do you see as well as feel his hands on your butt, the finger he has at your asshole? Do you see as well as feel your cock grow even longer and thicker as it disappears and then reappears; disappears and reappears? Do you see yourself shuddering and your legs turning to jelly? Being able to both see and feel will double your pleasure, but it will also shorten your jackoff time. There, just as I said. Did you see how your body jerked and spasmed right before and you shot off all over Greg's welcoming lips and face? Do you see that if he wasn't supporting you with his hands on your butt, you would have just collapsed on the floor?

'Now, Greg wants attention too. Turn around, Greg, hands on the bar, chest parallel with your butt, legs well apart. Look in the mirror, Ron. What stands out? First, that big dick swinging between his legs, right? Look in the mirrors Ron, look at Greg's dick from every angle. He was so busy working on you that it let it go a little soft again. Help him with that, Ron. You can take that big rod in your hand. Yes, like that. Milk him, Ron, and watch yourself milking him from every angle of the mirrors. And watch him loving it.'

I could see in the mirrors that all of the wrestlers standing around on the periphery were also milking themselves, or each other, and loving it.

'Now what's the other thing you notice calling to you, Ron. Yes, right, that puckered asshole. It's calling to you. Kiss it, lick it, tongue it, giving him a good rimming. And watch yourself in the mirror - and also watch how Greg is writhing from and loving your attention. Now, see, I'm going to get behind you and reach through your legs and work on your cock as well. See that in the mirror, Ron, and feel it doubly fine because you can see what I'm doing? We want you up again, because in just a few minutes, you're going to be ramming that ole eight-incher of yours up Greg's ass, and we're all going to be loving watching that in the mirrors.

I worked on Greg and Seeman worked on me for a few minutes, until Greg started to babble, 'Now, now. I can't take this teasing any more. Fuck me now. Ram it up there.'

'Well, do as he says,' Seeman directed as he released my now-engorged cock. I stood and approached Greg's rear. I positioned my cock head against his asshole with my hand and slowly worked my way in, watching, as Coach wanted me to, from every angle in the mirror my cock disappearing into Greg's ass. I had both of my hands on his hips now, and Gregg was pumping his own cock. Seeman was standing behind me, working up his own rod. I had to admit it; being able to watch it was twice the pleasant sensation.

I was so concentrated in working Gregg, which it came as quite a surprise when I felt hands on my butt cheeks and a mouth on my asshole. I looked around wildly to see Coach's face plastered to my ass. He was good enough, though, to lather me up with some ointment before he mounted me from the back. The mirror revealed me as a sandwich, the meat between two ecstatic pieces of white bread. More than just the three of us came in near proximity of each other. The wrestlers gathered around reached climaxes, either singularly or in pairs, at about the same time.



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