Friday was cold, a front having moved through over night and Brody came into the dorm bundled up in a coat, gloves, scarf and hat. He moved up the stair shedding one item at a time; the gloves, the scarf and finally his hat. As he went down the corridor Ryan appeared at the door to his room.

"Hey Brody, what are you doing tonight?"

"I was just going to go down to the sports bar. Why?"

"Pam says one of the guys in her art class is having a party. Come on, go with us. Those parties are suppose to be really fun" Ryan said grinning mischievously.

"Where's it at?"

"Some house the guy rents in town. Be ready around ten" Ryan replied then ducked back into his room.

Brody entered his room and found it empty, surprising him for Carson was usually back from class before him on Fridays. He went in and saw Carson's backpack in his chair and realized Carson had been there but had gone back out. He stood looking at Carson's desk and backpack, wondering what he was doing. Absentmindedly he ran a finger along a seam of the backpack. 


Carson and Charlie were shopping for clothes to wear to the party. Carson had gone over to Charlie's apartment the day before and when the subject of the party came up Charlie admitted his discomfort at going and how he knew his clothes made him stand out, the image they portrayed and he didn't like it. Carson talked him into going shopping, encouraged him to change the way he dressed, and have a look that would let him blend in with the others. They went into some specialty shops and in the end Charlie got a black shirt that was simple, form fitting, with black buttons and a pair of jeans already frayed and the fabric worn soft and a wide black belt and boots. Carson found a shirt that looked good on him, its deep brown color matching his hair color and Charlie insisted on paying for helping him shop.

They went back to Charlie's apartment and tried everything on then settled down in front of the television playing video games. The time passed slowly as they played through several different games. Carson left around seven to get cleaned up and changed and when he returned Charlie was dressed and waiting.

It was nearly nine by the time they headed out, going to the deli nearby for something to eat. When they arrived at the party it was around ten and just getting into full swing. Several people were on the front porch and Carson spoke to the couple he had met before through Gabriel.

"'re Charlie right?" someone called out as Carson reached for the door. Charlie spun around looking to see who called out his name. A guy stood up and came over.

"Damn I almost didn't recognize you. You're differently" the guy said.

"Yeah, thought I'd try a different look" Charlie admitted sheepishly.

"'s nice. I like the shirt" and the guy looked at Carson, sticking out his hand, "I'm Jonathan."


"You guys together?" Jonathan asked.

"We're just friends" Charlie replied as his face turned red.

"Well, go on in, there's beer in the kitchen, wine too, so help yourself and I'll catch up with you later, okay?" Jonathan said and Carson saw how he was looking at Charlie, shocked by the way he was now dressed.

"Okay" Charlie replied and followed Carson into the house.

"I think he likes you" Carson whispered.

"He hardly speaks to me in studio. I'm shocked he even knows my name."

"Well, you have his attention now."

They made it into the living room when a friend of Gabriel's came into the room. Beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other and he stepped over a couple of people sitting on the floor.

"Carson...just the man we've been waiting for!"

"Hey Tyler, what's up?"

"Carson, my friend, we didn't tell you earlier but tonight we showing Gabriel's latest work and it is my friend unbelievable; truly magnificent. Why didn't you tell us you were his latest subject?"

"What?!" and Carson thought of all the times he had posed for Gabriel, especially that last time and he blushed a deep dark red. "You're kidding...right? Gabriel has those paintings here...tonight?"

"OH, hell yeah. Come on and see how everyone is responding to them."

The paintings were in two bedrooms hanging on or leaning against the walls. In abstract vivid colors was Carson laying across a bed, on a sofa, or in some fantasy scene and in the second bedroom there it was, the painting showing Carson masturbating, his cock obscenely larger than life, a deep purple with cum spraying from the head. Carson was shocked to see the finished work with their bright colors, the graphic detailing, and the way the poses looked so different than the way they had felt when he did them. Charlie made one exclamation after the next as he followed Carson around looking at each painting.

"Oh shit" Carson whispered.

"What do you mean? They're great" Charlie exclaimed.

"Let's go get something to drink" Carson replied leading him from the room. As they came into the kitchen he saw Gabriel talking to a small group of people. There was a guy standing next to him, close, making sure everyone knew he was with Gabriel. He looked like a boy, short and skinny, with red dyed hair. His smooth flat chest was visible through the open diner jacket he was wearing and Carson noticed right away the ring in the right nipple. Gabriel hugged him when he approached and they exchanged greetings, then Gabriel introduced everyone, including Shane and Carson introduced Charlie.

"You like the paintings?" Gabriel asked Carson.

"Yeah...but it is shocking to see know?"

"Oh Carson, don't be such a prude. Loosen up, man. I bet Charlie here liked them."

"Oh yes, they're great" Charlie replied.

Jonathan came into the kitchen and grabbed a beer from a cooler. He looked over at Charlie, smiling.

"You want a beer?" he asked Charlie.

"Yes, toss me one" Charlie replied and he looked at Carson who nodded his head toward Jonathan indicating he should go. Charlie took the offered beer and followed Jonathan out of the kitchen.

"Oh, I thought you two were together" Gabriel asked.

"Oh no, we're just friends" Carson replied smiling, pleased to see Charlie fitting in.

Carson talked with Gabriel, Shane standing next to him but saying nothing, and after a while more people came in looking for Gabriel and Carson excused himself and made his way back toward the living room. He saw Charlie on the front porch with Jonathan and several others and Charlie actually was laughing out loud, joking around and Carson smiled knowing he'd be alright. He headed toward the sofa seeing a spot open when he heard a familiar voice.

'No!' he thought, 'It can't be' as he made his way down the short hall toward the back bedroom where he knew the voice had came from. At the door he saw him, standing with Ryan and some girl, his arms held out, an amazed look on his face.

"Look at that! How do you paint something like that?" Brody said. "I toast the artist!" as he held up his beer then took a long swallow.

"Hey, Carson is here" Ryan exclaimed when he saw Carson come into the room.

"Hey...roomie, have you seen this?"

"Yeah, I've seen it" Carson replied, feeling anxious about Brody and Ryan being here, seeing the painting, especially this one. He saw how Brody's demeanor suddenly changed, the way he eyed him then looked at the painting. He knew. He'd put it together, even with alcohol in his system, or maybe because of it.

"Oh shit" Brody whispered as he looked at the painting again. "OH SHIT!" he exclaimed and he turned to Carson. "It's you...goddamn it, it's you!" and Carson felt the room close in, saw the way Ryan and his girlfriend were looking at him and he turned and walked out. He didn't hear anything Brody was saying, or anything anyone else was saying. He just kept walking straight out of the hall. He didn't stop walking as he went through the living room and out on to the porch. And he didn't stop walking then either.

"Carson...where you going?" he heard Charlie call out but he didn't respond, didn't turn to even acknowledge he had heard instead he kept walking all the way back to campus, cutting straight across until he was at the dorm and he didn't stop until he was in his room. He felt foolish. Foolish for doing the pose, jacking off for Gabriel, and he felt foolish for leaving the party, making a scene knowing he should have called Brody's bluff, stood his ground, but for some reason he couldn't and he had walked away.

He pulled his shirt off and tossed it on the floor. He paced back and forth a few times knowing he should just go back, but unable, and without thinking about what he was doing he eased down on the lower bunk, Brody's bunk and settled down on the unmade bed. He smelled Brody's scent in the sheets, the cologne he often wore and he realized he was afraid Brody would think him too queer, realize he was gay and what little friendship that had developed between them would come to an end. How long he lay there he didn't know but the locked clicked and the door eased open, the light of the corridor spilling into the dark room, moved over the floor and to Carson lying on Brody's bed.

"Carson" Brody called out in a low voice. Carson just turned his head and stared into the light looking at Brody's silhouette as he came into the room. "Hey, why did you leave like that?"

Carson lay silent for a minute and watched Brody move into the room. His eyes followed Brody, studied him, trying to read the shadows covering his face, to penetrate the darkness around his eyes and see what he was thinking.

"When you realized it was those paintings, I...thought..." Carson stammered, not finishing his sentence.

"You thought what?"

"'s nothing."

Brody eased down on the floor by the bed and lay his hands on the edge of the bed, so close Carson could feel them press downward, feel the shift in the mattress.

"So, you and this Gabriel guy...are you together?" Brody asked and his question was serious, his tone so honest sounding Carson sat up and turned to him.

"No. We just messed around for a while" Carson said looking at Brody to see his reaction.

"Well, it looks like you guys had some fun" Brody tried to joke, but his tone gave him away, showed a sense of sarcasm, for he really wasn't sure how he felt about it.

"Yeah...but..." Carson replied and he lay back down staring up at his bunk above.

"But what?" Brody replied.

Carson felt Brody lightly caress his arm, just a couple of fingers gliding over his skin. He froze not believing what he was feeling, this touch and he was afraid if he reacted it would stop.

"Carson...I was you think..." Brody stammered then stopped and pulled his hand away.

Carson rose up and turned to him, reaching out for his hand, holding it in his own.


Carson pulled Brody's hand to his chest feeling its warmth against his skin. He watched Brody's eyes, how they looked at his chest where their hands rested against him and when he looked up he smiled.

Carson moved over on the bed and lay back. Brody stood up and slipped his shirt off, unfastened his jeans and worked them off each leg and for a moment Carson thought he was going to climb into bed in his boxers but Brody took them by the waistband and slipped them down his legs till he could step out of them. His body seemed to glow in the dim light of the room and Carson saw his aroused state, his cock rising up, growing thicker. Brody moved down on the bed next to Carson, took him by the chin and kissed him, softly, tentatively at first, but as Carson kissed him back they grew more physical, more aggressive and hands began to move over chests, stomachs and backs. Carson grasped Brody's cock, stroked it bringing it to full erection. Brody slid a hand down Carson's chest, over his undulating stomach and down into his jeans. His fingers ran along the waistband of the boxers within, working underneath and moved further within till he was grasping Carson's cock, squeezing it, feeling it swell in his hand.

Carson unfastened his jeans, pulled the zipper down and sitting up he worked the jeans and boxers down his legs with Brody helping him slip his legs free. Brody pushed him back down on the bed and moved over him, took his cock holding it up, tightly in his fist and he moved down to it opening his mouth letting the head slip between his lips. He sucked on the head, swirled his tongue over it as he fisted the shaft till Carson was pumping his hips upward. Carson ran his hand through Brody's hair, felt the way his fingers combed through it, the softness against his skin and as Brody moved down his cock he couldn't help himself as he pushed downward on Brody's head, pushed him down till he gagged on his cock.

"Take me Brody" Carson whispered as he felt Brody move up and back down, his cock sinking back into the warm soft recesses of Brody's mouth.

Brody released Carson's cock and moved up over him letting his body weigh down on Carson, chest to chest, heaving stomach against heaving stomach and hard cock pressed against hard cock and Carson held his ass, spread his cheeks and pulled him down pressing their bodies together even harder. Brody shifted upward till Carson's cock slipped between his legs and Carson's pumping of his hips was working it along his ass, the head rubbing over him, touching him along line of his ass and probing over his hole. No one had every touched him there, rubbed over his hole making him want this sex, but now he desperately wanted it, the physicality of it, and it was with Carson he wanted it, wanted to feel Carson's cock, it fully erect, penetrate his hole, to sink into him and he worked his ass up and down, rubbed it on Carson's cock till he felt Carson hugged him tightly, his hips jabbing upward.

It tore at Carson the way Brody's ass rubbed his cock, stroked his desires and he hugged Brody tightly and rolled him over on his back. He had assumed it would be him on bottom but with the way Brody moved over him, let his cock work up between his legs he forgot this assumption. He pinned Brody to the bed, held him down by the wrist and pumped his hips, driving his cock down along Brody's ass. Brody brought his legs up and around Carson's waist turning his ass upward.

"Fuck me" Brody whispered in Carson's ear as he gasped for breath, moaned with the feel of Carson against his body. Carson reached between them and put his cock to Brody's entrance and pressed against its tightness, felt his cock bend with its resistance.

"Let me in...relax" Carson uttered as he pushed with his hips. Brody shifted underneath him, his hips turned upward a little more as he pushed against Carson till his hole relaxed and let Carson in, inch by inch sinking cock into his hole, and he cried out.

Carson felt Brody quiver underneath him as he sank into his hole and he moved slowly, pushing gently inward till Brody finally all of him. Brody's lips moved over his neck and along the side of his face and back to his lips kissing him roughly as he clung to him. Carson began to fuck, to pump his hips till his cock piston back and forth in Brody's hole, slipping smoothly through the loosening ring of the opening. Carson shifted over Brody, rose up holding Brody's hands down again and he began to drive his cock into Brody with an urgency, his hips slapping against Brody's ass till the bed rocked with his exertions, squeaking noisily beneath them.

This was how Brody imagined it: physical, body on top of body, their exertions straining every muscle. He thought he'd be on top but now that Carson was pumping his hole, slamming down against his ass sinking cock all the way into him this felt more appropriate, more fulfilling for him and he slipped from Carson's grasp and put his hands on Carson's ass feeling the way it moved up and down hammering his hole. He felt the way Carson's heaving stomach rubbed his cock pinned between them. He had never been so aroused, felt the need to cum rise up so hard and he threw his head back pulling Carson into his hole all the way as he felt his cum surge through his cock and blast out between them. Carson kept moving, slickly on top of him slamming his hips down.

"Fuck...fuck...I'm cumming" Carson exclaimed as he jabbed his cock into Brody's hole as hard as he could pumping out his load. He kept pumping his hips, slowing gradually as his cock pumped out the last of his load.

Carson finally slipped free and shifted down by Brody. They snuggled together, their bodies intertwined and talked quietly, their voices barely audible, telling their secrets, admitting to their desires and wants, their hopes and when they fell silent, each feeling the warmth of the other, sleep over took them.


The party had still been going strong when Gabriel decided he had had enough. He'd seen how his friends and so many others he didn't know responded to his latest work and he was pleased. He was glad Carson had come but regretted what had happened with his roommate but he sensed things may be working out the way some said the roommate ran out after Carson a few minutes later.

He stood at the lavatory in his bathroom and leaned down to wash his face. When he stood water trickled down his bare chest and stomach downward till it wet the boxers he still had on. He dried his face, ran the towel down his body and hung it back up. He reached over and picked up the flogger lying to the side, felt the way it fit in his hand. He swung it back and forth feeling the weight of it, the way the strands of leather moved as he shook his head amazed at what some people liked in their sex play, the toys and gadgets. The flogger was Shane's, along with a bag full of other gear. It amazed Gabriel how someone so young, so innocent looking at first could have such a devious side. The play intrigued him, the mixing of pain and pleasure otherwise he would have cut Shane loose already. There were few guys in his past that really did it for him. Carson had been one, they way he was so shy, so timid, until he got naked and in bed, then he was a whole different person.

Gabriel went down the hall to his bedroom and found Shane as he left him, standing in the middle of room, his wrists cuffed together and pulled up till Shane could barely stand on the floor where they were tied off into an eye-hook in the ceiling. The spreader bar hooked to the ankle cuffs kept his legs apart and the ball gag kept him quiet.

Gabriel knew what Shane wanted and he walked up to him and swung the flogger, hard, letting the strands of leather slap across his chest and wrap around the side of his torso. The skin glowed red where each strand of leather hit the skin. He swung again, lower this time and the flogger smacked across Shane's stomach and he jerked in his bonds and began to breath hard, his stomach undulating with each gulp of air. Gabriel swung several more times hitting across the chest and the stomach till Shane was crying out, it muffled by the ball gag. Gabriel walked around him and without hesitation he swung again and again hitting Shane across the back, the ass and even across his thighs making him try to move away from Gabriel. When Shane turned, getting his back away from Gabriel he swung again, across Shane's crotch, the strands of leather cracking against his sac and the hard leaking cock that had rose up fully erect. Clear liquid beaded up at the slit and Gabriel ran his thumb over it smearing the head with the precum making it slick, and he kept rubbing his thumb over it till Shane fought to pull away.

Gabriel moved to his bed standing behind Shane and he tossed the flogger down no longer interested in its use. He slipped his boxers down his legs and stepped out of them as he took his cock and stroked up till it rose up hard. Moving up behind Shane he looked over the boy's shoulder and saw the drool dripping off his chin as it leaked out around the ball gag. He ran his hand over the boy's back and ass feeling the warm skin. He pressed his body to the boy's back and his cock nestled against the boy's ass, as he wrapped his arms around his narrow waist. Shane was such a small boy compared to the others he had fucked around with the last year, but there was something about him, something sexually charged without being masculine or feminine, but something androgynous. His sexuality driven by something else.

Gabriel moved back and put his cock to the boy's hole and holding him by the waist he drove his cock into him, inch by inch till he was pressing his abdomen against the boy's ass. Shane quivered with the penetration, his whole body shaking, and he was moaning, trying to cry out. Gabriel reached around and felt the curve of Shane's hard cock, felt the way it was flexing with his arousal and he stroked it with his fuck, swinging his hips as he jacked his fist along the shaft. He used Shane, used him for a hole to sink his cock into, something tight that would milk the shaft of his cock as he hammered in and out of the loosening hole. He had to hold Shane with his left arm as he jacked him with his right hand as he fucked his ass harder and harder.

The room echoed with Gabriel's grunts, the curses he uttered under his breath and more vividly, with Shane's moans and cries. Shane began to rock his body, pushing his ass back to take Gabriel's forward thrust and then pushing forward thrusting his cock through Gabriel's fist. Gabriel felt the way Shane's hole spasm around his cock and Shane's cock flexed in his fist and he knew the boy was pumping out his load and he tightened his hold on him and drove his hips harder, his body smacking against the boy's ass till he too was pumping out his load. He kept pumping his cock, feeling each ejaculation as he fucked the boy's hole till he was spent.

Gabriel pulled out and walked over to his boxers lying on the floor and used them to wipe his slimy cock clean. He suddenly felt hungry and thought he would go to the diner a few blocks away, the one that stayed open all night. He picked up his jeans and pulled them into place, tucking his semi-erect cock down within left leg. He picked up his t-shirt and pulled it on working it down his lean body. Turning he saw Shane looking at him, his chin and his cock dripping.

"I'm going out to get something to eat. Don't go anywhere, okay?" Gabriel said sarcastically as he moved around Shane heading to the door. He looked at the boy's back and ass, saw they were still red and just before he turned to leave he saw the cum trickle down his inner thigh. Gabriel stifled a laugh as he left, switching off the light and closing the door. 'Damn that boy's fantasies are twisted' he thought as he went out into the cold night air feeling his nipples harden and rub against the t-shirt and he felt the way his cock lay just beneath the soft worn denim of his jean and the way his walking moved it within them. He'd be ready to go again when he got back.


Charlie and Jonathan had been nearly the last to leave the party, for they had sat in the back bedroom when everyone else had moved out into the living room or the front porch. They had lain across the bed, the image of Carson behind them, and talked. Just casual conversation between two guys getting to know each other and occasionally they would rub their feet together or reach out and just touch the other on the arm or fiddle with a button on their shirt. At one point Jonathan pushed the hair out of Charlie's eyes.

They ended up in the diner, sitting by the window, eating slowly, just taking their time, even though it was after two o'clock in the morning. The waitress had dropped off their check which Charlie had grabbed up.

"My treat, okay?"

Jonathan smiled and nodded his head. "Okay. Your treat." Jonathan leaned forward lowering his voice. "Listen, I want you to come back to my dorm roommate is here this weekend and he isn't too understanding, if you know what I mean."

"You want to come back to my place? I have my own apartment" Charlie said conspiratorially.

"You do? Yeah, let's go."

"But I have to warn you, it is not me."


"You'll see."

They paid and went out the front door and headed to Charlie's apartment, not seeing Gabriel coming from the opposite direction. It took a few minutes for them to make the journey but they finally made it to the apartment complex and to Charlie's door.

Jonathan saw immediately what Charlie meant as soon as he opened the door. It looked more like a room in some old Southern plantation house instead of a college apartment.

"Jesus, this is..." Jonathan uttered.

"Intense" Charlie interrupted finishing his sentence. "Come on back; the bedroom isn't as bad."

They weren't rushed, neither worried about the time, as they helped each other undress, slowly, each button carefully slipped through its hole, belts removed and laid to the side, each one helping the other with their shoes, then socks until they were both in their underwear, Charlie in boxers and Jonathan in briefs, so skimpy his cock was slipping beneath the waist band and poking out. Jonathan moved to Charlie letting his fingers glide up one arm, grazing the skin softly, feeling the fine hairs on his lower arm and the smooth bare skin of his upper arm. Charlie took Jonathan's hand and brought it across his chest. Jonathan felt Charlie breathing, felt his heartbeat.

"Your heart is beating fast" Jonathan whispered.

"I know...I'm nervous..."

"Relax" Jonathan replied as he leaned forward and kissed Charlie, gently, their lips barely touching at first, but they moved to each other and pressed their lips tighter together. Charlie let his arms move around Jonathan's waist, his hand rub up and down the curve of Jonathan's back, follow his spine down till he had each ass cheek in his hands and he pulled their bodies together. They stood together for a few minutes, feeling the heat of the other, the softness of each other's skin as they moved, hands caressing over skin and their cocks pressed together between them growing fully erect.

Charlie led Jonathan to his bed. He reached down and pulled the covers back till they lay bunched at the foot of the bed. Jonathan sat on the edge and pulled Charlie between his legs where he kissed his stomach, ran his lips over the soft smooth skin, upward till he came to the left nipple and he tongued it, pressed his lips to it and when he felt the hard nub in the center he nipped it lightly making Charlie exhale hard pushing his chest against Jonathan's mouth. Jonathan ran his hand over Charlie's crotch, groped for his cock, fondling it, squeezing the shaft till it flexed hard in his fingers. He pulled Charlie's boxers down letting them drop to the floor as he grasped Charlie's cock kissing the head, running his tongue over it then slipping his lips around it as he moved forward enveloping it with his mouth.

Charlie exhaled hard as he felt his cock sink into Jonathan's mouth and he braced himself on Jonathan's shoulders. He felt the way Jonathan moved on his cock, lips tight to the shaft while he moved back and forth. Jonathan worked his mouth slowly on Charlie's cock, deliberate in each move till he felt Charlie trying to work his hips. Releasing Charlie, Jonathan moved up on the bed guiding Charlie to follow. Charlie slid down next to him pulling him to move on top.

Charlie wanted to feel Jonathan's weight on his body, wanted to feel the contact between them, the warmth of skin on skin and he spread his legs letting Jonathan move between them. Charlie pushed down on Jonathan's briefs, slide them down over his ass. Charlie ran his hands over each firm round cheek, held them tightly as he pulled Jonathan tight to his body, cock pressed against cock.

"Fuck me" Charlie uttered as he moved beneath Jonathan, pushing up with his hips. He wrapped his legs around Jonathan's waist turning his ass upward and he felt Jonathan push against it, rub over it inflaming his desire, this need to feel Jonathan inside him, to feel the penetration. "Jonathan...please..." he whispered.

Jonathan pushed his briefs down further and moved over Charlie till his cock pressed tightly to the entrance of Charlie's hole and he bore down on it slowly feeling his cock spread Charlie's hole open and sink into it, slowly, inch by inch, till he was half way into him where he held still as he kissed Charlie, ran his hands along Charlie's arms and waited till he felt Charlie relax to his penetration.

Charlie felt the initial pain subside and he pushed upward with his hips sinking more of Jonathan into his hole. He felt the movement of Jonathan on top of him, the way he moved his hips, the way his hands caressed him, and the way his cock sank further into him till their bodies lay in full contact and Jonathan began to fuck. He worked his hips in a steady rhythm, pulling upward and plunging back down and Charlie clung to him as his own body shivered with each penetration.

Jonathan fucked till he was tiring and his breathing was ragged and he lay on top of Charlie for a moment trying to catch his breath. Charlie wrapped his arms around Jonathan and rolled him over on to his back and he sat up with Jonathan still buried in his hole and he began to move his body up and down, to slide his body up and down the length of Jonathan's cock to feel it sink into him on every downward move. It excited Charlie to feel Jonathan inside him, the way he filled his hole and the way the tight ring to his opening could feel every inch of Jonathan's cock as it slid back and forth through it. He took his own cock in hand and began to stroke it, to run his hand in rhythm with his fuck, his pace getting faster and faster increasing the sense of his sexuality, his masculine need for the same, for the masculine. He rode Jonathan harder till his bed squeaked with his exertions and his whole body felt hot as sweat broke out on his skin.

"Take me...oh...oh, oh..." Jonathan exclaimed as he enjoyed the stimulation Charlie's body was giving him and he ran his hands along Charlie's thighs, caressing them, urging Charlie to keep up his fuck and bring him to climax. He felt his need to cum rise up and he began to thrust upward with his hips as he felt Charlie moving on him. He heard Charlie cry out, felt the way he slammed down on his cock then he felt the cum hit him in the face, a thick rope of cum lined up over his cheek, over his eye and into his hair. He felt the second rope of cum hit him on the neck and line down his chest. The smell of Charlie's cum filled his nose as he shoved upward feeling Charlie's hole spasm around his cock, milking the shaft and as Charlie's cum spattered on his stomach he came, hard, shooting deep within Charlie's hole.

The Following Spring

Brody and Carson were at the table in the back of the diner. They were talking about the upcoming exams and the end of the semester. Brody was going to meet Carson in early July at the beach for a week and they talked about maybe meeting in the mountains right before the start of next fall's term. Carson looked up and saw Charlie come in with Jonathan right behind him and he pushed out the chair to his right.

"Hey guys; have you been waiting long?" Charlie asked as he sat next to Carson with Jonathan sitting on his other side.

"No, not long at all. Here comes the waitress now" Brody replied.

"You guys ready for exams?" Carson asked and he saw Charlie nod yes, as he expected, and Jonathan always so casual about everything just shrugged his shoulders.

"Carson, I got a job for the summer" Charlie exclaimed, glancing back at Jonathan.

"Really and something tells me Jonathan is involved."

"My uncle is going to hire him for the summer in his landscaping business and I'm going to work in dad's firm so we'll get to spend the summer together" Jonathan replied.

"You're parents haven't a clue do they" Brody asked Charlie and he smiled sheepishly shaking his head.

"Here comes Gabriel" Brody said and the four of them turned to see Gabriel come in with someone new in tow.

"Who is this one?" Charlie asked.

"We have no idea. You guys remember the one from last fall. What was his name?" Carson asked.

"Sean or Sam...something with a 's'" Brody replied.

"Shane! That was it. He was the one who pushed Gabriel the most, really scared him in the end" Carson said.

Gabriel came up to the table and pulled out a chair opposite of Carson.

"Hey guys; this is Anthony. He's been posing for me for my latest project."

The guys looked at Anthony as he took a seat by Gabriel, his body thickly muscled, a build like a football player and his black hair was cut close to the scalp and a goatee surrounded his mouth. They were surprised how different this guy was to all the others, except for Carson. He knew Gabriel and his constant search for someone inspiring, someone who fueled his emotions. Seeing him with someone so different is what he expected. Carson and he had talked about it often over the last year, but what Gabriel didn't confess was how Carson had been the one, the one who drove his emotions the most, his desires the hardest and he realized it too late, but he knew he had to keep searching, to look for someone who would be as inspiring. Someone he could feel completed him, made him a better artist.

Gabriel saw Brody reach over and take Carson's hand, such a simple gesture, but one that spoke strongly of their relationship. He leaned back in his chair and saw how Charlie obviously put his hand on Jonathan's thigh beneath the table, casually, unconcerned of appearances as he leaned over and asked him what he was going to eat. Gabriel knew what he saw in front of him and for himself, Anthony wasn't it, not the one, but there was only two weeks till end of term and Anthony would do till then. He was a fun plaything, something to inspire him on his current work and he couldn't help it, couldn't stop the mischievous smile from coming on his face and he saw Carson looking at him shaking his head. He knew Carson realized what he was thinking for he could read his mind.



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