Brody went to his Wednesday classes and tried to focus on the lectures but his mind kept wandering back to that morning with Carson coming in from being out all night and having blue paint smeared on his body. It intrigued Brody, made him wonder what Carson had really been doing. The notion something sexual lurked beneath the surface of it just made it all the more alluring. It inflamed his imagination, even aroused him and he let his eyes roam over one guy after the next, each one a consideration.

After his last class, with some substantial reading and course work to complete for Friday he decided the library would be better than the dorm room, especially if Carson was back already. Brody knew he'd not be able to let it go, his curiosity about Carson's nocturnal activities of the night before. In order to get his homework complete he knew the library was the best place to go and he headed that way.

The first floor was busy, students moving between the computers, the shelving with periodicals and among the desks down the center of the room. Brody went to the stairs and climbed up till he came to the fourth floor and he moved to the outer wall and along its length knowing there were areas with a few desks, places quiet that were not disturbed by other students moving along the stacks or among the central core areas. A place he thought he could count on no distractions coming into view, especially the male distractions.

Brody kept his focus, the area quiet during the rest of the afternoon, and he went through two assignments, with its required reading. He hadn't realized how long he had been at it until the sunlight coming through the window dimmed, the sun beginning to drop below the trees and buildings on campus and he suddenly realized how hungry he had gotten in the last few minutes. He leaned back, stretched his arms out twisting his torso one way then the other. His eyes scanned his surroundings as he did so and when he turned to his left he saw him sitting at a table just to his left slightly behind his normal line of sight.

'I didn't see him come in' Brody thought as he looked at the guy leaned over reading, earbuds in each ear tuning out his surroundings. The guy had short reddish brown hair and his facial features were so classical, the strong jaw line, the angular nose and eye brows that were a thin line arching over each eye. His cheeks had a rosy tint to them giving him a boyish look and Brody let his eyes scan down his body till he saw the guy's bare legs, his cargo shorts stopping at the knees and he saw the dark reddish brown hair covering the guy's lower legs and he wondered how they'd feel against his chest as he fucked the guy.

When he looked back up he saw the guy was looking at him and for a moment they just stared at each other, no emotion expressed, no acknowledgement of their seeing each other, but Brody grew brave, aroused with the possibilities and he smiled at the guy, nodding his head. The guy's eyebrows rose questioningly and then he smiled as he sat back in his chair and Brody saw how the guy spread his legs and tugged on his cock through the cargo shorts. Then the guy looked straight at Brody and nodded his head, his eyes questioning Brody, asking him if he was game, if he wanted to hook up and Brody smiled as he nodded back. The two of them put their books into their backpacks and almost at the exact same time stood up. Brody went over the guy and when he was close he let the guy see him adjust his crotch.

"You want to go somewhere?" Brody asked.

"Yeah, but I need to get back to the books..." and the guy leaned over close to Brody, lowering his voice, "so follow me."

"I'm Kyle" the guy introduced himself as he led Brody to the back side of the library, around behind the elevator and past an exit stair.

"Brody. Where are we going?" he whispered in reply.

"A room the library never finished and currently uses for storage and well, some of us who work part time here use it for other purposes."

Brody noticed the door wasn't locked to a room at the back of the building down a short corridor. Kyle moved into the room and flipped the light switch and a single fluorescent tube fixture hanging from the exposed structure flickered on. It was a small fixture and barely lit the room. On one wall was two book cases, with some adjustable shelves missing, several shelves leaned against the wall and several boxes stacked in the corner. Opposite this was two tables like those for students to do their research and reading. They were pushed together forming one large area.

Kyle dropped his backpack and grabbed Brody, pulling their bodies together, kissing him roughly, and quickly, with urgency, and their hands began to roam over each other, to feel the bodies within the clothing and to feel each one's arousal, the growing erection each was one had confined in their clothing. Kyle undid the buttons of Brody's shirt opening it up and running his hands over Brody's chest. His touch was arousing, felt warm against the skin and Brody quickly became the aggressor, the one in charge for he knew what he wanted, what he needed, and he pushed Kyle over to the tables and bent him over till his chest rested on the top of one.

"I want to fuck your ass" Brody uttered as he reached around and began to undo Kyle's shorts.

"Yeah....fuck me...shove that cock in me" Kyle begged as he felt his shorts and boxers drop to his ankles. Brody ground his crotch against the bare ass in front of him, ran his hands over its firm roundness giving each cheek a squeeze. Kyle pushed back and Brody knew he wanted it, wanted it bad and he undid his jeans and pushed them down along with his briefs till they were below his crotch, his hard cock free bobbing in the air in front of him. He stroked himself, felt the rigid shaft slip through his fist and when he rub his hand over the head he felt the slickness spread over the head. He was ready to fuck.

Brody looked at Kyle's ass, the way he was spreading his cheeks apart opening himself for Brody to use him, to shove cock into his hole.

"Fuck me...come on mother fucker, don't make me beg" Kyle pleaded and Brody leaned over and let a thick wad of spit drop down into the cleft of Kyle's ass.

"That should be all I need to get into that ass" Brody uttered as he put his cock to Kyle's hole, rubbed his leaking cock over it, pushed against its tightness. "Yeah, you're tight...for now" Brody whispered as he pushed forward penetrating Kyle, sinking his cock all the way in till he slapped up against those firm round ass cheeks. Kyle rose up and stifled his need to cry out and Brody grabbed him by the hair and pulled upward as he pulled his hips back till just the head of his cock was inside Kyle and he shoved forward again.

Brody had been worked up, his lust insanely consuming him and all day the image of Carson, blue paint streaked down his long lean torso kept coming to mind. Brody knew it was the way the paint was smeared on Carson's chest, the way it looked like he had been rubbing up against someone and the way Carson avoided the admittance of doing anything was enough to fuel Brody's imagination, to consider the implication, letting the fantasy it was sex with another guy, an idea that was arousing for Brody, so arousing he pushed Kyle's head down and held him firmly to the table as he pumped his hips furiously, hammered his cock into Kyle, not letting up till he felt his cum surge through his cock, felt his cock swell up thick and fill Kyle's hole with his cum. He kept pumping, shoving his ejaculating cock inward with every release, with his sensitive cock sliding slickly through his load.

When he was finally spent he pulled out and wiped his slimy cock on Kyle's ass and helped him stand, spurn him around and had him lean against the table as he dropped to his knees. He wasn't finished, not yet, and he held Kyle's cock, the long thin shaft flexing in his hand ready to explode and he held it down and licked the wet head tasting the odd sweetness of Kyle, the flavor of him and it drove Brody onward, kept the urgency of their sex going and he sank Kyle's cock into his mouth, sucking along the shaft, his lips locked tightly around it as he moved forward.

He moved on Kyle's cock with urgency, pumping his head back and forth until Kyle had his hands on Brody's shoulders and pumping his hips slightly trying to get more of himself into Brody's mouth. Brody placed his hands on Kyle's thighs as he let Kyle move into a rhythm of fucking, let him pump his hips faster and faster and Kyle held his t-shirt up, ran his hand over his own stomach and up his chest. Brody saw how Kyle's stomach heaved in and out, felt the urgency of his thrusts and then he felt Kyle's cock flex in his mouth, felt Kyle shove inward and soon fill his mouth with cum. He swallowed it, all of it and when Kyle pushed Brody's mouth off of his spent cock Brody grabbed it and milked his fist along the shaft till a final bead of cum pooled in the slit which he licked off.

Brody stood up and put his jeans back into place and buttoned his shirt watching Kyle just lean against the table with his breathing still ragged.

"Thanks" Brody said and he turned and quietly left the room leaving Kyle to put himself together. He didn't go back to the table had been sitting before instead he went to the stair, going down and then out of the library. He was suddenly ravenous and decided to go grab dinner somewhere.

When he finally got back to the dorm he found Carson at his desk. Books lay on either side of the notebook which Carson was writing inside and music played over the speakers sitting on his desk.

"You just getting in?" Carson asked as Brody tossed his backpack down.

"Yes. I had gone to the library after my classes and then decided to grab dinner before coming back. Are you getting your assignment done?"

"Working on it, but my eyes are about crossed...I've got to stop."

Carson turned in his chair sitting sideways in it looking at Brody for the first time since he came in and Brody saw him squint, angle his head with a questioningly look. Carson suddenly smiled and pointed at his chest.

"Jesus, Brody, have you gone all day with your shirt buttoned like that?"

Brody looked down and realized he had the buttons misaligned with the holes and the shirt hung on him crooked. He suppressed a smile thinking 'you're not the only one to keep secrets'.



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