Carson was at his desk reading for his history class, his notebook to the right for him to make notes as he went through the chapter. Music played softly in the background and occasionally he could hear someone say something out in the corridor. Brody was lying on his bed reading for his English class, but time and time again he let his eyes cut up looking at Carson. There was something different about him, something in the last week or so that changed in the way he carried himself, but Brody couldn't put his finger on it for Carson was still reserved, even around him.

Some old British band came on the radio, one from the eighties, with a dark moody sound and Carson found himself staring at the wall thinking of Gabriel. He had gone back to Gabriel's a couple of times in the last week and found himself posing, allowing Gabriel to paint him. It made him nervous for he was always nude, lying on Gabriel's bed or in the living room on the large old sofa, but he found he couldn't resist Gabriel's request, especially when it came after sex. He was rushing to get finished with his history assignment for Gabriel wanted him to come over tonight, later than usual for Gabriel had assignments to finish up too, but in his excitement Gabriel couldn't wait for tomorrow to begin. He had been so excited when he called that morning begging Carson to come over tonight for he had the perfect image for his current work and Carson just had to come over and pose. He sat staring at the wall a long time, thinking about how so much had changed since he met Gabriel, this artist, a guy whose appearance defied his persona and for Carson he found he was so intrigued by Gabriel, found him alluring in ways that sometimes scared him. He knew it wasn't some boy crush, he didn't feel some romantic bond developing and Gabriel seemed to feel the same way, never serious about the way their friendship was revolving around sex and Gabriel's art. Carson suddenly realized he had been staring straight ahead a long time. He glanced around at Brody and found him looking back at him with a grin.

"Man you were out there for a long time. What were you thinking about?"

"Nothing...just zoned out" Carson lied. He closed his books and set them aside and turned in his chair so he could slip on his shoes.

"You're going somewhere now?" Brody asked.

"Yeah, I'm...going to help a friend with a project he is working on" Carson replied as he stood up getting his wallet and keys.

"What kind of project?" Brody asked shifting up on his bed looking up at Carson. "Is it an art project?" he asked drawing out the words, his tone insinuating but Carson ignored it and headed for the door. "Will you be staying all night at this friend's place?" Brody asked sarcastically.

"Maybe...depends on how long it takes" Carson replied without turning around and he closed the door behind him.

Brody stared at the door a moment wondering what Carson was really doing, but he had several more pages to go before calling it a night and he laid back picking up where he had left off.

Carson found himself in Gabriel's bedroom, naked, but not in preparation for sex for Gabriel told him sex had to wait for he wanted Carson in the right frame of mind. Gabriel stood at the easel pencil in hand ready to begin sketching.

"Okay lay on the bed at a slight angle...maybe let one leg dangle over the side and your upper body propped up on the pillows" Gabriel directed getting Carson to move into the position he requested. "Yeah...that's it. Now I want you to get hard and slowly masturbate, but..."

"You want me to do what?" Carson interrupted.

"I want you to masturbate."

"No...come on Gabriel, I'll pose nude for you...isn't that enough?"

"Carson, come on man, it's for the big exhibit. I'll talk dirty to ya?" Gabriel said the bawdiness evident in his voice. "Come on, no one will recognize your face in the final painting. You know I abstract your image a little...come on...get it hard for me."

Carson wasn't really surprised by Gabriel's request, but he sat for a moment as the two of them stared at each other waiting to see who would move first and Carson took a deep breath and lay back down as Gabriel had asked and began to manipulate his cock. Gabriel watched as he got it to rise up hard, slowly running his hand along its length.

"That's it, stroke that cock...yeah...damn... this is good" Gabriel said more to himself than to Carson as he began to sketch, capturing the scene before him. He sketched furiously, eyes going from canvas to Carson. Wearing just his boxers and a t-shirt his own cock began pushing visibly at the front, bulging out the front of his boxers and eventually it slipped through the fly and rose up fully erect. Gabriel didn't touch it as he went from pencil to paint brush, putting on the first colors.

Carson stayed in his pose hand moving up and down his cock, slowly, never building himself up to shoot, always just at the edge. He watched Gabriel work, knew the routine of how he was so focused he probably didn't even know his own cock was sticking straight out fully erect, but Carson knew and it added to his arousal. He also knew Gabriel would only create the general image of his pose and would finish it later, adding the layers of color, the final detailing, making the image his own.

"God...this is hot" Gabriel muttered to himself as he worked. Carson wondered how long he could keep it up, staying hard without shooting, for he wanted to cum, wanted to feel the release.

"Gabriel...please..." Carson implored and Gabriel looked up, paint brush in hand with a deep vivid purple dripping from it. Gabriel smiled and looked at the canvas then back at Carson.

"Okay Carson, let me see you shoot. Come on jacked that cock" Gabriel said as he went back to the canvas, eyes glancing up at Carson. Carson began to jack his cock harder, his fist tight to the shaft. He was close, real close, and he stretched out, head thrown back, body tensed up tight as he ran his hand up and down his cock, rubbing over the sensitive head feeling it swell in his fist. He felt it, the cum surging through his shaft and he pumped his hips upward shooting out a thick rope of cum along the center of his chest. He pushed up again and another thick rope of cum spattered across his right nipple and down to his stomach. He pushed upward again and again with each ejaculation spattering cum over his stomach till the last dribbled down the head and his hand smeared it down his cock.

Carson eased up, his slimy hand still on his cock and he saw Gabriel still working the brush on the canvas, he eyes focused intently on his work but Carson also saw how his cock drooled a long thin clear drop from the head showing his arousal. Carson slid to the edge of the bed and down on the floor on his knees, with cum trickling down his chest he moved to Gabriel, reached out and tugged on his leg getting him to move away from the easel. Carson leaned over, mouth open, tongue out as he captured the precum hanging from the head of Gabriel's cock and he rose up letting it pool on the tip of his tongue. He moved fluidly to Gabriel's cock, let his tongue swipe over the head licking it clean, followed by his lips that he slid over the head and moved forward taking Gabriel into his mouth.

Carson was losing his inhibitions, those fears that drove his lack of confidence, and it was Gabriel who pushed him, who now had him naked, on his knees taking cock, sucking it, working his mouth over it. He was still erect, his own cock flexing up and down, slimy with his first load. Pulling back till only the head of Gabriel's cock was in his mouth he fisted the shaft.

Gabriel couldn't take it, the aggressiveness of Carson's manipulations and he put his hands on Carson's shoulder, one still holding a paint brush, and began to pump his hips. His felt his cock swell up and he shoved inward into Carson's mouth pumping out his cum. Carson swallowed it and moved his mouth all the way down Gabriel's cock taking all of it, feeling it flex with each ejaculation.

When Gabriel was spent Carson leaned back taking his boxers by the waist band and tugged them down. Gabriel saw Carson was still erect, knew he wasn't ready to stop and he tugged his t-shirt over his head and stepped free of his boxers.

"You want to fuck me?" Gabriel asked, a way to get Carson to say it, to admit to his feelings, his desires and Carson looked up, his eyes glazed over with his lust and Gabriel's cum dripping from his lips. He licked the cum from them as he stroked his cock.

"Yes Gabriel. I want to fuck you. I want to sink my cock into your ass. I want you to beg me to fuck fuck you hard" Carson said, his voice growing more animated as he told Gabriel what he wanted pulling him down on the floor with him. Gabriel got down on his hands and knees, his ass turned to Carson.

"Come on...stick me...shove that cock in me" Gabriel pleaded as he watched Carson run two fingers up his chest capturing his cum on them. Carson smeared his cock with the cum, stroke it up fully erect as he moved up behind Gabriel. He pushed Gabriel's legs apart and nestled his slimy cock against the tight hole. Gabriel pushed back, pressed his hole against the hard cock wanting it to penetrate him.

Carson took him by the waist and pushed forward penetrating him, sinking his cock all the way into his hole and he cried out as he felt it stretch him open. Carson began to fuck, to drive his hips forcibly and Gabriel held his head down, eyes closed, and felt the way Carson was taking him, pushing inward filling his hole. Carson's fuck was hard, hips slapping against Gabriel's ass and he fucked till sweat beaded up on his skin for he grew hot with his exertions, his push to get off again, and he leaned over Gabriel's body reaching underneath and taking his cock, stroking it with his fuck making Gabriel moan and grunt.

Gabriel felt the hot body against him, the way it moved over him, in him, and he felt the hand on his cock, stroking him, fueling his desire and he pushed back for each push forward by Carson taking all of the cock that plunged into his depths.

"Oh FUCK" Carson grunted as he shoved inward hard, rocking Gabriel forward as he pumped out his second load filling Gabriel's hole. He kept stroking Gabriel's cock as he pumped his load into him till he was spent, exhausted, his breathing ragged, but he wasn't done, not yet, and he pulled out of Gabriel and got him on his back and moved quickly over him and soon had his ass sliding down Gabriel's cock.

Sweat ran in rivulets down Carson chest and back, his hair was wet around the edges and his cock was finally going flaccid but his ass rode Gabriel's cock, up and down, fucking himself on it.

"Come on Gabriel, pump that shit in me...give it to me...please..." Carson begged as he moved up and down. Gabriel shoved upward and came, sooner than he believed possible, but the way Carson had begged him for it, the way he exerted himself so hard had made him so aroused, quickly ready to cum again. Gabriel could feel the heat of Carson's body, the way sweat rained down on him and he pumped upward as much as he could filling him with his load.

Gabriel was so wound up, the idea he had for the painting, the way Carson had done what he wanted, the pose, the jacking off, then the sex, aggressive, so physical, it all had him ready to finish his painting, to keep the feeling he experienced going till he had the painting where he wanted it. Carson saw how he was ready to get to work, knew Gabriel wouldn't stop for hours and knew he should head back to the dorm and let him work and he get some much needed sleep.

Gabriel didn't bother to dress as he began to work and Carson, dressed, backpack in hand, told him goodbye and eased out. It was nearly three in the morning and the cool night air felt good against his skin, each deep breath refreshing, and he strolled back to the dorm. He eased inside and turned on his desk lamp. He needed a shower before getting into bed and he laid his backpack down, slipped off his shirt and jeans and reached for his toiletry case. Suddenly another light came on and Carson saw it was Brody who was sitting up looking at him.

"Damn, you're in late."

"They wanted to work on the painting I was...helping them with it" Carson replied.

"Helping? How do you help someone paint...hey wait a're posing!"

"What?!" and for a moment the old Carson surfaced, red faced, embarrassed.

Brody slid his feet to the floor and leaned toward Carson.

"You're posing."

"Okay...some, but it's...nothing really" Carson responded and he leaned over picking up his toiletry case. Brody saw the desk lamp illuminate Carson's head and for a brief moment he saw where purple paint was in Carson's hair. Carson headed out the door, easing it closed while Brody sat silent watching him leave.

'What is he up to?' Brody asked himself as he wondered how Carson could get paint in his hair and none of the options were innocent, not to Brody's way of thinking.



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